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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Surprise!   Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:40 pm

Okay I'm not sure where this idea came from >< But I hope you like it!

Killian hummed as he plopped down on the couch, propping his boots up on the coffee table as he relaxed. Luca was up in bed for the night but Killian had not been quite tired yet so he had decided against it.
He flipped on the TV, deciding on whether he should watch something or just suck it up and go cuddle his lover.
He did this for about twenty minutes before someone knocked at the door. The knocking sounded rather panicked. The person knocked about ten times before doing so again frantically.
He furrowed his brow, wondering who would be knocking at about three in the morning before slowly making his way to the door.
“Hurry! Please!” A voice cried out, pleading frantically.
He nervously did so, swinging the door open. He blinked at seeing the sobbing blonde teenage girl in front of him.
“Please let me in!” She sobbed. “He’s coming after me! Please!”
Her voice was so desperate that Killian did not hesitate in quickly pulling her inside the home, shutting the door after her and locking it for good measure.
She stumbled in a few steps before leaning down to take off her high heels, one of the heels being snapped off which had been why she stumbled.
“Are you alright, love?” Killian frowned, stepping over to the girl as she tossed her heels aside, fresh tears still streaming down her cheeks. He gently wrapped an arm around her waist, attempting to give her support.
She shook her head, letting out a cry before turning to rest her forehead against his chest, crying into it.
Killian blinked, finding that his heart ached though as he let a hand rest in her long blonde hair, stroking it gently. He couldn’t even bring himself to ask her for a blowjob.
“Thank you for letting me come in…” She whispered. “He’s out there.”
“Who is, love?” Killian frowned.
“My master…” She sighed. “I-I ran away. He’s coming.”
Killian nodded, this making sense more as his eyes ran over her body, noticing scars marring all the visible skin.
“Ah won’t let hem get ya, love. Don’t worreh. Ya can stay here.”
“Really?” Her eyes were wide and teary as she hugged him. “Oh thank you. I’ll do anything you need around here. I can do anything.” She promised and Killian did indeed consider asking her for a blowjob.
Well if it had not been for Luca and the fact that she was a sex slave already.
Though, she seemed to have the same thing in mind. She stood on her tip toes, pressing her lips to Killian’s roughly.
Killian slowly pulled away, smiling softly at her.
“Noh, sweetheart. Don’t ya go and do that. Ya don’t have ta do anything. Ah’ve got a boyfriend up in mah bedroom.”
“O-oh, I’m sorry.” She shook her head. She was so used to men just wanting sex from her and she didn’t think anything of it.
Plus, Killian was gorgeous and he’d been nice to her…
“Don’t be, ah understand.” Killian nodded, kissing the top of her head.
Something in her eyes… it looked so familiar. He found himself unable to think of anything else.
“You do?” She sighed softly.
“Ah do. Ah used ta be ah slave.” He admitted, nodding his head. “Soh what’s yar name, love?”
“Briella. But people call me just Brie.”
“That’s beautiful.” Killian nodded. He did enjoy the name, and something about it was also familiar. “Love, ya don’t happen ta have any siblings or parents ya know of, do ya?”
“I don’t have any siblings… I have parents of course but I don’t know them. I think I was aborted or something.” She shrugged, wiping at her teary eyes.
Killian nodded lightly, trying to think of who she could be reminding him of.
“Love, do ya mind if ah bring some family over? Just mah mother and hes husband.” Trever could run a DNA test…
“Sure…” She nodded lightly.
And within an hour, Trever was entering the home with Toni in his arms, Rhett following behind.
Brie had immediately scrambled to hide behind Killian, her eyes wide.
“He’s one of them.” She exclaimed, nudging Killian.
“Mom!” Killian immediately groaned. Trever seemed to have tortured everyone.
“Sorry.” Trever shrugged, though he did vaguely remember her from numerous slave auctions he’d attended.
“Love, he won’t hurt ya today.” Killian tugged Briella out from behind him, holding her around the waist. “Don’t ya worreh. Heh’s my mom. Heh’s a good man… deep down.” Killian nodded.
