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 What He's Missing.

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Cameron Holloway


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PostSubject: What He's Missing.   Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:12 pm

Cameron let out a growl as he entered his front door, the tears streaming down his cheeks. He knew it’d been forever since he’d been so in love with Killian. They’d had the talk about it, and he was over it now.
But it still stung tonight when he’d arrived at Killian’s home since they’d been supposed to hang out tonight, only to find the man in the middle of sex with Luca. It hurt him still, even though anything Cameron felt for the man was supposed to be gone.
Some days, he truly felt horrible about himself because of it. He always wondered if it was just because of Luca that Killian didn’t want him. Or if it was something else…
He looked around his dimly lit home, hoping he’d find his mother only to remember that his parents had gone out for the night. He was home alone.
Or so he thought, until he heard footsteps heading down the stairs. He glanced up to see Kendrick, strolling down the staircase in just his boxers, his tattoos making it quite a scary sight to see in the middle of the night.
“Cameron?” He arched an eyebrow.
Cameron cursed, covering his eyes immediately. He never wanted anyone to see him cry.
“Are you alright? I thought you were supposed to hang out with Killian today.”
“I-I was.” Cameron stammered out. “But I guess he… had other plans.” He let out a humorless laugh.
“Cam…” Kendrick sighed. “You still love him, huh?”
“I… guess I do.” Cameron shook his head. “It’s stupid though. I know, you don’t have to tell me. I’m too ugly for him and I just-“
Kendrick shook his head, pacing a few steps.
“It makes me so angry how you don’t see how beautiful you are.”
“Why do you care what I think about myself?” Cameron frowned.
“Because you’re perfect Cameron. You need to start wondering what’s not to love about you, instead of what Killian doesn’t love about you. He’s a fucking idiot if he can’t see how perfect you are.”
Cameron stared at Kendrick for a moment before leaning in and letting himself cry in Kendrick’s chest.
Kendrick hugged the boy close, stroking his hair.
“Killian is missing out on so much, Cameron…” He pressed their foreheads together. “You’re so sexy, and smart… you’re kind.” He kissed Cameron’s forehead, his lips trailing down to the boy’s cheeks and his nose. “He’s missing out on your smooth skin.” Kendrick’s lips moved to Cameron’s ear, whispering softly. “He’s missing out on your lips.” And with that, Kendrick leaned in, kissing Cameron deeply. “He’s missing out on your hair.” His fingers ran through the boy’s blonde curls that he adored so much. “He’s missing out on your body…” Kendrick whispered as he pulled back, his tattooed hands slipping under Cameron’s shirt to run over his abdomen. He let his fingers tickle the boy gently after a moment, watching as Cameron fought back a laugh, a wide grin spreading across his face. It was the genuine rare smile, the dorky huge one that Cameron hated but Kendrick adored. “He’s missing out on your smile.” Kendrick whispered as he once more kissed Cameron sweetly.
Cameron was quite shocked by all of this, but it was definitely welcome… His arms wrapped around Kendrick’s neck, his hands tracing over the man’s tattooed skull as he responded to the kiss.
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What He's Missing.
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