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 A cross trade.

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Prentiss Proveaux


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PostSubject: A cross trade.   Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:31 pm

The window slid shut quietly, the wind rustling Elvis's hair as he hopped from his window down to the awaiting darkness.  He landed well enough, his knees creaking as he caught himself.  He was used to this, sneaking out happened to be one of he greatest talents, especially as the legendary 'Peter Pan.'  He shouldered his back pack and began a steady walk, intent on finding a way to undo his father's demise.  He had spoken to that girl, the one Manuel had called, and she had told him everything, all about the cross road demons and all things they did.  His mother was cured, doctors had already been over checking on him.  Evidently what his father had done worked, but still it was not an acceptable solution. Because of this his father would be dead in ten years, drug away to hell by a demon.  Elvis could not stand the thought of that, and after finding his father had done this, he had immediately made his mind up to fix it.

He sighed softly as he approached the small building.  It was nestled between two larger structures and almost invisible unless you were particularly looking for it.  Knocking on the door, Elvis stepped back and waited as he heard a little rustling from inside the home.
Still though, no one answered. "Damn him."  The Ginger cursed, moving once more to knock on the door. This time he knocked hard and vigorously, wrapping on the door until eventually he heard the familiar screeching, and moments later the door was thrown open; almost knocking Elvis down the steps.
"What in the 'ell do you want?"  Prentiss's cheeks were a radiant pink, glasses sitting askew on his face.  He wore only boxers and a t-shirt, in one hand he held a glass of wine, and in the other was a book.
"I need your help."  Elvis cocked his head to the side, peering into the small home.  "Got company?"
"No! Mes affaires font mal au cu!"  The boy spat angrily, obviously enraged to have been interrupted.
"Stop trippin'."  Elvis pushed his way past Prentiss, snickering as he spilled wine on the boy.  "Come on and get dressed, you gotta come help me.  Sh*t's about to go down."  He planted himself on the couch, dodging Prentiss's fist as easily as always.
"You sir, are a douche."  It came out in a huff as Prentiss moved to his room, getting dressed even though he resented leaving his home so late.   Once he had settled on wearing a baby blue sweater and an old pair of jeans, he made himself comfortable on the couch beside Elvis.
"So tell me, what in ze 'ell do you want, Prezley?"  He directed his full attention to his friend, already prepared for whatever non-sense Elvis were to throw at him.
"We have to save my dad." It came out in a flood, Elvis being too anxious to keep it in any longer.  "He like....Kinda sold his soul or some sh*t to save my mom.  We have to get it back so that he wont be taken to hell or some crap, yeah."  He waved his arms about as he explained, his eye brows furrowing as he took in Prentiss.  The boy was laughing, he was f*cking laughing.
"This is not funny damnit! Yeah?"  It was quick as a whip, but deflected as Prentiss continued snickering at him.
"You expect me, to beli've zhat your father 'as sold ez zhoul to zhe Devil?"  
Elvis's cheeks reddened, his teeth bared in irritation.  Now that Prentiss had said it back to him, it did sound rather...unusual.
"Yes he did! He sold his soul so mom would be cured of cancer!"
"And did et work?"  Prentiss interjected, leaning back into the couch as he watched his friend squirm.  Elvis had never been able to sit still, especially when being teased.
"I guess so! Mom was feeling all good and the doctors came to check on him and it was all...I mean..."  He sighed softly, his head dropping to rest in his hands.  "Everyone was happy, everyone but me.  I know what happened, and...Im just not okay with saving my mom at the price of my dad you know?  I dont like self sacrifice, and thats what he has damn done! We have to do something, yeah?!"
Prentiss was quiet for a bit, staring at Elvis still to try and cipher what was going on in the boys mind.
"If your zerious about this, what if you do get his zoul back?  Would Zhat make your mom zick again?"
"Uh..."  He had not thought about that, he hadnt really thought about a whole lot aside from just saving his father.  "I dont know, I guess were just going to have to call on this demon and ask."
"Diable!?"  Prentiss squawked softly, shaking his head.  "You vant to go and talk to a Diable! A zpirit!?"
"Yes."  Elvis hissed, taking a piece of paper from his pocket and unfolding it.  "I talked to someone about it, and she told me, that to summon the Demon I will have to gather some dirt from a graveyard, a bone of a black cat, and a picture of me and put it in a box and then bury the box at a crossroads. Thats whats supposed to bring them out, you know?  I already have the picture and a box."  He patted his back pack, still resting on his shoulders as he spoke.  "There is a graveyard like a mile away, and I know where I seen a black cat on side of the road.  It had already been run over and killed so I thought I could just take a bone from it."
