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 Zachariah Torres

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PostSubject: Zachariah Torres   Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:05 am

I'm going to fix this when I get home tonight, but I wanted to put it up before I left for school so if you get home before me and want to look at the links, you can ><

Putting this one first because I look hot, woo. Wink

Trever had me do some modeling before when I lived with him. I think I look okay.

I don’t like this one for some reason. Too much purple.

More modeling. I look weird, man.

I tried to go to school once. That didn’t turn out too well so Trever ended up teaching me at home.

Went out to lunch with Finn and Trever. I love them.

Did I mention I sing a little bit? Trever says I’m good but I don’t know. I’m alright I guess.

Old picture, see how short my dreads are? I think this is when I first started helping Trever torture people. I was messed up, man.

Me holding one of Trever’s babies. Isn’t he cute?!

More modeling. This picture is weird, I don’t know.

I actually like this one. I like my dreadlocks.

I think this is another modeling one. Trever just got way too close to my damned face.

This looks like a modeling one but I’m pretty sure Trever just took this one day. He’s weird like that sometimes.

This is from the time Trever and I had a puppy for like a few weeks! He died though Sad

More puppy! His name was Lucy, short for Lucifer Very Happy

I took this when I moved into my new house after Trever kicked me out. As you can see, I’m not too happy.

I don’t even know what happened in this picture, let’s not talk about it.

So apparently SOMEONE, *cough*FINN*cough*, thought it was funny to record how I look when I see Trever.

Another reaction to Trever, courtesy of Finn. Bastard.

I went to a rave with Elvis. Mack and Phoenix invited us. Well, they invited him. He invited me. It was pretty fun. I’d like to take Trever to one sometime but it doesn’t seem like his scene. Everyone is so touchy and happy. Finn would kill someone.

This damned modeling shoot was not fun. Trever stayed under the water ready and I had to jump in like fifty goddamn times until he got it right.

Really old picture. I hate this one. Why is it even in here? Oh god, my hair was terrible.

I like taking Finn’s phone and taking pictures when he doesn’t know I have it and then he yells at me later.
But it’s worth it. Razz

Some bitch of Trever’s I got along with pretty well. He was kind of cute. I liked him better when he was dead, though.

On the beach with Elvis. I like when he takes pictures of me. It reminds me of when he wasn’t scared of me. 

Look at my baby dreads, ahaha. They’re so short.

More baby dreads. I kind of like them when they were short. They’re awesome no matter what.

This is the longest my dreads got. I love them, man.

Seriously, look how cool I am with my dreads.

Last long dreads pic, promise.

See, the dreads are gone!

I’m sad they’re gone. 

Finn says I look more manly without them. Well in his words I look, “Less like a fucking faggot.” So I think that was a compliment. At least from him.

I look okay without them, but I miss them a lot, man. Unfortunately, I had to cut them because of reasons.

This is like my favorite picture of myself without dreads. I look okay, I guess.

More reactions to Trever, courtesy of Finn. I’m going to kill him someday.

Me being sassy by the pool.

Me being all cool with my short hair. Am I hot yet?

Finn also decided to record my reaction to him recording things.

Showing off my new cool hair. Trever seems to like it although he says he liked my dreads too.

Finn recorded this so I can show it to people. I don’t know why he insists on recording things.

My birthday! :DTrever threw me a surprise party. Of course, I wasn’t surprised by it, but still.

Me blowing out my candles! I think I’m turning twenty one in this one.

Chillin in the pool again. I’m cool.

Look at me being all badass with my car and my guns and roses shirt. Yeahh.

Lucky for me Finn also records things like this so I can watch them… over and over again.

But come on, isn’t Trever adorable?

Trever with Lucy! Smile

I don’t know how people are scared of him. I mean seriously.

Just look at him.

He’s so adorable. This is my favorite picture of him.

My King <3 I love him too… we’re going through a rough patch right now but… I hope we can fix it Smile
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Zachariah Torres
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