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 Words I couldnt say(Companion)

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PostSubject: Words I couldnt say(Companion)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:47 pm

Killian stared down to the paper, his eyes wide as shock over took him.  Cameron was confessing to him? He had always been able to tell when someone was attracted to him but this time he seemed to have fallen short. That aside though, he had a problem on his hands.
What was he going to say to Cameron?
Did the boy even know he had the note?
"Thah Scallehwag."  He was tempted to call Luca and ask his advice on the matter, but he didn't want Luca to know.  He could deal with this himself.
He obviously had to let the boy down....
But he honestly didn't want too.
"Dammit." He folded the note, slipping it into his pocket as he headed for the door.  He couldn't help that he was irresistible to...Well...everyone.  It was just a curse he had, still though he wished it would have by passed Cameron.  He didn't want to hurt the boy...
What was he to do?
The man stood on his front steps a moment, simply looking up at the sky.  It had been a while since he had been made to deal with a love confession.  He was with Luca, everyone knew that, no one had ever tried to persuade him to leave his lover but Cameron seemed to think he could love Killian better than Luca could.
The Scottish man snorted as he began his walk, his feet carrying him down the familiar path to Cameron's home.
A strong hand push hair from his eyes, the sun beaming too happily in the sky for his liking.  He was lost.
Utterly f*cking lost.
What was he to do?
He didn't want to hurt Cameron, but he couldn't give his crocodile go.  Not even for Cameron, who often reminded him of a caged bird.  He had hoped someone would come along and free the boy but that someone was never supposed to be him.  
Before he knew it, he found himself at the front door to the Johnson household.  His hand raised to knock, he hesitated, glancing behind his shoulder.
He could always leave and pretend he had never gotten that note.  He could let it go on between them like it always had.
But what if it was hurting Cameron?
Killian couldn't bare it.
He cursed once more, turning on his heel and deciding that two could play at this game.
Once he got home, he found himself a piece of paper and a pencil.  He then began his own little letter.
Dear Cameron,
Ya salty wench.  You shouldn't have kept this from me, its only hurting you.  It had to be or else you wouldnt have ever brought it up.  I love you, and I don't want you to hurt.  But you have to understand that I have a life with a man I love and a son I would die for.  I want you to be happy, I want you to forget about loving me(As more than a friend.  I know I cant expect you to just not love me, everyone loves me.) If you want I can help you find someone else, but im not on the market anymore.  If I were I would definitely give us a shot, I care for you, but like I said, im off limits now.  My crocodile has me pretty whipped I guess.  You could talk to me, I was going to see you today but I wasnt sure what to do.  I just want to keep being friends, i would miss you too much if you stopped coming around, but if you need to I would understand.   Im here for you, and im sorry I have to give this to you.  I cant bare to keep leading you on though, so just let it go.  Call me.

The man leaned back, raising a brow as he read over his note.  Clicking his tongue he decided it was acceptable.  He hopped up, grabbing his keys and heading for the door.  He could drop it off when he went to go get Phoenix from Mack's house.

Once at the home, Killian found himself sitting in his truck, unable to get up and actually go up to the house.
He was going to hurt Cameron.
Going to hurt him.
A deep breath, the blue of his eyes hardening as he battled himself. It needed to be done but he desperately did not want to do it.
"Ah have ta fight fer what ah want." He exhaled slowly. "Ah want em ta move on. Ah 'ave ta make it happen." He opened his door, pushing himself out of it and up to the home. Kelton answered, leaving to go get Cameron at Killian's request.
As the boy stepped out into the warmth of the outside, Killian offered his hand.
"Love. ah need ta talk ta ya."
F*ck a note, he was a man. He handled his affairs face to face.
Cameron glanced back inside, obviously uncomfortable and nervous. He still allowed Killian to take on of his hands and lead him further from the home, out of hearing range.
"Ah got yar letter." He did not beat around the bush.
Cameron gaped at him, immediately a blush rising to his cheeks, hot like fire.
I...How did you...Uh..." He rubbed the back of his head, his eyes downcast. He already had come to the conclusion that Killian had not accepted his confession.
"Et doesnt matter lassie." Killian smiled softly, his hand cupping Cameron's cheek gentle. "Ah 'ave always thought of ya as a bird. A caged one." He shook his head, dropping his hand away from the boys face. "Ah want ya ta beh free, but ah'm nowt tha person ta do thah. Ah can't beh love."
"I know." Cameron quickly broke him off, holding a hand up to stop him. "I know." He had expected it.
"Noh!" What he had not expected was Killian's flare of anger as Cameron pushed it off. "Ya don' know. Ah love ya, but ah can't beh with ya. Ya cant blame meh fer thah either." He shook his head. "Ya are mah best friend. Ah want whats best fer ya. Ah want ya ta move on, and ya migh' not think ya can, but ya will." He said it as though it were a fact. "Ya 'ave ta figh' for what ya want love. Ah want ya ta find someone else, ah'm gonna see to et thah ya doh. And heh es gonna beh even better than meh....Well..." He smirked softly. "Ya realleh wont find someone as sexeh as meh but, heh will beh good fer ya."
Cameron simply stared at him, heart broken, yet smiling. At least Killian cared about him, was here for him. That was all that really mattered in the first place.
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Words I couldnt say(Companion)
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