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 Azazel Blair

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PostSubject: Azazel Blair   Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:53 am

Elvis looked at himself in the mirror, sighing as he put the lopsided green hat atop his head and forced a smile on his face. It was getting harder and harder these days to be that perky, always dreaming Peter Pan. But he knew he could do it. It was the best part of his days now after all. He got to see Xavier, got to make kids smile, he just had to pretend he really was Peter, not Elvis Lively, the fuck up who couldn’t keep a lover.
He was beginning to think he’d never find someone. Xavier, Zach, both gone. Maybe there was something messed up with him. Maybe Zach hadn’t been the fucked up one, maybe it was him. Had he been in the wrong for not accepting Zach? No, he couldn’t have been. The boy wanted to eat people. No way he was wrong there.
Zach just wasn’t right for him. He had to keep telling himself that, over and over. The right person would come along, he knew they would.
As if on cue, Xavier popped his head into Elvis’s dressing room. Goddamnit. He felt as if this was a sign Xavier was the one for him, but of course, he’d missed his chance with Xavier too.
“Hey, make sure you’re decent,” Xavier spoke, waving his hook at the man. “You’re getting a new person in here.”
“What do you mean?” Elvis arched an eyebrow.
The small dressing rooms they had to get ready for work each day could fit two people each. There were two lockers for clothing, two mirrors, two makeup kits. But Elvis had gotten lucky and when his last roommate had quit, he’d gotten to keep the room to himself. Until now.
“Uh, you know the guy who plays Tarzan?”
“I think I’ve seen him once or twice.” Elvis nodded. He’d never spoken to the man or seen him much at all. They worked in different parts of the park. Elvis spent most of his time in Magic Kingdom or Fantasyland while Tarzan was constantly hanging around Animal Kingdom.
“There was some sort of problem with him and his last roommate so they’re moving him here.”
“Oh, great.” Elvis sighed. “What kind of problem was it? Is he a dick?”
“I’ve got no clue.” Xavier shrugged. “I just wanted to let you know.”
“Well thanks.” Elvis smiled up at the man.
“No problem, babe. Let me know how it goes.” Xavier smiled at him before heading off to find his way to his ship.
Elvis finished getting dressed and considered running out before Tarzan could arrive, but figured he would be nice and stick around to introduce himself.
Nearly ten minutes later, the man entered the room. Elvis’s jaw nearly dropped as he got his first real look at the man up close.
Tarzan was already in his costume which consisted of just a loincloth and what Elvis assumed were some underwear underneath considering that if he really were to wear just a loincloth, it would not be very appropriate for children.
But Elvis found him extremely attractive. The man was muscular without being overly so. His abdomen was toned but his six pack was not obnoxiously visible. He was perfect.
“Hey, you’re Tarzan, yeah?”
All he got was a grunt in return.
“I’m Peter, well really, I’m Elvis. What’s your name?” He questioned.
“Me Tarzan.” The man spoke in a very primitive tone, perfect for Tarzan as he looked at himself in the mirror as if to make sure he looked alright.
Elvis laughed lightly.
“No, I mean seriously, man.”
The man turned around from his spot in the mirror, crouching down as if he were a gorilla.
“Me in character. We talk later.” He grunted before he exited the room.
Elvis stared after him curiously. Well that had been interesting.
A few minutes later and he went out to begin his work for the day. At the end of the night, when he returned, Tarzan was already there, in street clothes, lounging on one of the benches.
“Oh hey there, Elvis, right?” The man smiled and it nearly threw Elvis off balance. God, he was… well, he was hot.
“Yeah. Elvis.” Elvis flashed a soft smirk. “You can call me Lively.”
“Well then you can call me Izzy.” Izzy nodded. “Sorry about this morning. I’ve done a bit of acting before but I find that Tarzan comes easier if I get into character and stay in it for a while beforehand.” He shrugged.
“Oh no, it’s cool.” Elvis waved a hand dismissively. “I get it. A lot of people around here get really into it.” He shrugged. “So what’s Izzy short for?”
“Azazel, my friend.” The man smiled as he stood up, his long brown locks hanging just passed his shoulders.
“Azazel.” Elvis repeated, humming lightly. “That’s cool.”
“I’m not too fond of it, which is why I’d prefer you call me Izzy. I’ll call you Lively in return, if that’s what you like.”
“Yeah, that’s cool.” Elvis smirked. “So… I heard you’re in here now because you had a problem with your last dressing room mate? What was that all about?”
“Well…” Izzy sighed, standing and leaning against the wall, smiling softly over at the other boy. “Apparently, telling someone that they have a nice ass is considered ‘sexual harassment’ now.” He rolled his eyes lightly.
“That sounds pretty stupid, yeah.” Elvis nodded in agreement.
“In that case, yours is pretty nice too.” Izzy winked, his eyes quickly scanning Elvis over.
Elvis was quite taken aback by the comment, but it didn’t bother him. He enjoyed the compliment.
“Well thanks.” He chuckled.
