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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Questions!   Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:47 am

A lot of these questions are about sex, so sorry >< That was the questionnaire I got them from on tumblr heheh. Most of them I picked randomly, but certain ones I used for a certain person because I had a good answer for themm. These are probably really dumb but enjoyy!
And some of the stuff in these questions doesn't have to have happened. I made it up to have answers bwahaha ><

Q: When was your first kiss? Who was it with?
A: Um… I was six and it was with Killian when Jack first brought him over…
Q: Does sex equal love?
A: Um, maybe? I don’t know… When it’s with Trever or Killian, yes… But I had sex with a lot of people and… I don’t like them at all.
Q: What turns you on?
A: W-well… *blushes* When Trever rocks me like a kid… he thinks it calms me down but it really turns me on… And when he whispers in my ear. No matter what he’s saying.
Q: Have you ever watched porn with your lover?
A: Yes… Trever asked if I wanted to watch something with him and I said sure. We sat up in our bedroom and he played it on the big TV. I got hard and Trever saw and it was embarrassing...
Q: What does your last text say?
A: Well I’m not too good at using my phone but I’ll try. It says… “Good morning, dollface.”
Q: Shaved or natural?
A: What does that mean? *pause* O-oh! Well Trever usually shaves but I never tell him that I-I like it when he’s a little hairy down there…
Q: Who’s the last person you cuddled with?
A: Trever last night. He cuddles me a lot…
Q: What’s your favorite part of sex?
A: My favorite part is right when Trever cums and he gets this look on his face before I feel it inside of me.
Q: Would you ever let other people watch you have sex live?
A: U-um… I don’t know. I guess so if Trever wanted to. It would be a little weird but he fingered me once in front of Kyndal, Rhett, and Cove and I didn’t really care so…
Q: Does size matter? Is it big?
A: Uh… I guess not. But I mean Trever’s really big and it’s uh… it’s really nice. *blushes* And is it big? Like… m-mine!? I… it’s pretty small… I think it’s alright though!
Q: Describe someone you lust after without saying names.
A: Well… um, he’s really big and muscular… He has a sort of accent, I think it’s Scottish. He’s really handsome and his smile is gorgeous. Everyone says he’s really mean, but I think he’s sweet. And I know him pretty well and he’s always nice to me. People say he hurts them really bad in bed but I think he’d be nice...
Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you involving sex?
A: Um, so that guy I described in the last question? He’s sort of close with Trever so he’s over a lot. And one time he was getting a shower in our bathroom and Trever asked me to bring him a towel. So I went in there and said his name but he didn’t answer me so I just peeked behind the shower curtain and he was… um… he was pulling on his peepee. And I didn’t know what happened but my face got all red and I got really warm and my peepee got hard and I tried to run away but I fell down. And the guy heard me so he came out of the shower and he was really pretty and still hard and he asked if I was alright and I just said yeah but he was standing over me and I was so hot and embarrassed and I think he realized I was hard but he didn’t say anything and he just carried me back out to Trever and never talked about it again…
Q: If your first true love knocked on your door right now with an apology and presents, would you take them back?
A: Um… wow. I don’t know. Killian doesn’t really have anything to apologize for. If it wasn’t for Trever, I like to think I’d be with him right now. I love him a lot…
Q: What’s the fastest way to make you horny?
A: Um… if it’s someone pretty like Killian or Trever, they just have to smile at me, really. But if someone says, um, dirty stuff… It makes me… horny.
Q: How small is too small?
A: Like, um, with penises? I don’t really think anything is too small. If it’s too big it hurts. But I like to feel it a little bit. So I dunno...

