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 You Don't Know Him Like I Do.

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PostSubject: You Don't Know Him Like I Do.   Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:26 am

Okay so there is a little more to this I can add but I'm still trying to form that idea in my head and I'm so tired and it's 4:30 and I have to get up at 8 and nehhh. But I wanted to give you something to read. I wrote all I had heheh. And sorry about the first little bit of Phoenix's rant, I never asked Mack's favorite food and stuff. Sorry heheh >< But I hope you enjoy this and I have the cutest idea for another fic and I'm too tired to write it and gahhh. Anyways, I'm done talking now, enjoy the fic!

Sage couldn’t help but smirk as his arms wound around Mack’s waist, feeling the other boy’s lips trailing down his neck, stopping when they reached the joint where his neck met his shoulder. He never admitted it, but he loved when Mack kissed him there. His lover always tended to do it, leaving many hickies behind. He chuckled as he stroked his hands down Mack’s hips, leaning in to nibble at the man’s nipples.
“Dude.” Mack groaned, pulling back to run his fingers through Sage’s long black hair. “I like you better high.” He flashed a grin.
Sage on cocaine was not nearly as fun as Sage smoking marijuana. On cocaine, Sage was either a moody bitch when going through withdrawal, or hyped up when he has some in his system. The marijuana was calming him down, made him act almost normal for the first time since he’d started using.
Sage chuckled as he pulled his own shirt off, pressing Mack closer to him as he pressed their lips together. God, he was in love. And for the first time in years, he was happy. Truly happy to be here with Mack. Mack, who cared for him like no one ever had. Mack, who was showing him he was worth it. He was worth something.
He put all of his love into this kiss as he reached for the button on his jeans.
And then, the doorbell rang.
“Dude, come back in like twenty minutes.” Mack let out a groan.
“Open tha door, arse.” Phoenix rolled his eyes as he slipped inside the home, grinning.
“Phoenix.” Mack was torn between cursing because now he and Sage were forced to pull apart, or smiling because he did enjoy Phoenix being around.
“Ah need somethin’.” Phoenix smiled as he extended a wad of cash.
“Yeah sure man.” Mack nodded, offering Phoenix a joint while he stood, pants around his ankles to rummage through his supply of drugs, searching for what Phoenix wanted.
He came up short, however.
“Dude, I think I’m fresh out. If you can wait a sec I’ll get some more. It’ll be maybe ten minutes.”
“Sure thing.” Phoenix smiled, plopping down on the couch beside Sage who groaned.
“Mack, we were-“
“Yeah, weh know what ya were doin.” Phoenix scoffed at their clothes on the floor, Sage’s jeans nearly falling off with his zipper undone.
“Then how about you leave us alone to get to it?” Sage muttered.
“Ah’m a payin’ customer.” Phoenix waved his money as Mack bid them goodbye and exited the home. “Ah’m what’s payin’ far yar stank ass ta live here and far Mack ta pamper ya like heh does, so ah wouldn’t turn meh away so fast.”
“You’re fucking pathetic.” Sage’s nose twitched as he turned away from Phoenix, unable to deal with the man for long whenever he was over.
“Ah’m pathetic?” Phoenix snickered. “Lass, yar drug addiction es possibly the definition of pathetic.” Phoenix shook his head. “Yar going in a downward spiral and yar takin’ Mack with ya.”
“Shut your fucking mouth.” Sage growled, his temper taking over like it normally did while Phoenix was calm. “Don’t act like you care about Mack. You don’t give a shit about him. You just want ecstasy.”
With this though, Phoenix snapped his head to look at Sage.
“Don’t ya tell meh ah don’t care about him.” Phoenix shook his head. “Yar tha one who’s tryin ta change hem.”
“What does that even mean?” Sage snapped.
“Yar always makin’ hem do shit you like, he’s constantly doing shit just for you.”
“So that’s what this is about? You’re jealous?” Sage smiled confidently. This was the one thing he had that Phoenix didn’t. Mack.
“That’s so NOT what thes es about.” Phoenix snapped, though he could never deny, his stomach burned when seeing Sage with Mack. “You’re so busy making him do things just you like, you don’t even bother to figure out what HE likes to do for a change!” Phoenix was losing his faked accent in his anger, the Hispanic showing through which was always a sign he was particularly angry. When he let himself lose control over it.
“I think I know Mack pretty fucking well.” Sage growled.
“Oh really? Do you?” Phoenix arched an eyebrow. “What’s his favorite thing to have for dinner?” He questioned, waiting for a response.
“Sushi.” Sage said simply. Mack always got sushi for them for dinner. But truth was, that was because it was Sage’s favorite food.
“Wrong. Pizza.” Phoenix smirked. “How about his favorite color?”
“He looks great in blue.” Sage noticed Mack was always wearing the color blue and he adored it on him. But once again, Mack just wore blue because Sage loved it.
“He HATES blue. Loves green.” Phoenix shook his head. “Ya know what else he loves? Weed! And he loves Syfy and Star Wars and R2D2 and kissing you when you’re angry cause he can’t resist the face you make when you get mad. And he loves kissing the joint where you’re neck meets your shoulder and making you smile. He loved my dad so much he got himself clean for 30 days, the longest he’s ever been, and got shot down. He loved my dad and yet he won’t come between my parents because he wants my dad to stay happy. He loves getting tattoos from Xavier because it makes him feel less lonely. He loves polar bears and wants one for a pet. He loves the Cheech & Chong movie so much he named his dogs after them. He loves using the word dude so much he said it 202 times in a day. He loves my Hispanic accent and the sound of your laugh in the morning. He always carries a white lighter so he can die with one in his pocket like Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. When he was five he wanted to be the first man on mars. He HATES country music and he hates that his mother wishes he was a better son and wants him to go to college and major in business. He hates being lonely so much that he used to make me pay for drugs by just spending time with him. When he dies, he wants his ashes to be cremated so they can be put in a joint for all his loved ones to smoke. He hates fighting, but he’s gotten into a shitload of fights over you with Dayton. You’re his first thought every morning and the last thing on his mind before he goes to sleep. And most important of all, he’s a druggie, but you know what? He’s the guy that takes his time to measure out exactly how much ecstasy I could have before overdosing and he won’t give me an ounce more. He’s the guy that hates giving you cocaine because he feels like he’s killing the most important thing in his life but he does it anyway because he’s afraid you’ll leave him if he doesn’t. That’s the kind of guy he is and no, I don’t think you know him at all. And if you don’t know him, then you’re really missing out.”
Sage stood there, wide eyed right as Mack opened the door.
“Hey!” He smiled. “My two favorite dudes.” He wrapped an arm around them both, grinning at the two of them.
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You Don't Know Him Like I Do.
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