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 Fix Me.

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Jeremy Johnson


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PostSubject: Fix Me.    Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:32 am

I haven't reread this yet but I'm so damn tired so if there are mistakes I'm sorry >< It didn't come out as well as I thought it would and I'm sorry about the dumb ending heheh. I couldn't really think of what to do after that >< I wanted the sex to be sweeter but my Finn is terrible and I didn't want to mess him up and write him too sweet you know? So yeah. If we ever would thread this or something like it, just know that it was different in my head heheh

“Good job.” Trever nodded, his chin resting on Zach’s shoulder as he hugged the boy from behind. “You’re getting better.”
“I know.” Zach smiled lightly, though sighing afterwards. “Can I…?” Zach questioned lightly as he looked down at the dead body in front of him.
“Fuck him? Go ahead.” Trever shrugged as Zach thanked him quietly.
He needed release and he hated himself for it but lately the only things that turned him on were Trever and corpses.
Zach climbed atop of the table to straddle the corpse, glancing back at Trever who simply laughed before leaving the room.
Nearly ten minutes later, Zach was finishing, sighing as he stepped off of the table running a hand through his dreadlocks.
He was getting better at this whole killing thing. That should be a good thing but he hated it so much. Hated that he was losing his mind. He didn’t know what was happening to him.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered to the body, cleaning off the blood and semen from it. He liked to bury his victims nicely. He still had guilt afterwards, unlike Trever.
“Who the fuck are you apologizing to?” Zach heard a voice speak from the doorway. He turned around to see who it was although he already knew by the voice.
“Finn!” He smiled softly. “I, uh… I was apologizing to him.” He admitted with a sigh.
“For fucking him or killing him?”
“Both.” Zach shrugged, glancing down at the corpse.
“That’s stupid, he’s already dead.”
“Whatever, I don’t fucking care.” Finn shook his head. “What have you been up to?”
“The usual. Killing people, making serums, uh, losing my mind?”
“Did you make a serum that can make everyone stop pissing me off?”
“No, unfortunately.” Zach smirked at the other boy.
“Well then you should work on that.” Finn nodded, nudging the body aside so he could sit on the table.
“Of course.” Zach chuckled. “Although I think you’d still find some way to be annoyed.”
“Probably.” Finn shrugged. “So what serums have you made? I like watching. Go get a bitch or something and show me.”
“Okay.” Zach smiled softly. He normally disliked torturing bitches like this, but he did anything for Finn, even something as pointless as this. Finn was the only friend he had. “Come pick one out with me.” He nodded, taking Finn’s hand and tugging him towards the door.
Finn followed reluctantly and they made their way to the basement, eyeing all of the bitches before choosing a small one who was whimpering in the corner.
“He’s going to be annoying.” Finn muttered.
“Probably. But he has nice bone structure.” Zach spoke softly, eyeing the boy as he uncuffed him, leading him upstairs with Finn following behind.
“He’s okay looking.” Finn agreed, shrugging as he followed them back into the room where Zach rolled the first dead body onto the floor and tied this new bitch in his place.
The boy was already screaming and whining, begging them to stop.
“I know which serum I’m using first.” Zach groaned at the noise, picking out a vial of neon blue liquid. He put the liquid into a syringe, handing the needle then to Finn. “Do you want to do it?”
“Sure.” Finn nodded, taking the needle. “Where do I do it?”
“His neck. Right here.” Zach pointed to the exact spot and Finn wasted no time in roughly jabbing the needle there, injecting the boy with the serum.
“What will it do?” Finn questioned as the boy continued to scream.
“Deteriorate his vocal chords so he’ll shut up.” Zach nodded.
“This is my favorite already.” Finn smirked.
Within several minutes the boy was unable to speak, simply crying now silently.
“Um, we could use this one next.” Zach began but before he could grab it, Finn stepped forward.
“Can I pick one?” Finn asked, looking over the row of vials.
“Oh, sure!” Zach nodded. “Pick one and I’ll tell you what it does.”
Finn looked over them for several minutes before picking up a blood red potion.
“It will make him bleed uncontrollably from the spot you inject it into.”
“Sounds like a good one.” Finn smirked, taking several drops of the liquid into the syringe.