(By the way, the guy Toni is talking about being attracted to is Rhett although I think I made it pretty obvious bwahaha)

Q: How do you create the mood when you want to have sex?
A: Ah don’t know, askin the other person ef they wanna fuck?
Q: Chocolate? Whipped cream? Do you use food with sex?
A: Ah’ve only ever used it for masturbating. Like ah cucumber.
Q: Name a turn off.
A: Honestly, if a guy can’t rim me well, I won’t let him screw me.
Q: What needs to happen for you to be turned on?
A: I need to be touched. We can’t just go from nothing to screwing. If you want to screw me, you better be willing to finger me or rim me first.
Q: Think of the last person who said I love you to you. Do you think they meant it?
A: I believe it was Lane, last night. And yes, I think he meant it.
Q: Don’t lie, what’s the most superficial thing you look for in a lover?
A: Honestly, people say size doesn’t matter. But et does. Ah can’t date someone with ah tiny dick.
Q: Do you want to get married? Soon?
A: I definitely want to get married. Pretty soon actually. I want a family and I think Lane is perfect for that.
Q: Tell how you got one of your scars.
A: My biggest scar is across my stomach. I got it when Lane and I got mugged and I was stabbed.
Q: Name the sexiest person you can think of.
A: Easy. Rhett fucking Braxton.
Q: Have you ever kissed someone older than you?
A: Quite a few times actually, considering my boyfriend is Lane.
Q: Name five people you lust after.
A: Only five, eh? Well alright. Ah’ll list em in order!
1) Lane.
3) Mack.
4) Elvis.
5) Trever. Shh.
Q: What part of your body are you self conscious about?
A: My dick. Et’s not too small or anything but all my lovers are big. I’m only about 6 inches honestly.
Q: How many rings do you usually wear?
A: A lot, actually. Ah wear ah ring of my mother’s, Kaiden’s class ring, Lane’s class ring, and ah ring from Elvis.
Q: Have you ever tried to ruin someone’s relationship?
A: Ah always try ta get Mack and Sage ta break up. Ah’m ah jealous whore.
Q: Name the last four beds you’ve slept in. With who?
A: Let’s see. Ah’ve been sleeping in Lane’s bed with him lately, since ah moved in. Before that, ah slept in mah own bed most of the time, ah’ve slept in Elvis’s bed a lot, and on Mack’s couch sometimes.

Q: Is the last person you texted attractive?
A: Well, et’s from Briley. So ah’d say so.
Q: What’s something you’ve always wanted to try sexually?
A: Briley and ah always talked about trying rape roleplay. Ah’d still like ta, but ah don’t trust myself weth Leon. Other types could still work though ah guess.
Q: What’s one of your best memories?
A: Ah have ah lot. Leon letting meh make love to hem, Leon getting better from cancer, ah lot more too.
Q: Do you partake in morning sex?
A: God, I wish. Ya know how many times ah wake up weth ah boner and ah gotta jerk off mahself?
Q: How many positions do you like to do during one episode?
A: Depends who ah’m with. With Brileh, weh could switch positions like five times. But weth Leon, ah usually just stick ta one.
Q: What time of day do you like to have sex?
A: Late into the night, like three in the morning. Ah like on the rare occasions Leon wakes meh up because heh had ah wet dream and wants ta know ef weh can have sex.
Q: Is love important when you have sex?
A: No. Ah’ve learned ya can have amazing sex without being en love. But love does make et even better.
Q: What’s something you hide about your personality?
A: Ah hide when ah get hurt because ah learned ta beh strong from mah daddeh. Like when ah see Leon looking at Xavier sometimes…
Q: What’s your idea of a perfect date?
A: It depends who ah’m with. With Misery ah’d want ta just stay at home, watch movies, and cuddle. Weth Briley ah’d take hem to ah football game or tha arcade or something. But weth Leon, ah would take hem out ta dinner and ah movie, somethin’ sweet.
Q: Would you ever try roleplay? What would you do?
A: Ah’d like ta give roleplay a shot. Ah heard doctor fantasies are pretty fun. Trever’s got some medical shit in his house… hell, ah’d even let Leon give meh an “anal exam.” Sounds fun.
Q: Do you like your sexual partners to be trimmed, shaved, or natural?
A: Depends. Guys who are topping me, ah like em nice and hairy. Ah don’t know why, but definitely natural. When ah’m on top ah like em shaved. Ah always make sure Leon es clean shaven.
Q: What do you like to masturbate to or with?
A: … If anyone ever finds out about this, ah’m killing em. But ah usually don’t masturbate since ah have Leon ta make love to. But sometimes ah get in a mood ta bottom so ah have a stash of mah mom’s vibrators under mah bed. And ah usualleh think of Brileh…
Q: Have you ever let someone watch you having sex?
A: Well, momma always watched me and Brileh have sex, but ah didn’t realleh know about that until afterwards. Ah’m not against someone watchin me though.
Q: Would you ever participate in an orgy?
A: Hell yes! And ah heard tha family did one before ah was old enough! Goddamnit, it’s not fair. Ah’m organizing one soon.
Q: How many people have you hooked up with?
A: Too maneh ta count.

