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 Everything I ask for.

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Finn Holloway


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PostSubject: Everything I ask for.   Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:41 pm

Cameron's head had been down since arriving at the gettogether, never wanting to see or talk to any of these people.  
But then he heard that voice, charming and accented, radiating confidence with every word.
"Killian."  The boy breathed, relieved to now have a friend in the room.  He moved over to their normal spot on the couch, waiting for Killian to join him.  
He waited.
And he waited.
Killian was usually over to see him within moments of being at the party.  This was odd.
Picking his head up, his eyes began scanning the room.  A smile lit his face as he spotted Killian walking towards him.
But not just Killian.
His smile faltered, eyes widening as the man led Shannon over.
Oh no.
His heart plummeted, everything around him aching.  He loved Killian, had loved him for a long time now.  Had actually been hoping that Killian would make a move on him soon.
But as Killian stood infront of him, introducing Shannon as his boyfriend, all of his wishes and wants vanished.
"Cameron, thes es' Shannon, he's mah lover dearest." Arctic blue, it was the color of Killian's eyes and all he could see.
They were speckled with happiness.
"Love, thes' 'er es Cameron, heh es mah friend."
"Hi."  Cameron nodded lightly at Shannon, remembering that the boy was one of his main tormentors.
"Hi."  Shannon turned his nose up at the boy, tugging on Killian's arm.
"C'mon, Jasey is waiting!"  
With one last smile and wave to Cameron, he promised to call later and talk to him. But he left with Shannon, joining in with his group of friends like he joined in with everyone.
Dropping his head back down, Cameron felt the first cracks being marked into his heart. It hurt more than he had expected it too, a pain he had not ever thought of. Something inside, choking him.
He felt the wetness on his face but he ignored it, keeping his head down so no one would see.
He wanted to leave, he needed to go.
As he stood to make a break for it, he found himself face to face with his Mother.
Finn stared hard at his son, the black abyss of his eyes almost swallowing the boy up.
"M-Mom." Cameron hiccuped in surprise, immediately moving to wipe his eyes.
"What in the f*ck is wrong with you?"
Thankfully his mothers voice was merely a harsh whisper, no yelling, no letting everyone else know he had a problem, let them know he was crumbling.
"Nothing." He didn't want to tell his mother, he was afraid of what Finn might do.
"Don't you f*cking lie to me Cameron!" His mother was shorter than him, smaller, but still when he stepped forward, Cameron took a step back.
"Please? I just...I want to go home is all. Can we go home?"
"F*cking right we can." he took Cameron's arm, his hands amazingly gentle as they herded him to the door.
Stepping out into the soft light of the evening, Finn pushed his son forward.
"Now tell me what in the f*ck is wrong with you?" He shut the door behind them, his upper lip curled in a ferocious snarl.
"Mom." Cameron was trapped, he had no other choice but to talk.
Or he could face Finn's wrath...
Talking it was.
"Just...Mom, Killian is with Shannon." As he said it he felt the pain throb inside of him, bringing with it a self loathing.
"I don't give a damn what that slut puppy is doing! I want to f*cking know about you!" Another step forward, his jaw tight as he bared his teeth.
"I really like Killian..." Cameron murmured softly, not moving away from Finn. He didn't think the man would really hurt him, he trusted his mother.
"Like him? That whore and his fu*ckery! You like that?" Finn's jaw had loosened in his shock, his head cocked to the side in wonder.
"Uh..." A blush colored Cameron's cheeks his head dropping once again.
A small silence as Finn thought on this, his arms crossed over his chest as he figured on his sons predicament.
"Killian is f*cking dumb. Piss on him, Cam." He had to bury the rage, his baby had been crying and it was Killian's fault. But he could see that if he tried anything with the man, his son would be upset.
Plus, how could he assault another man because he chose someone over Cameron?
....Actually Finn knew how would do that, and he would do it proudly, but under the circumstance he knew doing that would help nothing.
"Just forget it." Another step closer, reaching out to gently wipe a stray tear from Cameron's face. "Don't waste your time f*cking worrying. He is going to hit it and quit it, like he always does Cameron. You'll be fine dammit. You know if someone can love me, they can damn sure love you. Your fine." He was telling his son, and himself. Seeing Cameron hurt always proved to unsettle him.
"Okay mom." He felt his lips twist up into a smile, it was nice to have his mother comfort him. Sure it didn't stop the hurt, but it made it more bearable.
He reached up, gently feeling his face as he smiled. He wished he could do this more. It felt good to smile. Something he never found he could do.
He followed his mother back into the home, by now much of the family had left.
That included Shannon.
Killian was still there though, he was sitting on the couch and waiting for Cameron. He had scouted the entire home looking for him, but he had been unable to track him down. So he had taken a seat and waited for the boy on their couch.
"Hi." Cameron had by now cleaned all traces of tears from his face, and managed to settle himself enough to face Killian.
"Aye Love, ah've been lookin' fer ya." He scooted over so Cameron could sit down with him. Before the boy had even gotten comfortable Killian spoke once more.
"Soh what doh ya think about mah Shannon? Heh es' lovely, isn't heh?" A soft smile rested on his face as he spoke of a boy who obviously meant very much to him.
"Ah little on tha bitcheh side, but heh es well worth et." He did not know Cameron liked him, so he continued like he was telling one of his normal friends.
"Ah think ah'm in love, Cam." He sat straighter, his smile more pronounced.
"Heh takes es time with tha littlest things. Leaves notes reminden' meh heh loves meh all tha time. Little anecdotes but they are precious all tha same lad."
Cameron felt his insides twisting painfully.
"Heh wears red when heh's feleing hot, but ah personaleh think heh looks best without 'es clothes." He nudged the boy, wiggling his eye brows as he often did.
A small silence as the larger man kicked back, calm and comfortable with Cameron.
"Ah still don't know what heh sees in meh. Ah boy like em could beh doin' anybody heh wants ta, but here 'e es, with me. An heh seems happeh...Ah'm jus' soh lucky."
A thankful smile at he sat up, leaning into Cameron.
"Heh makes meh feel like shit sometimes though, that salty wench. Ah love em though. I realleh doh." He was talking, he was excited.
And Cameron was heart broken.
Killian was too enthralled with Shannon to notice though. When his father called for him, he bid Cameron goodbye with a kiss to his hand and then he took off. He did not notice.
It hurt.
Oh God it hurt.
But as he turned, he found his mother waiting for him at the door. He was hurt, but he was not alone.
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Everything I ask for.
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