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 Hold me?

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PostSubject: Hold me?   Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:58 pm

Kendrick glanced up from the book he was reading as he heard a knock on the front door. He set the book aside and moved to open the door, frowning as he set eyes on Morgue. The man was forcing a smile although he had been crying, that much was obvious. He bore a large bruise on one cheek and his eyes were bloodshot from the tears he had shed.
"Jeremy?" Kendrick frowned. "What the hell happened?" He asked although he could already gather that Finn had done something.
"It's nothing, really. I just left my house and didn't really know where to go..."
"You can always come here." Kendrick nodded. And he meant it. No matter what he was doing, he'd drop it for Morgue. He owed the man his life.
"I know." Morgue smiled softly. "That's why I came."
"Well come in." Kendrick smiled back, wrapping an arm around the slim man and leading him in the door.
The two of them walked up to Kendrick's bedroom and Kendrick laid Morgue down on the bed, frowning deeply as he heard Morgue hiss when certain parts of his body hit the mattress.
"Now you have to tell me what really happened?"
I'm going to skip part of this next little fic cause I don't want to write it write noww. :p but it's important for you to know what happened for the rest of the story to make sense so Ima tell youu. It involves morgue almost getting raped and Kendrick saving him and now they're back at Kendrick's house in his bedroom. That is where it shall start. I don't know if this really happens or not, but it's up to you hehe Smile

Morgue's lips were pursed tightly, his jaw clenched so hard that Kendrick could trace his squared jawline if he so desired.
"Jeremy... It's okay. I'm here, you know."
"I know you're here Kendrick. But you're not always going to be here. If you weren't there, you and I both know what would have happened."
"I know. But the point is, I was there. I was there and it's never going to happen again."
"You don't know that." Morgue snapped, turning to face his friend. "What if it happens again and I'm alone? You fucking know what will happen then." Morgue rarely swore like that, especially to Kendrick. But he was distressed.
Kendrick knew everyone had a right to be torn up after something like what had happened to Morgue tonight and he wasn't trying to disregard Morgue's right to this. But he had never expected the man to react like this. Morgue was always so calm, so strong.
As if he was reading Kendrick's thoughts, Morgue spoke up.
"I know I'm overreacting." The man sighed. "But just so you know, it's not the pain part that is scaring me."
"Then what is it?" Kendrick's voice was gentle, always so caring when it came to Morgue.
"Just the fact that I never realized I was so weak... I was powerless. And if someone ever realizes that again, I'll be powerless as they do what they want with me. I never planned on really bottoming to anyone, but I certainly don't want my virginity to be taken like that, against my will." Morgue shook his head. "I could deal with being raped but not for my first time. I believe things like that should be with someone you're comfortable with, you know?"
"I know." Kendrick nodded in agreement.
They sat there in silence, Morgue eventually calming down enough to find himself curled against Kendrick's chest. He didn't notice how extremely nervous Kendrick was.
"Can I ask you for a favor?" Morgue spoke suddenly, glancing back at Kendrick's face.
"Of course, I'd do anything for you. You know that."
"It's a pretty big favor." Morgue admitted. "I almost feel bad for asking it of you..." The man sighed, shaking his head. "Maybe I shouldn't."
"No, Jeremy. Whatever it is, you can ask me." Kendrick smiled reassuringly.
"Alright." Morgue smiled back, rolling so he was sitting cross legged on the bed, facing Kendrick. "Will you take my virginity tonight?"
Kendrick's smile fell but not because he didn't want to do this, just because he hadn't expected that in a million years.
"Morgue... Are you sure?" Kendrick blinked, his heart already beating faster in his chest.
"Of course I'm sure. Do you think I haven't thought it over?" Morgue sighed. "Something like what happened tonight could happen any night. And while I can handle it, I won't have my virginity taken that way. I want it taken by someone I care about. And I care about you more than anything, Kendrick." Morgue gave the man a sweet smile.
"Wow... I..." Kendrick felt so extremely special. Morgue trusted him with his virginity? Something so special was going to be given to him by a man he cherished more than anything?
"Of course if you don't want to, I wouldn't make you. Your opinion matters. I could just find somebody else."
"No!" Kendrick shook his head immediately. The thought of someone else getting to be so intimate with morgue pained him. "I mean no..." He calmed himself, not wanting morgue to really know just how much he longed for this moment... "I do want to, I'm just shocked to be honest...but I'll do it." He flashed a smile.
"Thank you." Morgue heaved a sigh of relief, moving to embrace Kendrick tightly. "You have no idea what this means to me." He whispered, his head on Kendrick's shoulder.
Kendrick smiled softly as he hugged his friend, his face nuzzled in the mans bleach blonde locks. He couldn't deny, he was excited.
"So... Do you want me to do it right now?" He asked lightly.
"Whenever you're ready." Morgue nodded.
"I'm ready." Kendrick nodded back.
"Just one rule. You can be as rough or as gentle as you want, that part doesn't matter. But don't do it like its a favor I'm asking you. Don't do it like were friends and it's awkward. Do it... Like you love me."
Kendrick didn't add that this should be easy because he'd been in love with morgue from the day he met him, but simply smiled and nodded.
And then, their lips met and it was just as beautiful as Kendrick had always imagined. Morgue's lips were cold and sweet, though the inside of his mouth tasted of metal, like Kendrick had thought it would. He wondered if he tasted as good to Morgue or if he just tasted like metal like the man said everything else did. He wondered if Morgue was enjoying this just as much as he was or if Morgue had ever imagined this very moment countless times like he had. And most of all, he wondered if their kiss would ever end because he desperately hoped it wouldn't. This kiss was every bit as wonderful as he'd hoped it would be and even if he died from not getting enough air, he never wanted to pull away. He would die happy just to have touched Morgue's lips.
The world spun around Kendrick as their bodies collided and Kendrick found himself lying on the mattress with Morgue on top of him, straddling him, their lips still pressed together in bliss.
Finally the kiss ended as Morgue pulled back for air, smiling down at the other man. But Morgue only stayed off long enough to take a breath and throw his shirt off before their lips were together once more. Kendrick let his arms wrap around Morgue's neck, pressing the man as close as he could get him.
The world around him faded and he was aware of nothing but Morgue's cool lips against his ownand the pounding of his own heart. It felt like hours until Morgue pulled away again. Their position had changed again and this time Morgue was lying flat on his back underneath of him. They were both completely naked and Kendrick tried to recall how in the world that had happened without his being aware of it. But everything was a blur. 
Now though was all that mattered. He glanced down to Morgue laid out in front of him and couldn't help but smile. The man was so beautiful. His pale skin was begging to be touched, his hair falling in a soft curtain around his face, pooling at his shoulders. 
"Wait..." Kendrick murmured. "I thought you turned pink when you were hot? Am I not turning you on?" Morgue's skin right now was white as snow.
"No you are... I..." Morgue groaned softly. "If I stay tense enough, I can keep myself from turning pink..."
"Now why would you want to do that?" Kendrick smirked. And with one finger he reached out and stroked down his soon to be lover's dripping member. And just like that, Kendrick watched as Morgue's skin deepened in color until it was a bright scarlet.
"Goddamnit." Morgue cursed. "Couldn't you just let me be pale?"
"Of course not." Kendrick grinned. "I want to see what I'm doing to you..." He murmured punctuating these words by tracing a finger down the mans jawline, kissing Morgue's neck softly. The moan he got in response was music to his ears.
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Hold me?
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