“Be careful. You’ll have to tie something around wherever you choose to do it or else he’ll bleed out too quickly.”
“Yeah yeah.” Finn rolled his eyes although he slipped his shirt off, tying it around the boy’s arm, near his elbow before poking the needle into his bicep.
It was only a few seconds before the blood began to trickle out, the trickle slowly turning into steady stream of the red liquid, pooling on the floor.
“That’s pretty fucking cool.” Finn nodded, watching.
Normally, Zach would have appreciated it too but all he could do was stare at Finn ever since he’d taken his shirt off.
“We should probably get some towels though.” Finn muttered, looking at the puddle forming on the ground. “Trever!” He shouted.
“I’ll just go get some.” Zach nodded, trying not to act as flustered as he was. It seemed odd that he tortured and screwed bodies constantly and yet he was getting embarrassed at seeing his friend shirtless but Finn… was different.
“Hurry the fuck up.” Finn spoke, continuing to watch the blood flow.
Zach jogged out of the room, finding Trever.
“Hey, can we have some towels?” He asked the man.
“Yeah, course.” Trever nodded, eyeing Zach’s lightly reddened cheeks. “What are you two doing in there? Fucking?”
“N-no!” Zach exclaimed immediately, eyes wide.
Trever smirked as he looked the boy over.
“You’re all flustered. I’ve never seen you like that.” Trever laughed lightly. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing, just get me some damn towels.”
“Shit, you don’t like Finn do you?”
“Shut up and get me fucking towels!” Zach groaned.
“Oh my god!” Trever was grinning like an idiot, chuckling softly. “That’s adorable. Want me to tell him? You two would be cute!”
“Shut. UP!” Zach cursed. “I’m getting my own towels.” He muttered, heading for the bathroom.
“But Zach!” Trever was still laughing lightly as he followed the boy.
“Just don’t tell him, alright?” Zach sighed, rubbing the back of his neck as he fought off his blush.
“Alright.” Trever sighed, still smirking. “I won’t tell. But you should!”
“Go away, Trever.” Zach rolled his eyes, trudging back to the man’s special room with a pile of towels in his arms.
When he returned, Finn was still watching the blood flow, smirking lightly.
“I got towels.” Zach extended them as he approached the boy.
“Good.” Finn nodded, grabbing the towels and attempting to mop up the pool of liquid on the floor. “I think the kid’s just about dead.” He poked the boy who was now pale as a ghost.
“That’ll work.” Zach chuckled, eyeing the body and cursing when that feeling of arousal stirred in his stomach. He couldn’t help it but he hated it… He was so sickened with himself sometimes.
Finn could tell but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t really care if the boy wanted to fuck some corpses. But he actually cared for Zach, which was unusual for him, and he knew the boy felt bad about it.
“I’m going to tell Trever we made a mess so he doesn’t bitch at you later.” Finn nodded, pointing to the pile of bloody towels on the floor. Really, he didn’t give a shit about the mess but this would give Zach a moment alone to calm himself without worrying about Finn watching him.
“Okay.” Zach nodded, smiling softly at the boy before Finn exited the room.
Finn did find Trever and tell him they’d made a mess but the man did not seem to care so Finn thought of something else to talk about.
“So… you and Zach… are you guys like a couple or something stupid like that or are you just fucking him?” Finn asked, trying to act like he was just making conversation.
But truly… he was kind of attracted to Zach. The boy was one of the very few people he did not hate. Zach was sweet to him, he could handle Finn’s swearing and insults, and he was so… weird. Weird was what Finn needed, someone a little crazy.
“I love Zach. He’s my student, a friend.. but I wouldn’t say we’re together.” Trever shook his head.
“Because I fucking wanted to know, fuckface.”
“Jesus, you’re angrier than usual.”
“Fuck off.” Finn muttered.
“But seriously, why did you ask?” Trever arched an eyebrow.
“I don’t fucking know. Let it go.” Finn shook his head, growling lightly at the other man.
“Do you want us to be dating?”
“No.” Finn spoke immediately, before trying to take back what he had said. “I mean why the fuck should I care?”
“Aww, do you have a crush?” Trever teased lightly.
“Shut the fuck up.” Finn muttered.
“You like Zach, huh?”
