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 New Lovers

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PostSubject: New Lovers   Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:35 pm

I have a fic with Zach trying to fix their relationship but it's not completely done yet so this is the other ones about them breaking up and having new lovers. I haven't reread them and there was another i wanted to add but it's not done yet and i wanted to post this before i leave heheh

Zach sat at the bar, simply thinking about what he would do tonight. Ever since the breakup with Elvis, his nights had been so boring. He had nothing to live for anymore. He figured going out couldn’t hurt, maybe he’d meet some new friends.
But he should have known better. As he sat at the bar, there were at least three seats empty on either side of him. People knew what kind of monster he was now and no one wanted to be around him. They thought he was like Trever, he would snatch them and take them home and torture them. But he wasn’t like that… at least he didn’t think so. Hell, maybe he was. He didn’t really care anymore.
He glanced up as he heard a voice behind him.
“Yes?” He kept his voice cold, sounding like the person he supposedly was. If people wanted to think he was a cold, crazy, bitch, then he would act like it.
He turned to face the person who had spoken. It was a tall boy with gentle black curls atop of his head. He wore a leather jacket with some torn jeans, typical “bad boy” type. He was pretty adorable to Zach, honestly.
“You’re Zach Torres, right?” The man asked, smiling lightly.
Zach nearly snorted. People knew his name now? Would the name Zachariah Torres become as well known around this town as Trever Murdock? Strange.
“I am.” He nodded. “Is there something you want?”
“I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re gorgeous.”
Zach arched an eyebrow.
“Shouldn’t you be scared of me?”
“I’m not scared.” The man shook his head as he sat down beside Zach, ordering a drink. “I’ve heard about you, you know.”
“Bad things, I’m assuming?” Zach sighed.
“The people who told me these things thought they were bad but I don’t.”
“You should probably stay away from me. You don’t want to get involved, trust me. No one does.” He shook his head.
“What if I do?”
“Do you have a death wish?” Zachariah sighed softly.
“Then why are you talking to me?”
“Because I’ve heard about you and I want to know you.”
“Would you go talking to Trever Murdock like this?”
“No, but he’s crazy.”
“So am I.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Well you’re wrong.” Zach spoke although he had an odd feeling in his stomach. A nice, fluttery feeling. This guy didn’t think he was crazy… he thought he was beautiful… He stopped himself quickly. This boy didn’t even know him, he didn’t know what the hell his mental state was. Zach finished his drink and stood up. “Goodbye.”
“Wait, why are you leaving?” The man frowned, turning to face Zach.
“Because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You don’t want what I’ll do to you.”
“But I do.” He insisted.
“Tell you what. I want you to think about this. Really think about what I can do. I’m just as bad as this Trever Murdock everyone is so scared of. Sit here and think about it. I’m going out to my car. I’ll wait out there for five minutes. If you’re out there, I’ll drive you home with me.” Zach spoke and turned on his heel, heading out the front door. He made his way to his car and waited.
He watched the clock closely. 11:15. He wasn’t giving this kid a second more than five minutes. He was probably just fucking with him anyways.
When the clock switched to 11:20, he shook his head, starting up the car. He’d barely began backing up when a flash of movement from the bar caught his eye. It was the boy. He was running towards the car, a small smirk on his face.
Zach considered not stopping. He’d told him five minutes, no more. But there was a part of him that was so desperate for companionship that he stopped abruptly, gesturing for the boy to get in with a roll of his eyes.
“My name is Dimitri, by the way.” The boy spoke once he was inside, glancing over to Zach.
“Alright. I’d tell you my name but you already know it.” Zach didn’t make eye contact, locking his gaze on the road as he began to drive.
“Zach is short for Zachariah, yeah?”
Zach nearly cringed, simply nodding. It was amazing how such a little thing like adding yeah to the end of a sentence could make him feel physical pain, just because Elvis had done it too.
“Did I say something?” Dimitri frowned. “I won’t call you Zachariah if you don’t want me to.” He appeared genuinely concerned at how Zach looked now, his face drawn tightly in pain.
“You can call me whatever you want. Just never say yeah like that, alright? Not while you’re around me.”
“Okay.” Dimitri nodded, not bothering to question it.
Zach blinked, looking over at him curiously.
“You’re not going to ask why?”
“It’s not my business, is it?” Dimitri shrugged.
This boy was odd. Zach was glad he hadn’t asked, but still. The boy seemed like the type to ask questions constantly. He just looked so excitable, eager and curious about everything.
