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 Break In.

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Keegan Keller


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PostSubject: Break In.   Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:35 pm

"He did what?!" Zach felt his heart stop as he stared at Prentiss in front of him.
But if course he  had already heard. Elvis was a demon. But he still could not believe his ears...
And this was how later that day, he and Xavier found themselves standing at the crossroads with a box in hand containing pictures of themselves, the bone of a black cat and dirt from a graveyard.
"You summoned me?" Elvis sighed and Zach could already sense the difference in his voice. It was so cold. But then the boy realized who it was.
"Zach!" He embraced his lover tightly and then glanced to Xavier. "I told Prentiss not to-"
"You really thought he'd keep something from me?" Xavier smirked softly, moving to embrace Elvis.
"I guess I should have known better. But shit, I miss you guys so-"
"Shut your fucking mouth." Zach snapped and Elvis was taken off guard. Zach never spoke like that.
"No. Don't babe me either you ass!" Zach shoved his chest lightly. "How the fuck could you do this? You didn't even think of me did you?! Didn't even think of how alone I am without you? You're all I've fucking got!" 
Zach was crying... Elvis could barely take it. 
"Zach... I-I I had to..."
"Bullshit! You could have thought! You could have asked me! You know I would have helped! Or at least came up with a different fucking plan!"
"I wasn't..."
"You weren't thinking. I know. Believe me, I know!" Zach growled, fisting away tears. "But I'm here. And you're going to fix it."
"How, darling?" Elvis asked.
"You're going to trade places with me."
"No way in hell!"
"I don't have any fucking humanity anyways! I won't be losing anything! You're the only one that loves me, it's okay."
"Zach, you're crazy!"
"I am not! Just do it Elvis. Do it or I swear to god I'll find another demon. One who will trade places with me and then well just both be demons together.and what sense does that make?"
"None, so just don't do it. You have to let me be, Zach. Or else the demons will get my daddy, and my mom will get sick and..." 
"Elvis, please!" Zach was begging now, sobs tearing past his lips. He never begged for anything...
"Zach, please... Don't do this to me..." Elvis pleaded, his voice just a whisper.
"Fine. I'm going." Zach shook his head, roughly wiping his tears away. As Elvis reached out to grab him, he angrily pulled away, stomping off towards Xavier's waiting car.
"Zach pack!" Elvis screamed, moving to run after him but being stopped by what appeared to be some sort of invisible force. He couldn't leave the crossroads...
Xavier sighed, shaking his head at Elvis. 
"I'll be back to see you, man. I don't know about Zach though..."
"Xavier please, you have to tell him to come see me..."
"I don't know if I can, babe... I think you fucked up with him..." Xavier leaned in, kissing Elvis's head. "I love you."
And with that, he was gone, leaving Elvis to disappear back down to his new home in hell. How did he always mess everything up? He'd just been trying to save his father...

When Zach and Xavier arrived at the car, Zach was still crying. But instead of having to comfort him, like Xavier had expected, Zach ordered him to drive the car to Trever's house.
Xavier frowned but did as he was told, and soon they were arriving at Trever's home.
"What are we doing?" Xavier questioned.
"If Elvis won't let me take his place, then I guess we're going down to get him." Zach said simply, wiping his bloodshot eyes as he disappeared into the home without knocking. Xavier reluctantly followed.
"Trever!" Zach yelled as they entered. "I need to use your special room! If you're in there, get out!"
"And just why should I let you?" Trever questioned, arching an eyebrow.
"Because I said so, fuckstick." Zachariah rolled his eyes, pushing past Trever and into the special room. Surprisingly to Xavier, Trever didn't object.
"Finn doesn't happen to be over, does he?" 
"Not at the moment, why?"
"I need him. We need all the help we can get." Zach nodded.
"Help with what? I can always be of assistance."
"Are you willing to help me break into hell and capture a demon?"
"No, because they aren't real? What are you smoking?"
Zach sighed and just shook his head.
"Never mind, just call Finn and ask him to come over?"
"Sure thing..." Trever paused on his way out the door. "Rhett and Kyndal are over if they could help?"
"Hmm..." Zach thought this over. "Yes, send them in." He nodded.
Trever nodded and disappeared.
A few minutes later, Rhett and Kyndal entered the room, looking quite confused.
"Treva said yar babblin about hell and demons?" Rhett arched an eyebrow.
"Just wait." Zach sighed. He waited until Finn got there before explaining. "Elvis made a deal with a demon, and we have to get into hell to save him. Got it?" 
"Ah got it. Don't know if ah believe it, but ah got it." Rhett nodded.
"Well believe it. I'm breaking into hell and capturing a demon to get them to give me Elvis. And whoever wants can come with me."
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Break In.
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