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 I Need A Doctor

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Zachariah Torres


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PostSubject: I Need A Doctor   Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:26 am

David sighed as he heard Dewayne call that he was taking the boys to school before heading out the door. They’d gotten in a fight the previous night and David could still hear the bitter undertone in Dewayne’s words. It annoyed him to no end. But he had more important things to attend to. He had patients. Well, rather, one patient.
Junious McGuire.
The boy had been over for about two minutes, and already, David was extremely interested in his personality disorder.
“Your husband seems like a bitch.” The boy spoke simply, looking around the home. “But he’s really pretty.” He smiled sweetly. “And your house is gorgeous.”
“He can be a bitch when he wants.” David sighed softly. “But thank you.” He chuckled.
He went through his normal questions, asking Junious things and watching how he responded, how his personalities switched back and forth so rapidly. He’d never seen anything like it. And he had to keep extremely alert to even keep up with all the switches.
He spent his entire day questioning Junious and was still not bored by the time the boy informed him that he had to go because he had to get home for dinner.
David bid him goodbye and simply sat on the couch, just now realizing that his children should be home from school in a little over an hour and Dewayne was still not home.
As if on cue, Dewayne entered the home, rushing over to David’s side and hugging him tight.
“Where have you been darling?” David frowned.
“My dad’s house, sorry.” He sighed softly. “We talked and I realized I was wrong and I’m sorry.” Dwayne frowned, referring to their fight.
“No sweetheart, it was my fault. I’m sorry too.” David kissed the top of his lover’s head. Although to be honest, he didn’t even remember what he was apologizing for.
Their whole routine was simply boring. They would fight every night, then in the morning Dewayne would feel bad.
The apology was boring.
The tears were boring.
Even the makeup sex, was not as exciting as it used to be.
David could remember when they were so young and in love. He remembered when Dewayne excited him.
But sadly, that was not reality anymore.
David participated in the makeup sex Dewayne initiated, but he wasn’t really into it. They were finished quickly, Dewayne smiling and heading off to pick the kids up from school.
David simply sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair which he was letting grow again. Though he only had it long because Dewayne preferred it that way. He himself liked it short…
The rest of the night was predictable. They ate dinner as a family, talking about their days, and then he and Dewayne headed up to bed. Dewayne cuddled into his chest and they fell asleep together.
David, to put it lightly, was sick of it. He was sick of everything…
The only thing he was looking forward to was Junious’s appointment.
Dewayne once again left like he did every day to see his father, and David readied for Junious’s arrival.
When the boy arrived, David smiled and they began to speak.
David was much more interested in Junious. Junious was ten times more entertaining than anything he and Dewayne did lately.
“You know, even though you annoy the shit out of me,” Junious began, glancing David over. “You’re pretty hot.” He nodded. “You’re better when your hair’s short though. You look sickly like this.”
David laughed softly, shaking his head.
“I’m going to take all of that as a compliment. So thank you…” He grinned lightly at Junious. “You’re pretty cute yourself.” He had flirted back as a reaction, not even realizing.
“If you think I’m so cute, why aren’t you doing anything about it yet?” Junious rolled his eyes at David, as the man grinned.
And then, before David really thought about it, he had kissed Junious deeply, with more passion than he’d kissed Dewayne with in years…
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I Need A Doctor
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