Prentiss simply scoffed, raising a hand to cut Elvis off.  "Well I 'ope you can do et all by yourzelf becauze I am 'aving no part in zhis!"
"Come on! I need a side kick! Im Peter pan and your my lost boy! Thats how it works, so you gotta damn come with me!"
That was some hard logic to object.
"F-Fine."  The boy sputtered, already feeling hair stand on the back of his neck.  This was going to be a damn night mare.
It had been easy enough to get the dirt from the graveyard, but the cat bone had proved to be troubling.  Every time Elvis tried to get to the cat, a car was coming.  Or maybe if a car was not on its way, a buzzard would be present and very unpleasant about sharing its meal.  It had taken Elvis a whole hour to just get close enough to the cat to get at the bone, not to mention having to pick the bone out of the rotting maze what was its corpse.  They managed though, and pretty soon were able to obtain everything they needed.  They took Prentiss's car to the cross road, it was small and wooded and they were not likely to be bothered there.  Prentiss stayed beside the car and watched as Elvis buried his box, his eyes nearly popping from his skill as he watched the shape of a women simply appear, filling in as the wind howled.
"You have summoned me."  She smiled, her eyes almost bleeding.
Elvis blinked at her, stepping back to keep a safe distance.  She was beautiful, he wondered how it was so.  But then he remembered that she stole souls for a living, and that wiped every bit of admiration he had for her, pretty or not.  She was a monster.
"My father traded his soul, so my mother would be cured of cancer."   He had not know how he was going to approach this, but he had always been a straight forward person.
"I know."  She was quick to answer, not even  allowing Elvis to finish his sentence before she intervene.  "I sealed the deal with him. He was a handsome man, stupid to give his life for another, but still strikingly sexy."  Her voice was like nails on a chalk board, screeching and high as she giggled.  "Dont tell me your here to sell your soul for his!"
"Im not."  Elvis snorted softly, fear climbing in his throat.  This was real.  She was truly a demon, she had his father soul.  She was going to drag his daddy to hell.
"I do want his soul back though. Im here to ask you what I can do."  He made sure to stand straight, strong.  Don't show her any fear.
"There is nothing you can do."  She laughed at him, laughed and laughed at him.  "You dont want to give me your soul, and you cant have his back. Your wasting your time."  
"No."  Elvis shook his head stubbornly, his fist clenched so tightly at his sides his finger nails had cut into his skin, and were drawing blood.  Hearing her reject him hurt, pained him so badly he had to fight for it.  This was his daddy's life, and just as his father had protected him his entire life, Elvis would protect him.
"I..."  He looked back to Prentiss, heart pounding in his chest.  "Im a hypocrite."  It was hissed to himself, before he turned back to the demon and snarled.  "Have my soul then! Just give his back!?"
"Oh why boy, your soul is not worth the trade."  She enjoyed the conflict on his face, the smell of his fear in the air.  He was only a boy, it was so rare for her to get them this young.
She missed it, missed being alive.  
How lucky they were to live, yet they are so willing to throw it away for the good of another person.  It made her f*cking sick to think about.
"Please!"  Elvis stepped closer, almost reaching out for her.  "He is my dad! He cant die! Not in just ten years! He wont see me marry and he wont be there for mom and he just...."
He wouldnt be there.
"Please."  Elvis asked again, his shoulders dropping.  "Please."
She watched him, is face solemn as she did so.  Of course she did not pity him, but it seemed as though this could be used to her advantage.
He was desperate.  Desperation brought out the worst in people.
"I want to live again.  You humans are so pathetic. throwing your lives away for loved ones.  Its sick, I wouldnt live like that..."  Her eyes steadied on Elvis, red against green. They stared, their eyes boring together.  
"Take my place."  She spoke finally, cocking her head to the side.  "Take my place and let me live, ill give his soul back, and even uphold the deal on your mother. "
Elvis almost agreed right then, excited to have finally broken through, but then it hit him.
Take her place?
"Like, become a demon?"  He blinked at her, all the relief draining from his face as she confirmed it.
"Elviz! Don't do it!"  He jumped as he felt Prentiss's hand on his arm, tugging him back away from the women.  "Zhiz ez madnezz! You cant do zhiz! " He was shaking his head furiously, pulling and pulling at his friends hand.
