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 How Do I Look?

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Zachariah Torres


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PostSubject: How Do I Look?   Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:52 pm

This is short and pointless but I saw a post on tumblr and wanted to write it out hehehe

“I still don’t understand how you do it, man.” Ryker shook his head at Briley as he sat on the bed beside his friend.
“Do what?” Briley chuckled, fixing his hair in the mirror, preparing for the date he had tonight with Shannon. Shannon was already downstairs, waiting for him to finish getting ready.
“Get laid. Get people interested in you. I’m just as sexy and I’m a virgin. Not fair, man.” Ryker shook his head.
“Want me to teach you?” Briley arched an eyebrow.
“Sure.” Ryker smirked lightly.
“Watch and learn, pal.” Briley winked before he exited the room, heading downstairs.
Shannon was frowning as he stood in front of the mirror, hands on his hips. He’d just bought a new dress, one that was particularly tight. And while he looked gorgeous as always, he was feeling a bit self conscious.
“Hey darling.” Briley wrapped his arms around Shannon’s waist, kissing his neck softly. Ryker watched from Briley’s bedroom door.
“Oh… hi.” Shannon smiled sweetly, though his eyes stayed locked on his reflection. “Babe?”
“What is it?”Briley questioned.
“Does this dress… make me look fat?” Shannon bit his lower lip, turning to face Briley.
Briley simply stared at the boy for a minute, looking him over as if trying to decide how he looked. But he already had his response planned out.
“Well darling, that’s a very tricky question.” Briley began, watching as Shannon frowned. “If I say no, you’re going to accuse me of lying. Right?” He smirked softly. “And if I was stupid enough to say yes, you’d dump me.”
Shannon opened his mouth to speak, but Briley continued.
“So instead of answering that, why don’t you tell me what the real question is? Are you just feeling self conscious? Do you need me to reassure you of how much I want you? If it’s that you’re feeling self conscious, you shouldn’t be. You know why? Because I think you’re way too hot. And if it was up to me, I’d have sex with you all the time no matter what you were wearing.” Briley nodded his head. “So, to answer your question. That dress makes you look sexy as fuck. But not as good as when you’re naked.”
Briley finished, his eyes locked with Shannon’s. And in seconds, Shannon had kissed Briley passionately. Ryker shook his head as he watched, heading into Briley’s room as the sounds of passionate sex filled the home. He really had no clue how Briley was so good at that. Maybe he’d have to take lessons.
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How Do I Look?
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