Q: Do you like sexy lingerie?
A: I never did before. But I love it on Ian.
Q: If you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be?
A: Briley. He’s sexy as hell, but won’t even talk to me cause of Cove.
Q: Are you loud when you make love?
A: If it’s just making love, no. But if it’s rough, hard screwing then I’m pretty loud.
Q: Think of the last time you were really pissed off. Why?
A: Some guy took Ian for the night and he came back with bruises all over him.
Q: How many people have you had sex with?
A: Misery, Ian, and Elvis. Just three, I guess.
Q: Have you ever had sex on drugs?
A: Just once and I didn’t know I was doing it. Phoenix and Elvis slipped some LSD in me.
Q: If the person you’re missing right now was with you, what would you be doing?
A: I’m missing Misery… so I guess we’d just be talking…
Q: Name something you want to try in bed, and will.
A: I’d love to try anything with Ian. I’d do anything he wanted.
Q: Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have?
A: Story of my life.
Q: Have you ever had sex with a close friend?
A: Elvis and I have screwed before, while Ian and Phoenix watched. That was interesting.
Q: Think of the last person who hurt you. Do you forgive them?
A: Misery…I don’t know what to forgive him for. It was my fault I guess. But I do forgive him for making my heart ache constantly.
Q: What’s the cutest thing someone’s ever done for you?
A: I was really depressed over Misery so I came over to Trever’s to find Ian had made me my favorite dinner. I'm not used to sweet stuff like that.
Q: Have you ever had phone sex?
A: I’ve tried with Ian, but it doesn’t go too well. I suck at talking dirty.
Q: Have you ever bribed someone to sleep with you?
A: I didn’t really bribe him, but I talked Misery into it, and I hate that.
Q: Were you nervous your first time?
A: Very nervous. I knew it was my only chance to make Misery love me.

