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 Mini Fics!

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Zachariah Torres


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PostSubject: Mini Fics!   Wed Sep 11, 2013 8:49 pm

Cove let out a growl as he paced back and forth across the living room of the tiny home he and Leon now owned together. Leon was out with his family and that was a good thing because Cove was unable to control himself tonight. The anger raging through him was unbearable. Cove’s cheeks were a deep red, his eyes blazing with fury, although if you looked closer, you could see that there was hurt in there too…
He snarled as there was a knock at the door.
“Goh away!” He barked. He didn’t care who it was, he didn’t want to talk to anyone tonight.
“Coveh?” His father’s voice sounded through the door, dripping with concern. “Are ya alright?”
“Ah’m fine, now leave meh alone!” Cove responded, sighing as his father shoved his way in through the front door anyways.
“Don’t ya talk to meh like that.” Rhett frowned, stepping towards his eldest son. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothin!” Cove shook his head, continuing his pacing around the room, trashing his home. He was clearing things off of the coffee table, punching the walls… He’d already broken a vase of flowers, and several picture frames.
“Something is obviousleh wrong. Coveh, talk to me.” Rhett frowned, moving forward to wrap Cove in his arms although he knew this would most likely get him hit. He knew this would be the only way to calm his boy.
“Et’s fucking stupid.” Cove muttered, allowing his father to hold him around the waist. He rested his head against Rhett’s shoulder as he slowly calmed down. “Et’s Brileh…”
“Brileh?” Rhett arched an eyebrow. “What did heh do?” He would kill him.
“Ah just got home not too long ago and heh left ah voicemail on tha phone… jus’ listen.” Cove sighed, frowning as his father moved to grab the phone.
Rhett plopped down on the couch, listening to the most recent voicemail Cove had as Cove turned his head away, refusing to meet his father’s gaze.
“Yo, man. It’s Briley. I guess you’re out with Leontardo or something since you’re not answering the damn phone. I have something important to ask you, shit dick.” The man chuckled before continuing on. “So, I popped the question to Brynn. And guess what? He said yes. We’re planning the wedding already.” Briley sounded truly ecstatic about this. “And we always said we were going to be each other’s best man, so we gotta go tux shopping sometime! And you’re in charge of my bachelor party, alright? Talk to you later, I guess. Call me back whenever you’re done screwing Leon or whatever.”
And the message ended.
“Coveh…” Rhett frowned. “Et’s cause he’s getting married?”
Cove simply gritted his teeth in response.
“Oh Coveh.” Rhett sighed, pulling his son back into his arms.
Cove knew it wasn’t fair. He had a new lover too since he and Briley had stopped seeing each other. But it fucking hurt seeing Briley with Brynn. And now, they were getting married? Briley was going to promise to only be with Brynn for the rest of forever, guaranteeing that there was no spot for Cove left in his heart. It was killing him and he hated it. He never thought he needed Briley like this. But he obviously did.
“So…” Shannon purred as he laid in his lover’s chest, a finger trailing down the boy’s bicep.
“What?” Brice arched an eyebrow, smirking lightly. He could always tell when Shannon wanted something. The boy would purr at him and bat his eyelashes before speaking. “What do you want now?” He chuckled.
“Why do I have to want something?” Shannon pouted.
“Because you always want something when you look at me like that.” Brice smiled softly down at his lover.
“Okay, so maybe I want something…”
“What is it?”
“How do you feel… about maybe… having kids sometime?”
“Kids?” Brice blinked. Their relationship was still fairly new. And not to mention, having kids with another man… was quite disgusting to Brice.
“I’m not trying to pressure you or anything, I just… I think being a mother would be so amazing. I definitely want them someday. And I’m not making you do it now or anything, but I’m up for them, soon.”
“Oh…” Brice nodded slowly, taking this information in. “Babe, I don’t really think…”
“That’s okay!” Shannon nodded immediately. “I didn’t expect you to be ready yet. I just wanted to put it out there. It’s fine, as long as someday you’ll knock me up.” He winked at his lover.
“That’s the thing…” Brice spoke slowly. “I don’t know if I really want kids. Like… ever.”
Shannon paused, his playful grin falling.
“Ever?” He blinked. “Wow.”
“Yeah.” Brice sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.
“I guess this is something we should have talked about before…” Shannon chewed his lower lip nervously. “I want to be a momma sometime, Brice. I’ll give you as much time as you need, but someday, I want that to happen.”
“I don’t think I can, Shay. I mean…”
“What? It’s not about me being a boy again, is it?” Shannon frowned.
“You’re kidding me.” Shannon sighed. “Brice, everyone knows we have sex! They know I’m a man, and they know you fuck me anyways. The only thing threatening your masculinity here is you whining like a bitch every time two guys kiss around you.”
“It’s gross!” Brice frowned deeply at his lover. “I don’t want everyone knowing I do that. Two guys screwing is disgusting!”
“Disgusting?” Shannon arched an eyebrow.
“I’ll remember that next time you’re begging me to spread my legs, or next time I have your cock down my throat.” Shannon snorted, his cheeks reddening in his anger.
“Look, I’ll do that stuff in private but I’m not going to throw it around in public by knocking you up!”
“So you’re not going to give me children because you’re a pussy and are afraid of people knowing you screw a man every night?”
“Shannon you’re acting like a princess!” Brice exclaimed. “You can’t throw a tantrum at me because I don’t want kids!”
“You’re right, Brice. I’m acting like a princess because I am one, goddamnit! And I deserve to be treated like one!” He snapped. “And I can throw a tantrum all I want because once again, your fear of dick is coming in between our relationship! Maybe I’ll go find someone else who knows I’m a Princess.” Shannon huffed, his thoughts flickering to Killian, who always referred to him as Princess.
