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 Open When You're....

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Christophe De'Lorne


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PostSubject: Open When You're....   Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:26 pm

Kyndal/Rhett Open When: You feel worthless

Kyndal huffed softly, flopped down onto the large bed he shared with his burly lover.  His son, the oldest one, was being a total f*cking prick.  Cove never thought twice about insulting him! And as a mother that hurt.  It made him feel degraded, as though Cove were singling him about and he didn't understand why. Sitting up, he slid off the bed in favor of going to the closet.  Rhett had put it up top,of course, so Kyndal was forced to do some major acrobatics to get to the top, but once there he managed to wrangle the small box of letters down and onto the floor.  Sitting next to them, he opened the box and began shuffling around.
"Open when: You're stressed out."
Kyndal considered it, clicking his tongue and deciding to try for a better one to match his mood.
"Open When: Someone is bullying you."
Could be, but not quite.  Cove wasnt a bully, just an ass.
Finally he held the pick of them in his hands, smiling down at the dark press of his lover.
"Open when:  You feel worthless."
Cove made him feel like sh*t.  And so, he opened his letter and began to read.

Shortstack, I don't waste time on anything, especially my lover.  Men would die to be in your favor( because I will kill them if they try to get in your favor). You see, I need you all to myself.  Your the most valuable possession I claim to own.  My life revolves around your stupid bitchy whelms and your slutty quirks.  You are every bit worthy my life.  Kyndal, I cannot tell you how much I truly appreciate your putting up with me.  My temper is the worst.  I hurt you emotionally and physically and still you continue to stand with me.  There had been times when I have made you seem weak, though your not.  You have been through hell in your life and you are still striving for the future. Im just an asshole.  I cant much help that, but you take it in strides and you still gave me Cove and Kelly.  That should sum it up easy enough.  You are the mother of my children. The most important thing in my life other than my boys.  If you ever feel worthless, you have to tell me.  I know sometimes I don't quite get it at first but I will, and when I do ill be sure to show you just how important you truly are.  But heaven forbid, if I am the one making you feel worthless, you beat my ass.  No. Actually you call Barry to beat my ass because there should never be a moment where I make my shortstack feel worthless.  I have done it before.  I have regretted it every day since.  Love, Shortstack, is a very troublesome thing. Your worth it though.

Elvis/Xavier Open when : You are worried about the future

Xavier groaned as he dropped to his knees, pulling everything out from under his bed.  Prentiss was wanting to do some kind of spring cleaning, and while the boy was in the living room tidying up, Xavier was in his bed room.  Sitting up, he blinked down at the object he had pulled out.  It was a box of letters.  
Letters from Elvis.
He reached into them, randomely taking one in hand.  He opened it hurridly but gently, unable to carelessly rip something given to him by Elvis.
"Open when: You are worried about the future." Elvis's print was neat, as though he had taken much time in writing it.
Xavier slipped the paper out, and began reading.

Why even waste your time worrying about the future?  You know as long as I got you and you got me everything is going to be fine.  I know you worry though, I mean you have reason too, everyone does.  But i'm going to take care of you Xavier Malone, i'll be at your every beck and call, just like always.  When your sick i'll make you soup and hold your hair.  Money wont be a problem, your tattoo shop is booming.  Plus were doing great as Peter Pan and Captain Hook! When your pissed at me I promise to wait on you, until you come around and accept my apology kisses.  You can never stay made at me for long, you love me too much.  So see, we're just going to be stuck together! That going to be our future, yeah.  We can get married, and I want to have kids.  Babies Xavier! Just think about it! Little carbon copies of me and you running around.  And I know your rocky on the idea right now but give it time.  Just today I was reading the paper and there was a congratulatory slot filled with the photo of a newborn in its mothers arms.  It said the mother had HIV, and the baby did't!  How wonderful is that Xavier?  And I know Your sick but other wise you were a healthy person.  I am healthy! I think our baby is going to be fine! And don't shoot me down either.  Our future is going to be great, your going to see.  All you gotta do is stick with me.  I know sometimes I do stupid things, yeah. You just have to put me back on track, but don't leave me okay?  Because this is the future I look forward to, yeah.

