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 Forget Me Nots

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PostSubject: Forget Me Nots   Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:14 pm

Xavier paused as he came to his front door. He had been at work since early that morning, leaving Prentiss alone in his home. A smile graced his features as he reached for the large index card that had been taped to the entry way. This was a little odd, usually of course there would be a sticky note but that was all. Now in his hand was a bright white index card, with Prentiss's fancy scrawl on the front of it.

"I want to know how many scars you have, mon amour, so I can kiss them all."

A content sigh passed his lips, his heart heavy as he read over the note again, and again. Only Prentiss could have this effect on him, especially without even being around.
Moving to sit his keys on the hook by the door, another card was found wedged between the wall and the mantle for the hook. His fingers plucked it up, eyes skimming it over carefully.

"And memorize the shape of your tongue."

This was probably one of his games. Prentiss was never a boring person, he always proved to surprise Xavier, and especially when the man was getting home from work.
"I bet theres more." He looked around, his feet guiding him through the house. Glancing into the kitchen for Prentiss, his eyes zeroed in on another of the boys new cards. It was taped onto their refridgerator. Xavier wasted no time, his heart thuddering in his chest as he anticipated it.

"I want to climb the curve of your lower back."

He was certainly creative today, Xavier thought to himself as he pocketed the card with the others, his eyes always alert and on the hunt. This was something he loved about Prentiss, the notes, the loving reminders.
On his way down the hall, A series of the small piece of paper awaited him. They were spaced amung the wall, as he found them he read.

"And count your vertebrae,"

"Your ribs"

"Your fingers"

"Your goose bumps

His fingers carding through his hair, he felt more secure than he had in a long time. Prentiss loved him, obviously, and that gave him more confidence in himself, in them, than he could hardly bare.
He passed the bathroom, knocking to see if maybe Prentiss was in there. When nothing greeted him, he poked his head inside. All was normal.
Excerpt, taunting him from the mirror was another card, staring him down and seducing him to read.

"I want to chart the Topograhy of your anatomy, and be fluent in your body language."

"Huh..." He found these little notes to be oddly exotic, and more than a little arousing. It was simply one of the effects Prentiss had on him.
Slowly he stepped back out of the bathroom, turning his attention to their bedroom door. He could already see the outline of the card, and this drove him forward. His fingers were gentle peeling it away, his eyes slow as they moved over his lovers print. A warmness filled him as he read, his thumb delicately caressing the familiar writing.

"I want you, entire."

"Oh Prentiss....You already have me." He spoke with a gentleness he had never before known, his hand moving to turn the knob of the door. He pushed it open, his smile widening into a genuine grin as he settled his gaze on the small form atop the bed. Prentiss was sprawled out, eyes shut in blissful sleep.
Quietly Xaveir crept forward, careful as he pushed himself onto the bed. His knees on either side of the boy, arms holding him as he hovered just above Prentiss's face.
"I love you." He whispered tenderly as he swooped down, his lips landing almost possessively over Prentiss's.
Slowly, eye lashes fluttered as Prentiss was roused, his gaze unfocused and disoriented. It took him almost a full minute to realize what was happening, but when he did, he immediately panicked.

Out of reflex his arm jerked up, started and horrified he did the first thing he could think of; his fist connected with the side Xavier's head, knocking the man to the side and off of him.
"Qu'est-ce que tu fais!?" His voice was rattled with fear and alarm, he had scrambled back away from his lover so intently he had fallen from the bed himself.

"P-Prentiss?" Xavier sputtered, one of his hands rubbing hesitantly at the knot he could feel forming on his head. "What is wrong?" He was more worried for Prentiss than himself, rising to try and approach the boy.

"Back! arrière! Violeur!" With ever step Xavier took towards him, Prentiss became more and more intent to get out, to get away from this stranger.

"Prentiss? Calm down, its okay! Just tell me whats wrong!" The man exclaimed, bending down to try and coax Prentiss to relax.
"Wh-Who are you? Wh-Where am I?" The boy lunged forward, shoving Xavier away fiercely as he did so.

"Who am I?" Xavier stumbled back, staring at the disoriented boy in front of him. "Prentiss, darling, its me."
Prentiss simply shook his head, tears welling in his hazed golden eyes. "I-I dont know you! Stay back!"

"I...." Xavier numbly turned, striding back away from the bedroom. He shut the door behind him, and then proceeded to slide down its hard surface, landing himself on the floor. He didnt know what to do, or what was happening, but obviously his presence was only further stressing Prentiss out further.
"What is happening?" He whispered softly, cringing every time he could hear Prentiss's frantic cries.
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Forget Me Nots
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