Zach just shook his head as he drove. He should probably be more wary about taking stranger’s home with him, but he wasn’t. He was the killer here, after all. On the chance that this guy was crazy, Zach knew he could take him.
When they arrived at his house, Zach got out of the car, leading Dimitri inside.
As they stood in the doorway, Zach turned to the other man.
“Last chance to leave.”
“Are you crazy? I just got you to take me here.” Dimitri laughed softly, looking around the house with curious eyes.
“So… the rumors say you have a torture chamber. Is that true?”
“Maybe.” Zach smirked. He enjoyed teasing.
“Dude, seriously?”
“Well the phrase torture chamber sounds a little bad, but I guess that’s what you’d call it? It’s nothing special, really. Most of my special things are at Trever’s house.”
“As in Trever Murdock?” Dimitri asked with wide eyes. “You know him?”
“I do.” Zach laughed softly. “He taught me everything I know.”
“The rumors never said that.” Dimitri smirked lightly. “That’s so weird. I never thought you two sounded alike. I mean, the ways you kill people.”
“You really know a lot about me don’t you?” Zach questioned, head tilted to the side lightly.
“I guess so… I research people like you.”
“People like me?”
“Serial killers.”
“Is that what I am?” Zach sighed.
“I don’t think so but that’s what you’re referred to as.”
“Well what do you think of me as?” Zach found a light smile.
“A sadist.”
“And would you happen to be a masochist?”
“I would.” Dimitri smiled lightly.
“Would you like to see my torture chamber, as you refer to it?”
“I’d love to.” Dimitri’s eyes widened as he nodded his head.
“Then let’s go.” Zach took his hand and led him into his kitchen only to go out a back door and they were back outside again. “Be warned. The smell might sicken you a little.”
“Yes.” Zach answered, leading them to a large shed that was nestled in the very back corner of his large backyard.
About twenty feet away from it, a light smell began to tickle at Dimitri’s nostrils. But at this point it could be passed off as maybe garbage, or skunk spray. But as you got closer, it strengthened. When they stood at the door, Zach turned around to face him. Dimitri was grimacing lightly at the stench, but Zach was smiling, not appearing phased by it at all. Actually, he seemed to enjoy it, inhaling deeply.
“Are you ready? You don’t faint at blood or anything?”
“Of course I don’t. I’m ready.” Dimitri nodded.
“When I open the doors, get in quickly so I can shut them again.” Zach instructed. Dimitri nodded and a second later, Zach grabbed the handles of both doors, and swung them open.
The second the shed was opened, the stench rushed out, so powerful that Dimitri nearly stumbled, his eyes watering as he stepped inside quickly like Zach had instructed. His vision was blurry for a moment as Zach shut the doors behind them. He wiped his eyes quickly so he could look around. He’d always dreamed of seeing a room like this.
It was quite a bit more horrifying than he could have expected, but he wasn’t bothered.
Several bodies hung around the room, explaining the smell. They were hung upside down by meat hooks shoved roughly through their ankles.
“W-wow.” Dimitri blinked.
When Elvis had found out about Zach, Zach had tried so hard to fix himself. But it hadn’t been good enough, so now that Elvis was gone, Zach was worse than ever.
There were maybe six boys hung around the room, their flesh bloated and discolored. Dimitri examined them closely, noticing that they all had some wounds on their body that looked a bit like bite marks. Some had more than others. Some had huge chunks of flesh missing, like it had been sliced off. Dimitri wondered for a moment if Zach was cannibalistic. He noticed with a smile that most of the boys shared many features with him. They were all brunette, somewhat muscular, large dimples. He was Zach’s type and this pleased him more than anything.
He was so busy looking at the bodies that he barely had time to appreciate the actual torture devices.
“Like I said, it’s not much. Trever’s is much better.” Zach shrugged. “And Trever’s does not have any bodies in it. So if that’s bothering you, you’d probably like his better.”
“It’s awesome.” Dimitri nodded. “The smell is kind of strong, but it’s not bad.”
There was a large metal table in the center of the room with cuffs built in on either end to hold someone down. All types of weapons lined the walls along with ropes and gags and blindfolds and everything someone could imagine. It looked amazing.
“So is this why you wanted to come here?” Zach questioned.
“Not really. It was part of the reason, but not all.”
“Then why? Do you want me to hurt you?” Zach’s words were spoken slowly, softly.
Dimitri was pretty sure the boy was trying to arouse him. And it was definitely working.
“Yes.” He barely got out, glancing at Zach as the boy grabbed a knife from the wall nearest to them.
