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 Of Waiters and Mirrors.

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PostSubject: Of Waiters and Mirrors.   Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:05 am

Okay I wrote a little Prince and Augustus thing too so ima put that first, the Manuel thing ish second! I hope you enjoy them both Very Happy

Prince held onto Mathias’s arm nervously as he was led into the gettogether. He’d never been to one of these before and while he was usually confident, he was afraid of Mathias ditching him to talk to Finn or something and him not having anyone to talk to.
The second he was inside, he began looking around for someone to talk to. It wasn’t hard to find the people he typically hung out with.
They were in the corner, painting each other’s nails and snickering as people walked past. The snobs. He was a bitch, he would fit in with them.
So when Mathias asked if Prince was okay if he went and talked to his brother for a while, Prince smiled and waved him off, assuring him he would be fine.
He made his way over to the two boys in the corner, smiling lightly but sure not to seem too friendly.
“I’m Prince.” He introduced himself. “Mind if I sit over here?”
Jasey and Shannon looked up at him before glancing to each other. And it was clear they had the same thought. Hell no. Prince just might be as pretty as them. And that was NOT going to happen. If they excluded him like he was a loser, maybe everyone else would follow their lead.
“Not until you remove some of that silicone from your face.” Shannon snickered, Jasey’s giggles joining in.
Prince blinked, quite shocked at this. He NEVER was outcasted. He was gorgeous and that worked to his advantage.
“Excuse me?”
“Bye.” Jasey waved the boy off as Shannon puckered his lips, making fun of Prince’s lips which were quite ridiculous with how plump they were. Although it wasn’t from plastic surgery like everyone assumed.
They both cackled as they got up and walked off to another part of the room.
Prince stood there, his mouth agape as he watched them leave, taunting a boy with fiery red curls on their way.
The boy with the red hair simply smiled at them, making his way towards Prince.
“I think your lips are groovy, pretty momma!” The boy grinned, extending a hand to Prince. “I’m Augustus.”
“Thanks… I’m Prince.” Prince smiled softly, eyeing the boy closely. Yes, Augustus was the type of person he would normally be making fun of. But it was clear, he did not have that type of power in this family. So he simply grinned and shook the boy’s hand.
“Why don’t you come and sit over here, foxy lady? I have the King on my iPod if you want to give it a listen!”
“Why not?” Prince sighed, but smiled lightly, finding himself sitting beside Augustus on an empty couch where he spent the rest of the day laughing and getting to know the boy.
Augustus would not have been his first choice to hang out with but it wasn’t so bad…

Augustus sighed as he rolled out of bed, trudging towards the bathroom. He whined at the dull pain in his ass from the previous night’s events, running a hand through his bright red hair as he stood in front of the mirror.
It was going to be one of THOSE days. The days where he looked so disgusting he could hardly stand it…
As he looked in the mirror, he absolutely hated what he saw… His red curls sticking in every direction, his freckles scattered everywhere. And since he wasn’t wearing anything, he could even see the new fat rolls he adorned since giving birth. He hated it.
It was one of those days where he just wanted to stay in bed. But sadly, he had to work.
He slowly dressed himself, having to change outfits three times before deeming that he looked acceptable. His hair wouldn’t cooperate either, so he eventually just shoved a beanie hat on over top of everything, deciding he would cover it up even though Manuel would bitch at him for it. Manuel always hated when he covered up his “beauty,” as the man called it.
When he was finally satisfied with his outfit, he made his way back out to the bedroom, smiling softly down at Manuel and wondering just how this God lying in his bed had ended up with him. It truly puzzled him sometimes. Manuel could have anyone he wanted. This though was only confirmed as Manuel yawned in his sleep, rolling over so he was on his back, the covers pooling around his waist and exposing his defined abdomen.
Augustus sighed, part of him wishing he could just get back in bed and cuddle with his lover. But he simply moved to kiss Manuel’s cheek before heading back to the bathroom to brush his teeth.
