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PostSubject: Fifty   Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:46 am

This is going to be a series of little mini fics. Some of them are really short and some are long. I'm going to end up writing fifty of them, but it's taking me forever so it's just like five for now. Woo. Ignore that there is no number 2. That's the one that had the new person for Perry Smile

1) Touch
"What are you doing?" Higgy questioned lightly, his eyes slipping open to glance over at his lover. They were laying in bed together and he'd been just about to drift off into a peaceful sleep when Keegan had woken him.
"Just checking something." Keegan smirked, shaking his head. He'd known Higgy had been about to fall asleep, but he couldn't help himself. He'd reached out a hand and gently pressed it against Higgy's cheek, his fingers coming to rest just beneath the man's ear.
"Checking what?" Higgy sighed, opening his eyes the whole way and reaching out to wrap his arms around Keegan's waist.
"Just making sure you're... real. And this isn't all a dream." Keegan grinned, leaning in to press a kiss to the man's lips before he pulled back, allowing himself to curl up under the blankets and rest once more.

3) Risk
Xavier sat in bed late at night, smiling down at his lover curled up and snoring peacefully beside him. Prentiss was beautiful, especially like this...
He then reached under his bed for the envelope in hopes of rereading the paper inside that he'd looked at so many times, it was almost falling apart.
They were results, sent from a doctor.
He reread the words at the bottom of the page for the thousandth time although he was sure he had them memorized.
"Being HIV/AIDS positive shouldn't discourage you from your desire of being a parent. After all, there's only a 25% chance the disease will be passed on to your offspring."
25 percent.
1/4th of a chance that he would ruin an innocent child's life.
He went through this almost every night nowadays.
Was it worth it?
Did he want to take the chance?
He knew they would have to go through the processes of sperm washing and artificial insemination. And these would both lower the risk substantially.
But any risk at all was too much for Xavier.
There was the risk of passing the disease on to his child, of course. But there was also the added risk of giving Prentiss the disease as well. And that was something he knew he could not deal with.
So with a sigh and a heavy heart, he tucked the paper back into its envelope and placed it back in its spot under the bed.
He wouldn't risk his lover and his unconceived child.
No matter how much he wanted to be a father.
No matter how much he wanted a tough little boy to play sports with and to tease Prentiss with.
No matter how much he wanted a beautiful daughter to spoil and to pamper and to comfort when she got hurt.
No matter how much he wanted to hear the words "I love you daddy." More than anything in the world.
No matter what he wanted, he knew he simply couldn't take the risk.
4) Blood.
Trever laid down on the cool metal table, cuffs restricting the movement of all his limbs. Although he liked pain, he disliked being helpless, so this normally was not a situation he would enjoy.
But it was okay, occasionally.
Only when it was Zachariah on top of him...
Zach was currently straddling his waist, grinning as he sat there, impaled on Trever's rock hard erection. But he wasn't moving.
If this was a good day, they could both get off without Zach bouncing a single time. Trever being inside of him was just to help them feel closer, connected.
Trever found him truly gorgeous, his dreads pooling around his tanned shoulders, his lower lip tucked adorably in between his teeth. Something less adorable, although extremely arousing to Trever, was the weapon that the boy held in his hands.
The knife Zach currently held had a long, thin blade. Perfect for sculpting. But there were many more on the table beside them of all shapes and sizes, along with other weapons. All of which Trever couldn't wait to have used on him.
Zach adored Trever's masochism. Nothing turned him on more than watching someone begging for more while he was torturing them instead of struggling like usual. Trever was like his own personal practice dummy. He often tried out new techniques on Trever, seeing how successful they were. And Trever didn't mind one bit.
Trever loved pain during sex, which was well known. But Zach took it to a whole new level. Zach was the only person Trever had ever known who was as sadistic as he was. Trever had had lovers before who tried to hurt him in bed to make him feel good. But no one did it as well as Zach. And when it was Zach, Trever could always relax afterwards and not have to worry about bleeding out, being that Zachariah knew everything about the human body and wasn't foolish enough to injure something important that would cause extreme damage.
"Are you ready?" Zach purred, letting the tip of the blade teasingly trace around Trever's groin.
Trever nodded, a small smirk on his face as he watched the boy above him. The second he finished nodding, the knife was plunged into his chest.
He let out a gasp which turned into a sigh of relief as he let his eyes slip shut, enjoying the pain. Zach let the knife rest in its entry point for a moment, right underneath Trever's right nipple before trailing it down sharply, only a few inches, and then pulling the knife out, watching the blood trickle from the wound.
Trever let out a moan, opening his eyes to watch the blood. Or rather, watch Zach's eyes as he watched the blood. Zachariah always held a sense of wonder in his eyes when he looked at blood. Something about the substance just mesmerized him. And Trever loved watching it.