Q: Your best friend confesses they’re in love with you. What do you do or say?
A: Mack? In love with me? That’d be weird. Before I was with Killian I would have told him we could give it a shot. But now I don’t know…
Q: Have you ever been called a tease?
A: Yeah, a lot actually. Before, when I was a virgin, people would try to come on to me and I’d flirt along but wouldn’t want to do anything so they got pissed off.
Q: Is there someone mad that you’re dating the person you’re with?
A: I’m sure there’s plenty of people that hate me because they want to screw Killian.
Q: Have you ever practiced bondage or BDSM?
A: A couple times with Killian. We took turns being on top. The most he really did was gag me and tie my hands behind my back, though.
Q: Are there any sexual desires that you’ve never told anyone?
A: I really want to try a rape fantasy, but I don’t trust myself with Killian, so I’d want him to rape me. I have this sort of kink about being tied up, gagged, and blindfolded.
Q: How many times do you have relations in a week?
A: Shit… a lot. Maybe like fourteen? We do it like twice a day.
Q: Would you rather be in a loving relationship, or friends with benefits?
A: Definitely a relationship. Sex isn’t that important to me.
Q: What’s the dirtiest thing someone ever said to you that turned you on?
A: Pfft, I’m with Killian. Take a guess. Every other word out of his mouth is dirty. I do believe he told me if I didn’t shut up once about how tight his ass was, he was going to shove his cock down my throat, and I’d say that did a hell of a job turning me on.
Q: Has anyone of your friends seen you cry?
A: Only Mack. I go to him when I’m upset.
Q: Ever done it in a weird place?
A: On top of the washing machine if that counts as weird. Don’t judge me, seeing Killian do laundry was sexy as hell!
Q: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
A: Damn, hard question. I’d say giving. Because Killian’s always bugging for blowjobs and he’s so damn happy when he finally gets one. Although I love riding Killian’s tongue when he’s about to top me.
Q: Do you like to be choked during sex?
A: Killian’s so damn dominant, even when he’s on bottom. He was riding me once and he reached down and choked me. And I said earlier, I like the whole being dominated thing so I like it alright.
Q: What’s your favorite body part on a lover?
A: Well, I’ve only had one lover. But I’ve seen other people naked so I guess I really like chests. It sounds weird but I love Killian’s chest because it’s not ridiculously hairy but he’s not clean shaven either. And it’s nice and toned but he doesn’t have a six pack or anything. It’s just really hot, alright?
Q: Do you like going to strip clubs?
A: I do, actually. I’m really attracted to women, and sometimes I wish I got the experience to have one. But watching them is fun enough.
Q: What’s one sexual thing you’d never try?
A: All that weird stuff that has to do with body fluids, like golden showers. Sorry Killian, that’s never going to happen.

Q: Where’d you get the shirt you’re wearing from?
A: It’s Brice’s. Smile
Q: Name a turn on.
A: Guys with dick piercings. Or accents. And if they have both, my legs are getting spread sooner or later.
Q: If there’s one place anyone can touch you to make you instantly horny, where is it?
A: My hips. If you grab me by my hips or waist, I’m yours.
Q: What eye color do you find sexiest?
A: Blue definitely. I melt for blue eyes.
Q: What’s your secret weapon to get someone to like you?
A: I have several I try to use. I don’t know which ones work. I bat my eyelashes a lot. And I giggle and flirt, like jokingly punch a guy I like.
Q: Have you ever done it in a vehicle?
A: Several times. I did it in the back of Briley’s truck. Brice did me in the back of his dad’s car once. And I went down on Killian while he was driving once and then we pulled over and I rode him in the driver’s seat.
Q: Do you prefer to be face to face with your partner during sex?
A: Definitely. I love to stare into Brice’s eyes when we make love. But if I’m horny enough, it feels great when I’m on my hands and knees.
Q: Have you ever sent nude pictures to someone?
A: Maybe… Brice’s dad wouldn’t let us see each other for a week and I was horny, damnit.
Q: Describe your ideal lover.
A: Someone who is sexually attractive to me. If we’re talking ideal, I’d say at least packing 8 inches down there. A sweet talker, full of pick up lines. Baby blue eyes. An accent would be nice. A smile that makes me blush. Loves me as a boy and a girl. And a dick piercing would be a bonus. Shit, other than the dick piercing I described Killian, didn't I?
Q: Do you roleplay in bed?
A: God, I bug Brice to do that all the time. We’ve done a lot of different stuff. Especially when we first started being intimate together. If I pretended to be a girl, it helped him enjoy it more. We did a student/teacher thing. I was the teacher and spanked him with my ruler and it was awesome. And we did one where I was a model doing a nude photo shoot and he was my photographer. OH! And we did one where he was some big fancy business executive and I was his secretary. I fucking love roleplay.
Q: Have you ever masturbated for someone over webcam or in person?
A: I always tried to for Killian, but masturbating in front of him doesn’t work very well. I masturbated for about two seconds before he was on top of me. I do it for Brice sometimes though. Before we started screwing, I would use his mom’s dildos and do myself while he watched. He always seemed to like it. And sometimes, if we can’t see each other for a while I still do it over webcam for him.
Q: Is there anything you’re really wanting, but are afraid to ask for?
A: Actually, yeah. I’m terrified to say something to Brice cause I don’t know what he’ll think but I really want children. I want him to get me pregnant…
Q: Have you ever had an eating disorder?
A: Not really. I mean, once Jasey and I talked about how we felt really fat and decided we weren’t going to eat for the week but after three days I was starving and I had a killer headache so I gave in and yeah, I never tried that again. I don’t need to lose weight anyways.
Q: Name two people you would like to have a threesome with.
A: Easy. Brice and Killian. Or Brice and Aaron. Either is nice.
Q: What would you do if you had a vagina for the day?
A: Hell, that’d be awesome! I’d screw Brice and make him feel like he’s straight.

