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 Maybe You're Different.

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Kelly Braxton


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PostSubject: Maybe You're Different.   Sun Jul 14, 2013 12:52 am

Phoenix chuckled as he felt Lane’s hand in his own, the man’s calloused fingers running across his own smooth skin.
“Ah love ya, ya know.” Phoenix murmured.
“Sure you do. You’re just saying that to get in my pants.” Lane snickered.
“Am not.” Phoenix whined. Though he was dying to make love to Lane.
Lane had refused to do so until they were truly in love. And he knew Phoenix cared for him, could tell from the look in the boy’s eyes. But he didn’t know if it was love just yet. He was waiting for the sign before he let himself make love to Phoenix. He’d lost too many lovers, he was going to do this one right.
“You’re too sex crazed.” Lane wore a soft smile as they walked down the street, shaking his head.
“Lane.” Phoenix stopped them, pulling Lane to the side of the sidewalk, pressing him up against a building. “Ah’d wait years ta make love to ya. But I want you to know. I love you.”
Lane grinned, taking Phoenix’s face in his calloused hands and kissing him softly.
“I love you too.” He nodded his head, his bright blue eyes soft on Phoenix. “I just want to make sure, boo.”
“Ah take it back. I don’t love you.” Phoenix shook his head, chuckling. “Call me boo again, and I’ll cut yar dick off before weh get a chance to have sex.”
“Sorry.” Lane snickered. “Force of habit, babe.”
“We’ll work on it.” Phoenix winked, as he pecked Lane on the lips once more. Lane grinned, deepening the kiss.
Even though they were out in public, night had just fallen and the street was pretty much empty.
When Lane finally pulled back, his grin turned into a frown at the look of horror on Phoenix’s face.
“Run.” Phoenix hissed.
But it was too late. A large man had grabbed Lane around the waist, pressing a knife against his throat
“Go.” Lane shooed Phoenix.
“Lane…” Phoenix’s eyes were wide.
“GO!” Lane shouted and Phoenix did as he was told, jogging down the street a bit but instead of going, he hid around the corner of a building and listened as the man demanded Lane’s money.
“I don’t have any.” Lane sighed, neck erect to avoid being cut by the knife.
“Bullshit.” The man shook his head, but it was clear he was nervous, as if he didn’t really know what he was doing. “Give it to me.”
“I. Don’t. Have. Any.” Lane spoke through his teeth, though keeping calm. And he really didn’t have any. Phoenix had Lane’s wallet in his pocket.
“I swear. I’ll kill you right now.” The man spoke, voice trembling. “Just give it to me.”
“I’m telling you, I don’t have any on me.”
“I don’t believe you.”
Phoenix took a breath before stepping out from around his corner, going back towards the two men.
“Heh’s right. Ah have the money.” Phoenix took a wad of cash out, waving it in the air.
The man kept the knife against Lane’s throat as he turned to look at Phoenix. Lane did as well, his eyes wide. What the hell was his lover doing?
“Soh ef ya want money, ya should be over here.” Phoenix nodded and sure enough, the man slowly backed away from Lane, taking the knife with him.
As the man was distracted by Phoenix, Lane moved to lunge at him, but the guy turned around just in time.
“Don’t move!” He shouted, holding the knife out in front of him. “Go stand over there… against the wall.”
Lane growled but reluctantly did as he was told, eyes locked on Phoenix.
“Give me the money.” The man insisted.
“Ya know what?” Phoenix arched an eyebrow, sensing the nervousness in the man’s voice. “Ah don’t think ah will.” He stuffed the money back in his pocket as Lane internally cursed his boyfriend. This was why he did not date kids.
“Give it to me.” The man growled. “I’ll kill you, I swear.”
“No. It’s my boyfriend’s money, I’m not letting you take it. And I don’t think you’ll do shit.” Phoenix shrugged his shoulders.
“I will!” The man’s hand shook as he held out the knife. “I’ll stab you right now.”
“Oh will ya?” Phoenix chuckled. “Try me.”
And before Phoenix even realized the guy wasn’t bluffing, a knife was shoved directly into his stomach. He gasped, eyes wide, matching the expression on Lane’s face as Lane ran to his side.
The man who’d stabbed Phoenix was just as shocked as he attempted to remove the knife from the boy’s gut, ending up dragging it across the boy’s stomach before he actually got it out. He wore a terrified expression at realizing what he’d done, running off into the night.
Phoenix fell to his knees, nearly taking Lane with him.
“Phoenix, damnit. I swear to God…” Lane immediately scooped the boy up into his arms as Phoenix spit blood up onto the sidewalk.
“Ah’m fine.” Phoenix shook his head as Lane began walking quickly to the nearest hospital, not wanting to run because it would only shake Phoenix’s body in his arms, causing the boy to bleed more. “Where weh going?” Phoenix hummed, moving an arm to wipe his mouth, smearing blood.