“So… you have not heard the rumors about me yet, huh?”
“I don’t think so. To be honest I hadn’t heard of you until today.”
“Well that’s good then.” Izzy shot the boy a grin. “I will see you tomorrow, Lively.”
He exited once again at just the right moment to leave Elvis staring after him curiously.
The next day Elvis got to work early, going around before the gates opened and asking some of his lost boys about Izzy.
“Dude, the Tarzan guy?” One of them had responded and when Elvis nodded, he continued. “I don’t know if it’s true but everyone says he’s got a list.”
“A list of what?”
“All the princesses here that he’s fucked.” The boy nodded.
“That’s what I’ve heard.” Another one chimed in.
“Rumor says that he has them autograph it with their princess name while he’s fucking them.” The first one informed him.
Elvis considered this information before he went on with his day’s work.
Later that night, Elvis and Prentiss were simply goofing around in Elvis’s dressing room. Elvis had nearly forgotten about the issue with Izzy until the man arrived.
“Azazel?” Prentiss arched an eyebrow as he looked up at the man.
“Ah, Prentiss. I didn’t know you knew my new friend.” Izzy smirked. “And what did I tell you about calling me Azazel?”
“I am not the best listener, monsieur. I apologize.” Prentiss joked lightly.
“You two know each other?”
“We do.” Izzy grinned. “I bet Prentiss here could tell you all about the rumors about me.”
“Oui.” Prentiss shook his head.
“Well I already heard them today. Is it true?” Elvis questioned.
“Which one? You’ll have to be more specific, Lively.”
“He actually calls you Lively? He must be the only one.” Prentiss laughed.
“I respect his choice in nicknames, unlike some people.” Izzy smirked over at the other boy.
“Well… I meant the one about your list.” Elvis clarified.
“Ah, then yes. I was just about to hang it up, in fact. I hope you don’t mind.” Izzy nodded, pulling several pieces of paper out of his bag.
“His list.” Prentiss scoffed. “Disgusting.”
“You were almost on it.” Izzy laughed.
“Almost.” Prentiss clarified, shaking his head.
“Well, Lively,” Izzy turned away as he hung the series of papers on the wall above his mirror. “You should know not everything about my list is true. It is a list of employees here that I have had relations with. But contrary to popular belief, I do not force them to sign it while we are screwing. I ask them politely when we’ve both been satisfied.”
“It is still gross.” Prentiss wrinkled his nose.
“Our friend here is just jealous he is not on it.” Izzy winked before continuing his explanation. “However, some girls are even excited to sign it. Some girls have heard the rumors beforehand and ask to sign it while we’re in the middle of the act and why would I deny them that?” He shrugged. “If you wish, you can look at it.” He gestured to the papers which he had finished hanging.
Elvis moved forward and did as the boy suggested, looking over the papers Izzy had hung.
The names of nearly every princess at the park was written in their own unique handwriting. Some were neat and carefully written while others were sloppy and scribbled. Elvis guessed that those ones were the ones that had signed during sex.
“Unfortunately, I’ve been with every princess so I’ve had to move on to the princes.” He smirked lightly. “Some of them are harder but that’s okay. I like a challenge.” The man shrugged.
Xavier shook his head as he glanced to his lover at the table across from him, though his eyes kept darting over to Elvis and Izzy.
“What do you think of that guy?” Xavier frowned. “I don’t like him.” He shook his head as he took a sip of the drink in his hand.
“What guy?” Prentiss cocked his head to the side.
“Izzy or whatever his name is.”
“Oh… He is not bad.” Prentiss shrugged. “He is a nice guy.”
They were at one of the parties the cast members had sometimes. Tonight it was at the woman who played Mulan’s house. They were all lounging around, drinking, talking, some people were dancing. But Xavier could not seem to enjoy himself like usual.
Several weeks ago, Elvis had started spending quite a lot of time with the man who played Tarzan, Izzy. Xavier had heard about the man and something about him being with Elvis set his usually miniscule jealous tendencies on fire.
“He doesn’t seem like a nice guy.” Xavier murmured, keeping his lips pursed tightly and trying not to be obvious although to Prentiss, it truly was.
“You are jealous of him, monsieur? Of him with Presley?”
“Prentiss, I…” Xavier sighed. “It’s not like that.”
“I understand.” Prentiss shook his head. But that did not mean he liked it. He put on a light pout face, watching Xavier, the man’s eyes glued to Izzy who had taken to dancing with Elvis, spinning him around in the middle of the room.
Prentiss clenched his own hands into fists in his envy, glancing over his lover.
“You know, mon Cherie… I have been with Azazel as well. Only kissing, but I thought you would like to know.”
Xavier glanced back towards him, frowning deeply.
“You what?”
“I have kissed him before.” Prentiss said simply. “I forgot you didn’t know.”
“He was the only other guy you’ve kissed.” He knew Prentiss had had a first kiss, but only one other than Xavier.
“He was.” Prentiss shrugged, acting like it was not a big deal, acting like he had not purposely said it to get his lover’s focus back on him.
“I hate him.” Xavier spoke simply, turning back to his drink.