Q: What do you do first thing in the morning?
A: Call Elvis just to hear how he’s doing.
Q: Have you ever been in an orgy?
A: One time, when I was with Elvis, a couple of his friends were screwing in the same room as us. But it was only like three other couples.
Q: Are you currently wanting to see someone?
A: I’m always wanting to see Elvis. I miss him like crazy. And honestly, I miss Killian lately.
Q: Do you want kids? Soon?
A: I do want kids eventually. I love kids. But not soon, I haven’t found the right person yet.
Q: Use any toys? Have a favorite?
A: I use toys sometimes. I really like cock rings, because when I cum, I usually can’t get it up again. So cumming too early ruins it. With a cock ring, I can screw someone for hours and I’m fine.
Q: Name something you want to try in bed, but won’t.
A: Truthfully, I’m interested in torture… I think I handle pain pretty well with all my tattoos. I don’t mean whips and paddles either. I mean full on Trever torture. I’ve had a few dreams about Trever honestly and I’ve even had myself on his doorstep but I always chicken out.
Q: Do you walk well in high heels?
A: … Yes. Don’t ask.
Q: Have you ever had sex in public? Did you get caught?
A: I’ve had sex in my shop before if that counts. No one else was in there but me and Elvis though.
Q: You can relive any part of your past. But you can only be there for two hours. Which two hours would you choose?
A: Easy. I’d go back to my first time with Elvis… That was the best time of my life.
Q: Can you drive stick shift?
A: Yes actually. Only because I got Dustin to teach me. Honestly, I didn’t really want to learn, but it was an excuse to talk to Daffy.
Q: Do you like your balls played with?
A: Hell yeah. My balls are like my biggest sweet spot. You can get me off by playing with my balls faster than with a blowjob.
Q: Your last sexual encounter, was it good or bad? And why?
A: I haven’t had sex in a while actually. I’m craving it. I’m trying to work my charms on Dustin but it’s just not working. Anyways, the last time I had sex was with Killian. It was good, because I hadn’t had sex for a while and Killian is amazing in bed, which anyone can tell you. He makes sure to show you a good time before he lets himself get off. But it was bad, cause it hurt like a bitch. I hadn’t bottomed in years. But overall, it was awesome.
Q: You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed. Is that a problem?
A: Well if a kiss on the cheek counts, the last person I kissed was Dustin. And I definitely don’t mind being locked in a room with him.
Q: Does size matter?
A: I don’t think it does too much. I don’t care about size on a submissive partner. If I’m going to let someone top me, I’d prefer a nice size, but I’m not going to leave someone just because they have a small dick.
Q: Have you ever had sex without protection?
A: Not since I got diagnosed. Sometimes I wish I could, but I’d never live with myself if I infected someone else.