As he did so, he couldn’t help but eye his reflection, despising it even more. Why did he have to be so ugly in comparison to his sex god of a lover back in their bed? Without realizing it, he’d begun glaring at his reflection as he brushed his teeth quite angrily. He didn’t notice until a groggy Manuel entered the bathroom, boxers crooked on his hips, his thick black hair sticking out in all directions. And he STILL looked amazing. Damn him.
“Why are you looking at the mirror like it was the cause of Elvis’s death?” Manuel chuckled, moving forward to hold his lover around the waist.
“No reason.” Augustus sighed, shaking his head as he spit toothpaste out into the sink, washing out his mouth.
But Manuel simply knew what was going through his lover’s mind. He always did.
“You know you’re beautiful, darling.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Augustus sighed. But he was disgusting and he knew it. No matter what lies Manuel always insisted on telling him.
“Baby, don’t look at yourself like that.” Manuel sighed, sensing the self loathing in Augustus’s eyes. “And you shouldn’t wear the hat… it covers up your-“
“My beautiful hair, I know. That was sort of the point.” Augustus grumbled, although regretting it a second later. “I’m sorry I’m being bitchy.” He sighed. “I love you, okay? I got to get to work…”
“Of course, darling. Love you too. Have a good day.” Manuel pressed a kiss to Augustus’s forehead as the boy smiled softly before heading out the door.
He worked as a waiter at a restaurant several blocks away, along with his only friend, Prince.
Prince was already there, although the restaurant had not opened for the day yet. He was cleaning tables, humming to himself until he saw Augustus.
“Hello there, foxy lady!” Prince wiggled his brows, doing his own Elvis impersonation as he tossed Augustus his uniform.
“Hey Princess.” Augustus smiled lightly, feeling too much like crap today to really put much effort into it. He’d gotten comfortable with Prince, so he rarely used his Elvis persona anymore, only to make Prince laugh.
“Don’t you look gorgeous today?” Prince smiled lightly at his friend.
“Ugh, please don’t say that. You sound like Manuel.” Augustus groaned, helping his friend out washing the tables.
“Someone feeling ugly today?”
“I’m not feeling ugly. I’m looking ugly. And it’s all the time, not just today.”
“Oh shut up, you’re beautiful.” Prince rolled his eyes.
The restaurant opened and their work continued like usual. They didn’t speak much, both of them busy with serving customers, but it was a usual day.
Until a table of four rather obnoxious teenage guys came in. Prince shot a glance to Augustus, rolling his eyes. He was used to these type of customers and they annoyed the shit out of him. Although, they always tended to make fun of Augustus so Prince always offered to wait on them.
And within minutes, they had all flirted with Prince, slapped the boy’s rear, along with laughing at Augustus and attempting to trip the boy.
As if Augustus had not already felt shitty enough. These boys were not helping matters.
And even when Prince almost lost his job by cursing the boy’s out and dumping a pitcher of water over their heads, it didn’t help him feel any better. He was gross, and those boys had confirmed it, no matter what Manuel and Prince had to say.
By the time his shift was over, he just wanted to go home and crawl in bed. He didn’t feel like doing anything. He didn’t feel like seeing his stupid face in the mirror. And he most certainly did not feel like listening to Manuel compliment him.
He trudged in the front door, undressing right in the bedroom because he didn’t feel like seeing himself in the mirror. He plopped down in the bed without another word, tugging the covers over his head.
“Babe.” Manuel’s voice rang out from the bathroom, laced with pain. “My stomach is killing me, could you bring me some medicine or something?”
Augustus groaned. He really didn’t feel like going in there…
But Manuel sounded serious, like he was in pain and he couldn’t just ignore him. So he got up and grabbed some pills from the kitchen before heading to the bathroom.
He expected to see his lover maybe doubled over on the toilet, grimacing. Or leaning over the sink. But what he did not expect to see was the man standing and grinning at him in just his boxers. Manuel flashed a smile, taking Augustus around the waist and pressing him against the door, pinning the boy’s wrists above his head.