“Are you sure?” Zach whispered, taking the knife in his hand and gently trailing it down Dimitri’s throat, not hard enough to dig into the skin. It only left a tiny white line in its path.
“I’m sure.” He nodded as he felt Zach’s hands tugging at his shirt. He immediately helped, pulling it off over his head. He felt the cold blade of the knife against his bare chest. He watched, wondering what Zach would do, when abruptly, the tip of the knife was thrust into his skin.
He cried out softly in pain, his erection already rubbing against the rough fabric of his jeans.
“You’re a real masochist, aren’t you?” Zach murmured. “You want extreme pain, don’t you?”
Dimitri nodded furiously. This was why he was so eager to meet Zach. No one had been able to satisfy his needs yet.
He looked to Zach, watching the boy’s face as he watched blood trail down Dimitri’s chest. He was so beautiful, Dimitri wanted him to love him… He wanted Zach to feel for him what he already felt for Zach. He wanted to be his bitch, his slave, his lover, anything Zach needed.
“God, you’re gorgeous…” He murmured, not even realizing he’d actually spoken until he felt Zach’s lips against his own.
Zach’s arms wrapped around his neck and he followed the boy’s lead as he began to move. He didn’t care where they were going. He didn’t know either until he felt his bare flesh pressed against the icy cold table. But it didn’t look like he was going to be tortured. At least not yet. Zach sat atop his chest, their lips still pressed together in the heat of the moment.
“Why did you come here?” Zach asked again, pulling back only an inch.
“I came here because… because I felt like I knew you. You’re so beautiful and confident and strong and you’re… you’re everything a guy should want in a lover. Everyone else was too stupid to see it so I wanted to do it before someone else did.” He admitted. “You’re so beautiful and yet deadly, I knew you were the only one who could please me like I need and I knew I was the only one who could handle you. I knew we could be meant to be. I knew we could be perfect. I knew all of that but I didn’t actually know you yet. So when I saw you, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance.”
Zach stared at him curiously for a moment and Dimitri worried he had said too much. He sounded like a stalker, a creepy fan obsessed with Zach. Maybe he’d creeped him out. But he didn’t realize that very few things were capable of creeping out Zachariah Torres.
Zach didn’t even speak again, simply kissed the boy gently.
Because he hoped that just maybe, Dimitri was right.
Elvis looked at himself in the mirror, sighing as he put the lopsided green hat atop his head and forced a smile on his face. It was getting harder and harder these days to be that perky, always dreaming Peter Pan. But he knew he could do it. It was the best part of his days now after all. He got to see Xavier, got to make kids smile, he just had to pretend he really was Peter, not Elvis Lively, the fuck up who couldn’t keep a lover.
He was beginning to think he’d never find someone. Xavier, Zach, both gone. Maybe there was something messed up with him. Maybe Zach hadn’t been the fucked up one, maybe it was him. Had he been in the wrong for not accepting Zach? No, he couldn’t have been. The boy wanted to eat people. No way he was wrong there.
Zach just wasn’t right for him. He had to keep telling himself that, over and over. The right person would come along, he knew they would.
As if on cue, Xavier popped his head into Elvis’s dressing room. Goddamnit. He felt as if this was a sign Xavier was the one for him, but of course, he’d missed his chance with Xavier too.
“Hey, make sure you’re decent,” Xavier spoke, waving his hook at the man. “You’re getting a new person in here.”
“What do you mean?” Elvis arched an eyebrow.
The small dressing rooms they had to get ready for work each day could fit two people each. There were two lockers for clothing, two mirrors, two makeup kits. But Elvis had gotten lucky and when his last roommate had quit, he’d gotten to keep the room to himself. Until now.
“They got a new Rapunzel. They’re coming in here to change with you now.”
“If it’s Rapunzel, why are they coming in here?” Elvis furrowed his brow. Girls couldn’t change with guys, he’d thought. Maybe they knew he was gay so it didn’t matter. Or maybe they knew he was a complete fuck up when it came to relationships.
“It’s a guy.” Xavier smirked.
“What? A dude is playing a princess?”
“Apparently they were desperate and he was the only one who looked like her, weirdly enough.”
“Alright then.” Elvis nearly smiled. Maybe this would cheer him up, maybe he could make friends with this Rapunzel guy.
“He’s already dressed for today, he’s on his way back here to drop off his stuff before he heads out to the park.”
“Cool.” Elvis nodded. “Thanks for telling me.”
“No problem, babe.” Xavier nodded and with a wave of his hook, he was gone.
