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 First Impression

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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: First Impression   Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:22 am

This is one of those things where they give you a hundred words and you have to write a fic for each of them. I was going to do it and post them all at once but since you want something this morning, I can give you this heheh. It's bad and short but it is all I have at the moment ><

1. First Impression
Xavier looked in the mirror, adjusting the large red hat atop of his head. He tried to make his best angry face, waving the hook that he had on over his hand. He’d just gotten the job as Captain Hook at the Disney park nearby and he wasn’t sure how he was going to do. But he figured giving it a try couldn’t hurt.
“Hey!” He was startled by a voice behind him. He turned around to face who had spoken, finding a boy with bright red hair dressed as Peter Pan.
“Oh, so you’re Peter?” Xavier smiled softly.
“The one and only, yeah.” The boy grinned at him.
“Well it’s nice to meet you.” Xavier nodded lightly.
“Nice to meet you too, yeah. Looking pretty good for a no good pirate.” He teased.
“Thanks, I guess.” Xavier laughed.
“Well I’m off to Neverland, I’ll see you there!” And with that, the boy ran out of the room to Neverland, apparently.
Now, several months later, the same two boys were tangled together underneath the sheets on Xavier’s bed.
“So what was your first impression of me?” Elvis hummed, propping his head up in his hand as he looked up at his lover.
“Well…” Xavier shook his head, smirking lightly. “Why don’t you tell me yours first?”
“I thought you were really cute, yeah. I was kind of nervous around you, you seemed sweet but I was intimidated.”
“Aw.” Xavier chuckled, leaning down to kiss him gently. “That’s cute.”
“Now don’t change the subject. What was your first impression of me?”
“Well, are you sure you want to know?” Xavier asked.
“I’m sure, yeah.”
“I thought you were kind of annoying.” He laughed lightly. “You were cute, but I thought you were a bit weird and you were too into the Peter Pan thing… and you said yeah a lot.” He teased softly, stroking Elvis’s hair.
“Are you serious?” Elvis whined. “You thought I was weird?”
“I did.” Xavier snickered. “But I got passed that, didn’t I?”
“I would hope so, you’re in bed with me, yeah.” Elvis laughed softly.
“Well lucky for you, I did. And I’m glad I did.” Xavier whispered gently, his lips moving to press to the boy’s jaw.
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First Impression
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