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 Open When You're II

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Christophe De'Lorne


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PostSubject: Open When You're II   Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:20 am

Briley/Cove "Open when: You need to know how much I love you."

Cove kicked the back of his door, cursing everything from himself to hell. Briley was getting married. Briley want him to be the best man! What the hell is Briley thinking? Does he not understand what this means? He is going to take vows, promise only to ever be with Brian ever again. Briley was cutting part of himself off from Cove and expected him grin and watch? Be happy even? "Thah selfesh bastard!" He found himself stopped in the center of the room, standing with his head tilted to the ceiling. Briley was getting married. Slowly, Cove dropped to his knees, sitting pitifully on the floor. He hated himself for it, and even more he hated Briley for bringing him to this. From his spot on the floor he noticed a small box he had hidden under his bed. It had been from Briley, he remember with disdain. He almost wanted to take it outside and burn it, but inside he reached out for the box, taking it in hand and allowing himself to search through it. They were all letters. He blinked down at them, cocking his head to the side as he scanned the cover of one.

"Open when: You need to know how much I love you."

Cove ripped the letter open bitterly, only thinking of how Briley would love only Brian now.

Cove! Man! You should never be doubting my love for you in the first place. You have always been like...my shadow, the better part of me kinda. I mean, your an ass but still, you keep me grounded! Without you I wouldn't be the same. You know I'm not all that close with my family, and ever since I remember you have always been there, even when no one else was. Sometimes there were things my dad just couldn't help me with, you know? You make up for all that, we learned everything together. And I have loved you Cove, that is what I remember best when looking back at my life. You are Cove, the best friend who always has had my back, and the lover I just cant get out of my head. Your always there, in my thoughts. First thing in the morning and the last thing at night, I think about you. And its because of this that I think I can make us work! I know we are both pretty immature sometimes, but you have never given up on me. I wont ever give up on you either Cove! Its going to be us forever just like its always been. I'll be anything you want me to be. Name it and I can be that for you, anything for you Cove. If we fight so be it, we can work through it! We have done it our whole life! And i'll always be here, at your side to remind you that there is nothing we can't do together. But the point of this is to tell you I love you. I would die for you, I wouldn't think twice about it. My life just has no appeal without you in it, there is nothing I want more than to hear your voice, be able to touch you always. If you need me to love you, you go to me and say so. I can never turn you down, you are the most important thing in my life. I don't care what i'm doing, ill drop it in a heart beat if you need me to. You are Cove, and without you there is no Briley. I love you. I love you. I love you. I'll tell anyone, ill shout it from the roof tops! I love you Cove Trever Braxton! I won't ever stop.

Prentiss/Xavier "Open when: You want to remember me."

Xavier cradled the paper in his hand, his fingers trembling as he brushed over his lovers fine scrawl. Prentiss had been gone for months now, and still Xavier was finding these little cards around, along with the boys sticky notes. This one had been inscribed "Open when: You want to remember me." And Xavier couldn't think of a better time to open it.

This is a letter I hope you read over and over. Not because of what it says monsieur, but because I hope you think of me often and find yourself wanting to remember me. I'm sure you understand wanting to be remembered, as a person who knows there time is limited I want to know that after i'm gone, if your still around, you wont ever despair because you can't remember me. Of course we know i'm stunning and what not, but darling I want you to remember the way I love you. I love your morning breath and your sleepy smile. The way your hair sticks out randomly before you brush it. I love the way you touch me, the petal veins of your fingers. You get sad sometimes, i'm sure I know what you think about, and I feel horrible for it but I love your eyes when your upset. They are always so raw, I can see you, truly, and its painfully wonderful. The way my name rolls off your tongue and the focus on your face when you give tattoo's. This and this and this. I love you and that is the best thing about me and that's what I want to be remembered for, loving you to be best of my abilities. I love you Xavier more than anyone else could. Your a part of me, vital such as the air I breath. Without your soft laugh and witty remarks, my life would be void. Remember that when ever you think of me. Remember how I loved you Xavier, and how I still love you. Sometimes my mind is messed up, I forget, you know that painfully well. But even though I cant even speak your name, I always feel you in my heart. I know it sounds cliche but its true. There is a feeling that someones going to take care of me. Even when I have forgotten who I am, I feel as though that person must be somewhere, the person who loves me. I feel you. I promise I feel you even if sometimes I don't know you. Xavier, you will never completely leave me, not even when we die.
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Open When You're II
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