“I know you’re not fucking thinking about him.” Brice bared his teeth, his thoughts also going towards the Scottish man.
“So what if I am?” Shannon shrugged. “Maybe he’ll give me babies.” Shannon smiled contently, heading towards the door.
“Fine! Go ask him for fucking children!”
“I planned on it!” Shannon growled as he exited the home, slamming the front door behind him.
Trever sighed as he examined Toni sitting on his operating table. He did annual checkups on his lover, just to make sure the boy was okay. And today, Toni had been acting quite odd so he’d done the checkup immediately even though Toni wasn’t scheduled for a checkup until next week.
By weird, Trever meant that Toni, while usually being shy and awkward, had been unusually bold. The boy seemed to have no filter between what was okay to say out loud, and what wasn’t.
“I don’t like you shining that bright light in my eye.” Toni spoke as if on cue as Trever thought about this. The boy had just been blurting out whatever was on his mind today and then immediately apologizing afterwards. “And I don’t want this checkup at all actually. I feel fine. Well I am a little hungry… and horny. A lot horny. Can we stop the checkup and screw?” Toni spoke quickly, without much pausing, as if he was just speaking his thoughts aloud.
Trever frowned nervously as he checked the boy out, not liking what he was coming up with.
“We can make love later, sweetheart.” Trever nodded.
Toni let out a sigh, nodding his head.
“Sorry for saying all that.”
“Alright, baby. I don’t think you can help it.”
Trever did some more tests and realized that Toni had a large brain tumor which was pressing up against a part of his brain. The part that controlled his impulses. Which was why he was unable to control what he was saying. It just came out.
Trever knew he could operate and fix the problem, but he was still nervous. He couldn’t operate until next week when he would get the necessary equipment, so for today, he decided to take the boy over to Rhett’s house and have a tiny family gettogether, with just his and Rhett’s immediate family.
Rhett, Kyndal, Barry, Blaine, Brice, Shannon, Killian, Luca, Cove, Leon, and Kelly were all there. Toni confessed that he was rather excited to go although some of them annoyed him.
As Trever and Toni arrived, everyone was in the living room already, laughing and talking amongst themselves, apart from Rhett.
After a few seconds, Rhett emerged from the shower, just a towel around his waist. He flashed a grin at Trever and Toni, moving over to greet his brother and his lover.
“You’re really hot, you know. I’ve always thought so.” Toni blurted. “I’m really horny and Trever wouldn’t do me this morning, so I’m going to fantasize of you taking me back in the shower and screwing me.”
Rhett was a bit shocked, although Trever had called him and warned him of this.
“Wow.” Rhett snickered. “Ya weren’t kidding, huh?”
“Not a bit.” Trever sighed, looking down at his smaller lover who was blushing furiously.
“I’m so sorry.” Toni muttered, though that did not stop him from continuing on. “I wish you’d drop the towel, I want to see what’s underneath.”
Rhett wore a sly smirk as Toni covered his face in embarrassment.
“Please put some clothes on.” Toni whined, his entire face beet red. If Rhett put some clothes on, maybe he could stop embarrassing himself like this.
“Sure thing, Tonieh.” Rhett chuckled, shaking his head as he turned to go to his bedroom.
“I’d rather you not wear any clothes!” Toni shouted after him. “And your ass is sticking out from the back of that towel and it’s gorgeous.” Toni slapped a hand over his mouth, whining pitifully up at his lover.
“I didn’t know you had the hots for my brother.” Trever chuckled, although it bothered him deep down.
“He’s just sexy.” Toni sighed. “Why did you take me out to see people? I’m going to embarrass myself so bad.”
“Relax dollface. You’ll be fine.” Trever smiled softly as he headed over to the couch with Toni in his arms.
As they sat down beside Barry and Blaine, it was only seconds before Killian was by Toni’s side, wiggling his brows.
“Why hello there, love.”
“Hi Killian.” Toni beamed like usual when Killian was around, smiling sweetly at the man.
“Ah hear ya’ve got a little problem, love.” Killian smirked.
“I guess so. I blurt out everything and I can’t help it. I just made a fool of myself in front of Rhett.”
“It’s in yar brain, huh? Does et hurt?” Killian arched an eyebrow, still smiling softly.
“A little. Just headaches.”
“Well how about ah massage it for ya?” Killian grinned, reaching up to gently rub the boy’s temple.
“I can think of some other good things you can massage.” Toni blurted before immediately shutting his mouth, blushing furiously as Killian laughed.
“Ah like this new Toni.” Killian grinned brightly, deciding to have fun with this. “Do ya want meh?” Killian whispered, wanting an honest answer to this.
“Of course I do. I always want you. But I’m married and I love Trever.” Toni shrugged simply.

Trever cursed as he slammed his fist against the wall, tears dripping down onto Toni’s body as the boy laid on the operating table in front of him.
They’d just gotten in a car crash. And while Trever was bleeding from several places and may very well have a severe concussion, he didn’t care.
Toni was so tiny and he’d been flung into the windshield before going unconscious. Trever needed to fix him. Fast.
He’d patched up everything and fixed what had seemed to be the problem, but the boy was just laying there. He was breathing, but not waking up, almost as if he was just in a peaceful sleep.
And then, before long, Toni blinked his eyes open.
“Dollface?” Trever gasped, looking into his lover’s eyes, his eyes a bright baby blue as his hopes rose.
“Who the hell are you?” Toni arched an eyebrow as he sat up, crossing his legs and hissing. “Damn, what happened to me?”