Xavier took a deep breath placing the paper back in the envelope.  That f*cking hurt. It almost made him sick to think about.  He had Prentiss now, loved Prentiss more than anything in the world but he would never forget Elvis.
He placed the card back in the box, selecting another one without looking.  Examining it, he read "Open when: I'm Pregnant."
Xavier felt the blood drain from his face, his heart dropping into his stomach.  With trembling hands he opened the letter, unsure if he was going to be able to do this.

If your reading this, I must be pregnant! There is no way for me to know whats going on, if we know what it is, or how far along I am, but it doesn't matter.  Im just happy your reading this.  I have always wanted kids, so I can be a great father like my papa is to me.  I know you want to leave a piece of you behind, and this way, its a piece of us.  Your going to be the best daddy though, I can already see it.  I want a boy, I want you to play sports with it and teach it all the cool sh*t that I can't, yeah.  But if its a girl that's fine, I will love her with all my heart, just like I love you Xavier.  I know that choosing to do this must be hard for you but I promise it will all be worth it once you hold OUR baby in your arms, Xavier, you'll see.  And i'm going to be there when you do and we will be a family.

Xavier simply pressed the note into his chest, and cried.

Killian/Luca Open when: Your crying

Luca slammed the door, his teeth bared in frustration.  His father had found his mother, met and spoken to him!  The man seated himself on the bed, resting his face in his hands.  He had never gotten too know his mother and his papa couldn't give him the chance?  It made Luca's heart ache to think about. He had always wondered what his mother was like, always longed to know who that was.  He had been given a chance when they had met in Peru.  His father could have asked for a number.  He could have called and told Luca so he could have gone down and met his mother.  He could had at least told him sooner.
Rubbing his temples, he tried to think of anything to make the dull ache in his chest stop.
And then of course, he thought of Killian.  His salty blue eyes lover.  The man had given him a box a while ago, they were letters and Killian had demanded he never read them when he was around and never do it all at once.
He had never opened one.
Standing, he stepped over to the corner of the room, behind the door.  It was hard to see there, small and concealed.  Luca picked it up and opened it, sliding his fingers over the numerous letters.
"Open when: You're having a good day"
Definitely f*cking not
"Open when: You're crying."  
Luca almost put it down, but in the last moment a tiny dark spot appeared on the paper, and then another.
He reached up with his hand, warm tears greeting him.  Looking back down at the lettered, he opened it with care, and scanned the contents.

If you opened this you are crying.  Stop it, there should be no crocodile tears.  I don't know why your crying, obviously, but I still feel the need to make you stop.  If its about family, then you should go ahead and just make amends with whatever happened. Dont hold grudges like me! I can tell you, it just hurts.  You know you will eventually forgive them anyways, you couldn't function without your family.  I have seen that, you look up to your dad in everything. And even though I hate that scallywag, you love Augustus too, and Elvis.  You never really had a mom, and im sorry for that crocodile.  Life is tough when you know something is missing.  It gets better but it doesn't go away.  You'll live though, and now that we have Phoenix your a parent yourself.  Family matters are trivial love, you cant do without any of them. If I have made you cry then im probably either trying to apologize or im pissed at you and sulking.  I know I do it darling, but its better than sticking around to skin you.  But we will find our way back together if that happens, even fighting I love you Luca.  I know you love me(Everyone does)  And so if your crying about us fighting dry it up.  Its not worth it.  I like to think Phoenix wont give you anything to cry about.  I just don't want you crying at all.  That is all this is, so dont cry and think of something better.  Think of the first time you tried to steal from me.  I caught you, and you were shocked but you smiled.  I couldn't hold you off for long though, you thief.  Before I knew it you had stolen my heart.  Thats great right?  Killian Murdock, sex machine, ladies man, all yours. Plus your son is gorgeous, and we are all healthy, and together.  You have nothing to cry about with us around, so come give us a kiss, love.
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Open When You're....
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