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 War on Terror

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Finn Holloway


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PostSubject: War on Terror   Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:25 am

Oh hell no.
Oh f*cking hell no.
Finn made a hateful rasp, his teeth barred menacingly as he stared down this man. He was large, creepy, ill intentioned. The man had been attempting to lure Cameron off from the small park they were at, and Finn was not having it.
"You back the f*ck off." His white teeth flashed as he snarled, an almost wolfish quality in the way he bristled. He had pushed Cameron away long ago, demanding that he run home. They didn't live far, and his baby was not some helpless brat. Finn could trust Cameron to get home.
The man was not budging, embarrassed at being caught and extremely hateful that his newest play toy had been taken from him.
"Whatch 'ou gonna do if'n ah don't." The man was obviously under the influence of something, his words slurred and off put.
"Im gonna f*cking curb stomp you mother f*cker!" The boy's eyes were keen, easily catching the movement of the large mans hands as he drew back to deliver a punch. Finn had always been quick on his feet, he exercised this fact as he ducked, launching himself into the man. Knocking him down was not hard, he was unstable and Finn was the epitome of a mother protecting his child. He was not stupid though, he understood that this was a dangerous man, but he was more than dangerous. Finn could invoke a nightmare with just a smile to someone, and this man had no clue what he was getting into.
Large hands reached up, placing themselves on either side of Finn's chest. The man shoved hard, yelping as Finn tore a chunk of flesh from his neck before he had been able to throw him off.
Finn was quick on the rebound though, sure he knew it was smarter if he would run while he had the chance, but Finn had never run from a fight. Especially a fight that entailed his protecting his son. The only thing aside from Morgue he
simply could not live without. Cameron was his pride, his happiness, his baby.
And this man had tried to harm his baby.
It was punishable by death in Finn's eyes. He rushed the man again, sticking him in the nose as he did so. The man was ready this time though, he slipped from his pocket an object he had planned on hurting Cameron with. Flipping the knife open, he waited for Finn to jump on him, and in the moment he drove the knife into the boys soft belly with all of his strength.
The handle even being partially forced inside the boy.
Silence swept across the park, every child and parent had fled.
Finn staggered back, his mind not registering what had happened. His eyes, panicked, flickered up to the man who had done this.
There was fear.
The man was obviously afraid, he had never killed anyone before. Never even considered that he would end up killing the boy.
One step, two. The man slowly backed away from Finn who had by now toppled backwards, his body thudding as it hit the ground.
The man made a mad dash to get away, not caring if he had left his knife behind. He was afraid and he was running.
It was painful, Finn glanced down at the knife, gurgling out curses as the pain consumed him. He didn't want to move, he was losing blood. With a wicked smile he realized that he was probably dying.
F*cking great.
He had promised Cameron he was going to be home, right behind him. Suddenly his smile abandoned him as a pitiful whimper escaped his blood stained lips. He had promised his baby, and the boy was waiting on him.
Cameron was probably scared....
And he was unsure where Morgue was.
Finn dug his fingers into the earth, his body protesting as he steadied himself to get up. He had promised.
He was on his feet slowly, his body convulsing as it was forced along. He limped and he whined, his head dropped low. He was but a hurt animal trying to find its way home.
He had walked for what seemed like a decade, his precious life substance coloring the front of his body completely. It had dribbled from his mouth and bleed from his belly, it made him cold...
Or maybe that was a side effect.
He caught site of the porch light, Angel kept it on when his family failed to come home. It was a guiding light.
And he never made it.
Finn took one last tired step before his legs gave out underneath him. He hit his knees, unable to catch himself as he fell forward and drove the knife further inside his body.
He felt tears gathering in his eyes as the pain blossomed, a rigid cough escaping him. With the last bit of life he had left, he lifted his head.
"C-Cameron...." The boy reached forward, he could see the boys head in the window, peeking out into the darkness of night, searching for his mother. Finn could tell the boy was terrified, and mourned the fact that he would never be able to hold him.
Never get to tell him he loved him.
He hoped morgue would do the things for him. Morgue had always known what to do when he did not.
He trusted Morgue.
But even if he had not, he didn't get to think of a back up plan. His face had met the ground before he had ever gotten to utter his lovers name.
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War on Terror
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