Trever blinked at hearing Toni curse, something he rarely did normally. And Toni’s whole demeanor was different….
“Dollface, it’s me. Trever?” Trever though, already knew what had happened. His dollface didn’t remember him…
“So you’re my… boyfriend, maybe?” Toni arched an eyebrow. “You’re calling me dumb pet names, so I’m going to guess so. But out of curiosity, what’s my real name?”
“Your name is Toni Murdock… well Toni Danella really, but we’re married so it’s Murdock now.”
“Murdock, well that’s fucking dumb.” Toni hummed. “But I see that.” He nodded, glancing at the wedding ring on his finger. “So you’re my husband, huh?”
“I am.” Trever nodded, smiling softly, looking Toni over curiously.
“Well fuck.” Toni shook his head, glancing in a mirror across the room. “I’m hot, couldn’t I do better?” He giggled lightly, standing up and groaning at the pain coursing through his body as he looked Trever over, the man’s face fallen.
This was not his dollface. But then it hit him. Toni was like he was, because of his years in the slave trade, weakening him. This Toni didn’t remember those experiences. So this was what Toni would be like if he’d never been through that…
And what Trever found even worse was that Toni was not naturally attracted to him. His heart was clenching painfully as he realized that Toni only loved him because he saved him… if this Toni had ran into him on the street, he wouldn’t have given him a second glance…
“Yuck.” Toni made a face as he looked down at his body, in a simple t-shirt and jeans. “Do I have other clothes?”
“Yeah… I’ll show you our room.” Trever lead the boy up to their bedroom, opening his closet.
“Ew.” Toni said simply. “This is the kind of clothes I wear?” He scrunched up his nose.
“Yes…” Trever said simply, frowning as he watched his Toni sift through the clothing.
The boy finally settled on a black t-shirt and tight jeans, disappearing into the bathroom.
When he came out nearly ten minutes later, Trever had to do a double take. Toni had taken a pair of scissors to the shirt, cutting it into a deep V-neck, also cutting large chunks out of the side so his hips were visible. He’d also gotten hold of some of the makeup Shannon had left behind once and adorned a bright red lipstick, eyes outlined in a dark black liner.
Trever’s jaw dropped. Toni looked so different… He looked sexy. But this was so NOT Toni.
Trever cursed as he heard the front door open, remembering that he had called Killian over, being the boy always liked to know when something was wrong with Toni.
“Hello?” Killian called.
“Oh, accent! I like it.” Toni jogged into the living room, Trever groaning and running after him.
“And who the fuck is this sexy mother fucker.” Toni stopped dead in his tracks as he set eyes on Killian. “He looks like you… damnit, he’s not our kid, is he!?” Toni whined.
“Not yours.” Trever shook his head.
“Good!” Toni purred as he moved towards Killian.
Killian smirked, arching an eyebrow.
“Mom, who es this and what has heh done with my Tonieh?”
“I’m your Toni? I sure as hell hope so.” Toni smirked, biting his lower lip as he eyed Killian.
“Ah’m serious, what’s happening?” Killian chuckled, though placing a hand on Toni’s waist, eyeing the boy.
“We got in a crash. He hurt his head. He appears to have no memory of himself. Or us.” Trever sighed.
“Wow.” Killian blinked. “Ya don’t remember meh love?” He frowned down at Toni.
“Sorry babe. But take me upstairs and we can make all sorts of new memories.”
“Ah think ah like new Tonieh.” Killian wet his lips, looking over at the boy, although truly, he preferred his little shy Toni who would be hiding under a table right now instead of staring him down like he was a piece of meat. “How about ah blowjob, lass?” Killian winked.
“I’ll give you a whole lot more than a blowjob.” Toni smirked as he ran a hand down Killian’s chest.
“Dollface, come on.” Trever sighed. “Come take your medicine… it’s going to help you remember.”
Toni rolled his eyes as he took Killian’s hand, trudging towards Trever and dragging Killian with him.
“But I’m fucking horny.” Toni sighed. “For the love of God, it feels like I’ve been horny for weeks. I’m dying, here. When’s the last time you screwed me?”
“I don’t know, maybe last week.” Trever shook his head. “Now come on, please?”
“Last week?! No wonder I’m so horny. I’m pretty shy, aren’t I?”
“Normally, yes.” Trever nodded, dragging Toni into his special room.
“Well then you better sex me up more often, because I have a feeling I’m dying for sex all the time I’m just too damn shy to ask. My dick fucking HURTS.” Toni cursed.
“Well after you take your medication, we can make love.” Trever nodded his head, sitting Toni down on the bed and handing him a handful of pills.
“Make love?” Toni groaned. “You’re not one of those boring guys that only fucks underneath the covers with the lights out, are you?”
“No.” Trever said simply, his heart aching at how badly it hurt to see Toni eyeing Killian up and down like he was. Maybe if he made love to Toni, the boy would remember…
“Do we have rough, awesome sex?”
“You sound boring.” Toni rolled his eyes. “He looks like he’d be good in bed.” Toni pointed towards Killian.
“Ah, ah am love.” Killian winked. “You’d know that from experience.”
“I’ve had you before?” Toni arched an eyebrow. “Damn, I wish I remembered that.”
“Elvis!” Phoenix hollered as he stepped into the boy’s home.
“What, man?” Elvis called as he jogged down the stairs, setting eyes on his best friend.
“We’re goin out! Get dressed!” Phoenix grinned, his leather jacket hanging around his form like it always did as it was two sizes too big.
“Where are we going?”
“A swinger’s club!” Phoenix wiggled his brows.
“Isn’t that for like married couples?”