A few minutes later, the door was opened and the man they’d been talking about walked in. Elvis’s jaw nearly dropped. No way in hell that was a guy.
The light purple dress he wore was long, hiding most of his body, but the corset like top of the dress was rather tight, fitting around woman like curves, exposing a bit of what Elvis swore was cleavage. And even the face had naturally womanlike features. Of course it was covered in makeup as well but all the princesses here were like that. The hair was clearly a wig, but it had to be, being it hung to the boy’s feet.
“Hey, you must be Peter.” It was definitely a guy’s voice though.
“Yeah. My name is Elvis, but people call me Lively.” He nodded.
“Well I guess it’s nice to meet you. I don’t know if anyone told you I’m going to be changing in here with you. Yes, I am a dude but don’t worry I’m not a drag queen or anything. They said I wasn’t manly enough to play one of the princes so here I am.” He gestured to his dress. “But my name is Iggy.”
“Iggy… what’s that short for?”
“It’s short for none of your business.” Iggy smirked lightly. “Now if my schedule is right, we have to be out there in five minutes so if you wouldn’t mind helping me carry some of this goddamned hair, that would be great. It’s giving me a headache already.”
Elvis blinked as the boy spoke. He spoke unusually fast, smirking softly the whole time. He had a certain demeanor about him, although Elvis wasn’t quite sure what it was. It almost reminded him of his brother’s husband, Killian. Like this boy thought he was gorgeous and everyone loved him.
“Yeah I can help.” Elvis nodded although he was already not crazy about this boy. He took a pile of the hair in his arms. “Ready to go?”
“Yupp.” The boy perked up and Elvis assumed he was getting into character by the innocent face he put on. With wide eyes and a bright smile, Elvis found him quite adorable like that as they ran off into the park together.
Elvis got in character as well, pretending to stare at Rapunzel’s hair.
“Whoa!” He exclaimed, unraveling the pile of hair in his arms and twirling it around. He looked amazed by this, pointing to it at families as he passed them. He only put the hair down once they arrived at the spot where she did her meet and greets during the day.
“Thanks Peter!” Iggy chirped, waving his hand at Elvis who bowed lightly in response, moving a few yards away where he began to interact with children who passed.
He couldn’t help the fact that his gaze occasionally flickered to Rapunzel as she posed for pictures with children. Elvis really couldn’t believe it was a guy. He was so stunning, and even the way he walked looked feminine. But Elvis found that the boy was kind of adorable the way he posed with kids, the way she wrote autographs telling children to follow their dreams. Maybe the first impression was wrong, maybe Iggy was a good person.
Or maybe he was just a good actor.

As the months passed and it became clear that Iggy was a permanent member of the cast, Elvis had built upon his first impression of the boy and had come to the conclusion that he really was a bitch.
He thought he was adorable (Elvis thought he was too but that was not the point!), he seemed to look down upon the other actors, and he was simply so conceited.
Without the makeup and the wig and the dress, Iggy didn’t look too feminine. His features weren’t hard and manly, but he still looked like a guy. A cute guy, but Elvis still didn’t like him very much. Iggy wasn’t normally too mean to him but he seemed to be a complete bitch to all of Peter’s lost boys and he didn’t like that.
Elvis sighed as he got changed at the end of the day, Iggy across the room doing the same. He wasn’t even thinking about it until he was hit in the face with a small breast implant.
“Jesus, you’re trying to kill me, yeah?” Elvis cursed lightly as he picked up the implant, tossing it back to Iggy who was laughing softly. Elvis might not like him but he wasn’t rude to his face, that wasn’t his style.
“It slipped.” Iggy laughed, shrugging his shoulders. “So I was wondering…”
“Me and some friends are going out for drinks tonight… I was thinking you might want to tag along?”
“I don’t know…” Elvis hummed. “Not really my scene, you know?”
“I promise it’ll be fun.” Iggy grinned.
“I don’t think so… I’m sure you’ll have fun without me anyways.” Elvis smiled lightly.
Iggy appeared confused, staring at him for a moment.
He was not used to being turned down. Most men normally had crushes on him. He was like that popular girl in high school everyone hated and yet everyone wanted to be her too. All men wanted him, he wasn’t said no to… ever.
“O-oh…” He nodded lightly. “Yeah, okay. Maybe next time.”
“Next time.” Elvis smiled gently.
As Iggy walked out of the room in his normal clothes, Elvis wondered if the boy had been hitting on him. Out of all the cute guys who played princes, he couldn’t possibly the one Iggy was flirting with. No one flirted with him.
