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Okayyy. These are not the best but I'm excited to use this new person and I hope you enjoy him. My Higgy is awful, I don't know how he will act, but I tried my best. These don't have to be exactly how the threads play out or whatever, these were just little ideas. And just fyi, Keegan is not going to be cool with bottoming mwahaa. He is going to bug Higgy to let him top sometime ><
Sorry about throwing Elvis in here, he's just the type of person Keegan would be attracted to because of the whole easygoing thing. He'd like Mack too heheh. Also sorry my Biddy sucks, I just missed Biddy and wanted to put him in here.
Ima shut up now and let you read the thingyy.

Higgy stuck his hands in his pockets as he rounded the dark street corner. Today had been one of his good days so far. Pretty boring, but good for him. He still had himself convinced he didn’t need any medication to make himself act normal, and today was making him certain he’d made the right decision. Fuck his pills.
He headed into the alleyway, his mind skimming through a variety of different topics. Anything from how Biddy and Angel were doing nowadays to what he was going to make for dinner when he got home. He hadn’t even decided where he was walking to when he heard the cheers and boos coming from a few feet ahead of him.
He furrowed his brows, stepping forward until he laid eyes on a large crowd of people gathered around something, watching intently. He moved closer, being he was rather tall, he got a good look even over the crowd. It appeared to be one of those street fights. People bet on who they thought would win and then watched as the two people beat the shit out of each other.
He’d seen these fights before, even watched Angel be forced to be in them when he’d been a kid. They didn’t tend to end pretty.
He watched the bets pile up, eyeing the two boys who stood in the center of the circle. One of them was just standing there with a bored expression. He was clearly the bigger of the two, and confident in his ability to win. The other boy, although he was smaller, was grinning from ear to ear as he spoke to people in the crowd. He was even showboating a bit, laughing and flexing his muscles at people doubting his ability to win. Higgy stepped back so he was away from the large group, but still close enough so he could see. This wasn’t normally his scene, but he was interested now and wanted to see how it turned out.
It was a few minutes before the fight began. Higgy stood upright, watching as the smaller of the two shot forward, landing a nice punch to the other man’s gut. The kid might not be as big, but he was fast. And Higgy could tell he actually was a decent fighter. The larger doubled over, but when he stood back upright did not look too pleased.
The fight lasted overall maybe five minutes and like most of the crowd had counted on, the larger man came away the winner.
The crowd cleared away soon after the fight ended and Higgy was about to leave too, just as soon as they were all gone and out of his way. He didn’t want to end up getting into something with one of them and ruining his nice day.
As they all cleared out, he noticed that one person was still there. The smaller of the two fighters was still in the center of the crowd that was no longer there. The boy was kneeling on the ground, spitting up what appeared to be blood.
Higgy had never been one of “those” guys. The hero types, the ones who were always trying to save someone. Maybe it was just his mood today. Or maybe it was something about this boy in particular. But whatever it was, something made Higgy walk over to the boy on the ground and offer a hand.
The boy glanced up at him with a cocked eyebrow.
“Here to pity me, huh?” The kid smirked, though taking the hand that was offered and using it to hep himself up.
As soon as he let go, he doubled over again slightly, holding his gut.
“Not pitying.” Higgy clarified. “Just thought I’d help you out.”
“Well I don’t need it.” The boy shook his head. His voice sounded firm but a second later, he coughed and spit up some more bile mixed with blood.
“Sure looks like you do.”
“This is the first fight I’ve lost in over a year. I can handle myself just fine.”
Higgy shook his head.
“You’ve been doing this for more than a year?” He arched an eyebrow.
“I’ve been doing it for ten.” The kid smirked lightly.
“Ten? You don’t look that old.”
“I’m seventeen.” The boy said simply, forcing himself to stand upright, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and sighing. “And if you’ll excuse me, I should probably go home and wash up.”
“Why don’t I help you there?”
“You’re a little creepy, you know that?” The boy laughed softly. “I’d turn you down but if you’re some sort of rapist, you’ll get your way with me one way or another so I might as well get a walk home out of it.”
Higgy cracked a grin, extending his arm to the boy who took it, leaning heavily into Higgy’s chest.
“So what’s your name, creep?” The boy asked.
“Higgy. And you are?”
“I’ll give you my name in a second. Hold on, did you just say Higgy?” He laughed lightly, shaking his head. “That’s the worst serial killer name ever, man. Higgy? Seriously?”
“Yeah, doesn’t sound too threatening does it?” Higgy found himself chuckling softly as well.
“That doesn’t fit you at all. You’re like seven feet fucking tall and your name is Higgy. It sounds like a care bear or some shit.”
“Gee, thanks. Now how about you say your name so I can make fun of it too?”
“Aw fine. I’m Keegan. Keegan Keller.”