“The hospital.” Lane answered, eyes alight with his worry as he stared down at Phoenix.
“Noh…. Trever. Take meh ta Trever.” Phoenix nodded his head.
“Are you sure?” Lane frowned. He didn’t trust Trever worth shit.
“Positive. Ah know heh’s crazy.”
“I don’t trust him, boo.”
Phoenix took a breath but was in too much pain to comment on the term of endearment, every word taking way too much effort.
“Heh’s mah grandma.” Phoenix forced out, realizing Lane didn’t know that. “Hes house es close. Take meh there.”
Lane simply nodded his head, running a hand through Phoenix’s hair as the boy coughed up more blood. The gaping wound in Phoenix’s abdomen was scaring the shit out of him, blood soaking the boy’s shirt.
“Why the hell did you do that Phoenix? You were hidden…”
Phoenix’s voice was rasping as he forced himself to breathe deeply, in and out. It was a good ten seconds before he spoke.
“Because. Et was about time someone stood up far you for a change…” Phoenix forced a grin, blood staining his normally dazzling white teeth. “Ah didn’t want ta be at fault for another scar marring yar body…”
Lane’s heart swelled although he was going to murder the boy for getting himself hurt.
“Well thank you.” He sighed. He hated to think this way, he knew Phoenix had to be okay… but if these were some of the last words he ever said to the boy, he didn’t want them to be fighting. So for now, it was okay…
Lane caught sight of Trever’s house in the distance, his heart racing as he watched Phoenix losing so much blood.
“Phoenix…. Babe, how are you doing?”
“Loveleh.” Phoenix chirped, finding a smile for Lane.
Lane shook his head, hating that Phoenix was lying just to make him feel better. But then again, it couldn’t be too bad if the boy was still faking this well. He just had to have hope.
He pounded on Trever’s front door with a fist, clutching Phoenix to his chest.
“One second!” Trever called, in the middle of an experiment.
“NOW!” Lane barked.
A few seconds later, Trever’s voice could be heard, along with footsteps approaching the door.
“Whoever the hell you are, better have a damn good reason for.” His words were cut off with a gasp as he opened the door, catching sight of his grandson. He immediately snatched Phoenix in his arms, running for his special room, nearly throwing the bitch he’d been working on off the table to set Phoenix down.
“Hey gramma, long time no see.” Phoenix grinned, looking down at his shirt, which had been a light blue, now deep red. “Oh dear, es that all mine?” He chuckled.
“I sure as hell hope not.” Trever sighed, rushing around to get the proper things he needed as Lane clutched onto Phoenix’s hand. “What happened? Stabbed it looks like? So no bullet I have to get out before I stitch him up?”
“Stabbed.” Lane nodded.
Trever sighed as he literally tore Phoenix’s shirt off, ripping it from his chest, tossing the scraps on the floor.
Lane gasped as he got sight of the wound, Phoenix’s flesh literally gaping to reveal his insides.
“Shit.” Trever cursed, moving to get necessary equipment as Phoenix gagged on more blood.
“Lane, love.” Phoenix gargled, spitting onto the floor. “Ah love ya.” He nodded.
“I love you too.” Lane nodded his head, lips pursed to keep himself from crying.
“Call my mother for me, would ya? Killian Murdock. Phone es in mah pocket. Heh’s mah first speed dial.” Phoenix nodded.
“Of course.” Lane slipped his hand in Phoenix’s jeans pocket, grabbing his phone and calling Killian over, informing him it was an emergency.
Killian didn’t let him say anymore as he hung up, already on his way.
Trever got a towel, dabbing at the blood surrounding the wound so he could see better, frowning as Phoenix hissed.
And as he saw the wound more clearly, he did not like what he saw. One of Phoenix’s organs had been moved out of place when the man dragged the knife inside him, so it was poking out of the skin.
“Phoenix, I have to do some work inside the wound, alright?”
“Alright.” He rasped, nodding his head.
“I don’t have time to give you anesthetics and let them sink in.”
“Oh, lovely.” Phoenix sighed but nodded. “Go ahead. Hurreh.”
“I suggest you bite down on this.” He handed Phoenix a towel. Phoenix did as he was told, rolling it up and shoving it in his mouth.
And it was needed very much as Trever’s hands plunged into his wound. He bit down on the towel to hold back his screams, trying not to squirm around so much in his pain, trying to pretend it didn’t hurt for Lane’s sake.
As Trever pulled his hands out, wiping off blood, Phoenix took the towel out of his mouth, panting as he wiped at his sweat drenched forehead.
And at the same time, Killian burst into the room.
“Phoenix!” He rushed to his son’s side, eyes wide with worry. “What happened?”
“Long storeh. Guy trying ta mug Lane, ah stepped in, got stabbed.” He paused. “Actualleh, et’s kind of a short storeh.” Phoenix forced a pained smile at his mother.