“Yes, but listen to meh.” Phoenix stepped up to Elvis. “Ah overheard Rhett and Kyndal saying they were going to one tonight. Ya know, a swinger’s club is where married couples switch partners and have sex weth other people. And ef Rhett’s screwin’ someone else, et’s gonna beh meh.” Phoenix smirked. “So ya have ta come weth meh and pretend ta beh mah lover and screw Kyndal while Rhett screws meh!”
“You’re crazy.” Elvis snickered. “So we have to pretend we’re married or some shit?”
“Et’s convenient that weh have tha same last name.” He winked. “Act lovey weth meh and shit, alright?”
“What if I don’t want to screw Kyndal?” Elvis pouted.
“Well too bad! After we’re done, maybeh weh can doh someone else.”
“Dude, after Rhett you’re not going to be able to walk, let alone screw someone else.”
“Point taken.” Phoenix shrugged. “But make sure ya screw Kyndal good so heh wants to come back and do ya again sometime.”
“I’ll try.” Elvis sighed. “He’s probably not even tight, you suck. At least he’s hot I guess.”
“See? Ah’m doin’ ya a favor.” Phoenix winked. “Now get dressed in somethin’ nice that makes ya look older.”
Thirty minutes later, they were strolling into the club, Elvis’s arm tucked firmly around Phoenix’s waist as they looked around, trying to find Rhett and Kyndal.
“Ah don’t see em.” Phoenix muttered.
“Relax. Maybe they’re not here yet. Let’s look around, maybe find someone else to warm us up.” Elvis smirked as he glanced around.
The main room was basically like a club. Couples laughing and dancing around, drinking. The other room in the back was where it got steamy.
You walked around and browsed first and when you saw something you liked, you took them in the back.
“Well you’ve certainly got a prize there.” A voice spoke from behind Elvis.
Elvis turned around, spotting an older looking man. He wore a formal looking suit which was tight on him, outlining his huge biceps. His hair had a generous amount of gray but he didn’t yet look obscenely old. He was handsome and he was eyeing Phoenix like he was a piece of meat. Much like Elvis was eyeing the woman on the man’s arm.
She wore a dress that left VERY little to the imagination, clinging to every curve of her slim body, thick black curls hanging down her back. Makeup was done to perfection as she smiled, catching Elvis’s gaze.
“As do you…” Elvis nodded at the man.
“Then what do you say?” The man smirked, moving forward to take Phoenix’s hand.
“I say…” Elvis was so taken by the woman, he nearly cursed as Phoenix elbowed him in the side, jerking his head to the door where Rhett and Kyndal had just walked in. Elvis groaned. “I say… save some room for us later.” He smiled. “But sadly, we have plans already. Sorry.”
“What a shame.” The man sighed, but Phoenix was already gone, grinning as he stepped up to Rhett.
“What ah coincidence seeing you here.” Phoenix chuckled as Rhett shook his head.
“Ya followed meh here, kid?”
“No, weh were here first actually.” Phoenix smirked.
“Oh, now were ya?” Rhett let a sly smile slide across his features. He couldn’t deny that he did quite enjoy how much Phoenix lusted after him. He let his arm slip from around Kyndal to step closer to Phoenix as Elvis approached, grinning at Kyndal.
“We were.” Phoenix nodded. “And weh just got an offer, but ah saw you and ah thought ah’d try my luck.”
“Ah think et might be yar lucky day.” Rhett glanced the boy over, feeling the blood rush to his groin. He would love to show Phoenix a thing or two… He looked over at his lover who was allowing Elvis to spin him around on the dance floor. “Shart stack.” He called his lover over, resting their foreheads together. “Ya mind if ah let Elvis take care of ya far the night?”
“Fine by me.” Kyndal smiled as he glanced over at the redheaded boy. “Don’t be too hard on Phoenix though.” Kyndal winked. “Don’t know if he can handle it.”
“Oh, believe meh. Ah can handle it.” Phoenix smirked as he glanced Rhett over, almost not believing this was going to happen.
“Then let’s go.” Rhett took Phoenix’s hand, rather gruffly tugging him towards the back room as Elvis and Kyndal followed.
As they opened the door to the room, it was basically an orgy. Couples were screwing all around them. Rhett immediately shoved Phoenix against a wall, hands on either side of the boy’s head.
“Ya sure ya know what yar getting yarself inta, kid?”
Phoenix simply nodded as his heart raced, Rhett’s lips crashing down upon his own.
Kyndal watched for a moment as he leaned into Elvis’s arm around his waist.
“Can we move away a little?” He questioned. “I mean, I don’t care he’s screwing someone else but I don’t wanna watch, you know?”
“I got it.” Elvis smiled lightly. He hadn’t been crazy at the thought of sleeping with Kyndal but the boy was truly beautiful…
He smiled as he took Kyndal’s hand, leading him to an empty corner of the room before taking his face in his hands, kissing him roughly.
Kyndal breathed in deeply as he pulled back, enjoying the smell of sex as it filled his nose. He moved forward, slipping off his shirt as he eyed Elvis who seemed to be stricken.
Elvis’s eyes were locked on Kyndal as he watched the boy gracefully undress, reaching down to stroke his member lightly.
Kyndal was gorgeous…
“See something you like, huh?” Kyndal smiled lightly as he undid the button on Elvis’s jeans, pulling them down with him as he got to his knees, tugging on them as a sign for Elvis to step out of them.
Elvis did as told, throwing his shirt off as he watched Kyndal hum lightly, trailing a finger around his erection.
Elvis groaned softly as Kyndal pressed a soft kiss to the leaking head, letting his tongue slide in the slit, moving around. He made a soft mmm sound at the sinful taste in his mouth.