“Wow, Keegan.” Higgy nodded. “Keegan is… interesting.”
“Dumb, right?”
“No, I like it. My last boyfriend’s name was Biddy so…” He shrugged.
“Biddy and Higgy! That’s like… perfect.” Keegan laughed. “Wait, what’s your last name?”
“No way!” Keegan shook his head. “We’re like… alliteration buddies over here. Higgy Henderson and Keegan Keller. I think it was meant to be man. It’s like some sort of rule. We have to be best friends.”
“You’re a little too eager to be best friends with someone you were accusing of being a rapist ten minutes ago.”
“Hmm…” Keegan paused, thinking this over as they limped along down the side of the road. “Guess you’re right. But I mean, if you’re going to rape me now… at least I’ll be being raped by someone with an awesome name.” Keegan shrugged.
Higgy turned to stare at the boy before eventually shaking his head.
“You’re a weird kid.”
“So I’ve been told.” Keegan chuckled.
They walked in silence for a moment before Keegan spoke up.
“Hey, wait a second!”
“Yes?” Higgy answered.
“I never told you where I live.”
“You’re right, I’m just taking you to my place.”
“I knew you were trying to rape me.” Keegan shook his head. “Well when we get to your place, could I at least wash off before? I’d like to at least look nice while you rape me.”
“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” Higgy rolled his eyes. He would try to explain that he was not a rapist, but it appeared to be no use.
They arrived before long. Higgy ran the boy a bath and Keegan thanked him before asking to be left alone to bathe himself.
Higgy got changed into his boxers and rested on the couch in his living room, nearly asleep by the time Keegan reentered the room with just a towel around his waist.
“Got anything I could wear?” He asked.
Higgy opened one eye slowly, looking over the boy, realizing that he was actually kind of attractive.
“Uh yeah. Here. Follow me.” Higgy nodded, standing and leading the boy down the hallway. He led them into his bedroom and over to the dresser.
“Take your pick.” Higgy gestured to the dresser and sat on the edge of the bed as Keegan sorted through the clothes, soon picking himself a pair of black and white checked boxers.
Keegan wasted no time in dropping the towel to the floor, allowing himself to be seen by Higgy. Higgy was a bit shocked by the sudden nudity but he didn’t seem like it, nor did he stare at the boy.
“Not shy, are you?” He arched an eyebrow as Keegan turned to face him, smiling as he slipped into the boxers.
“Not really.” Keegan shrugged. “Plus, if you’re going to rape me anyways, there’s no point in hiding.”
“Will you quit with the rapist theory?” Higgy shook his head.
“Not until you prove yourself not to be a rapist.” Keegan smirked.
“And how exactly do I do that?”
“Hmm…” Keegan hummed, nudging Higgy to the side of the bed so he could sit down as well. “Sleep in this bed with me tonight. If I wake up tomorrow with a not sore ass, then you will have redeemed yourself.”
“Fine.” Higgy shook his head, smirking as he laid back on the bed, watching Keegan curl up on his side, tugging a blanket over them.
“Man, this is comfortable.” Keegan yawned, his eyes flickering up to glance at Higgy. He couldn’t deny, the man was extremely attractive. And although he hated people helping him, he was quite glad this man had wandered into his life tonight.

The months passed and Higgy and Keegan had become quite good friends. Friends were something Keegan always lacked and he was grateful to have one. While Keegan did have a home of his own, it wasn’t a nice one. He’d lived there by himself for the past two years and before that he’d lived on the streets so he was grateful for just a roof over his head. But he’d been staying at Higgy’s rather often since they’d met, loving the luxury of it even though it was nothing special to most people.
“Will you get the fuck up?” Higgy groaned at the younger boy who had fallen asleep in his lap the previous night.
“Shh.” Keegan whined, still half asleep as he tried to cling onto the remnants of the good dream he was having, clinging onto Higgy’s lower half.
“Keegan, I’m serious.” Higgy growled. He could already tell today was not going to be one of his good days. He’d been off his pills ever since he and Keegan had met and it had been so far so good but today, he could already feel his temper rising and he’d been awake only a few minutes.
“Goddamnit.” Keegan sighed as he sat up, running his fingers through his hair. “I was having a good dream, asshole.”
“What dream?” Higgy found a small smirk for the boy. Even though he was angry today, Keegan always managed to make him smile.
“That’s for me to know and you to never find out.” Keegan teased. Of course he was never telling Higgy the truth that he’d been having a dream they were in bed together. He knew it was ridiculous and he was completely content just being friends. Higgy was the best friend he’d ever had.
Higgy smirked, shaking his head as he moved to get up now that Keegan was off of him.
“I’m going to the bathroom, fuckface!” Keegan called as he headed to the bathroom.
