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 Cameron Holloway

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PostSubject: Cameron Holloway   Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:04 pm

Cameron bared his teeth in the mirror, looking much like some sort of rabid animal rather than a teenage boy trying to smile.
Smiling was simply something that Cameron never did properly. He wasn’t as angry as his mother constantly was, on the contrary, he was quite pleasant to be around. He simply couldn’t show it well. His smiles always appeared forced and awkward.
“What the hell are you doing?”
Cameron jumped as he turned around to see his mother standing in the doorway, a tight smirk on his lips.
“Fucking smiling.” Cameron sighed. He’d definitely gotten Finn’s dirty mouth. “Can’t you go now?”
“I just fucking love you… dipshit.” Finn muttered, reluctantly kissing his son’s temple before exiting the room.
And at this, Cameron did give a tiny smile. These were very rare, almost as rare as his mother showing affection.
Although Cameron was the only person Finn willingly admitted to caring for. As much as he fucking despised children, Cameron was HIS child. And that made him okay.
Cameron wasn’t completely emotionless, he did smile occasionally, like right now. But unless something truly made him ecstatic, he was unable to successfully fake a smile for someone else’s sake.
But now, he was unable to practice anymore because he was really smiling. He groaned softly as he made his way out to the kitchen where his father was cooking breakfast for their small family of three, along with Mathias and Prince, who were over for the weekend.
“Hi Cammy!” Mathias grinned at his brother’s son, tugging him into a bone crushing hug.
“Hi Uncle Matt.” Cameron forced one of his awkward smiles, although he was quite pleased to see his Uncle this morning.
“Let him go Mathias, we have a fucking gettogether to get ready for.” Finn muttered, thumping his brother in the side of the head.
“Shh! Don’t swear in front of him Finney!” Mathias whined at his brother, though letting Cameron go so the boy could take a seat beside his mother.
“He’s heard fucking worse.” Finn shrugged, taking a bite of his breakfast that Morgue had just set in front of him.
Morgue passed out the rest of the plates before kissing the top of Finn’s head and sitting down beside him.
“You said we have a gettogether today?” Cameron sighed heavily.
“Yeah, don’t bitch about it either.” Finn nodded his head.
“But I hate them.” Cameron groaned.
“I hate everyone. Including Princess over there. But I have to suffer, so you do too.” Finn smirked lightly at his son as Prince let out an irritated grumble. “Besides, you’re almost sevenfuckingteen. You need a boyfriend or some shit.”
“I don’t NEED a boyfriend.” Cameron sighed.
“You do. Isn’t there anyone you have the hots for?” Finn arched an eyebrow.
“No one fucking talks to me. You know what they call me behind my back?” Cameron paused. “Satan’s spawn!” Cameron whined. “I blame you two.” He muttered at his parents.
“Tell them to go fuck themselves.” Finn nodded. “And hey, you never answered my question! Do you have the hots for anyone?”
“I don’t know.” Cameron shrugged.
“That means yes!” Morgue pointed out. “Who is it?”
“Will you two shut the fuck up?” Cameron groaned.
“Tell me who the fuck it is before I cut you.” Finn insisted.
“It’s that Killian guy, alright.”
“Ew, he’s fucking Trever’s son.”
“And I’m your son. You and Trever are both evil, it works.” Cameron shook his head, chuckling softly. “He’s the only one who talks to me like I’m even part human.”
“Well if you were part human, maybe people would talk to you like that, but you’re not.” Finn shrugged. He knew his and Morgue’s son was something different.
“I am part human! I’m all human.” Cameron groaned, shaking his head.
“Yeah, yeah. Now go fucking get dressed so we can get going.”
Another twenty minutes passed and they were arriving at the Kensington mansion, Cameron’s eyes downcast as usual as they stepped inside.
He truly hated these gettogethers. He was reminded of why when he heard Jasey and Shannon’s giggles as he walked past.
He’d never forget why they always picked on him either. A few years ago, he’d made the mistake of trying to flirt with them.
And flirting was not something he was very good at…
Growing up around Finn and Morgue’s somewhat dysfunctional relationship, you couldn’t help but hear the… strange ways they showed affection. Especially his mother.
He would hear Finn threaten to castrate Morgue and Morgue respond to that with a kiss. He always thought that was how you were supposed to show someone you liked them.
But apparently telling Jasey he wanted to rip his heart out and keep it in a jar by his bed was NOT proper flirting.


There are more little ideas I have with him. But his sexuality is odd, I don't even think he really understands it. It's sort of like Augustus, I guess. He's not attracted to many people. But Killian is the one guy he is attracted to. He adores Killian >< Sex is not really important to him, he's still a virgin. he doesn't think about if he will top or bottom, the only person he'd consider sleeping with is killian. I feel like i had more for him, but I can't rememberrr ><
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Cameron Holloway
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