“Manuel.” Augustus sighed. “I’m not in the mood right now.”
“Well I’ve been thinking about you all day…” Manuel whispered, his breath the scent of mint like it always was.
“Babe, come on. I’m tired and I just want to sleep…” He frowned.
Manuel’s lips were now running up and down Augustus’s neck, gently nipping and sucking at the skin. The man appeared to ignore his words, taking hold of Augustus’s hips and pressing their bodies together, their bare chests touching gently.
“I love you.” Manuel whispered.
“I love you too, but I’m just-“
“I love every part of you.” Manuel spoke softy, moving down to press kisses down Augustus’s chest, a kiss to the little bit of baby fat Augustus still had, trailing kisses all the way down to his feet. “I love all of you, right down to your toes.”
“Manuel I’m serious, can’t we talk about this tomorrow or something?” He could see where this was going and he really didn’t want to do this right now…
“I believe we should talk about it now.” Manuel said simply, his chocolate brown eyes looking into Augustus’s.
“Please? I had such a shitty day and-“
“That’s exactly why we should talk about it now.” Manuel sighed, moving to stand upright, taking Augustus’s face in his hands, the tanned skin of his hands clashing against Augustus’s pale white. “As long as you keep being so insecure, you’re going to keep having shitty days and coming home upset and tired and not wanting to have sex with me. Which I can only for so long.” He teased lightly, moving to nuzzle the skin on Augustus’s neck. “I’ll make you feel good and loosen you up. It’ll be nice, coming home after a long day just to have your lover make you feel special and perfect. Doesn’t that sound great?”
And it did sound great to Augustus, especially when Manuel was licking that one sweet spot of his that drove him crazy. Especially with the way Manuel was rubbing his nipples, his lover’s bulge rubbing against his thigh.
“I think you’re so beautiful.” Manuel murmured. “I’m going to make you feel beautiful. I’m going to show you what I see.”
“You aren’t going to change my mind, you know.” Augustus spoke softly, holding back a moan as Manuel’s hands stroked down his sides.
“I don’t know about that, darling.” Manuel smirked lightly. “I’m pretty convincing…” He pressed his hips forward, rubbing their groins together, grinning as Augustus groaned and tilted his head back, letting it rest against the door.
Augustus wanted to retort but he was cut off as his lover’s lips pressed against his own. And he couldn’t stop himself from moaning into the kiss and grabbing his lover’s shoulders. Because even though he was tired and had had a shitty day, Manuel knew just how to turn him on. He let out a groan, reaching down to gently rub at the tent forming in his boxers.
After a while, Augustus pulled back from the kiss, groaning at his lover. He needed more.
“Manuel…” He whined, gently urging his lover to his knees. If Manuel was trying to make him feel so special, he could do something for him.
Manuel didn’t hesitate, sinking to his knees and tugging his lover’s boxers to his ankles, tossing them aside.
“Augustus.” Manuel murmured, nuzzling the boy’s hip. “You’re so pretty…” He gripped the boy’s shaft, gently tugging on his member, causing the younger boy to choke on a moan, scratching at the door behind him. “So gorgeous…” He began pumping the boy’s cock slowly, kissing a spot on his inner thigh. “So perfect.”
Augustus moaned, his hips bucking lightly as his cheeks burned red with embarrassment.
“Like a porcelain doll…” Manuel hummed, pressing a gentle kiss to the tip of Augustus’s member. Augustus groaned at the contact, really wanting to just push Manuel’s head down on his cock but of course he would never do so. But he’d had such a bad day and he was so ready for it and Manuel’s comments were making him blush more and more and he just wanted the man to shush. “I can’t believe something so perfect exists.” Manuel whispered. “Can’t believe that something so perfect is mine.”
