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 Of beatings and bad endings.

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PostSubject: Of beatings and bad endings.   Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:05 am

Finn was seated in the living room, a hand resting on his plump stomach. He was due any week now, and he was feeling it. Walking had become a chore for him since getting so big and today he had seated himself on the couch and simply did not feel like moving. But this also meant that he was subject to dealing with Morgue's family, including Leon and Cade. From the time he got on the couch early that morning, until the current time, almost dark out he had watched Cade coddling Leon. The man did EVERYTHING for him, even things Leon could do by himself. This simply did not sit right with Fin after observing the way Cade treated his lover. In fact it proved to make his blood boil hot. He hated Cade more than he had ever hated anyone in his life, and Leon was next in that line. He wished they would both f*ckiing disappear, and this was the mind set he was in when Leon fumbled into the room. The boy sat beside Finn on the couch, glancing over to him before taking the remote. Finn said nothing to him, did not care about the remote, but he wanted the boy gone. He simply knew if Leon stayed he would end up hitting the boy, and this would upset Morgue. That was the last thing he f*cking wanted today.
"Why don't you f*cking get lost sh*t face?" His words were cold, causing the hair on Leon's neck to stand straight.
"I said leave. Damn. Im tired of looking at you." His eyes flickered to the T.V. where sponge bob's laughter rang out.
"Why?" Leon blinked innocently, he didn't understand why Finn wanted him to leave, he hadn't done anything. "Want the remote?" The boy offered, he only wanted to be friends.
"No. I want you to f*cking leave." Teeth bared, upper lip curling in a snarl. "Im tired of seeing Cade f*cking baby you. Your stupid ass needs to just drown or something."
Leon's bottom lip quivered.
"B-But..." Tears pricked his eyes, his mind racing. What had he done wrong? "But I...I love Morgue and so does d-daddy."
"Of your so full of sh*t!" Finn turned, the tears pouring down Leon's face finally enough to snap his resolve. He had not even thought about it before he was moving. He backhanded the boy across the face, the force strong enough to completely knock Leon from the couch.
Silence over took the room after Leon's body thudded onto the floor. The boy tasted metallic blood in his mouth, felt it leaking from the split in his already swelling lip.
Not knowing what else to do, Leon wailed. It was long, and hard, and utterly helpless.
Cade appeared in the room in seconds, his eyes immediately finding his baby. "Leon!" He sprang over to the boy, gently lifting him, taking in the damage done to his poor child's face. His lip puffing up, blood trickling down his chin, and a already blackening bruise covering his cheek.
Cade was livid.
Never in his life had he allowed anyone to harm Leon, especially to the point of blood. Finn had made his baby bleed. And now he would have to bleed in return.
"Oh F*ck off Cade." Finn struggled to lift himself from the couch, his large belly making it harder than it ever had been.
Luckily for him Cade was there to help.
The large man reached down, taking Finn by the collar of his shirt before throwing him clear to the other side of the room. He did not care that the boy may be only days from giving birth. He did not care that Finn and the baby inside him would be Morgue's family. All he could think about was Leon's cry of pain, and how Finn deserved to die.
This drove him forward, hovering over Finn he began savagely beating him. The boy didn't have a chance, maybe he would have if he had not been pregnant but that was not the case. The reality was that he was heavily pregnant and trying to shield his stomach at all costs. Unfortunately he could not protect himself and the baby, and as Cade's fist connected over and over again with his face, his chest, his stomach, he knew he would not live to apologize to Morgue about hitting his stupid brother, and he knew that being he was not going to make it, the baby probably wouldn't either.
This pushed Finn to try and cling to life. He tried to swing back, struggled to protect himself but it was all in vain. Cade hit hard in his rage. Broken ribs, his skill cracked, internal bleeding, and his face....It was barely recognizable anymore. Finn was fading, and he was fading fast.
He felt fingers curl around his throat, restricting his air intake. Finn struggled against it, even as blackness clouded over him. Blood slicked hands slipped every time the boy reached to try and pull Cade's grip away, there was no use.
His head dropping to the side, his eyes found Morgue who was standing in the door way, his mouth agape, look of horror on his face like none Finn had ever seen before.
Morgue watched the life drain from his lovers eyes, watched even as Finn stopped struggling, his father continued to choking him. All the while Leon was squalling and screaming for his father to stop. The boy had even gone as far as hitting Cade in the back, not hard but in a panic to get the man off of Finn.
It had not worked.
And now it was Just Cade, bloody and satisfied with the blood on his hands, Leon who continued to wail his desperation. And Morgue who fell to his knees at the site.
His Finn.
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Of beatings and bad endings.
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