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 Off to Neverland

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Trever Murdock


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PostSubject: Off to Neverland   Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:42 pm

Xavier had been going to stop by Elvis's dressing room, Peter Pan had seemed down the entire day and he had began to worry.  Before he got there though he had met Prentiss, who was rushing home because he had thought he forgot something on the stove in his home.  No matter how much Xavier wanted to check on Elvis, he would rather call him later rather than let Prentiss go home to a house on fire by himself.

Much like Xavier, Azazel had been going to wait around for Elvis, worried about the boy who had not truly smiled at him once that day.  Jane was there though.  He had promised her a ride home and dinner, possibly a little fun after.  The women was getting impatient, displeased to have her time wasted waiting on Peter f*cking Pan.
"Come on, Izzy! You promised you were taking me to dinner, and if we dont go now there wont be a table."  Jane reached for the mans hand, grasping it and tugging him toward the exit gates.
"Uh..."  Azazel looked back to the dressing room, reluctant to leave.  
"Izzy."  Jane took a deep breath.  "Im tired of waiting."  She was not about to be second to Peter Pan.
"Okay, okay."  Azazel allowed himself to be lead from the park.  He was sure it would be fine, he would see Elvis tomorrow and the boy would probably be just as good as new.  Elvis was like that.
But not this time

Around twenty minutes after Azazel had gone, the room to their dressing room finally swung open.  Elvis glanced around, thankful that everyone was gone.  He kicked the door shut, shouldering his bag as he made his way down the path to the parking lot.  The gates had not been locked yet, Security knowing he was still there.  No one bothered him though, only went behind him and locked the gates once he was gone.  Elvis threw the bag into his jeep, sliding behind the wheel only to allow his head to thump back against the head rest.  He wasnt sure he could do this anymore.  Today it had all just felt real, his life.  He had lost Xavier, because he couldnt stop being a f*cking drug addict.  It had been almost a month since he and Zach had broken up and he was still having nightmares. Zach was on his mind, all the time, but so was the boy he had mutilated.  Elvis couldnt think of Zach without seeing that boys face.  It made him sick.  
He felt like he was drowning, he couldnt breath, no matter how hard he fought he could never quite breech the surface.  He was just going to wait until that last moment where he felt like his head was going to explode, and when it did...
Elvis would sink.
He started the jeep, taking deep breaths to calm himself.  He had not slept in five days, anytime he closed his eyes he saw the boys face.  And it didnt help that he had been on a drug binge, the toxic chemicals worked on his body, further made sure he would get no sleep.  
His hands were trembling, causing the wheel to shake violently.  His body was wanting to shut down, his mind lost in the dark stretch of road. He wondered what had happened to his life, how it had come to this.  Elvis choked out a laugh, unable to even remember why he had began doing drugs in the first place.  He wanted to stop.  Tears stung his eyes as he thought about it.  He had never wanted it to get this bad, but he didnt know what to do. He was to the point of telling his father, if only to get some help, but he couldnt look in his fathers eyes and tell him what a f*ck up he had become.  There was no one else to turn to.  His mother would alert his father. Luca had a family of his own to take care of.  Xavier....Elvis grit his teeth, his foot pressing harder on the gas.  He had failed Xavier. Let the man slip right through his fingers. The man had Prentiss now, and as much as he hated it, he could never resent them for it.  He wanted Xavier to be happy, and if it damn took Prentiss to do that for him then...
Elvis reached up, growling softly as his fingers touched wetness.  He didnt want to be here.  He had no right to cry, this was all his fault.  If he were stronger he would have been able to drop drugs for Xavier.  If he were stronger he would have been able to deal with Zach's....Hobbies. Maybe he could have made him quit.  But it had been something vital to Zach and...Elvis didnt think he could make it stop.  And if he did, he didnt know if Zach could stand it.  If only he wasnt such a damn coward.  
Why was he even here?  Did he have a purpose?  His dad was already hurting because they had grown distant.  He was worrying his mother to death. The park could easily replace him.  Xavier had ALREADY replaced him, and Zach was working on it.  Elvis had no doubt that Zach would move on, that boy was a fighter. It brought a smile to Elvis's lips. He knew that Zach was going to do better for himself.  Azazel would get a new locker partner, someone he could add to his list.
Truth was, Elvis couldnt think of one single f*cking reason he was even alive.
He reached for his phone, cursing himself as he felt the wetness trailing down his chin.  He dialed Xavier's number, his lips quivering as he spoke.  "If Xavier can give me one damn reason to be here, yeah..."