“Kyndal, please.” Elvis groaned.
Kyndal smirked innocently up at Elvis before letting his lips wrap around the head of Elvis’s member before slowly swallowing him down, murmuring something around the boy’s cock.
“Wow.” Elvis cursed, watching Kyndal on his cock with wide eyes. No one had ever been able to swallow him down so easily before.
But the rumors he’d heard were apparently true. Kyndal knew his way around the bedroom. He’d barely started and he was the best blowjob Elvis had ever had.
As Kyndal heard Elvis’s moans in his ears, he began bobbing his head back and forth, Elvis’s cock tapping the back of his throat with every bob of his head.
“Kyndal!” Elvis shouted, purposely yanking on the boy’s hair as he knew he enjoyed pain.
Kyndal pulled back, wiping his mouth.
“You know, you don’t have to do that.” He nodded.
“I just thought you’d prefer it. I don’t want to be too sweet I guess.” Elvis shrugged.
“Trust me, after years of being with Rhett every night, sweet sex would be refreshing.” Kyndal chuckled.
Elvis frowned lightly as he considered this, considering a different side of Kyndal… One that maybe wasn’t such a slut…
But before he said anything, Kyndal was back to it, slurping around Elvis’s cock, precum dripping down his chin, the sight going straight to Elvis’s aching member.
He was going at it, ready to let Elvis cum, when he stopped mid bob, just froze.
Elvis looked down to see what happened, when he noticed Kyndal looking towards the other side of the room.
He followed his gaze, seeing Phoenix and Rhett in much the same position as they were now, Phoenix on his knees.
“Hey…” Elvis gently tugged Kyndal to a standing position, looking into his eyes. “Don’t look over there. Rhett loves you.”
“I know I just… I worry.” Kyndal smiled lightly. “I’m fine, we can finish.” He moved to go back to his knees, but Elvis tugged him back up, glancing around for what he was looking for.
He was quite surprised at this, honestly. Kyndal was self conscious. Kyndal was worried about someone being better than him. It was quite shocking to be honest. And Elvis was pretty sure this side of Kyndal was what had butterflies fluttering in his stomach…
He found what he was looking for. A blanket lying on the floor beside a couple screwing.
“Can I borrow this?” He questioned, barely getting a yes in between moans. He snatched the blanket up, heading back over to Kyndal.
Kyndal looked at him curiously, but Elvis simply smiled, scooping him up around the waist and laying him down on the floor before climbing atop of him. And then, he stretched the large blanket out over both of them, covering their entire bodies and heads.
“Now you don’t have to look at them.” Elvis explained, voice a whisper.
Kyndal giggled softly as he leaned up to kiss Elvis. It was dark under the blanket, the two of them just seeing the outline of the other’s face.
“Thank you…” Kyndal smiled softly.
“Not a problem. But Kyndal, you shouldn’t be worrying about Rhett. He loves you and if he honestly thinks anyone could be better than you, he’s stupid.”
Kyndal grinned, arms hooking around Elvis’s neck as he kissed him sweetly. The kissing slowly deepened, Kyndal’s legs around the man’s waist, their erections pressing together as they kissed. Kyndal moaned softly as he felt Elvis’s hand reach around to let a finger trail down his entrance, gently toying with it, making Kyndal’s hole twitch in anticipation.
“Now.” Kyndal whispered, their foreheads pressed together, lips barely brushing.
Elvis nodded, moving to brace himself over Kyndal so his erection pressed against the boy’s entrance. He wanted badly to take Kyndal and bruise him in so many places and show him what he could do in bed, how he could be just as good as Rhett. But Kyndal… he had a feeling Kyndal didn’t want to be rough anymore. And he was going to give him what he wanted. He was going to be sweet with Kyndal tonight. He was going to make this worthwhile.
He leaned in, capturing Kyndal’s lips as he slipped inside of the boy inch by inch. His eyes widened as he felt how tight the boy was. He hadn’t expected that at all…
“Wow.” Elvis breathed as he finally rested inside of the boy, his balls flush against the boy’s pert ass.
“Why does everyone seem so surprised?” Kyndal giggled softly, arms still around Elvis’s neck.
“I guess… you’re sort of portrayed as a slut, you know?”
“Believe me, I know.” Kyndal smirked lightly, shaking his head. “And I was a slut my whole life. And since I’ve gotten with Rhett, I’ve only been with him until now, but we have sex nearly every night. By all means, my hole should be the size of a golf ball. I don’t know how it’s not, but I’m not complaining.” He chuckled softly.
“I can barely move.” Elvis grunted as he rested inside of the boy.
“How about now?” Kyndal giggled at the look of pleasure on Elvis’s face as he clenched his walls even tighter around the man’s erection.
“You’re killing me.” Elvis groaned. “If I would’ve known you were so tight, I would have offered prep.”
Kyndal snorted, shaking his head.
“What? What’s so funny?”
“Wanna know something?” Kyndal hummed, tracing a finger over Elvis’s lips.
“What?” Elvis furrowed his brows.
“I’ve never had prep in my life.” Kyndal chuckled.
“Never? Not even your first?” Elvis frowned.
“Nope.” Kyndal snickered, shaking his head. “Considering my first time was rape.”
“O-oh… I’m really sorry.”
“Shh.” Kyndal smiled softly. “Not your fault, now was it? So just let yourself enjoy this. Move.” Kyndal leaned up to kiss the boy’s lips.
Elvis obliged, slowly pulling back so the head of his member was left inside before gently pushing back inside, letting out a soft moan.