Elvis was smiling for the first time in a while as he exited the park with Xavier and some of his lost boys by his side.
Then he reached for his phone to call his father and let him know he would be late getting home but his phone wasn’t in his pocket.
“Shit.” He groaned. “I think I left my phone in my changing room, I’ll be right back. You guys can go ahead. I’ll catch up, yeah.”
Xavier kissed his cheek before Elvis ran off to get his phone. He jogged through the park in silence, being it was nearly midnight. But when he approached his dressing room, he heard soft noises from inside. He cautiously peeked inside the door.
When he got inside, he saw Iggy in a pile on the floor, still in his costume, makeup running down his face with his tears. The boy was sitting there, sobbing softly.
“Iggy? Are you alright?” Elvis asked softly, taking a step inside the door.
Iggy gasped, his head snapping up to look at him.
“Go away!” He snapped, tossing an empty perfume bottle at him.
“Whoa!” Elvis dodged it but just barely. “Iggy, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing, just get away, okay!?” Iggy shouted, standing up and gathering his dress in his hands.
“Calm down… did someone hurt you?” Elvis questioned, noticing that the boy’s lower lip was swelling, a light welt on the side of his face.
“None of your fucking business!” Iggy snapped once more, chucking his blow dryer directly at Elvis’s face.
The boy ducked just in time.
“Jesus!” He cursed softly. “Iggy, I’m not going to make fun of you or anything! I’m not going to hurt you! I just want to help!”
“I…” Iggy sighed, taking a seat on the small bench and looking downwards. “The guy who plays Flynn Rider is a fucking d-dick.” Iggy sniffled, wiping his tears lightly.
“I’ve met him, yeah.” Elvis nodded. “He’s your prince, right?” He wasn’t too familiar with the Rapunzel story yet. It was newer, he preferred the classics.
“Mhm.” Iggy nodded lightly.
“Did he hurt you?” Elvis asked as he took a seat beside him.
“Yeah… he… asked me if I wanted to come home with him. I said no thanks because I was tired and wanted to go home. He said that I flirted with him all the time so I was obligated to sleep with him or something fucking stupid like that. I said I was in character when I flirted with him. We were supposed to be married so of course I acted like I liked him. He said I was lying. He tried to grab me. He threw me to the ground. He tried to um… yeah.” He simply nodded, hoping that Elvis understood what he was getting at. “I was squirming so he slapped me.” He pointed to his swollen lip and bruised cheek. “He almost… did it but I kicked him and I ran back here and locked the door. I forgot you had a key though.” He sighed.
Elvis frowned deeply as he listened.
“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to, yeah.”
“Thanks.” Iggy sniffled, smiling lightly.
“Tell you what, why don’t you get changed and come hang out with me and some friends?”
“Really?” Iggy smiled softly.
“Really. Come on, I’ll help you get cleaned up.” He gestured to the makeup on the boy’s face.
“Thanks Elvis.” Iggy murmured quietly as Elvis grabbed a towel and began wiping at his face gently, careful not to hurt his bruise.
“No problem, Iggy.” Elvis nodded, smiling as he cleaned off the makeup carefully. He removed the boy’s wig slowly, unpinning it from Iggy’s natural hair before laying it on the bench behind them. “That must be annoying to wear all day.” He chuckled, noticing how long it was. “Bet that shit gets tangled on everything, yeah?”
“It does.” Iggy nodded his head. “It’s a pain in the ass. I’d rather have been a princess with normal hair, but I didn’t really have a choice.” He laughed. “I’d rather be a prince actually.”
“What prince would you be?”
“Hmm, I don’t know. None of them really have blonde hair or anything like me so…”
“No, I mean what prince would you be based on personality.”
“Oh… I guess I’d be… Prince Naveen.”
“From that other new one, right? Princess and The Frog?”
“Mhm. He starts out kind of conceited and stuck up but by the end he’s not so bad. I think I relate to him, in a way.”
“That’s how I am with Peter.” Elvis nodded his head lightly, watching Iggy with a soft smile.
“I always thought you were perfect for Peter. You act kind of like him, even outside of work.”
“I’ve been told that once or twice.” Elvis laughed softly and Iggy simply smiled over at the other boy.
After a moment, they were silent while Iggy changed into his normal clothes. Finally, Elvis spoke again.
“Hey Iggy?”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Of course.” Iggy nodded his head, looking back at the other boy.
“Why are you such a bitch most of the time?” Elvis frowned.
“What do you mean?” Iggy blinked.