"Can you handle anything tonight?" Zach questioned softly as he dipped a finger in the blood oozing around Trever's chest, bringing the finger to his lips to lick it slowly, savoring the metallic taste.
Trever nearly let out a growl of pleasure, something unsual for him. But watching Zach licking his finger clean, his eyes closed in peaceful ecstasy was enough to make him want to throw the boy down and fuck the shit out of him.
But he calmed himself, knowing that his orgasms were always better this way. Good things come to those who wait.
"I can handle anything you want to do." Trever responded, his eyes sincere.
If it was anyone else, he would have bothered to tell them that his ass was off limits, but this was Zachariah. He trusted Zach absolutely and knew the boy would never go anywhere near his rear.
"Good." Zach grinned. "Now trust me." He nodded.
Trever didn't question him. He assumed if the boy was telling Trever to trust him, it meant he was about to do something that would seem risky or bring Trever to the brink of death. And Trever did trust him. He trusted him completely.
Zach grasped the knife firmly in both hands, bringing them together over his head before bringing them down quickly and plunging the knife into Trever's abdomen.
Trever howled in pain and pleasure, his back arching off of the table. This would seem risky to most, but Zach had stabbed him in a non important area, and it was only about an inch deep at most. So Trever let him continue, his cock aching inside of the boy's tight entrance.
Zach was concentrating completely as he began to drag the knife around across Trever's stomach in precise patterns.
Trever watched him curiously, not understanding until the knife was withdrawn and Zach smiled fondly.
As the cut began to bleed, the design Zach had drawn with incisions began to look like an artwork. Zach had made a beautiful creation with the ruby red liquid that only he and Trever were around to appreciate.
Trever was in so much pain, it was glorious. He could barely control the slow rocking of his hips as Zach reached up to uncuff his right hand. He arched an eyebrow but didn't speak as Zach pressed the knife into the top of his forearm, trailing it down lightly and making gentle designs on the back of his hand, curling around onto his index finger. The cut ended with a deep slice to the top of his index finger.
Trever let out soft pants as he watched the loving way in which Zach sliced him open. He didn't understand how Zach could be so sadistic and yet so innocent... Zach was staring at the cut on Trever's hand with amazement in his eyes, a childlike innocence.
And then, just like that, his gaze turned into a seductive one as he grasped Trever's wrist gently, pulling the man's hand closer to him until he could take the bleeding finger into his mouth. His tongue ran over a small vein, tracing it over and over again as his teeth scraped against the cut, agitating it even more.
Trever groaned the whole time, once again wondering how Zach could be all of these things at once. Innocent, sadistic, seductive... and so many more, wrapped up in one gorgeous package.
Finally, Zach pulled back, exchanging his small knife for a huge, butcher knife. Trever grinned in anticipation, but to his surprise, Zach didn't use it on him.
Zach hated pain, but he pressed the large knife to his own forearm, in one swift movement peeling off a large hunk of skin, blood immediately running heavily from the wound. He extended his arm to Trever, who didn't have to ask what to do. He took his free, wounded hand and grasped Zach's wrist, bringing the arm closer to his face and allowed his tongue to run over the laceration. The bitter red liquid poured into his mouth and smeared against his cheeks but he didn't care. He didn't stop lapping up the substance until Zach pulled back.
Zach stared at him for a moment before leaning forward with his knife to make Trever's arm wound worse, slicing it just a bit more. And as it began to bleed worse, he pressed their arms together. Trever couldn't tell exactly what it was, but something was so arousing about this feeling of their injuries pressed together, their blood mingling and mixing. It made Zach moan for the first time, shifting his hips forward to press Trever deeper inside of him.
The next thing Trever knew, they were kissing, Zach's arms wrapped tightly around Trever's neck. Trever couldn't hold onto Zach like he desired, being that he was cuffed, but his free arm came around to claw at Zach's shoulder blade and dreadlocks, pressing him closer. For the first time, Trever felt Zach's erection pressing tight against his bloody abdomen, the boy's precum dripping down onto him, their fluids swirled together on Trever's stomach
"Move?" Zach panted and Trever nodded furiously in agreement. They knew they could cum without moving, they'd done so before. But this required waiting. And although they knew that good things came to those who waited, the last thing they wanted to do was wait any longer.
So they didn't.
Zach began bouncing vigorously on Trever's member, their lips pressed together tightly. They soon pulled apart for air and as Trever took over most of the work, thrusting his hips upwards into Zach's tight passage, Zach leaned in, pressing his face into the crook of Trever's neck. He inhaled deeply, taking in the man's scent and moaning loudly, louder than Trever had ever heard him.
"Zach!" Trever groaned lowly, his hips burning as he worked them harder and harder, holding Zach closer in bliss.