And then finally Manuel’s lips were around the head of his member, swallowing him down so perfectly. Augustus moaned rather loudly, wanting to cry the man’s name but finding it quite hard to form words right now. So he simply groaned, his fingers clutching at some of Manuel’s black curls. He felt Manuel begin bobbing his head before offering up three fingers to Augustus, silently asking him to suck on them. He always was sure to prep the boy.
Augustus took the fingers in his mouth, though it took him quite some time between moans to get them coated in enough saliva for Manuel to pull them back. Manuel gently tugged one of Augustus’s legs up, propping it over one of his shoulders, leaving Augustus wobbling on one leg. Manuel gently traced a finger over the boy’s entrance, pushing just a bit of it inside, teasingly. Augustus tried to keep himself balanced, leaning against the door, both of his hands clutching the door frame tightly as he whined down at his lover.
“Manuel.” He begged lightly, his voice almost stern. He needed the man to push the finger in the whole way, he was sure he was going to die Manuel had him in so much pleasure.
Manuel chuckled softly and Augustus found it a bit hard to breathe as he felt the vibrations in the man’s throat around his aching erection. He cried out as Manuel finally pressed the finger the rest of the way in, pumping it in and out of Augustus in a steady pace, matching the pace that Augustus’s hips were moving, bucking forwards into his lover’s mouth.
Augustus felt the second finger slowly forcing its way inside of him and he let out a desperate moan.
“Oh Manuel, I’m gonna…” He felt his stomach warming and while he didn’t want Manuel to stop, he wanted the man inside of him so damn bad, not just his fingers.
Manuel slowly pulled back from the boy’s cock, his lips red and covered in precum, his eyes wide and lust blown. Augustus couldn’t help but whine at the sight. His lover looked so sexy, almost like he could be a pornstar. And Augustus was sure he could be if he really wanted.
Then the third finger came and Augustus pushed back against it, groaning loudly. He was so horny, he wanted his lover so bad. He made a noise that sounded like a whimper as Manuel’s fingers spread out inside of him.
“God, you look so good like this.” Manuel sighed. “All red faced and desperate.”
Augustus nearly rolled his eyes. Here came the compliments again. He thought he’d gotten rid of these.
“I hate thinking that you can’t see how beautiful and precious and lovely you are.” He gently kissed the boy’s thigh as his fingers worked, the light touch of his lips driving Augustus crazy. Then the man’s fingers were withdrawn as he let Augustus’s leg down, standing upright to kiss his lover softly. “I’m going to show you darling. You’re going to see how beautiful and sexy and flawless you are.”
Then Manuel pushed his lover over against the cabinet. Augustus grabbed onto the edge, his eyes glancing up to see the mirror right in front of him. He could see Manuel behind him, kissing his shoulder before he threw his boxers off.
“Augustus, god, I don’t think you realize what you do to me. What you can do just by looking at me.” He licked around Augustus’s outer ear and Augustus watched him in the mirror, watched how gorgeous his lover looked. “I don’t want you to watch me baby. Watch yourself and see what I see.”
And Augustus was so lust filled and out of it right now that he would have done anything Manuel told him to at this moment. So he stared into his own eyes in the mirror, watching how lust blown they were, how wide his pupils were. He heard Manuel spit into his palm, probably slicking up his cock, but Augustus just couldn’t look away from his reflection.
Manuel gently grabbed his hips and he braced himself against the counter, watching his hands move as he spread his legs further apart. He held his breath, waiting for the man to enter him. Manuel slowly pressed into his entrance, sliding in slow and lovingly, like hurting Augustus was the worst thing that could ever happen and to Manuel it was. All the time, Augustus watched himself. Watched the way his mouth hung open, watched the way his eyebrows furrowed together, watched the veins on his neck stand out. When Manuel was finally in the entire way, he let out the breath he’d been holding in a soft moan, his body trembling.
He pushed back after a moment when he was comfortable, groaning softly as Manuel began moving. He started with slow thrusts, not daring to speed up and hurt the boy. Manuel gently held Augustus’s hips as he moved, his member slipping in and out of his lover’s entrance. Augustus moaned and although this slow pace made him feel wonderful and loved, he needed more.