“You’re so rude sometimes to other people… you hurt their feelings. But now, when we’re in here together you seem so sweet and down to earth. Why?”
“I…” Iggy frowned and sat down. He obviously had not been expecting this question. “You want the truth?”
Elvis nodded as Iggy sighed and began to speak.
“In high school I was kind of a dork… I didn’t have any friends… I ate lunch alone in the bathroom, you know the story. But I just graduated and moved down to this area and decided to get a job here. I decided to change everything. Especially when I got the job as a princess. I knew I could transform myself into one of those girls I used to go to school with. Every school has them. The really popular girls that everyone likes even though they’re complete bitches and treat everyone else like shit. I hated them but everyone else seemed to love them. Everyone wanted to be them. They got everything they wanted and I didn’t get shit. So I decided to become one of them. I figured if I just acted like I was one, everyone would treat me like one. And it worked. Everyone around here loves me. Except one person. You. And to be honest, you were the one I did it for in the first place.” Iggy shook his head. “It’s stupid, I know.”
“What do you mean?” Elvis furrowed his brow lightly.
“I mean… the day I met you I fell in love with your smile and your hair and your freckles and the sound of your voice and… I wanted to make you like me. I knew you wouldn’t like me as I was so I figured I’d try being a bitch. But I guess it didn’t work.”
“It didn’t.” Elvis agreed although he was extremely surprised Iggy had liked him in the first place. “I like you much better when you’re acting like this…”
“So… if I act like this you’re saying I have a chance?”
“I’m saying… I think so.” Elvis smiled gently at the other boy.

“Zach.” Trever spoke up, smirking from his spot in the doorway as he glanced to the couple on his table.
“Yeah?” Zach pulled back from on top of Dimitri, face smeared with the other boy’s blood.
“Sorry to interrupt your fun, but I forgot to tell you… um… Phoenix and his friends are over and…”
“Shit.” Zach cursed. “That means Elvis too, doesn’t it?”
“I’m sorry for not warning you, I completely forgot.”
“Well can we stay in here until they leave?”
“They usually don’t leave until morning.” Trever sighed. “And you’re going to have to go passed them to get out. So I suggest you do it early before they get too high. When they get high, they’re kind of jerks.”
“Elvis’s friends are jerks all the time.” Zach sighed.
“Hey…” Dimitri’s voice whispered. It was hoarse and quiet being that he was on the verge of death. “I won’t let them hurt you.”
“Thank you sweetheart.” Zach smiled softly, reaching down to squeeze the man’s hand. “I should probably stitch you up, can’t let you die tonight if we have to go.”
Dimitri sighed, making a weak pouty face as Zach simply laughed.
“Just keep them out of here. I’m going to clean Dimitri up.”
“You got it.” Trever nodded. It was a pain in the ass now that Zach and Elvis didn’t speak. He had to make sure they were never over at the same time.
“Thanks for letting us use your room.”
“Of course, anytime.” Trever smiled before exiting the room.
“You’re so gorgeous.” Zachariah hummed as he looked down at Dimitri underneath him. The boy grinned weakly. “You want to cum before I heal you?”
“Mhm.” Dimitri nodded, panting. Zach noticed his face paling and knew he had to hurry. He might not even have the time. But he couldn’t deny the man his release, he’d already given Zach two tonight which rested on his toned stomach along with blood.
Zach leaned in quickly, his lips wrapping around Dimitri’s erection. He bobbed his head up and down quickly, not bothering to tease the man.
“You taste amazing.” He purred, the metallic taste of blood mixing with the salty precum.
All he got was a weak moan in return as Dimitri’s hips twitched lightly.
Zach sped up, one hand holding back his dreadlocks as his other hand gently rubbed over the man’s balls trying to help him get off.
Before long, his mouth was filled with the sticky sweet release. He swallowed and wasted no time in pulling back, wiping his mouth and going to work before Dimitri could fade on him.
“I love you.” Zach cooed as he grabbed his needle and cleaning supplies, going to work on the wounds. He cleaned them all off, surprised by all of the blood he had drawn tonight. He then began to stitch them up, singing softly the whole time, pressing soft kisses to Dimitri’s face.
Finally, when he was done, he moved to hook the boy to an IV he had prepared. Dimitri was strong, used to this kind of abuse. But Zachariah still needed to make sure he was okay before they went anywhere. Couldn’t have him fainting or anything.
Slowly, Zach watched the color return to the man’s face as he grinned up at him. He offered him a sandwich and a glass of water, like he always did after their torturing sessions. Same as when someone gave blood. You had to rehydrate yourself.