Zach bit down hard on Trever's neck, his lips closing around the man's flesh in between his mouth as the bite began to bleed. Trever followed his lead, leaning in and biting down on the spot where Zach's neck met his shoulder, lapping up the blood that he drew. Zach held Trever as close as he could, reaching out to grasp his lover's hand, sqeezing it tight as he screamed in pleasure.
And this was how they reached their climax, their teeth on each other's necks, their bodies pressed against one another, hands clasped together, screaming the other's name.
Zach shuddered as he collapsed on top of Trever's chest, curling up and relaxing even as they both lost great amounts of blood. He knew they wouldn't die.
And even if they did, at least he would die in Trever's arms. And that was all that mattered.
5) Love
Junious whined loudly, his nails digging deep into David's back, clawing down slowly as he moaned.
David let out a slow, hiss of pain but he truly didn't mind it. In fact he adored it. He loved how passionate Junious was in bed, something Dewayne simply never was anymore.
Junious was moaning and groaning, speaking David's name nearly every five seconds. His legs were wrapped tightly around David's waist, his nails in the man's back, his eyes clenched shut tight as David showed him pleasure he'd never known before.
The bed rocked slowly as they made love, David's face pressed into Junious's neck, nipping and sucking at the skin.
"Oh, darling..." David groaned softly, pausing with his thrusts to just feel Junious around him.
"Daviiiid." The boy let out a drawn out whine. "Please move." He panted softly, hair fanning out on the pillow beneath his head. Then, a second later he glared up at his lover. "Did I say you could fucking stop?"
David just laughed, kissing Junious gently before he began to move again. His hips were quick, his member being thrusted in and out of Junious's tight entrance at a rather fast pace. But it wasn't rough. This was making love, there was no doubt about it. They both knew this.
However, what they didn't know was that Dewayne had arrived home earlier than usual. The second he opened the door, he knew something was wrong. He made his way inside, frowning as he walked through the home, wondering where his lover was. Then he noticed, their bedroom door was open.
He stepped into the doorway, and his jaw dropped at the sight that met him. He could barely stand to look at it, and yet he couldn't look away.
David, HIS David, on top of someone else. To make matters even worse, it was in their bed... And the words he heard David speak next made him want to vomit.
"I love you, Junious." David murmured, his face buried in the boy's neck. "I love you so much. God, you're so beautiful..."
"You love him?" Dewayne finally spoke up. "Well you said that to me this morning, and clearly it doesn't mean much. I wouldn't get your hopes up, Junious." His voice tried to sound hateful, but it just trembled with tears that were threatening to fall from his eyes.
"Dewayne!" David exclaimed, immediately standing and throwing the blanket over Junious to cover him up in case he didn't want to be seen like this.
"Don't you fucking talk to me." Dewayne snapped, backing away from his husband.
"Dewayne I never meant for you to find out like this... I..."
"How could you?" Dewayne shook his head.
"Easy." Junious spoke up from the bed and it was clear that he'd had another personality change. "You couldn't give him what he wanted. And I can." He grinned.
"Everyone told me..." Dewayne hung his head, tears beginning to drip down his cheeks. He could remember a time when David would have been in physical pain to see him cry. Now, the man just stood there and watched. "I said you'd been acting different... I told them what I meant and they all said that I should put in cameras, hire one of those stupid reality shows that catch cheaters. They all said there was no doubt that you were sleeping with someone else. But I... I didn't believe them. I told them you loved me too much to do that... Told them you would never hurt me like that. Do you love me, David?" Dewayne sighed, his shoulders trembling with tears as he looked up to stare at his husband.
"I... I did, Dewayne. I loved you with all my heart." It still hurt a little to see Dewayne so hurt. He didn't want to think of what he was doing to the man he'd once loved. "But... do you want the truth?" David reached out to take Dewayne's face in his hand, caressing his cheek gently.
Dewayne nodded in response.
"The truth is... I haven't loved you in years." David sighed and it hurt him to see Dewayne's face fall.
"Then why did you pretend to...?" Dewayne whispered.
"Because... I was trying to hold on to something that just wasn't there anymore. I tried so hard to feel for you again like I did when we first met. But it's just... not possible."
"I thought we were forever..." Dewayne shook his head, turning away as David reached out for him.
"I'm so sorry..."
"Get out." Dewayne said simply, hanging his head.
David nodded, turning to grab his clothing. He dressed quickly, not bothering to point out that this was HIS house. He would let Dewayne have this. He truly felt horrible for this.
He handed Junious his clothes and waited, about to head out the door when Dewayne grabbed him.
"One more thing... David, how long have you been sleeping with him?"
"Ten months, sixteen days." David spoke without having to think about it.
Dewayne swallowed hard and simply nodded.
"Okay." Dewayne sighed, watching David turn once again before speaking out. "David?"
"I... I love you, okay?"
"Okay, darling."
(This one hurt my heart to write ><)

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