Higgy chuckled, moving to the kitchen to cook them breakfast. He heated up the oven and was in the middle of cooking them some bacon when Keegan ran into the kitchen.
“Did ya miss me?” He asked.
Well, he really shouted it which caused Higgy to jump slightly, knocking the pan of bacon off the stove and sending the boiling hot grease all over his bare chest. He hissed in pain, turning to face Keegan. Without thought, he backhanded the boy across the face. Keegan had not been expecting this as he toppled to the floor, blinking up at Higgy.
Higgy was still seething, but he was trying to think straight, trying to calm himself.
“Keegan…” He forced out. “I didn’t mean to…”
Keegan though, had already gotten to his feet, his fist coming down across Higgy’s face.
“Just because you took me in doesn’t mean I’m your fucking dog!” The boy shouted, his own face contorted with anger along with a light welt where Higgy had slapped him.
Higgy’s eyes were wide as he reached up to hold his jaw which actually kind of stung. Keegan didn’t look that big or strong, but Higgy had nearly forgotten, the boy was a fighter. He knew how to throw a punch.
Higgy knew he’d been in the wrong for hitting Keegan in the first place, but that did not mean he was about to let Keegan hit him and get away with it.
Higgy kneed Keegan in the gut, throwing him to the ground and watching the boy slide across the floor to the other side of the room.
Most people stayed down when Higgy hit them, but not Keegan. Keegan was up almost immediately, back in Higgy’s face.
“You’re going to be a fucking prick, Higgy?” Keegan barked. He then punched the man in the stomach, waiting for him to double over. When he did, Keegan punched him in the side of the head before taking him to the ground.
He may not be stronger or bigger than Higgy, but he was a fighter. He knew how to get the best of someone.
Higgy was quite surprised when he shook the stars out of his vision and found himself laying on his back on the kitchen floor, Keegan’s foot at his throat.
Higgy felt his air intake being restricted but before he could attempt to get Keegan off of him, the boy was already moving towards the front door.
“Keegan…” Higgy called out.
“Fuck off.” Keegan muttered, slamming the door behind him.
Higgy sighed after the boy, staying still in his spot on the kitchen floor. He really ruined everything, didn’t he? This was the first friend he’d had in a while, and now he’d fucked that up too. He let out a groan and just sat there for a moment before deciding that he was going to do something about this.
He wasn’t fucking something up again. He got dressed and headed out of the home, heading off to find Keegan.
He went to the same alleyway he’d first found the boy in and sure enough, Keegan was gathering money from people after a fight he’d apparently just won. He now sported a black eye along with the bruised cheek Higgy had given him but he was still grinning as usual.
“Keegan.” Higgy spoke up, stepping forward and pushing his way through the crowd.
“I’m busy.” Keegan spoke softly, gathering the money and putting it in his pockets.
Higgy sighed, but waited until everyone else had left.
“Listen. I’m sorry for hitting you.”
“Okay.” Keegan said simply. “I just don’t want you to think I’m like your kid or something. That you can smack me because I did something wrong. I don’t need you, you know.”
“I know.” Higgy nodded.
“I was fine before you came along. I can handle myself.”
“I know you can, Keegan. I don’t think you’re a kid. I’m bipolar.” Higgy admitted. “I’m supposed to be on pills so that sort of thing doesn’t happen. But I don’t like taking them. I’ve been doing really good since we’ve met, but today wasn’t a good day for some reason. I’m sorry I hit you and I want you to come back to my place, but I can’t promise you it won’t happen again.”
Keegan took this in, listening silently.
“Well then we better go home.” Keegan nodded.
“That’s it? You’re not mad?”
“Nah.” Keegan shrugged. “I was pissed because I thought you hit me because you thought I was inferior to you or something. If you just beat the shit out of everything, that’s cool. I’ll just knock you the fuck out if you do it again.” He smirked back at Higgy before jogging off. “Now let’s go, you’re taking your pills when we get home!”
Higgy blinked several times, standing and staring after the boy.
Well that had gone different than he’d expected.

Keegan entered the gettogether with his hands in his pockets, glancing back at Higgy.
“This is weird. I don’t want to meet people.”
“Just shut up.” Higgy rolled his eyes, though he placed a comforting hand on the small of Keegan’s back.
Keegan glanced around as people looked up at him, not recognizing the unfamiliar face. He shot several of the friendly looking ones smiles as he strode inside.
“Do they have anything to drink around here?” He muttered as Higgy smirked, offering him a beer.
“Good.” Keegan nodded, chugging it as he looked around. A boy caught his eye and he considered going over to flirt. He was never a slut, but he hadn’t been with anyone in a long time and he was a teenage boy, he had needs. “I’ll be back.” He spoke to Higgy, standing and making his way towards the man.