Kyndal laid there, eyes closed as he let himself truly feel Elvis. The last time he’d gotten to really feel a cock like this was years ago… Rhett always moved so fast, it felt amazing, but he never got to take in just how big the man was like he was right now.
“You’re big for your size, aren’t you?” Kyndal let out a tiny moan of pleasure as he felt Elvis’s sweat slicked chest pressing against his own.
“I guess so.” Elvis flashed a grin, white teeth glowing in the darkness under their blanket.
Elvis was slow but steady, his hips moving at a constant pace, every thrust landing the tip of his member against Kyndal’s prostate.
And it soon became clear to him that he was doing a great job, as Kyndal’s moans sounded in his ears.
Kyndal was loving this, bucking up into the man as best he could, groaning and shouting in pleasure with every one of the boy’s thrusts. Elvis wasn’t so slow it was boring, but he wasn’t going so fast like he was just using Kyndal as a hole to get off in. He was sweet, his hands stroking lovingly down Kyndal’s hips as he watched the looks of pleasure run across Kyndal’s beautiful face.
With Rhett, Kyndal was always in immense pleasure and the sex lasted for maybe minutes until they came and then went in for another round. With this kind of sex, the pleasure was just gnawing at Kyndal, slowly building until it had him begging for more. His cock was throbbing like it hadn’t in a long time, begging to be touched.
Elvis was panting slowly, as Kyndal’s voice was music to his ears.
“Oh, Elvis. Please.” Kyndal moaned, his hair fanning out around him. “Touch me.” He groaned as his hips bucked in the air.
And unlike Rhett, who at this point would roughly jerk Kyndal’s member until he reached his climax, a soft hand gently wrapped around his shaft. Elvis kept up his steady pace, hitting Kyndal’s prostate as he reached out, thumb running over the head of Kyndal’s member as he let himself slowly pump Kyndal’s cock up and down, precum covering his hand in a steady flow as Kyndal whined in pleasure.
Elvis felt his stomach warming, balls tightening and he knew it was coming as he sped up the slightest bit, calling out in pleasure as he finally came, deep inside of Kyndal’s passage.
Kyndal let out a loud scream, heard throughout the room as his back arched, urging Elvis to keep jerking his member as his release sprayed out up onto Elvis’s chest.
They both finished at the same time, Kyndal laying his head back on the floor as Elvis collapsed atop of his chest, resting inside of him.
“That was amazing.” Elvis panted, lips resting against Kyndal’s neck. They were both sweat drenched as Kyndal wrapped his arms around Elvis, hugging him tight. He was silent though. And as Elvis slowly removed the blanket from over them, he noticed Kyndal’s eyes welling up with tears.
“Whoa.” He blinked. “I didn’t do anything, did I?” He found his heart aching at seeing the boy nearly in tears.
“No. Of course not.” Kyndal wiped at his eyes furiously, shaking his head back and forth.
“What’s wrong?” Elvis frowned. “Is it Rhett and Phoenix?”
“No. I’m fine I promise. I just…” Kyndal shook his head, sighing as he forced a small smile. “It’s just… that’s the first time I’ve had sex like that and…”
“Was it bad?” Elvis frowned deeply.
“No, that’s the thing.” Kyndal sighed. “I’m going to sound dumb I just… it’s the first time I’ve felt like someone was making love to me. And I know you don’t love me, I don’t love you. God, it was just… different.” He smiled softly up at Elvis.
And Elvis was sure those butterflies in his stomach were fluttering again as he kissed Kyndal softly.
And then they just laid there, arms around each other. And with each passing second, Elvis was more and more sure he was falling for Kyndal. After several minutes, Elvis spoke.
“So, what do you mean you never had sex like that?”
“Same thing I meant when I said no one’s ever prepped me before.” Kyndal shrugged.
“Tell me about it.” Elvis nodded, tracing a finger down Kyndal’s spine.
“You sure you want to know? It’s not pretty.”
“I want to know.” Elvis smiled lightly.
“Well my first time, I said it was rape. My parent’s sold me into the slave trade cause they needed money. I was six.” Kyndal nodded.
“Six?” Elvis blinked, his eyes wide.
“Mhm. Told you it wasn’t pretty.” He giggled, shaking his head.
“Well go on…”
“I was a sex slave til I was thirteen when I got away. And after that, I was broken.”
“What do you mean? Broken?”
“I mean….Broken.” He said simply. “During my years in the slave trade, I learned that I either had to learn to enjoy the pain or I would be miserable constantly. So I taught myself to be a masochist.”
“Taught yourself?” Elvis arched an eyebrow. “How?”
“Not that hard. It took a while though.” Kyndal nodded. “Just… I’d reward myself when I was in pain. You know, every time I was hurting, I went and got something good for myself. Stole some food from my master’s fridge. Stole a treat for myself. Fingered myself to show myself sex could be good. If you relate anything with something good, it makes you look forward to it. I knew every time I was in pain, something good was going to be coming, so I learned to enjoy it. And if that didn’t work, while I was in unbearable pain I’d just force myself to laugh and smile and pretend it felt good.” He shrugged.
“Wow.” Elvis nodded his head. “So you were broken?”
“Mhm. I mean, I was depressed all the time. I thought that sex was meaningless so I had it with anyone since I’d made myself believe it felt good. That’s how I made myself a living. Prostituting. Stripping. It didn’t mean anything to me, so I didn’t feel guilty or dirty. So yeah, every guy I screwed while being a slut never prepped me or screwed me like you did. Hard and fast. That’s all I’ve ever had.”
“What about Rhett? He’s never made love to you like that?”
Kyndal smirked, shaking his head.
