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 You'll Never See Me Cry

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Livius Levine


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PostSubject: You'll Never See Me Cry   Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:54 am

I had a 2 hour delay this morning cause of the cold so I wrote you an Eric fic! Woot! Sorry if Briley doesn't work for the later scene in this, but he was the first person of yours I thought of >< Also, yes, Eric is watching Supernatural heheh. I hope you like it!

"God, please tell me you're not getting jealous. He does enough of that shit." Christophe groaned softly at Eric as the man's fingers carded through his hair.
"Of course I'm not. Do you think I'm really jealous of someone who can't even pronounce your name correctly?" Eric smirked softly. "Although I am questioning something about him? Does he have a fetish or something with you being filthy because I swear, you NEVER bathe when you're over there." He teased.
"Shut up." Christophe groaned. "He spends time with me while I'm over there and doesn't harass me about stupid shit like bathing."
"Bathing is important, Christophe!" Eric protested, almost laughing at the ridiculousness of this conversation. "If he wants to spend time with you, he can shower with you. I always shower with you."
"Bathing is a waste of time."
"You should probably get another shower before you leave." Eric hummed. "Since God knows you're not going to get one over there."
"Get another one? I just showered with you four days ago!" He groaned.
"Yes, and that is very good. But you are supposed to bathe every day, why do you not understand this?" Eric chuckled as he kissed the man's cheek.
"Because it's stupid." Christophe muttered, though he leaned in to kiss Eric gently. "I'll be back eventually, okay?"
"I know. You'll be back with some new injuries and just as filthy as you always are." Eric flashed the man a soft smile.
"Right." Christophe nodded as he grabbed his bag and moved toward the door. "Bye."
"Goodbye." Eric sighed.
They just stared for a moment and then Eric lunged forward to capture the man's lips in a deep kiss. It was the kind they always shared and Christophe would never admit that he'd actually been waiting for it. He held Eric close to him until they broke apart and then he slipped out the front door without another word.
With Livius, Christophe left in the middle of the night and when he returned he got nothing but a hello and a smile before the man cleaned up his wounds. Livius didn't bother questioning him and asking what he had done. The man was just pleased to have him back. Wtih Eric, however, the boy insisted that he wake him before leaving and always subjected him to questioning when he returned.
The two men that both seemed to have broken through Christophe's hard exterior were different in many ways. But they both accepted Christophe's lifestyle and each other. Even Christophe wasn't sure why. Was he missing something extraordinary about himself that made him worth loving? No matter what it was, he was glad they both put up with him. He rarely admit it but he loved the both of them and didn't know where he would be if they didn't feel the same.
Although they both accepted that Christophe was with someone else, that didn't mean they liked it. Livius was the main offender. Christophe had learned soon after he got with Eric that Livius's name meant envy and the man certainly lived up to that expectation. The man didn't want to put his foot down and tell Christophe he couldn't be with other people, but he definitely made it known that he didn't like it.
Livius had a tendency to text Christophe while he was at Eric's, sending him pictures of himself nude or in bed. And while Christophe appreciated these when he missed the man, Eric certainly did not. On occasion, the man would also videochat with Christophe, if he had time when Eric was not around. While Christophe had Eric, Livius had no one when his lover was gone and he truly did miss him. But this also worked as a way to piss Eric off if he found Christophe videochatting with him.
When Christophe arrived at Livius's house, he practically let himself collapse in the man's arms as he was hugged close to his chest. Their lips met and Livius held him in a passionate embrace as he led him inside.
"I 'ave been missing of you." Livius murmured against Christophe's lips. It was simply the way he said "I missed you." But with his limited knowledge of English he said "I have been missing of you." And Christophe found that he enjoyed it better this way. It sounded like while he was gone, a part of Livius was literally missing.
"I've been missing of you too." Christophe chuckled softly, allowing himself to relax in Livius's arms, kissing him deeply.
"Are you tired?" Livius questioned, his eyes soft and inquiring as he ran a hand through Christophe's shaggy brown hair.
Of course he was. But he knew why Livius was asking. The man was asking if he was too tired to make love and so he shook his head no with a soft smile.
"Put me down, you bitch!" Christophe groaned as he was scooped off of his feet. But he wasn't off of his feet for long as Livius moved swiftly up the stairs and sat him in their bed. Only a second later, the man was on top of him, rubbing and kissing and groaning and he enjoyed every second of it.
Meanwhile, at his other home, Eric was on the couch curled under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn as he watched Netflix on his television.
"Bullshit! Dean goddamnit!" He groaned, hiding his face in his pillow as his phone went off with a new text. He opened his phone and saw it was from Livius's number. Wonderful. He wasn't sure what he'd expected but it certainly wasn't what he got. A picture of Christophe deepthroating Livius's dick. He nearly shouted out in shock, but ended up simply staring at the picture with wide eyes. Fuck Livius. He sighed, trying to shake it off and put the phone down, but then it rang. Someone was calling.
He didn't even have to look to know it was Livius. Against his better judgement, he put the phone to his ear. He said nothing, and he didn't have to. All he could hear were moans and groans and it made him ache. He knew it shouldn't. After all, he and Christophe did the same thing when they were together. He simply didn't know why Livius had to be such a dick about it. It became clear as to the man's purpose in calling as the call went on.
"Tell me you love me more." Livius murmured to Christophe and a lump caught in Eric's throat.
"Livius." Christophe groaned.
"Tell me, Christophe." Livius purred and by the way Christophe cursed him, he could only imagine what the man was refusing to do unless Christophe said this.
