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 Crash My Party

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PostSubject: Crash My Party   Tue Sep 03, 2013 2:16 pm

Elvis was on his way to a small bar in the city, his smile one of excitement. He had been waiting for this evening for most of the week. Phoenix and Mack were going to meet him at Charlie's Bar, they would wait for Ian and Kelly to show up, and then they were going to be bar hopping. The shrill cry of his phone broke him from his eager imagination, forcing him to begin fumbling for his cell.
"Hello?" His voice was strained, his eyes drawn to the road in fear of causing a wreck.
"Elvis?" The voice was quiet, trembling.
The man recognized him as Zach. He would know the boy anywhere, in the worst conditions, if only by the sound of his breath. Elvis could always pick him out.
"Something wrong Zachpack?" It was a kiddy name Elvis often called the boy, in vain attempts to make him smile.
"No." There was silence, a confirmation that something was indeed wrong. Elvis had by now spent the night with Zach before, he had heard the thrashing and terror of the nightmares. He only knew bits and pieces of what they may be about, Zach torturing someone or someone torturing him. It pained Elvis to think about, his heart sinking into the pit of his stomach as he swallowed.
"Zach, if you need me im there. I can be turned around by the next red light."
More silence, Elvis could pratically hear his lovers brain working. Zach wanted him or he wouldn't have called.
He understood though why the boy hesitated. Elvis had been planning this night all week, looking forward to it everyday. But this didn't phase Elvis. He didn't mind ditching the guys for his lover, he could see them later, but Zach needed him now.
"Zach." His voice was commanding, protective in the way only a lover could be. "I don't care about my plans. I can break them. Your more important, always." There was a tenderness in his voice, it was completely sure and honest. He had already long forgotten about his plans. Now his mind was completely full of Zachariah, wondering on his hair and how the boy was wearing it. Curious of his clothes and if he had been dressed for something or lounging around at home. Elvis felt the need to know more about him, to be closer to him, to protect him.
"You really don't have too."
It was expected of the boy, Zach had never wanted to cause him trouble.
And he never had.
"Zach, I don't care. Oh I just gotta see what your wearing!" He wooted happily, his vibrations urging the mood to lighten.
"I can just tell you..."
"But I wanna see!" The freckle faced boy proclaimed, already turning his car around. "Is your hair up?" Elvis adored the boys dreads, always had. He enjoyed seeing them up, but was always delighted for it to be down.
"I'll be home soon, but when I get there I need to run out and grab a few things. If you wanna just swing by, ill pour you a drink. I'll leave the door unlocked and leave on the lights and be home probably before you ever get there!" There was a pause on the line as Zach struggled with weather he should let this happen or not. He didn't get the chance to object.
"Ill see you!"
And with that, Elvis had hung up.

Zach had no way of objecting now, and Elvis was expecting him. He had to go. But its not like he minded much, he did want to be with Elvis. His mind was eating him alive and being alone was not helping the matters. Elvis always made it better, and as much as Zach hated depending on him, he could not help himself.

And so here he was, standing out side of Augustus and Manuel's apartment. The lights were on, all of them. Even the bathroom lights could be seen shining through the windows. Stepping up the walkway, he rested his hand on the knob, turning it gentle.
Elvis had already been here, and by the looks of it he had gone to the store as he said he would. His car was not yet here, and still Zach eased himself in the home. He was not exactly comfortable with Elvis's parents yet, but they were nice people and he trusted them enough to stay in the home until Elvis arrived.
"Woah!" Zach's eyes bulged as he came face to face with Augustus. The boy had heard noise by the door and gone to check it out.
"Wiggy man!" The ginger boy flailed around, shock written all over his freckled face. "Make sounds dreadlock momma! Ya scared the begeezes outta me!"
Looking at the man, Zach decided that Elvis had inherited much of his features from his mother. The red hair and freckles, the goofy personality. The only trait belonging to Manuel he could pick out was the boys smile.
"Im sorry, Mr.Gus." Zach tried to make it upstairs, the thought of spending time with Elvis's parents worrying him. He wanted the men to like him, because he desperately liked their son.

Closing the door to Elvis's room, he exhaled deeply and set his sites on the bed. It was green and white, checkered across the blankets and pillows. Augustus had picked it out for him, and he had indeed found he shared his mothers love of the patters. His room was not very clean, but not messy. It was lived in but taken care of.
It smelled of him.
Zach smiled lightly, making his way over to sit on the bed. He had not planned to be there long, but as he sat, he felt as though he were being drawn in, pulled down by the familiar smell of his lover.
Before he knew it, he was tangled in the covers, his eye lids fallen shut as he breathed softly into the room.
It was what Elvis came home to.

The boy dropped the small bag he was holding, his heart immediately jumping into his throat. He had never in his life seen anything as beautiful as Zach was in that moment. Lips parted as he breathed, eye lids resting easily, his hair flowed about him in rivets. Elvis had never felt so lost in a moment. He could stay here like this forever, watching the boy who held his every thought.
Crawling into the bed, he was careful not to wake Zach as he wrapped the boy in his arms, breathing in the smell of him.
The bag was left forgotten in the floor, the contents spilling out unnoticed. A bottle of SleepQuil if it were nightmares keeping Zach awake, books to read if he got bored and couldn't sleep. Bubble bath if he needed to relax, a new t-shirt to make him smile, and his favorite late night snack. All left, because Zach was sleeping and he was peaceful, and Elvis could not bare not to sleep with him.
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Crash My Party
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