Q: How many times a week do you like to have sex?
A: As much as possible. But pretty much whenever Misery feels like it. Which is usually every night.
Q: Do you spit or swallow?
A: Well I don’t normally give blowjobs. But once, I gave Misery one and tried to swallow but it made me sick and I spit it up… So I guess spit.
Q: Love or lust?
A: I would’ve said lust before I met Misery because I never had anyone love me before him.
Q: Have you ever had a facial or given someone a facial?
A: If Misery allows it, I give them to him. I let him give me one once but it was disgusting.
Q: Does anyone hate you?
A: Not that I know of, but I’m sure. Well, Kelly does.
Q: Do you like sex standing up or laying down?
A: Both, but I prefer lying down.
Q: Did you have a dream last night? What was it about?
A: Yes I did. It was Misery and my wedding.
Q: Do you like to have sex in the shower?
A: On occasion. In the mornings when Misery and I shower together, it’s certainly a nice way to start off the day.
Q: Why aren’t you still with your first love?
A: Because she didn’t really love me, she loved my money.
Q: Ever traded partners before?
A: Like at one of those swingers clubs? No, but I’d consider it if Misery was interested.
Q: If you had to have sex with someone other than your lover right now, who would it be?
A: Jasey Rae. I think he’s beautiful and I’d love to pamper him.
Q: Do you think you could ever be in a long distance relationship? Why or why not?
A: Never. I need to cuddle too often. I’d get lonely.
Q: Are you dominant or submissive? Would you ever consider trying the opposite?
A: I like to consider myself dominant. I’ve tried being submissive several times and I’m not crazy about it but I’d try it again if Misery was interested.
Q: Do you like your lovers to wear lingerie? What kind?
A: I love it actually. A nice maid outfit is always good.
Q: How can someone win your heart?
A: I’m pretty easy to win over. As long as someone is sweet to me and is willing to cuddle all the time.

Q: Name a kink.
A: I have to have my hands tied up. Handcuffs, rope, chains. I just need something.
Q: Have you ever done the 69 position?
A: Yeah, Mack and I do that a lot. It doesn’t require much effort when he’s high so he likes it.
Q: Would you go down on your boyfriend under a restaurant table?
A: Dude, I’m pretty sure I’ve done that before. I’d go down on Mack anywhere, it’s not a big deal.
Q: Would a massage turn you on?
A: Yeah, I get pretty turned on when someone touches me. If Mack gave me a massage, I’d love it.
Q: Have you ever watched porn while having sex?
A: Yeah, but only if I’m not really into the person. Like when I was doing it for money, I’d watch porn so I could use that to take my mind off the dude who was actually screwing me.
Q: What’s a question you would be afraid to answer truthfully?
A: I’d be afraid if Mack asked me how I lost my virginity. I don’t want him to know.
Q: Would you have sex in a dressing room?
A: Yeah, I’d have sex pretty much anywhere. We’d have to keep it down though, wouldn’t want to get caught.
Q: When’s the last time you had sex? Describe it.
A: Just this afternoon. We were smoking pot together and he reached out and grabbed my wrist to get the joint and man, my wrists are such a sweet spot. So I pretty much jumped him after that.
Q: Have you ever smoked weed?
A: Dude, all the time.
Q: Do you think you’ll be married in 5 years?
A: I don’t know. I don’t see me and Mack getting married anytime soon. But when we do, Aaron’s so being my best man.
Q: What is the sexiest thing someone could do to you?
A: Chain me up tight and leave me in a certain room or in bed for a couple days, only coming down to feed me and screw me. I could really get into that. I like taking it to the extreme.
Q: Where’s your favorite place to have sex?
A: In Mack’s hot tub. It’s warm and relaxing and usually we just sit back and relax and take it slow.
Q: Who gave you the best sex of your life?
A: Mack. No doubt about it. He’s the only sex I’ve ever had that meant something.
Q: Would you have sex with the 1st person on your contact list?
A: Aaron’s first on my contact list and yeah, I’d have sex with him. He’s one of the only people I’d willingly sleep with. I trust him.
Q: Have you ever been caught masturbating?
A: Aaron used to catch me a lot since we shared a room for a while. He never really cared. And Mack catches me sometimes but he just helps me out.