"Livius, this isn't about him. It's about you and me." Christophe sighed, though his voice shook with pleasure.
"Christophe, do you want to finish?" Christophe apparently nodded in response to this. "Then say it." Livius whispered.
"I love you more." Came Christophe's moan. "I love you more than I've ever loved him."
Livius moaned and went through with whatever he'd been keeping from Christophe, which was made clear by the loud shouts that followed. Under all the shouting and moaning, Eric heard Livius whisper into the phone.
"'E was mine first." And then the line went dead.
Eric couldn't breathe at first, the blinding pain in his chest not allowing it. He tried to tell himself that Christophe had just been in pleasure, it didn't mean his words were true. But it was bullshit because he'd known that all along deep down and just had never admitted it to himself.
He was never important to anyone, never a first choice and he normally made himself be okay with that. As long as he kept laughing and pretending he was okay, it couldn't hurt him. But he couldn't laugh now as his heart felt like it was being torn from his chest so the pain hit him full force and he nearly had to double over on the couch, clutching his stomach. Someone on the screen from his show had been shot in the chest and it would have been kind of funny if he hadn't been crying, because that was exactly how he felt.
He thought of movies he'd seen and he knew he'd witnessed scenes like this a thousand times. Someone is hurt/cheated on/abused by their lover. Then comes the montage with empowering music as the boy/girl transforms into a sexy badass and breaks their lover's heart to get revenge.
But this is not how he wants his story to go. He demands a rewrite. He is not the type for a sexy transformation, he knows that much. But he needs to go out tonight regardless. Who knows what could happen?
So, while at Livius's home Christophe demanded to know why he had heard the man's phone on, Eric got dressed and went out to the nearest bar.
And when Christophe finally got Livius to admit to calling Eric and making him listen to them, he cursed the man out and called his lover and was shocked when Eric didn't answer. He knew Eric did nothing but watch his goddamn shows. So where was he?
Eric had arrived at a bar, but he sat at a table by himself, not sure where to go from here. Luckily, he didn't have to decide, because a few moments later, a drink was delivered to his table. It made him feel quite pleased to think that he was being hit on. And he didn't even have his sexy transformation montage! Ha, take that movie directors! He was going to ask the waitress who had bought it for him, but he didn't have to because a moment later, a man had approached and sat at his table.
"I hope you liked the drink. Wasn't sure what you liked." The man smirked softly and Eric simply smiled.
"It was my favorite." Tequila. What could possibly be a better way to make yourself forget everything?
"Guess I got lucky then." The guy grinned and Eric found that he grinned too. This stranger had a wonderful smile.
"I guess you did." Eric chuckled.
"So, do I need to punch the guy who hurt you?"
Eric blinked at this, staring at the man strangely.
"How did you..." How could he possibly know?
"No one sits at a table alone, sadly staring into a glass of water unless they've been hurt." The guy gave him a sad smile. "I thought I was right in guessing that but I'm sorry I am..."
Eric sighed, his eyes flickering to the man's hand, which had moved to grasp his across the table.
He knew he was just being hit on. He knew this man just wanted to fuck him. For all he knew, this guy could be a serial killer and was planning to lure him home and torture him. He knew that after tonight, he would be just another face on this guy's fuck list.
And he knew that he didn't care. He just wanted to feel special for a night. And if this man would give him that, then he would gladly spread his legs.
"I'm Eric." He smirked.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Briley."
"You're right, I was hurt. But I have a feeling you can make me feel better." He smiled lightly.
"I think I can do that." Briley gave a sly grin and Eric let out a sigh of relief.
Sexual innuendos were too much work for him. He let Briley take his hand as he downed the rest of his tequila, his head spinning. He followed Briley out of the bar and to his car where the man drove them to Eric's house upon the boy's directions. Briley had informed him that he lived with his family and Eric was not about to have angry parents walking in on them. Though he felt a bit uncomfortable as he led Briley to the bedroom once they arrived, passing his couch still surrounded by his snacks and blankets. He noticed his cellphone on the table, showing that he had five missed calls, all from Christophe. He pushed the thought off as he and Briley made their way to the bedroom.
He pushed the thoughts away and kept them out of his mind all night. He didn't think of Christophe as he was screaming in pleasure. He didn't think of Christophe as he heard Briley screaming his name. He didn't think of Christophe when he was cumming and feeling Briley cum inside of him. He didn't think of Christophe as they crept back downstairs naked and curled up on the couch and watched Eric's shows together. He didn't think of Christophe until his phone rang once more and he spent the rest of his night crying into Briley's chest.
Finally, the night ended with Briley giving him his number and kissing his cheek before bidding him goodbye.
Eric sighed as he was left alone and the thoughts once again pushed their way back into his mind. And then the phone rang again.
This time, he reluctantly answered.
"Hey! Christophe!" He forced himself to sound happy.
"I know what Livius did and I'm... really sorry." Christophe spoke, his accent thick as he apologized.
"What? Oh that. No big deal. He's a prick, I knew that."
"Eric, you don't have to do that shit."
"Do what?"
"Pretend you're okay."
"But I am okay."
"Why weren't you answering my calls?"
"I was out."
"You don't go out."
"Well I did tonight."
"Because I felt like it."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be." Eric's grin was still plastered on, so wide it hurt.
"I... I love you."
Eric laughed, loud and fake. "I love you too."
"Don't laugh if it's not real." Christophe sighed.
"Then what the hell do you want me to do? Do you want me to cry to you? Because if that's what you're hoping for, I'm sorry, but I can't do it." Even as he showed how upset he was, his voice was still cheery like it always was.
"I gotta go." Eric said simply and snapped the phone shut before Christophe could reply.
He needed to cry and no one was going to see him do it.
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You'll Never See Me Cry
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