Dimitri ate without question, regaining his thoughts before he spoke.
“You’re amazing.” He shook his head as Zach simply smiled.
“You are, darling. I can’t believe you took that tonight…” Zach smiled, trailing a hand over the man’s chest gently.
“It was great. You’re so beautiful.” Dimitri sighed contently.
“You say that too much.”
“I’ll stop staying it when it stops being true.”
Zach simply grinned because although he told the man he said it too much, he adored it.
This was his life now. Their relationship was everything Zach needed… They made love, they went on dates, they laughed together, like normal couples. But they had something each other needed. Zach needed someone to handle his sadistic ways and Dimitri needed someone who could please them. So once a week, sometimes more if Dimitri asked, Zach tortured him. Zach hurt him worse than he’d hurt anyone and Dimitri only begged for me. He was covered in scars by now but he loved it.
Zach had never been happier. Finally, someone he didn’t have to hide around. Finally, someone who really knew everything about him and loved all of it.
Zach waited by Dimitri’s side patiently until he was feeling completely okay again.
“Are you okay to walk?” Zach murmured, kissing his temple gently.
“I’ll be good.” Dimitri nodded as Zach untied him from the table. Zach watched him stand before he turned his back to look in the mirror. His face had blood smeared on it, which he’d gotten from shoving his face into one of Dimitri’s numerous open wounds tonight. He wiped it off lightly, not really caring that it left a stain. He would wash it better when they got home. Right now, he just wanted to get out of here. The smell of marijuana from the living room was beginning to reach them. The only shirt he had was also covered in blood and he almost panicked because he knew Elvis would faint at the sight of it. Then he remembered that Elvis wasn’t with him anymore… Elvis wasn’t his problem.
He slipped his shirt on as well as his jeans, watching as Dimitri dressed as well, making sure there was no blood on his leather jacket.
“I’ll clean it when we get home if there is.” Zachariah reassured, nodding his head as he turned to the door. He was quite nervous to go out there… He knew Elvis wouldn’t say anything to him, at least he hoped, but Phoenix? Ian? He didn’t know so much about them. And he was sure they knew the story, he was positive Phoenix was the one who had spread the truth about him around.
“It’ll be okay, I promise.” Dimitri whispered gently, moving forward to pull Zach towards him, kissing him deeply. Zach immediately relaxed in the man’s arms, leaning into the kiss as his heartbeat stopped racing. Dimitri was like his own personal drug. The man was everything he needed.
Trever popped his head into the room.
“You two coming?” He arched an eyebrow, smirking lightly at the sight of the two of them embracing.
“May I use your bathroom first, Trever?”
“Sure kid. You know where it is. Don’t go in the living room unless you want to deal with the druggies.”
“Thank you.” Dimitri spoke as he slipped out of the door.
Zach grinned brightly after him.
“You two are cute… in a really weird way.” Trever shook his head.
Zach laughed softly.
“I’m just so… happy, ya know?”
“I know.” Trever nodded. “It’s how I felt when I found Toni.”
“But Trever… Dimitri… it’s like he was literally MADE for me. It’s the weirdest feeling. If I want to do something, no matter how weird or painful it could be for him, he’s up for it. And he’s just… so perfect.” Zach sighed contently. “But for some reason, Elvis is still in the back of my goddamn mind. And I can’t stand it!” He growled softly.
“It’s okay, Zach.” Trever frowned. “Elvis… he’s a good kid. But, it’s just that. You’re not a good kid. You know I love you, but even you know you’re not good.”
“Of course I know that Trever. I guess I just hoped he could love me anyway.” Zach hung his head.
“It’ll be okay, darling. You’ll get over him eventually. Don’t worry.”
“I love you.” Zach sighed softly.
“Love you too, kid.” Trever smiled as Dimitri entered the room, smiling brightly.
“Ready to go, babe?” He questioned, his hand finding Zach’s.
“I am.” Zach nodded, pausing to turn to Trever. “Elvis’s new boyfriend isn’t here, is he?”
“Nope.” Trever shook his head. “I didn’t know he had one. But it’s just the usual ones here.”
“Elvis, Phoenix, Ian, Kelly, Mack?”
“Okay.” Zach took a deep breath. “Let’s go.”
Dimitri nodded and planned to lead the way but Zach did it before he could. Zach took hold of his wrist and walked briskly out of the room. He made his way into the living room, trying not to pay attention as they all looked up at him. He kept his head down, walking straight for the door as Dimitri jogged to keep up.