But Elvis was not budging.
"Become a demon."  He whispered to himself, ignoring Prentiss's urgent pleas for him to come back to the car.  How was he supposed to be a demon?  He couldn't deal with blood, much less having to carry someones soul away.  
"Come on, don't you want to save your daddy?"  The women cooed, excited at the chance she may be a living breathing human again.
His daddy.
Elvis clenched his eyes shut, his teeth baring together as everything flooded him at once.  His fathers hands, callused and strong from years of hard labor, and how they had laid him down to bed everynight.  The arms that held and rocked him, soothed him especially whenever  he was having a blood episode. His father, he remembered as santa Clause on Christmas.  The deep echo in his words as he tried to teach his son his native language.  This, and this, and this.  They continued to come, hitting him one after another until he had hit his knees.  Manuels laugh whenever he was proud, all the small things and words of encouragement.  Watching Peter Pan with his father for the first time as a child.  Listening to him sing softly to his mother when he had been sick.  His daddy.
"Okay."  He breathed out, an easy calmness washing over him.  "You got it, yeah."  His daddy.
"Great." The women was in his face then, her eyes taking him in, sucking his soul into the depths of hell where he would be configured.  It had all happened so fast that Elvis had not even had time to be afraid, he had been left with the feeling of love, all the love his father had left him with.
The women's eyes slowly faded from red to green, her body materializing until she was whole.  She was living, she had taken Elvis's place in the world.
"See you around." She waved her fingers at Prentiss as she slipped off in the dark of the night.
"E-Elviz!"  Prentiss squawked pitifully, his eyes wide with shock as he stared out at the cross roads.  Elvis was gone.  His body had been taken and formed to fit the women who was to take Elvis's place on Earth.  The boy turned himself around in circles, his heart beating so fast he felt it in his throat. He was afraid, Elvis had vanished and he was all alone.  But not for long was he the only being there, slowly the leaves began to rustle, wind sweeping in and freezing the air until Prentiss almost couldnt breath.
"Its over Prentiss."
"E-Elviz?"  The boy scrambled backwards, his eyes landing on the form of his friend.  Red eyes bore into him, burning deep into his soul.  He had come from nowhere, summoned up simply because a box had been buried, and Prentiss was still there.
"Im a demon, I guess..."  His brain had already been drilled, he needed no more teaching.  He was the underworlds newest crossroads demon, no longer holding the part of him that had played Peter Pan for crowds of children, he was forgetting to be human, and he already feared he would forget his family.  Being a demon meant being heartless.
He did not want to be heartless.
But it seemed he was not as in control as he had been, things were happening to him now, things he could not change.  All he could do was adapt and try his hardest to keep every little shred of his former self that he could.
"You need to go home Prentiss, yeah."  He sighed softly, his soul unbalanced with his conflict. He was afraid, he wanted his daddy.  He was never going to make it home.  
"Say you never seen me tonight and just go home."  
"How do you ez'pect me to do zhat!  You didn't tell me you we're going to do zhiz! It'z not fair, I did not- You can't..."  Prentiss was so overwhelmed, and all he wanted was Xavier.  He could not deal with this, Xavier would have stopped Elvis before he had ever gotten this far.  "Merde."  He cursed softly as tears pricked his eyes.  "'Ow am I to tell your parents your dead!? Or Zavier?"  
"You don't need to tell anyone, anything!"  Elvis retaliated, his anger so hot Prentiss could feel it.  "Just damn go home. Go home and forget."  All he wanted was his daddy.
"What about your mozt beloved? Zachariah?"  Prentiss pushed himself forward, his heart aching as his world tumbled.  His best friends was dead.  Xavier would be devastated.  He was devastated.  Zach and Augustus and Manuel too....
Elvis stared at Prentiss, his face contorted as though he were in pain. Zach.  How had he managed to get himself so f*cked up that he had forgotten about his Zach.  He didn't want to just disappear on his lover, he had not even gotten a last kiss.  He couldnt allow this.
He could not leave Zach.
"Tell him."  Elvis's eyes snapped to Prentiss, the red gleam nipping at the boys soul.  "Tell him how to summon me.  Him and only him.  And make sure he doesnt tell my family, yeah."
"Your a fool."  Prentiss cursed him one more time before he turned back to the vehicle, his knees wobbling as he tried to get back. Seeing Elvis that way hurt.  He was already losing everything.
He wasn't even Elvis anymore.
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A cross trade.
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