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 Almost Easy

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Augustus McDaniels


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PostSubject: Almost Easy   Wed Sep 25, 2013 11:53 pm

It was raining.
Dark angry clouds gathered in the sky, weighted down b y the rain they had just decided to unleash upon the desolate streets.  
"F*ck."  Kendrick groaned softly, he was leaning back against some nameless brick building.  The side walk cut into his skin, but he had no where else to go.  He was homeless, completely and utterly homeless.  He had left home a month ago, tired of his mother and her drugs.  He was tired of the endless men in and out of his home.  He was tired of the filth he lived in, and the way his mother sold him off.  Now normally it did not go very far once he got on his feet, he would beat the hell out of anyone who tried touching him simply because they paid his mother for it.  Of course there had been the times he had been taken, but they were few and far between.  He was tired of it.
And so here he was.
Alone, homeless, bleeding and pretty sure that death would be the only savior  he could ever know at this point.
"I should just f*cking walk off the bridge..."  He felt water running down his back, drenching him, soaking him down to his bone, his very core.  It would be so easy to just jump, to be free from this hell.
Drugs, he hated them, hated doing them, but he could not stop.  He was pathetic, and lonely, and f*cking wretched.  His body hurt, he had been beaten to hell and back only a few hours ago.  Some guys jumped him, took everything he had, which was only five dollars, a pair of shows and a crack pipe.  They had only left him in his jeans, ragged and filthy, torn and falling apart.
A small hiss, the jagged cut on his temple aching as the cold of the day entered him.  He was so tired of being cold.
"Im done with this sh*t."  He spoke aloud, though no one was around to hear it, the streets were virtually empty.... But still he said it, as if wanting the world to know he had made up his mind.  He was leaving tonight, no matter how he did it he was leaving.  The bridge was only a mile away.
He sat for a while longer, simply because his body did not feel as though it would hold if he tried to go his mile now.
"Dammit..."  He thought to himself, his eyes snapping open as he realized that he was no longer being pelted by the rain, yet he could still hear it falling.
Raising his head, his eyes landed on an umbrella, black like night and large. He followed the hand holding it to the man.  His hair was long, bleached an abnormal white color, but it worked because it matched his unusually pasty pale skin.  He had rings under his eyes, his lips thin and set in a lop sided frown.  But his eyes were what really got Kendrick.  In his eyes he saw a concern.
Someone was concerned for him.
This was enough to force tears to gather in the mans eyes as he continued to stare.
"You okay?"  The man asked lightly, still holding the umbrella over him.
Kendrick simply stared, swallowed up by the surprise that another human was simply near him.
"Come on, let me get you outta here."  Morgue offered the man his hand, he had been on his way home from the freak show.  He had almost walked right past the man, but had heard his low whines of pain.  It had stopped him, and now he felt an obligation to try and help this person.
Kendrick stared at the hand, slowing reaching up to take it.  He watched as their hands connected, his shaking and bloodied, while Morgue's were simply warm.
He allowed Morgue to help him up, and shoulder most of his weight as they trekked down the street. As they walked, the only thing on Kendrick's mind was Morgue.
He owed this man everything.
This man, was the only reason he was not at the bridge by now.
The thought brought more tears into Kendrick's eyes.
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Almost Easy
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