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 Of Sob Stories & Sweatshirts

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Eric Hargrove


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PostSubject: Of Sob Stories & Sweatshirts   Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:44 pm

Okay, so none of this has to happen heheh. I don't know if we're keeping Jeffrey or Zach and Elvis are splitting up or anything, really. I have no clue where that thread is going heheh. I just got this idea and went with it.

Elvis smiled softly as he sat on the couch at the gettogether, glancing over to Jeffrey who was nervously talking to Jasey about something while the boy babied him.
"You poor thing!" Elvis could hear Jasey coo and he smirked lightly.
This was the first gettogether he'd taken Jeffrey to and the boy appeared to be doing well. It'd been nearly three months since they'd met and Zach had tortured Jeff and the boy was finally ready to go out again. He still looked almost like a war veteran with all his scars. He still had stitches on nearly every part of his body.
Despite that they'd been together practically 24/7, Elvis and Jeffrey weren't together romantically. Elvis wasn't even sure if he was ready to date again yet. The only thing they had done was when Elvis helped the boy try to get feeling back in his member and neither of them thought that counted anyways.
But Elvis loved Jeffrey, at least as a friend, and he was pretty sure the boy felt the same. So he'd made up an elaborate story about how Jeffrey had been kidnapped and tortured and had ended up kicking the asses of his attackers and now he still lived to tell the tale. He'd done this just so all the submissive men would want to flock around him and coddle him and comfort him which was just what Jeffrey needed. He had also left Zach out of the story just because he still loved the boy and didn't want to ruin his reputation. He saw how people acted around Trever and even though Zach might deserve it, he didn't want that.
As he thought about Zach, his eyes slowly trailed from Jeffrey and Jasey over to Zach. The boy sat on the opposite side of the room, beside Trever, his eyes downcast and some of his dreadlocks hanging in his face. It still made his heart ache to see the boy. He hated it, hated how he still wanted his Zachpack back. But it wasn't his Zach anymore...
At this point, Zach glanced up and their eyes met. Elvis quickly looked away, dragging a hand through his hair with a sigh. He moved to find Xavier, smiling lightly as he was hugged into the man's chest.
"How are you holding up?" Xavier murmured. He was one of the people who knew the real story and he knew how Elvis was struggling.
"Pretty bad, yeah." Elvis sighed.
"I'm sorry." Xavier frowned deeply, holding his former lover close.
Elvis simply nodded, allowing himself to be held.
"Why don't you talk to him?"
"I don't want to. I can't look at him the same."
"Well you might not have a choice." Xavier frowned and Elvis looked at him curiously. Xavier pointed to where Zach was making his way towards them.
Elvis nervously sat up, looking up at Zach as he arrived and stood in front of them.
"Elvis... can I talk to you? Alone, maybe?" Zach frowned nervously.
"Not alone. I don't trust you." Elvis glanced away.
"Elvis." Zach sighed, the pain showing in his eyes.
"Not alone. If Xavier can come with me, then we can talk."
"Okay..." Zach nodded. "Come into the kitchen." He spoke softly and turned to make his way into the kitchen.
Elvis nervously looked back at Xavier, but the man nudged him on, following him after Zach into the kitchen.
When they arrived, Xavier moved into a corner, giving them privacy while still watching. Elvis nervously moved forward to stand in front of Zach.
"I miss you, Elvis. So much..." Zach sighed.
"You know I miss you too but I can't be with you, yeah..." Elvis shook his head, refusing to look the boy in the eyes.
"I'm sorry you had to find out like that... I... Elvis, I never meant it to happen like that. I'm sorry. Just know, I'd never hurt you or anyone I cared about-"
"But you'd hurt Jeffrey?"
"You didn't bother to ask questions. You just assumed he was some scumbag. No one deserves to be hurt like that, Zach. Especially not when they're actually a decent person."
"I know, Elvis. I was helping Trever. He... he asked me to help him and I...I'm so sorry." Zach looked away this time, sighing.
"Is this all you wanted to talk about?" Elvis sighed.
"No..." Zach shook his head. "There's something I haven't told you."
"Something else?" Elvis sighed. "If it's about... that... or Trever... or anything like that, I don't want to hear it." He held his hands over his ears as if to demonstrate how much he didn't want to hear it.
"It's not... Elvis..." Zach swallowed hard as he gently took one of Elvis's hands in his own, removing it from his ear. "It's about us."
"Then I'm listening." Elvis nodded slowly, lowering his hands and looking at Zach even though it pained him.
Until now, it hadn't occured to Elvis to wonder why Zach was wearing such a huge sweatshirt that hung off of him when he usually liked to wear tight tank tops. But it became clear to him as Zach slowly picked up the hem of the shirt and lifted it up to reveal his stomach which was round and swollen.
"I'm pregnant." Zach's voice was nearly trembling with nerves.
Elvis's jaw dropped, as did Xavier's as he watched.
"Pregnant?" Elvis blinked, his mind not wanting to comprehend the meaning of that word.
"Pregnant." Zachariah confirmed. "I found out the day of the... you know. I was going to tell you but then everything happened and I..."
"It's mine, yeah?" Elvis questioned, reaching out a hand to caress the boy's stomach gently.
"Of course it's yours. I haven't been with anyone else since we've met."
"Not even these past few months?" Elvis frowned. He'd been wary since Zach had been staying with Trever.
"No. I haven't." He hadn't even thought of that. He'd missed Elvis far too much to sleep with someone else.
"You don't have to get back with me just because of it, though. I just wanted to tell you. Because unless you want it... I... I was thinking about getting an abortion."
"I want it." Elvis spoke immediately, his gaze flickering up to Zach's.
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Of Sob Stories & Sweatshirts
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