Killian turned to face Lane, eyes blazing.
“Yar the older one.” His teeth were bared as he stepped towards Lane. “Yar supposed ta protect hem!” He barked, shoving his finger in Lane’s chest. “Ah’ll skin ya, ah swear.” Killian growled menacingly, very much protective over his baby.
“Mom.” Phoenix rasped, getting no response. “Mom!” Nothing. “MOM!” He forced out, his throat aching with the effort as Killian finally turned to look at him. “Leave hem alone. Come here…” Phoenix begged softly, reaching out a hand, tugging his mother in closer as the man took it.
“I need to go back in.” Trever informed Phoenix.
Phoenix cursed, glancing to Lane.
“Love, ah need ya ta go wait in the other room.”
“But Phoenix…” Lane shook his head. No way. No way in hell.
“Ya heard hem.” Killian snarled. “GO.”
“Please.” Phoenix sighed and Lane kissed his forehead before doing as asked and exiting the room.
“Are ya okay, sweetheart?” Killian’s eyes were full of pain as he knelt beside his son, squeezing his hand.
“No…” Phoenix admitted, finally letting his face fall. “Mom, ah’m not makin’ et. Ah can feel et. Ah’m dying.” Phoenix breathed heavily.
“Phoenix I have to hurry.” Trever insisted.
“Go…” Phoenix nodded, not bothering with the towel this time, now that Lane was outside of the soundproof room.
He let out a scream of pain as Trever’s hands sloshed around inside of him, trying to push everything back into place. He clutched his mother’s hand so hard his knuckles were white, and Killian was sure the bones in his hand were about to shatter but he said nothing, watching his mother work and letting Phoenix squeeze.
Phoenix panted as Trever took a break, only to go back in, Phoenix’s eyes clenched shut as his scream rang throughout the room. Killian had never heard his son in such pain and it was making his stomach knot with worry.
“Almost done.” Trever nodded reassuringly. “Are you going to be okay one more time?”
“Course.” Phoenix sputtered, heart racing as the room spun. He was sure, he was about to pass out from either pain or blood loss. He wasn’t sure which. But what he was sure of, was that it would be welcome at this point.
“Phoenix…” Killian stared down at his son, his eyes watering with what he refused to acknowledge were tears.
“God, et hurts.” Phoenix admitted. “So goddamn bad, momma.” Phoenix hadn’t called Killian momma in years. Hadn’t let his mother see him cry like this in years. Hadn’t admitted he was hurting to his mother in years. “Momma…” He let out a heartbreaking sob into Killian’s chest as the man embraced his upper half.
“Sweetheart, yar gonna beh alright…” Killian promised, clutching Phoenix into his arms as Trever reached in one last time, arranging organs.
“Done.” Trever nodded after a minute, hurriedly racing for things to stitch Phoenix up with. He wiped blood away from the wound before going to work, watching Phoenix the whole time to make sure the boy didn’t faint.
Phoenix panted as he calmed down, realizing that he was going to be okay… he wasn’t dying.
Trever soon had him stitched up, but he was weaker than ever, falling asleep as soon as he was done being worked on.
When he woke, he still felt incredibly weak, but Killian had moved him into an actual bed instead of Trever’s hard metal work table. He was hooked up to an IV which he cursed at. Lane and Killian were by his sides.
“You’re awake…” Lane let out a gasp, taking a hold of Phoenix’s hand.
“Hey love.” Phoenix smiled, his voice barely coming out. He coughed lightly, chugging as his mother offered him a glass of water.
“I’m so glad you’re okay.” Lane leaned in, his lips pressing to Phoenix’s forehead gently.
“Me too.” Phoenix chuckled.
Lane smirked at him, shaking his head.
“Killian… do you think we could have a moment?” Lane arched an eyebrow.
Killian growled at the man, until Phoenix looked at him.
“It’s alright momma.” Phoenix smiled softly, too tired to even bother with his fake accent.
As Killian exited the room reluctantly, Phoenix attempted to move and sit upright, only to hiss at the pain in his stomach. He pulled up his shirt, eyeing the huge scar across his toned stomach.
Lane frowned deeply, sighing at the boy.
“My scar for you…” Phoenix smiled softly, tracing a finger over the scar.
“You really love me, don’t you?” Lane couldn’t hide his smile.
“I do. With all my heart.” Phoenix nodded his head.
“I love you too, Phoenix. I was pretty sure I did. But I realized it last night… Thinking of losing you… I couldn’t do it. I love you Phoenix.”
Phoenix didn’t even pretend to hide his wide grin as he leaned in, kissing Lane softly.
Lane kissed back, his heart swelling as he thought about this. His last few relationships had all turned to shit. But Phoenix was different. And so he would continue to hope that maybe, just maybe, this one would work.
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Maybe You're Different.
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