The guy he had his eyes on was redheaded, sort of muscular, with orangeish scruff outlining his handsome face. His looks were decent, but what had drawn Keegan to him was his laugh. The boy just seemed to be having a good time, smiling at everything. He was laid back, easy going, like Keegan.
Keegan pretended to just be walking past, gently bumping into the boy, who nearly dumped the drink in his hand, stumbling forward.
“I’m so sorry man. My bad.” Keegan apologized and the boy simply waved him off, smiling.
“That’s alright, dude. I was getting a bit hot in this shirt anyway.” The boy laughed, looking down at the liquid staining his shirt from where he’d spilled his drink. He slipped the shirt off, looking to Keegan. “I haven’t seen you before. You’re new around here, yeah?”
“I am… one of my friends is in this family I guess. I’m Keegan.” He extended a hand.
“I like that.” The boy nodded slowly. “I’m Elvis.”
“No way, like the singer?” Keegan grinned.
“Yeah.” Elvis laughed as Keegan did so as well.
“That’s pretty cool, foxy momma.” Keegan spoke in an Elvis voice like Augustus usually did, his upper lip curling up like the King.
“Dude, don’t do that in front of my mom. I’m pretty sure he’d jump you.”
Keegan laughed, his smile bright as he met Elvis’s gaze.
“Wow… you’re pretty cute, yeah. And funny. What’s someone like that doing all alone?” Elvis smirked lightly, earning him almost a blush from Keegan.
But Keegan was never one to blush. Although Elvis appeared to be sweet right now, Keegan didn’t trust people. He knew the man could be nice one second and then turn on him the next. He was ready for it. He was always ready.
“I’m not alone, really.” Keegan shrugged. “My friend is around here somewhere.” Keegan didn’t realize that Higgy had been lingering near them this whole time, listening intently.
While they’d been talking, Higgy had been talking too. To Biddy, his former lover.
Higgy had not realized he’d been watching Elvis and Keegan with such a hateful glare until Biddy approached him.
“So there’s that kid you like, huh?” Biddy smirked, popping up at Higgy’s side, seemingly out of nowhere.
“Jesus, bird. You’ve got to warn people.” Higgy jumped before simply sighing in relief. “And who said I like him?”
“Lucky guess.” Biddy shrugged. “I don’t think you go around glaring at people who try to flirt with someone you don’t like.”
Higgy opened his mouth as if to argue, but simply shut it after a moment.
“He’s cute.” Biddy spoke again, smiling happily. He wanted Higgy to have someone, like he had Blake now.
“I know.” Higgy smirked before realizing what he’d said. He was never one to hide his feelings but he and Keegan had such a good thing going so far. And Keegan was strong, prideful, smart. Higgy doubted the boy would consider a relationship with him. Keegan would know Higgy was no good.
“If you like him, which you and I both know you do, I suggest you go do something before the lovechild of the King and Priscilla gets to him.”
Higgy hated when Biddy was right. But he’d known the boy long enough to know that he more than likely was.
Which was why he stood up and at hearing Elvis’s next words, he prepared to intervene.
“Well do you think this friend of yours would mind if I bought you a drink or two?” Elvis grinned and this smile was returned by Keegan.
“I don’t think-“
“Actually,” Higgy cut in, towering over the two boys. “He would.” His big green eyes were menacing as they stared Elvis down.
“Are you with this guy?” Elvis arched an eyebrow, his expression still light as he pointed towards Higgy.
“I-“ Keegan began, only to be cut off once more.
“I’d appreciate it if you’d back the fuck off. He’s not interested.” Higgy growled.
“Higgy I can make my own decisions.” Keegan frowned, glancing up at the man.
“Let’s just go.” Higgy said simply.
“I don’t want –“ Keegan stopped, glancing up as Elvis shook his head.
“I’ll talk to you some other time, Keegan. No big deal.” He smirked and headed off.
“Damnit, Higgy.” Keegan sighed. “What the hell is up with you?”
“He had it coming.” Higgy said simply.
“What are you talking about, he didn’t do anything to me.”
“He was just trying to get into your pants. That’s what guys do. They buy you drinks and then get in your pants.”
“You buy me drinks all the time.” Keegan rolled his eyes.
“Well I don’t want anyone in your pants. Unless it’s me.”
Keegan arched an eyebrow at the man. Higgy paused, shaking his head.
“That came out wrong.” He sighed, running his fingers through his soft brown hair.
“Then please, explain it.” Keegan smirked.
“I… well, you see…” Higgy cleared his throat, finding that he had never been tongue tied like this before and he most certainly did not like it. “I think I… like you.”
“Like me?”
“Yeah… like… I want to…” Higgy couldn’t find the words to say and that was irritating him to no end.
Luckily, Keegan came to his rescue.
“You’ve said enough.” Keegan smirked and then Higgy found himself in the younger man’s embrace, their lips pressed together.
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