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Dom Perry Toretto


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PostSubject: Mine   Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:45 am

A large thud sounded ad Trever Murdock's back thumped against the hard dry wall, the smaller man sputtering to get out any words, any at all as Perry held him, pressed to the wall by his neck.
"Thought you could kill me and get away with it?"
"L-Let me go." Trever lashed out, trying to strike the man who had tormented him though his childhood.
"Oh no, Trever when will you learn? You are MINE. I keep my possession's close."
"N-No! I dont belong to ANYONE!!" Trever screamed at him, his eyes darting around wildly for anything he could use to help himself. He was not stupid, he knew what Perry would do if given the chance.
But there was no use....
And they both knew that.
Again that night, Perry claimed Trever as his.

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