The phone rang. Xavier looked over at the table where the light of his phone was shining Elvis's name.  Prentiss was on top of him, they were in the middle of making love.  Prentiss continued to move, reaching down to make Xavier look at him.  "Zavieer."   The man had been hesitant to look at him, hand moving as though he had been going to pick the phone up.  But they were linked together, and Prentiss was begging not to be interrupted.  Slowly he drew his hand back, thankful when the phone was quite once more.

Elvis took a deep breath, hoping to calm himself, but it wasnt working.  He couldnt breath.  One hand moved to his throat, clawing at it desperately.  Swallowing thickly he tried again but was unable to get air into his lungs.  He was panicking. He reached back for the wheel, feeling more and more light headed by the minute.  His eyes were darting around, his frame shaking violently.  He could see the stop sign up ahead.  You could turn right and go down town, or left and go out to the back roads, but there was no road going straight on.  Thick woods that ended out caving into a stream that fed into the river.  Elvis's knuckles were white, the wheel jerking as he continued to struggle for breath.  He felt like his head was going to explode.  He didnt want to be here.
Elvis pressed harder on the gas, ducked his head down and rode with his jeep across the road and straight into the large pine trees.  His jeep knocked several down, crashing several times before reaching where the land caved in.  The vehicle tumbled, down and down until it landed tires up at the bottom of the stream. Elvis finally wheezed out a breath, sucking air in weakly.
It was his last.

"Oh my god! Look at that!"  Jane had he face pressed against the glass of her window.  They were on their way back to her place, but had been halted by the swarm of flashing lights.  Red, blue, white, yellow. An ambulance was there, along with six police cars and a tow truck.  On top of the tow truck was the frame of what used to be a blue jeep, but you couldnt tell that now.  The remains of the vehicle were crushed almost into a ball, the only eligible color being black.
"I bet whoever was in there is dead."  She glanced back to Azazel who was staring at the hole that had been made when the jeep went crashing through the woods.  There were ot ntread marks on the road, no sigh that the vehicle had ever been made to stop.  Whoever had gone in there did it willingly.
It gave Azazel chills to think about.  He was glad when he was directed down the road and away from the site.

Augustus blinked his eyes open, sitting up.  There was a knock on there door, Manuel was already on his feet.  Elvis hadnt come home yet, and so Augustus figured he had left his keys again.  It was late though.  The boy pulled himself up, following his lover down stairs to the door.
"Hijito!"  Manuel opened the door, the words dying on his lips.  Two police men were standing at the door step, looking at each other to see who would be first to speak.
"Uhm, Sir.  Are you the father of an Elvis Lively?"  One of the man asked, eyes settling on Manuel.  Augustus already felt nauseas.  Nothing could be good when a cop delivers it to your door.
"Yes, I am."  Manuel's eye brows were furrowed in worry, his hands already shaking.  "Why, what is it?"
There was a long moment of silence before the same cop spoke again.  "Im sorry sir, but your son was involved in a fatal car crash tonight. We were hoping you would come down and...."  He trailed off, his heart hurting for the man whos world he had just destroyed. "Could you come identify the body?"  The other officer finished, his face grave as he spoke.  

Once he and Prentiss had finished, Xavier had taken his phone up, dialing Elvis's number quickly.  He felt bad for now answered earlier, but he couldnt very well answer his exboyfriend while having sex with his current, right?
The phone rang and rang and rang.  Just when Xavier was going to hang up and try again, the call went through.  "Elvis! Hey, are you alright?  Im sorry I missed you earlier."
There was a deafening silence over the line.
"Elvis?"  Xavier spoke again, worry evident in his voice.
"Im sorry to tell you this, but the owner of this phone was just..."  Another pause as this rough voiced person was considering if he should continue.  "He was in a car accident.  It was fatal and im just holding his phone until his family comes to claim his things.  Im sorry."
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Off to Neverland
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