Q: Have you ever had a one night stand?
A: I hate meaningless sex under normal circumstances, but yes, I have.
Q: Best sex experience?
A: Don’t tell Finn, but once I had sex with Ian after his friend Elvis gave me some LSD and it was amazing.
Q: Have you ever cried over a boy?
A: Only Finn, whenever he turned down my proposal.
Q: What’s something you love to do, but feel guilty afterwards?
A: Drugs. I did them a lot when I was with Ian but now, I still get Elvis to sneak me some if I’m craving it. I hide it from Finn though.
Q: Do you like your partner to be loud during sex? Are you loud during sex?
A: I love when people are loud in bed. Finn is creepily silent. I think I’m pretty loud, if the sex is good.
Q: How long do you typically last during sex?
A: Normally, maybe twenty minutes. But if Finn is riding me or causing me pain I’m done in about ten.
Q: Are you a good kisser?
A: Finn’s never flat out told me I am but he implies it. Although he says I taste like metal and cigarettes.
Q: Pretend I’m your ex, what do you want to say to me?
A: Ian… I’d want to say I’m sorry for getting you started smoking. And I’m even more sorry for letting us end the way we did. And I really do miss you sometimes.
Q: How much do you like pain during sex from a little to extreme?
A: Pretty extreme. I think drilling my hands into the wall is considered extreme.
Q: Do you believe in makeup sex?
A: Yes, makeup sex is quite pleasurable for me as it happens a lot with Finn.
Q: Have you ever had sex while someone else was near?
A: Finn and I once had sex while Mathias was sleeping on the floor beside us. I believe he woke up but got scared and pretended to still be sleeping.
Q: Describe your best wet dream.
A: Honestly it was just the other night. I rarely have wet dreams but I dreamt I screwed Mathias the other day. I’ve never thought of Mathias like that but now, when I hear him and Prince fucking, I can’t help but get a little turned on.
Q: How big are you? Are you self conscious about my size?
A: I’m not huge like some guys. I’m not very thick, but I like to think I’m long enough. I’m not really self conscious about it unless Finn says something.
Q: What’s something nonsexual that makes you horny?
A: Ever since Finn shoved one of my swords up his ass, I get horny while sword swallowing a lot of the time.

Q: Are your toenails painted?
A: Why yes, yes they are. I painted Rhett’s too, while he was sleeping!
Q: Ever had a wet dream?
A: Of course! And if Rhett sees me getting hard during the night, he practically rapes me in my sleep.
Q: Would you ever pose nude in a magazine?
A: Hell yes. I’d love to have men jerking off to me.
Q: Is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead?
A: I love it when Rhett does. It’s usually when he’s really tired in the morning or before we go to bed when we’re just cuddling.
Q: Where’s your newest bruise located? What’s it from?
A: It’s on my ass and it’s in the shape of a handprint. I’m pretty sure you can guess what it’s from. Damn Rhett.
Q: What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
A: Wow… I can’t even decide. A grocery store bathroom, pressed up against Cove’s crib while he was a baby, a lake, on top of one of those exercise balls, in one of those bouncy playhouses for kids, take your pick.
Q: Have you ever gotten so turned on during the night that you wake up wanting sex?
A: All the time. And Rhett gives it to me. Although sometimes, I have to wake him up in order to get it, and that never goes well.
Q: What’s the biggest age difference between you and a sexual partner?
A: Once when I was sixteen, I screwed this like fifty year old business owner. But he was rich and god, he was HOT.
Q: Would you ever do a sexy photo shoot for your lover?
A: Hell yeah. In fact, that sounds fun I’ll so do that tonight. Lingerie here I come!
Q: Is it hot or gross to get ejaculated on?
Q: When was the last time you had sex outside?
A: Not in a while. Um, Kelly’s fifth birthday party. We snuck off and screwed in the grass while they were playing party games.
Q: Would you ever allow a sexual partner to get a piercing down there?
A: Hell, I’ve tried to talk Rhett into getting one. That would feel awesome.
Q: Think of the last person you kissed. How would you feel if they kissed someone else right in front of you?
A: If Rhett kissed someone in front of me? I’d kick his ass.
Q: What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
A: Rhett’s hands. I don’t know if that counts as weird but all Rhett has to do is hold my hand and I want him. His hands are so big and calloused and I love them.