Briella nodded slowly, though her eyes didn’t leave Trever. At least, not until Rhett stepped up to his side.
“I know him too.” She nodded slowly.
“Ya do, love?” Killian arched an eyebrow at Rhett. Rhett was not the type to harm slaves, like Trever did.
“Ah never hurt her!” Rhett spoke defensively, holding his hands up.
“He didn’t.” Brie confirmed, smiling softly at Rhett. “I like him.”
“That’s good, dearie.” Killian nodded. “Soh don’t worreh about Trever hurtin ya, Rhett’s here ta keep ya safe.”
She nodded slowly, though still holding on to Killian’s arm.
“Mom, ah was wondering if ya could do a DNA test for meh? Ah know ah know her from somewhere…” Killian shook his head. “Ah’m thinkin we could know her parents. Sheh doesn’t know who they are since sheh’s been a slave her whole life.”
“Yeah, sure kid.” Trever nodded his head, looking the girl over. “Mind coming over to my place, though? It’s easier than me lugging all my equipment over here.”
“That’s fine.” Brie nodded as Killian looked down at her questioningly. “Just… my master should be out there. Don’t let him get me?”
“Of course, love.” Killian nodded, leaving a note to Luca about where he was going before he knelt down, opening his arms for Brie to climb in.
Brie did this, wrapping her arms around Killian’s neck and letting herself be carried outside bridal style.
Before long, they had arrived at Trever’s house and Brie was laid out on Trever’s special table, her face drawn in a nervous grimace.
Trever had taken several strands of her hair and they were currently waiting on the DNA results.
“Um… Trever?” She spoke up softly. “Could you do something for me while I’m here?”
“What do you want, kid?” He arched an eyebrow.
“Um… I-I think you did something to me years ago. When I was like five… To make me have babies?”
“Oh… yeah, I think I remember that.” Trever nodded.
“Can you reverse it, maybe?” She sighed softly.
“I can do that.” Trever hummed. “I’ll have to operate though.”
“What’d ya do to her?” Rhett furrowed his brows at his brother.
“Her master was a friend of Barry’s. He asked me to make her extra fertile. They wanted more babies to sell around when they grew up. So I did something to her that pretty much guarantees that every time a man cums inside of her, she’ll get pregnant.” Trever explained.
Rhett paused, glancing down to the girl.
“Evereh time?”
“Pretty much.” Trever nodded.
“Ah…” Rhett blinked lightly, looking towards Brie. “Ya didn’t have… one of mine, did ya?”
“I did.” Brie nodded her head. “I had him when I was eleven. He’s about six now, I think.”
Rhett’s face fell. He had another son? A son who was living a life of sex slavery?
“He’s the only one I still talk to. He’s sweet.” Briella smiled softly.
“Where is heh? Weh have ta get hem.” Rhett said simply.
“I think the real question is, when did you screw her?” Trever arched an eyebrow.
“That’s not important.” Rhett waved the question off.
“Whatever. Brie, if you want me to operate, get up and strip down. I’ll get to work.”
Briella nodded, getting up and letting her clothes hit the floor. She probably should have been a little more uncomfortable being naked in a room with three men eyeing her, four if you counted Toni sitting in the corner. But she was simply used to it. She was never uncomfortable with her body.
Killian couldn’t help but watch her strip, eyeing her closely. She was beautiful…
It was clear that what she had said about having many children was true by the number of thick scars on her stomach.
“Thank you for operating on this.” She sighed up at Trever. “I’m constantly pregnant and I’m sick of it…”
“How many kids have you had, love?” Killian arched an eyebrow, eyes still trailing over her body.
“I lost count at twenty.” She shrugged. “I’m not kidding. Ever since Trever did it when I was five I’ve been constantly pregnant. As soon as I pop one out, it starts again. Rhett’s is the only one I’m allowed to see though… I insisted on it.” She smiled softly. She adored Rhett.
