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 Breakfast kisses

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Kendrick Knightly


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PostSubject: Breakfast kisses   Sun Oct 27, 2013 1:17 pm

Phoenix fought off a smirk as he felt the familiar pair of arms cirle him and lock around his waist. Glancing down, he lost to his smile, amused to know the number of freckles that dotted Mack's hands and arms. He had become accustomed to counting Mack's freckles when he couldnt sleep at night.

"Why hello there." Mack's breath was on his neck, making his insides shutter. He moved his focus back down to the small breakfast of pancakes and bacon he was preparing.

The meal had been thought of simply because he had known that food would be the thing to wake Mack up. It was the one thing other than sex that would wake him so quickly, and since his ass was so sore, breakfast had been the way to go.

"Get offah meh, ya smell like ah skunk." Of course he was used to it though, Mack rarely ever smelled clean of marijuana. Not that it bothered him, he was just grumpy because he was cooking. Cooking sucked.

"But sugar pie, honey bun." Phoenix could envision the mans smile perfectly, knowing without looking back that the mans lips were twitching to keep from grinning. "You know that I love you, bro." The mans laughter followed, his lips coming down to rest at the base of Phoenix's neck. “I can’t help myself...”

Phoenix grunted as he was pulled around, not quite rough but sure as hell not gentle. Cursing he thought that Mack had better be thankful he didn’t spill anything, though his musing was cut short as he locked eyes with the man. He had never seen such warmth in the emerald orbs, it filled him up, choked him.

“I love you and nobody else.” Mack finished softly, his smile a ghost as he leaned in, their lips touching tenderly.
It was all Phoenix could do not to cry.
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Breakfast kisses
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