Q: What exactly are you wearing right now?
A: Um… not much. Lacy underwear? That’s it.
Q: Do you like watching scary movies?
A: Yes, because I can pretend to get scared and have Mathias hold me.
Q: What’s your favorite part of your body?
A: My legs. They’re long and I love how smooth they are. They’re like a girl’s. And they look awesome when they’re over Mathias’s shoulders.
Q: What are your three favorite sex positions?
A: I love riding guys, when I’m held up against the wall, and doggy style.
Q: Do you like it sweet and slow or hard and fast?
A: Depends on the mood I’m in. But unless I’m really needy a certain night, I love it hard and fast.
Q: Whose arms would you like to be in right now?
A: Mathias’s.
Q: Is there anyone you hate but would definitely have sex with?
A: Well… I hate him more than anyone but God, I’d love for Finn to screw my brains out. He’s so angry all the time, I want him to take it out on me.
Q: Are silk sheets sexy?
A: Yes, I adore silk sheets. And luckily, at Mathias’s dad’s mansion, he was them everywhere.
Q: What words do you like to hear during sex?
A: Derogatory terms. Whore, slut. I like to be insulted.
Q: How old were you when you lost your virginity? To who?
A: Can I have a new question? … I was three and I lost it to my father. Are we done now?
Q: Would you ever let someone give you a golden shower?
A: Yes, actually. I’d let Mathias do it in a heartbeat.
Q: Have you ever gotten pregnant?
A: Once when I was nine. I was really excited. Daddy killed it though.
Q: If you could have any person with you right now, who would it be?
A: My momma. I never got to know her.
Q: Are you a jealous person?
A: Yes, very. Fucking Toni needs to back off my Mattie. I hate the way Mathias looks at him…

Q: Do you masturbate?
A: A lot. Only when Angel doesn’t feel like having sex though. Or if he says he want sex but I can tell he’s too sore.
Q: Ever wanted to be dominated in bed?
A: … Truthfully, yes. I’ve fantasized about Quincy forcing me to submit to him ever since I met him.
Q: Do you miss your ex?
A: I miss Gabriel all the time. But I have Angel now.
Q: Do you think someone has feelings for you?
A: Well I think that Finn kid has a crush on me, if that’s what you mean. He’s pretty cute.
Q: Where’s your favorite place to have sex?
A: The shower. I love seeing Angel in the mirror across from the shower.
Q: Describe what true love means to you.
A: True love is when you would do anything for someone, no matter what you want.
Q: It’s two in the morning and you get a text, who is it most likely from?
A: Most likely? Gabriel needing me for something or other. I’m his muscle monkey.
Q: Is there a certain quote you live by?
A: I got this one from my baby boy. “If it’s meant to be, it will be.”
Q: Do you ever worry if you’re pleasing your partner?
A: All the time. I worry if he’s getting off because of his prostate losing feeling, or just because I’m too big and I worry I’m hurting him.
Q: Have you ever used toys during sex?
A: I like to use them a lot. I love using vibrators on Angel and just watching his faces.
Q: Have you ever paid or been paid for sex?
A: I’ve paid prostitutes before. And when I was younger, momma’s friends would pay me sometimes afterwards.
Q: Has anyone held you in their arms the past week?
A: Yeah. I go over to Quincy’s every day and he holds me most of the time.
Q: Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
A: Yes, as weird as that sounds. Every time Angel smiles at me, I get butterflies.
Q: Do you and your partner rim each other often?
A: I rim Angel but he doesn’t normally rim me, unless I’m in the mood for it. Damn Gabriel made me enjoy it. Gabriel and I used to rim each other all the time.

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