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PostSubject: Ficlets.   Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:39 pm

Okay, I'm on my ipad, but I really wanted to write a fic hehe. So I'm going to type some fifty type posts. There might be spelling errors because I can't type on this damned thing, and it might be formatted weird and I can't save anything so if I don't get all fifty done im just post it anyways.
Actually, I don't even know what I'm going to write bwahaha, probably like the beginnings of fics? I'm going to write whatever I feel like hehee, enjoy ><


Xavier glanced around the room as he walked inside. The church was larger on the inside than it had appeared upon arriving. Rows of pews ran along either side with a large aisle in the middle which was where Xavier currently stood.
Being it was the middle of the night, there were not too many people in here, just several older people scattered out amongst the seats. Xavier waited a moment before taking a seat in the back row away from everyone else.
He wasn't even sure why he had come here this evening... Okay, screw that. He knew why he was here. But he also knew that his reason was probably foolish... He was here to pray.
"Um..." He spoke as he clasped his hands together in front of him, bowing his head. "Hey god... It's me, Xavier Malone? I don't really think we've talked in a while but I guess you're supposed to remember me, right?" He hadn't prayed since he'd been a young boy. His mother had used to make him pray with her every night. Every morning too. They would pray and ask God to keep them safe no matter what happened in the following days to come. And when the disease  took Xavier's mother, he had screw God, and screw praying and he had not spoken to the man since.
"I'm sorry I've been sort of a dick... I know you took mom away for a reason... But when I was younger I had trouble realizing what that reason was. I still don't know but I accept it." He sighed. "And now I need your help some more. I have a new boyfriend. I'm guessing you know him... Prentiss Proveaux? Yeah, he's pretty cool. But for some reason, you made him wrong, God. Well he's perfect, I mean. But you sort of gave him a disease. He..." Xavier paused, swallowing before speaking again. "This morning, he woke up and he... He didn't remember me." Xavier's eyes clenched shut tightly as if he was in pain. "God, why would you do that to him? He's going to die one day, just because he forgets how to live? That's not fair!" Xavier found himself screaming the last line and it earned him some glances from the other people. He sighed before quieting down. "Th-that's really not fair and you know it. So what I'm asking is for you to fix him? I know you're not supposed to be a miracle worker, but... But I really think you could do this if you tried. Or maybe... Just make him forget less? That would be... Okay, I guess." Xavier nodded slowly. "But... You already took momma from me. Please don't take him too. Not my Prentiss. He's my life..." Xavier felt tears welling up in his eyes and he tried furiously to fight them off. "I need him, god. Please. He's all that keeps me going sometimes. I mean, even if I'm sick, just hearing him speak in that adorable accent of his is enough to keep me fighting. Without him, I'm nothing, don't you understand that?" Xavier growled softly. "I guess that's all... I just... Please fix him. Please." Xavier whispered these last few lines. "Amen." And with that, he stood up, intent on going home. But he did not expect to run into someone as he stood up.
He had not realized someone had been standing beside him, listening in since he'd began praying.
"Zat was very interesting, mon Cherie." Prentiss spoke softly, his finger coming to trail across Xavier's jawline.
I didn't know how Prentiss would react so I stopped hehee ><
Sorry about the mention of Xavier's mother, I've had that idea for a while and just realized I never told you anything of it, maybe that shall be the next thing I write on here hehehe.
Keegan groaned as he rolled over in the bed, his eyes popping open slowly. He stared straight up at the ceiling for a moment before turning to face his lover. He let out a light cry of shock as he noticed Higgy was sitting up already, staring directly at him.
"Jesus, Higgy, what are you looking at?" Keegan sighed as he calmed down.
"Did you know you scream in your sleep?" Higgy asked, a frown on his face.
"What?" Keegan muttered. "I do not."
"You do, quite a lot actually."
"Shut up."
"No, this is serious. What do you dream about?"
"I... I don't remember."
"Don't lie to me." Higgy sighed softly.
"Higgy this is stupid, leave it alone."
Higgy moved closer, taking Keegan's face in his hands.
"It's not stupid, what's the matter?"
"I dream about you." Keegan spoke softly, glancing up to his lover.
"I... Make you scream like that?" Higgy had been up listening the boy for a while...the screams were horrifying.
"Can we please just go get breakfast or something?" Keegan's voice had lowered, simply pleading now.
He had always remembered the nightmares of course, but he never knew they made him scream like that.
"Talk to me." Higgy whispered and Keegan knew he could no longer resist those big green eyes.
"I dream of you hurting me." Keegan admitted, his voice soft and ashamed.
"Keegan..." Higgy spoke, a lump forming in his throat.
"Don give me that look." Keegan groaned. "I know I can defend myself. But in my dreams I can't defend myself and besides, it's not the physical part that bothers me..." Keegan shook his head. "I love you and I don't want to be hurt by you, okay?"
And then without a word, Keegan was being held close, tucked into Higgy's chest.
"Higgy." Keegan whined, dragging out the y sound on the end of the man's name.
"Shut up." Higgy shook his head. He was never good at the whole sweet part of relationships, but he never wanted Keegan to feel like this... He pressed his lips to the top of Keegan's head, chuckling as he heard the boy groan again.
"If I kick your ass will you stop being sweet?" Keegan sighed and once he got a negative response he groaned yet again. "This is why I don't tell you things." He grumbled softly.
He looked back at Higgy to find the man smirking at him and his stomach lurched. That man's smirk did things to him that no man should be able to do without touching.
"Kiss me, idiot." Keegan gave Higgy a smirk if his own, leaning in to press their lips together passionately.
Cameron groaned as he flopped back on the mattress, Kendrick glancing up to look at him.
"Something wrong?" Kendrick asked, his face showing traces of worry.
"I made the mistake of taking that stupid art class." Cameron sighed. "And I can't draw. I have a project to due and I suck. It's an easy project too."
"What is it?" Kendrick questioned.
"Anything I want." Cameron nodded.
"That's weird, I thought you would've been an amazing artist."
"And why is that?" Cameron frowned.
"You spend a lot of your time tracing the tattoos on every inch of my body." Kendrick smirked softly and Cameron blushed.
"Could I draw your tattoos?" Cameron asked, realizing that he could probably draw them all, even with his eyes closed.
"Of course." Kendrick smiled. "Need me to model?" He chuckled.
"Yes please." Cameron nodded, grinning slyly. He didn't really need him to model, he had every inch of the man memorized. But staring at his lover naked was just what he needed to inspire him.
I'm not done with that last one but I'm tired ><
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