And as if reading his thoughts, Manuel snapped his hips forward abruptly, slamming into Augustus’s prostate. Augustus cried out in pleasure, leaning his head back so it rested on Manuel’s shoulder. He wanted to rest his eyes shut and let Manuel bring him into a pleasured state he’d never reached before, but damnit, he could not stop watching himself in the mirror.
The way his body was arching into his lover was making his skin stretch out over the bit of muscle he had, showing every ripple. His lips were parted lightly, a deep pink in color, his eyes dark and fogged over with lust. His hips were moving back and forth, shoving back into his lover with his erection bouncing in front of him. He let out a low scream as Manuel drove into him harder finally, picking up the pace.
Honestly, Augustus looked like a whore. He looked like he could get any man he wanted right now… As Manuel’s chin hooked over his shoulder, he finally glanced up at his lover’s reflection. The man looked just as crazy and lust filled as he did. Manuel looked pleasured, so close to the edge.
… All because of him. He smiled lightly with pride at the thought that it was him making his lover look like that.
“Augustus.” Manuel’s voice was trembling with pleasure now as his hips snapped in and out of his lover, trying to push them both over the edge. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t ever think you’re less than perfect.”
Augustus watched as his lover’s hand moved down to grab his erection, jerking it erratically. Augustus looked back up at his reflection just in time to see himself release. His eyes became wide, his mouth hanging wide open as a scream of Manuel’s name forced its way out of his throat. He watched his hands ball into fists so tight his knuckles turned white, watched his back arch as his cum spurted out in strips, covering Manuel’s hand on his member.
He clenched down around Manuel, feeling the man bite down on his neck to stifle his cry. He felt Manuel’s body tense up as Augustus was suddenly filled with his lover’s warm, sticky release before finally relaxing. They both slouched over into the cabinet, soft pants filling the room.
After a moment, Augustus slowly lifted his head to smile in the mirror, meeting Manuel’s gaze. Manuel chuckled softly, grinning at his lover.
“I bet you’re jealous of me now. I get to see your beautiful face every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed, and you don’t. I’m really lucky, aren’t I?” Manuel pressed a kiss to his lover’s shoulder before carrying them out to the bedroom and falling into a content sleep.
The next morning, Augustus woke with a grin on his face. Not a huge grin like he’d worn when he woke up in Manuel’s arms the first time, but a nice content little smile.
He made his way into the bathroom confidently this morning, picking out an outfit he wouldn’t have even dared to try on yesterday. A v-neck shirt Prince had loaned him and a pair of shorts. But as he put it on, he found that he didn’t look fat like he’d thought he did yesterday. He looked quite nice. The shorts outlined his curves and his rear, making them look plump, but in a good way, not fat like he’d thought.
He brushed his hair quickly, finding that each and every one of his fiery red curls fell right into place, making his bright hazel eyes stand out and the freckles on his cheeks for once didn’t bother him.
He was never conceited, never thought he looked even somewhat decent. But today, he had to say, he looked hot.
He was really pleased with himself, nearly doing a dance until he looked over to the doorway to see Manuel in all his naked glory, smirking at him. He blushed deeply, looking to his lover.
“Well, well, well.” Manuel grinned. “Someone looks delicious today…” His hair was wild, sticking in all directions and he STILL looked like a supermodel. But Augustus didn’t dwell on that today, his smile wide as his lover strolled over to him. “Come on, say something cocky. Tell me you ALWAYS look delicious. I wanna hear it.” Manuel chuckled.
Augustus simply giggled, hooking his arms around his lover’s neck and kissing him sweetly, murmuring something against Manuel’s lips.
“I’m always foxy, Peruvian papi.”
Manuel laughed softly as Augustus hugged him tight, whispering something in his ear in his normal voice.
“Thank you.” And then the boy ran out the front door, off to work.
Manuel simply grinned after him, the boy’s words ringing in his ears.
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Of Waiters and Mirrors.
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