“You tell me.” He gestured towards Rhett where he and Phoenix were still screwing, his hand around the boy’s throat as he pounded into him, Phoenix already covered in black bruises.
“But still… you’re his husband? He never made love to you? Slow and sweet?”
“Nope. And trust me, I don’t mind. Rough sex is amazing. I love it. I was just always curious as to what it felt like the normal way… making love.”
“You never asked him for it or anything?”
“No. So don’t blame him. I never ask.”
“Why not?”
“Because.” Kyndal said simply. “We settled it on the first night we met. He was rough in bed and I was a masochist. We were perfect for each other. I never wanted to ruin that. I was afraid he’d say no. But he fixed me. My entire life was shit until I met him. He gave me what I always dreamed of when I was little. A family. A husband. He’s no Prince Charming, but he is to me. He gave me everything I could ever want. I love him to death.” Kyndal shook his head.
“If he’s as great as you say he is… I think he’d be happy to make love to you. At least once.”
“You’re sweet.” Kyndal smiled softly. “You’re a great kid and Phoenix is lucky to have you.” Kyndal nodded.
“Huh?” Elvis furrowed his brows, tilting his head to the side.
“You two are a couple, right?” Kyndal arched an eyebrow.
“Oh. I forgot.” Elvis snickered. “No, he just wanted me to come here with him tonight, so he could screw Rhett. It’s this stupid fantasy of his.”
“Wow.” Kyndal giggled. “I mean, I hope the kid is enjoying himself while it lasts cause he’s going to be aching for WEEKS.”
“Is Rhett really that rough?” Elvis chuckled.
“Think of the most pain you’ve been in and fucking double it.” Kyndal nodded. “Count the bruises on Phoenix tomorrow. I guarantee you hit one hundred.”
“Shit.” Elvis shook his head. “And you deal with that?”
“Every night.” He flashed a smile. “You can count my scars as well but we’d be here all night.” Kyndal laughed softly.
They laid there and simply talked until Rhett approached with Phoenix at his side, leaning heavily against him.
“Readeh ta go, shart stack?” Rhett arched an eyebrow as Elvis stood up, slipping on his clothes before taking Phoenix and letting the boy lean into him instead, as it was obvious Phoenix could not walk on his own.
“Ready.” Kyndal nodded his head, taking Rhett’s hand to help himself up. He then dressed, standing on his tiptoes to peck Elvis’s cheek before glancing at Phoenix, stifling a giggle. The boy looked utterly worn out.
“You want Rhett to carry you to your car?” He giggled softly.
“Ah’m fine…” Phoenix flashed a smile. “Elvis can carreh meh.”
“Pussy.” Kyndal snickered. “But I’d love to tell you it’ll feel better tomorrow but it won’t feel better for about a week. Have fun with that.”
Phoenix groaned, hiding his face in Elvis’s neck.
“Et was awesome.” He whined, wrapping his arms around Elvis’s neck, gesturing for the man to pick him up.
Elvis grunted but reluctantly did so, chuckling as Phoenix groaned in pain.
Zachariah groaned as there was a knock on the door, slowly moving to pick up his head from its spot in Elvis’s chest. He smiled at the boy’s arms around his waist but he slowly slid himself out of his lover’s grip, slipping on his boxers and heading for the door.
As he opened his front door, he was shocked at the sight of a stricken Trever Murdock.
“Get out.” He said, slamming the door in the man’s face.
“Zach, goddamnit, open up!” Trever pounded on the door again.
“What do you want?” Zach growled as he swung the door open once more.
“I need your help.” Trever sighed. “Look, Toni was out with Blaine tonight. They were out and some guy attacked them, tried to rape them. Toni, he’s dying. He needs a kidney. Blaine knocked the guy out and is dragging Toni and this guy’s bodies to my house as we speak.” Trever’s voice was rushed, eyes wide with his panic. “I need you to come home with me and while I care for Toni and prep him for the organ transplant, I need you to get this guy’s kidney out of him. Okay? And I want you to torture the fucking shit out of him if anything happens to my Toni.”
“Trever, I…” Zachariah frowned. He hadn’t tortured anyone in years. Hadn’t operated on anyone in years. He didn’t know if he could do it. He had been a monster back when he was with Trever. He didn’t want to go back there again. “Can’t someone else?”
“You’re the only one I trust. I taught you myself. You’re the only one as good as me…” Zach had been his prodigy… “Please Zach.”
“I shouldn’t do shit for you after what you did to my life.” Zachariah shook his head. “I’m just getting things back to normal.”
“I know you shouldn’t but goddamnit Zach I don’t have time for this!” Trever drug a hand through his hair. “Are you going to help me?”
Zach growled before nodding.
“Yes.” He couldn’t say no to those big blue eyes. “Just let me leave Elvis a note and I’ll be out.”
“Thank you.” Trever breathed a sigh of relief, hugging Zach tight.
“Yeah, whatever.” Zach pulled back, jogging up to his bedroom where Elvis was in bed. He grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, scribbling a quick note with his cell number and telling his lover that he’d be at the Murdock home and he should be back soon.
And then he was off.
They arrived just as Blaine was tugging the unconscious bodies into Trever’s parking lot.
Zach got Toni as Trever grabbed the other man, being he was rather large and too heavy for Zach. Trever got the man situated in his special torture room while Zach took Toni to a guest room Trever had set up for operating.
Toni had been beaten rather severely and stabbed it looked like. He was bleeding quite a lot, his eyes black and swollen shut but his eyelids were fluttering, small uneven breaths coming out.
Zach had despised Toni for being the reason Trever kicked him out. But he really did hope the boy lived. For Trever’s sake, at least.
