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 Open When Part 2

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Livius Levine


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PostSubject: Open When Part 2   Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:22 am

Christophe/Livius: Open When… You’re Finally Coming Home
Christophe sat on Eric’s bed, glancing down to the boy sleeping beside him, bowl of popcorn still laying atop of his stomach from their movie marathon the previous night. Christophe had never thought he’d enjoy movies and he still didn’t love them, but it was okay with Eric.
However tonight, he found himself missing Livius. So he quietly grabbed his bag that contained some clothes and other belongings and retrieved the small box Livius had given him before he left. He missed Livius quite a lot actually, being he’d been in America for nearly six months. But luckily, it was his last night before heading back to Italy.
He flipped through the box of letters, shaking his head at some of them that sounded unbelievably lame but he could only smirk because they were from Livius.
Finally he found one that said;
“Open when you’re finally coming home.”
He hadn’t noticed that one before. He was coming home the following day, so he figured he needed to read this one. He tore open the green envelope, tossing it aside to read the letter.
(Livius’s writing is very awkward, but it is meant to be that way heheh. >< )
“I will be very happy that you are coming home. I miss you very much when you are gone. And I dislike it very much that you have been with him so long.
But I will not think of that, because I know that when you get home, you will be mine. I will get to hold you in my arms once more and get to feel your dog tags against my chest when I hug you. I don’t care what you have done with him while you were not with me because all that will matter is when you enter our home, I will be there.
I will pull you into my arms and I might not let you go until you must leave again. I will kiss you over and over again, I will run my fingers through your hair, I will cherish that scent of cigarette smoke that will be in my home again. I don’t know why I miss that but I do. The smell of smoke lets me know that you are with me.
I have missed your shovel always sitting in the corner, I have missed waking up to your face on mornings when I am lucky. I have missed your accent. I have missed you teasing me about my accent. I have missed every thing you do Christophe and I can not wait until the moment you are home again.
When you return, I will ravish every inch of you and I will tell you just how much I have missed you and how much I love you. I will whisper it in your ear, I will scream it from the rooftops, anything you want.
I cannot wait to see you. Hurry home, il mio amore.”
Christophe chuckled at how the letter was written, sounding almost childish in some parts with Livius’s awkward English. But he adored it.
He could not wait to be home.

Leon/Cove: Open When... You're Horny
Leon nervously looked around him as he held the letter in his hands, as if afraid someone would walk in and see him.
Cove was over at Briley’s house after Leon had given him permission but Leon had soon regretted it. Not because he was jealous, but because soon after Cove left, he’d come across a picture the man had sent him a long time ago when they were… sexting, Leon thought it was called. All he had to do was see Cove like that and his… snake was wiggling in his jeans and it was kind of gross. He was used to it now, but it was still odd. But by now, he knew how to get rid of it. But Cove was not here.
He had remembered the letters Cove had given him a few days ago. He was very methodical about opening them. He only opened the letter if it fit his situation perfectly. This letter read;
“Open when you’re horny.”
He was pretty sure that was the word for it. Cove said he was horny sometimes when his snake got all hard. He gently peeled open the letter, sitting the envelope on the night stand and beginning to read.
“Wow, love, never thought you’d open this one. But I’m glad you did. First of all, if you’re horny, come and find me as soon as you’re done reading this. I don’t care what I’m doing, just come get me. I won’t be mad, promise.”
Leon thought about going to get Cove right now. His snake was getting irritating, but he had to finish reading.
“You have no clue how much I love when you’re horny, Leon. I know you’ll let me make love to you when I want to, but it’s never as fun as when you want it, love. I know you’re probably uncomfortable just reading the word horny and I love that about you, darling. You’re so innocent and sometimes it even makes me feel bad making love to you, like I’m taking some of that innocence away.
But making love to you is one of my favorite things to do, only second to cuddling you and hearing your voice. You’re so precious with your hair fanned out on the pillow, your skin a light shade of pink, your lips so red and kiss swollen. You’re beautiful every day but especially when you’re like that, love.
Now come and find me so I can see you like that.”
Leon barely had time to read the words “I love you!” at the bottom of the page before he had tossed the paper aside and ran down the stairs.
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Open When Part 2
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