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 Letters to home.

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Finn Holloway


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PostSubject: Letters to home.   Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:19 pm

Dear dad,

So i've been here for a week. The guys are pretty cool, and Zach makes me less nervous but you know, it still isn't fun to be here. I now can load and shoot a gun, and im being trained to do it on que. They also want us to know hand to hand combat and what not. We do drills all day. The work doesn't bother me, but im not good with this kind of stuff. You know that. I don't know what im going to do the first time someone gets killed. But im okay, really. Zach is making sure I keep up with everyone, and I don't have any problems because he takes care of it. I don't know how, he looks so sweet and innocent all the time. I have never seen anyone move like him, especially in a fight. Its amazing, and I love him. I really miss you and mom, and Luca, we can't forget Luca. Im going to try and send him a letter to if I have time, but just in case give him my love. Give them all my love.

I wonder if anyone has taken my job yet?

Dear Ass face,

I miss the hell out of you. But im doing good! Guys are cool, im getting along great. I actually like it here. It sucks not seeing you guys though, and I hope your taking care of mom for me. Keep Phoenix in line too! Without me there, he could get into some bad sh*t. Im all the brains of his operations, you know? Killian had better be keeping you good company while im gone, but when I get back we can spend some time together. Maybe play football or something. I just miss you.
Drugs, I miss drugs too. But I mean, maybe I can detox while im down here and get offa the stuff, but until then I miss it. I get sweats, I can't sleep, I get sick. Im going through withdraws and there is nothing I can do down here. It sucks.
Miss you.

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Letters to home.
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