“So thes es yar new bitch?” Phoenix spoke up just as Zach was about to reach the door. Zach cursed mentally, planning on just leaving but Dimitri stopped, turning to Phoenix.
“I’m not his bitch.”
“You keep telling yarself that, love.” Phoenix snickered.
“Phoenix…” Elvis spoke, warning tone in his voice. He didn’t want this… Phoenix needed to shut his mouth sometimes.
“I’m NOT his bitch, I’m his boyfriend.” Dimitri insisted.
“Baby come on.” Zach urged.
“Whatever ya are, yar little relationship is disgusting.”
“Disgusting?” Zach blinked. He hadn’t wanted to get involved but he couldn’t help himself. “It’s disgusting that I found someone who accepts me?”
“Accepts you?” Phoenix arched an eyebrow. “Love, ya don’t need accepted. People like you shouldn’t be accepted. Yar a freak.” Phoenix spat the last word like it was acidic and Zach felt his stomach stir.
“Yes, I’m a freak. And you’re a fucking cunt.” Zach clenched his jaw tightly in irritation.
“Oh, did I hit a nerve, love?” Phoenix laughed softly. “Ya don’t like being called out for what ya are, do ya?”
“He’s not a freak!” Dimitri barked, stepping in front of his lover as if to protect him.
“Yar little friend is the definition of a freak, sorreh ta break et to ya.”
“He’s not a bad person!” Dimitri insisted, his heart aching as Phoenix insulted Zach, his friends around the room beginning to giggle lightly.
“Last time ah checked, murdering people doesn’t exactleh make ya a saint.”
“He loves me! He hurts me because I want him to! But afterwards he cares for me, he makes sure I’m okay! He never just leaves me to die! He’s beautiful and caring and that fucker is a prick for hurting him!” Dimitri pointed to Elvis, nearly lunging at the boy before Zach grabbed him around the waist, pulling him back.
“Dimitri, let’s go. It’s not important.”
“But it is…” Dimitri murmured. “They’re hurting you… you don’t deserve it…”
Zachariah’s heart swelled with the boy’s words.
“It’s really okay. Just come on, let’s go.”
Dimitri nodded, but turned to Elvis one last time.
“I don’t know how you can live with letting him go.” He shook his head.
“Dimitri…” Zach sighed.
“Do you not see how amazing he is?” Dimitri continued. “Yes, he hurts me. But he just tortured me tonight and afterwards he cleaned me and made me a snack. He takes care of me. He’s the most caring person I’ve ever met and I don’t know how you left him because you thought he was heartless. He makes my life worthwhile. You had him. He was in love with you, he told me. And you gave it all away… He doesn’t even hurt other people anymore. All you had to do was put in some effort and he could have fixed it. But you didn’t even care enough to try. You let him go and I hope you realize it’s the stupidest thing you ever did. But now he has me. And I’m going to love him until the end of forever.” Dimitri shook his head and Zach found that he was nearly crying at the man’s words. He had wanted for so long to hear someone truly love him like this. Elvis had loved him, he knew the boy had. But he hadn’t truly known him. He’d loved the boy he knew, not the real Zachariah. Zach had always wanted someone to know everything about him and in spite of all that, love him anyways. And this was what Dimitri did for him.
“Ah still think he’s a freak.” Phoenix shrugged simply, earning a laugh from Ian as Elvis simply sat there, not sure what to say.
And Phoenix’s words set Dimitri’s insides on fire.
“Listen here you son of a bitch!” Dimitri growled. “Call him that one more time and I’ll punch your fucking face in. If you think he’s such a freak why would you try and piss him off? I’ll drag your ass all the way to Trever’s room and kill you myself!” Dimitri had informed Zach that he had a terrible temper. However, Zach had never angered him yet so the boy hadn’t seen it. He found it quite adorable, really. He wasn’t scared like most submissive lovers would be. He could take Dimitri down easily, even though the man was twice his size. “You’re a fucking-“ Dimitri’s words stopped abruptly as Zach’s hand came up to clamp down on the pressure point in his neck, effectively knocking him out. That was how easy it would be for him to stop the man if he was trying to hurt him while he was angry.
“That’s how simple it is for me, Phoenix. So next time, shut the fuck up.” Zach sighed, his voice soft and gentle as he knelt down, scooping up Dimitri and throwing the man over his shoulders. This was not the best idea, being Dimitri was quite heavy but he was sure he could get him home. God, he would love nothing more than to make Phoenix scream. But he knew that the boy was close with Trever and he wasn’t going to jeopardize the man’s friendship. So he left the home without another word.
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