“Es mine okay?” Rhett’s eyes showed pain, wanting to go and retrieve this kid of his right now.
“I think so. He’s always happy when I see him, but maybe that’s just because he likes seeing me. I told him about you.” She nodded.
Rhett simply nodded, running a hand through his hair as he took a seat, mulling this over.
“Alright, I’m going to start operating. I suggest you bite down on something.”
Brie nodded, grabbing her shirt and balling it up so she could bite down on it to keep from screaming.
“Treva.” Rhett groaned. “Give her anesthetics.”
“Must I?” Trever sighed.
“Ya must.” Killian nodded at his mother, patting the top of Brie’s head.
She removed the shirt from her mouth, smiling softly at the two men.
“Thank you…”
“Killian, go check the DNA results. I think they’re done.”
Killian nodded, disappearing and returning a few minutes later with a paper in his hands.
Brie was already cut open, fast asleep with the anesthetics in her system.
Trever was wrist deep in her stomach, fumbling around as two fingers on the other hand reached around her vagina, trying to make sure he wasn’t screwing anything up down there.
Killian sat down on Brie’s other side, extending the paper to his mother as he watched the man working.
“Ah can take over tha work down there if ya need meh too.” Killian wiggled his brows jokingly. He was simply unable to help himself. This girl was beautiful and he flirted with anything.
“You’re gross.” Trever rolled his eyes as he removed his bloody hand from her stomach. “But if you want me to read the test results I do need you to touch her down here.” He nodded. “Just plug her hole with two of your fingers. I have to make sure no blood comes out of there while I’m operating up here.”
Killian nodded, sitting the DNA results down and moving to take Trever’s position with his hand in between Brie’s legs, slipping two of his fingers inside of her with ease, allowing Trever to move off and rinse his hands.
“Sheh’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Killian smiled softly, watching the girl’s peaceful expression.
“Sheh is.” Rhett agreed, though he was still trying to make sense of this whole having another child thing. “Sheh’s always been gorgeous.” He nodded.
“Ah hope Luca lets us take her in. Ah wouldn’t mind caring for her…” He smirked lightly, letting his other hand brush some hair out of her face.
Trever stepped back in, grabbing the results and looking over them.
“Alright. I matched her DNA with some I had of everyone in the family. She came up with two matches. Both are parental.”
“Soh who are her parents?” Killian arched an eyebrow, eager to help this girl find her parents for the first time.
“Mother is…” Trever blinked, his face falling as he read over the results. “Toni.”
Toni flinched from his spot in the corner, standing to look more clearly at Briella laid out on the table.
“Wh-who’s the daddy?” Toni frowned. He’d gotten pregnant before, he knew. But he knew all of his babies. He’d never seen this girl before…
“Killian.” Trever spoke simply, watching Killian’s face as the news set in.
Killian didn’t seem to register it at first. He simply stared at his mother before looking down at Briella. This girl was his daughter…
“Please take over down here.” Killian spoke up finally, slowly withdrawing his fingers.
His stomach was churning. He felt sick for even thinking about her like he had. For looking at her while she was exposed. He turned away as his mother took over the job, glancing down to Toni.
“Weh had ah kid?” He questioned.
“Apparently.” Toni whispered, his big blue eyes wide.
Killian sighed, though at least now he knew where those eyes were from. He’d only seen them in two people before. Toni, and himself…
So the point of this was Briella being Toni and Killian's kid.
The Rhett baby just sort of happened as I was writing. I was like "Oh, I enjoy Rhet so maybe he could have been sweet to her before and made love to her." and then I came up with the her being forced to have babies thing and then i was like "well, might as well give her a Rhett baby" ><
We don't even have to do any of this. I just enjoyed the idea. And the baby doesn't even have to be a girl, but like I've been saying I'm in the mood to write as girls lately *shrug* anyways, I'm just rambling at this point. We never have to do this unless you like it, I just wanted to write it for me
Oh and in case you care, this is Briella's face.
Okay, I'm done now. Loves you! <3
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