(This shall be what Elvis and Izzy are talking about while they are at this party)

Elvis cursed as he nearly fell for almost the fifth time. But this was to be expected with the extremely difficult dance Izzy was leading him in.
“Not much of a dancer, are we, Lively?”
“Not really.” Elvis murmured, glancing down at the man’s feet. Izzy was moving so gracefully, his feet moving in time with the music. The beat appeared to flow through his entire being and he didn’t look like he even had to think about it. “I’m guessing you are?”
“I’ve never taken lessons. I like the music so I taught myself.” Izzy grinned.
“What dance is this anyway?”
“Salsa, my friend. I will teach you one day.”
“Don’t bother. I’m clumsy. I get it from my mom, yeah.”
“Is your mother cute when he trips and blushes too?” Izzy murmured, his lips barely brushing Elvis’s ear as he spoke.
Elvis groaned inwardly as he realized he was indeed blushing. And Izzy whispering in his ear like that definitely didn’t help.
“My dad… he’s Peruvian, yeah.” Elvis nodded, trying to change the subject.
“Ah, maybe he will know the dance then.” Izzy smiled at the thought. “I will ask him to teach you with me.”
“Sounds… cool.” Elvis smirked softly, nodding his head as Izzy pulled back, his hands resting on Elvis’s hips as they slowed down in their dancing.
“It does sound very cool, Lively.” Izzy chuckled. “When do you think I could come over and do this?” He hummed, his own way of inviting himself over to the boy’s home.
“Oh… um, how does tonight sound? After the party?” Elvis smiled at the other man, finding he didn’t mind the thought of Izzy coming over.
“Or we could leave right now.” Izzy wiggled his eyebrows, grinning brightly as Elvis laughed and nodded in agreement before they exited the home together.

When they arrived at Elvis’s home, after the introductions were done, Izzy had asked if Manuel knew how to salsa. The man did, of course. Manuel knew many traditional Hispanic dances.
And then, ten minutes later, the two men stood in the center of the room, laughing as they tried to teach the two redheaded boys to dance.
“I have failed as a father!” Manuel groaned. “I cannot believe I never taught you how to salsa, hijito. It’s simple!”
“It is not simple!” Elvis whined. “Mom doesn’t think so either.”
“Your mom doesn’t think walking is simple.” Manuel teased his lover, grinning at the boy. “Just watch.” He held Izzy by the waist and demonstrated. Izzy didn’t protest, letting Manuel lead.
After going through the steps nearly a dozen times, they split up, Manuel teaching Augustus and Izzy teaching Elvis. After another thirty minutes of that, Manuel groaned.
“Izzy, switch with me. Augustus is hopeless. You try.”
Izzy laughed as he nodded in agreement, switching partners with the Peruvian man.
They practiced for the next few hours until finally, Izzy shouted in triumph.
“He’s got it!” He cried out, grinning. “Let’s show them.” He urged Augustus.
“Let’s get wiggy!” Augustus nodded, proud of himself for learning the dance.
Manuel and Elvis stepped back in order to watch as the two went about their routine.
It wasn’t perfect but it was well done. Izzy was quite good, going as far as to lift Augustus into the air, throw him and catch him, not stopping dancing for a second.
When they finished, Manuel clapped proudly.
“You’ve done the impossible. Augustus just did a dance without falling. You must be magic.” He shook his head, turning to Elvis. “Keep him around.” He chuckled and Izzy grinned lightly at the fact that Elvis’s parents seemed to like him.

Just to clarify his views on sex and things. I realized he came out a little more slutty in the first fic here heheh. he is a slut, like he has a lot of sex, but he doesn't think sex is meaningless. he adores sex and thinks it should be important. He would never pressure someone into sex with him. he shall be kind to everyone he gets in bed heheh.
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Azazel Blair
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