He turned around to see Blaine in the doorway, looking just as beaten as Toni without all the blood.
“Are you okay, kid?”
“I’m fine. Is Toni going to be?” Blaine blinked, moving to curl up beside his best friend.
“I don’t know.” Zach answered honestly as Trever appeared.
“Go Zach. Hurry. I have him tied down but he’s waking up.” Trever nodded, heart sinking at seeing his Toni.
Zach nodded his head, making his way towards Trever’s special room, the one he knew all too well. He paused outside the door, preparing himself. He had been just as crazy as Trever when he used to torture… he didn’t want to lose control of himself. Hell, he scared himself when he lost control. He, like Trever, got off from the sight of others pain. He was sick. And he hated it. Trever had made him into a monster.
But he had to help Trever today. He had to get past this.
He shoved open the door to the room, not pausing as he made his way towards the bed, snatching a knife off the wall.
“What’s going on?” The man blinked his eyes open, his eyes getting progressively wider as he took in the room around him.
“You’re about to die.” He nodded, grabbing the man’s wallet that Trever had sat on the table, glancing at the man’s license and learning that his name was Jeff. “That’s what’s going on, Jeff.” He flashed a smile as he took the large butcher knife in his hands, running it down Jeff’s chiseled abdomen.
“Don’t kill me, I didn’t do anything!” The man pleaded, squirming underneath his restraints.
“Didn’t do anything?” Zach laughed softly. “Didn’t try to rape two innocent boys? But relax Jeff. I’m not going to kill you just yet. But unfortunately, you hurt one of those boys pretty bad. He’s going to need a new kidney. And you know where we’re getting it?” He paused.
“Me?” Jeff sighed.
“Correct! You’re not as dumb as you look.” Zachariah nodded his head. “Now I’m Zach and I’ll be performing your operation. Unfortunately,” He hummed as he ran over to the wall of Trever’s solutions and cures. “I don’t have any anesthetics.” He paused, chuckling. “Okay, I do. But I’m not wasting them on you. But what I do have, is a solution that will make sure you won’t pass out from the pain. You’re going to stay awake for me, Jeff.” Zachariah smiled as inserted some of the solution into a syringe, sticking the needle into Jeff’s neck, smiling as the boy hissed, the liquid being squeezed into his veins. “Good boy. Now let’s get started. Don’t have much time, after all.”
“Please!” Jeff barely had time to get out before his words turned into screams as Zach plunged the knife into his side.
Zach, like Trever, enjoyed torturing. He liked to take his time and cause as much pain as possible. But when he needed to move fast, he didn’t fuck around. He got straight to the kidney, hollering for Trever.
“Get me a bucket of ice to put this on.” He nodded at Trever who did as Zach said, offering him a cooler full of ice to preserve the organ in.
Zach pried the organ out of its home, dropping it into the ice with bloody fingers.
“Now, you go heal Toni. I can finish him off now, correct?”
“Correct.” Trever nodded, smirking lightly. “Thank you. If you want anything of his for yourself, or if you want to preserve any more organs, we could always use them.”
“I’ll see what I can do.” Zachariah smiled at his former mentor as Trever ran off to work on Toni. He then turned back to Jeff. “Now for the fun part.” He smiled, moving to look around the room.
“Wait! I thought you weren’t going to kill me!” Jeff exclaimed, hissing in pain as he looked down at the gaping wound in his side.
“I said I wouldn’t kill you YET. It’s time now.” He hummed happily, staring at the wound. The man was breathing slower, bleeding quite a lot. “Now, however I don’t want you to die on me so soon. I’ll stitch you up nice and good here.” Zach leaned closer, stitching up the wound, humming softly, not hearing as the front door opened to the home.
Elvis had woken up and he hadn’t known that Zach had any relation to Trever, so he was curious as to why his lover had gone there.
“Uh, hello?” He called in the home, looking around. “Zach?” The boy didn’t hear him in the soundproof room. “Trever?” He tried again.
“In here!” Trever hollered and Elvis followed the sound of his voice into the room where Trever was finishing up Toni’s surgery.
“Elvis, right?” Trever arched an eyebrow as he turned to face the boy.
“Yeah, is Zachariah here?” He grimaced at all the blood on the sheets of the bed Toni was laying on.
“Oh yeah, he’s in my special room.” Trever shooed the boy off so he could care for Toni, not realizing Elvis didn’t know about Zach’s… hobbies.
Elvis frowned lightly, a confused look on his face but he moved towards Trever’s special room, planning to just go in until, as he opened it just a crack, a scream rang in his ears.
He slowly peeked in, eyes widening at what he saw.
Jeff was currently strapped down on the table as Zach ran the knife over his body, just gently tracing it down his chest.
“Please don’t kill me. I-I have a wife.”
“Too bad for her.” Zachariah shrugged lightly, moving to take the man’s member in his hand, gripping it tight and gently pressing the knife against the head.
The man cursed in pain, his hands clenching into fists.
And with a small laugh, Zach jammed the knife into the man’s dick even harder, slicing it up the side.
Elvis hissed, almost as if he was the one feeling the pain. He felt the room spinning around him so he moved back, not looking anymore as he caught his breath. He fainted quite easily at the sight of blood, but he didn’t want to faint now. He needed to know what the hell was going on.
So he simply listened to Zachariah’s laughter, feeling his stomach churn.
“Let’s see what we can do with you now.” Zach chirped, Elvis hearing his footsteps as the boy wandered around the room.
“Please.” Jeff let out a rasped whisper as he was in unbearable pain.
“Please doesn’t get you anywhere, sweetie.” Zachariah rolled his eyes.
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