“You tell him and I cut you into fucking pieces.” Finn snarled, turning away from the other man.
Trever laughed softly, finding it quite adorable that the two boys had crushes on each other but they were both too stubborn to admit it. He cared for them both and while he hadn’t expected it, he realized he should have. They were both too weird for anyone but each other.
However, as Finn walked away, Trever kept his mouth shut. The two of them had to figure this out on their own.
When Finn returned, he peeked in the door slowly at first to make sure he wouldn’t catch Zach in the middle of something and embarrass him. But Zach was simply leaned against the wall with his head in his hands. The dead boy lay on the bed, untouched.
“Zach, you alright?” Finn questioned as he entered the room fully.
“I-I’m fine.” Zach shook his head.
“Are you sure?”
“I… I’m not fine.” Zach sighed, turning to face his friend. “I’m fucking sick… I’m losing my mind and I hate myself because of it.”
“Zach, come on. There’s nothing wrong with you.” Finn reassured, a light frown on his face.
“Finn, you can’t say that with a straight face.” Zach laughed, shaking his head. “You know what? I think you’re cute. When you took your shirt off, I’ll admit, I got a little flustered. That’s normal. But while most guys would have thought about kissing you, maybe screwing you, you know what I thought? I immediately thought about how it would feel to hold your corpse.” Zach spoke as he moved closer to Finn. “I thought of how it would feel to rip you apart, taste your blood, feel your innards... That’s not fucking normal Finn! I’m losing it.” Zach grabbed fistfuls of his hair, growling softly.
“Calm down…” Finn moved closer, trying to take in this information. The only thing he kept hearing was how Zach had said he was cute. Zach had enjoyed seeing him shirtless. It was odd. “You’re okay, Zach. If that’s what turns you on, it’s alright…”
“But it’s not.” Zach sighed. “You’re not freaked out?”
“No. I take it as a compliment, fuckface.” Finn smirked lightly. “Dead bodies are what you’re attracted to. If you want to screw my dead body then it must be a good thing.”
“It is.” Zach reassured with a small smile. “I… care about you Finn, you know?”
“Yeah, I know.” Finn nodded, simply staring at the other boy. “I… I fucking care about you too.”
“But Finn, I think I care about you… a lot…”
“Whatever you’re trying to say, spit it out.”
“I like you Finn, alright? I want to fucking kiss you and hold you and…” Zach trailed off, running his fingers through his hair.
“So stop being a pussy, throw that fucker off of the table and do what you fucking want to me.” Finn spoke simply, though his eyes showed happiness that he would never admit to.
Zach blinked, taking a step closer to Finn, reaching out a hand and placing it on Finn’s shoulder.
“Really?” He asked tentatively. “You… want me to?”
“You’re so fucking slow to catch on.” Finn groaned and then he leaned in and kissed the other boy deeply.
Zach was taken aback but it only took him a moment to wrap his arms around Finn’s waist and respond. Finn’s hand moved to Zach’s cheek, his nails digging into the boy’s flesh as he pressed him deeper into the kiss.
Zach lifted Finn into his arms, quickly backing them up so they were in front of the table. With one elbow, he shoved the corpse off onto the floor, atop of the other corpse of the day. He then threw Finn down on the table and was on top of him within seconds. Finn appeared to enjoy it, his hands clawing at Zach’s blood stained tank top which the boy tugged off a moment later.
“Finn…” Zach murmured as he pulled back, his lips nipping at the boy’s neck. He got nothing in response other than Finn’s hands yanking off his sweatpants and boxers. Just the feeling of his bare skin brushing Finn’s made him groan. He moved to do the same with Finn’s jeans and underwear, chucking them aside and not caring where they landed. “Do you want to be on top?” Zach whispered gently. “Ride me?”
“Why?” Finn arched an eyebrow.
“I just get a little… dominant on top.” Zach admitted.
“Good.” Finn smirked before kissing the boy again, allowing Zach to stay atop of him. “Do your worst.” He snarled softly, his nails deep in the flesh of Zach’s back.
Zach grinned, his eyes showing that certain glint he got when he was torturing. It was sadistic, but not quite as much as Trever’s look, mixed with arousal.
He roughly took hold of Finn’s wrists, holding them above his head against the wall. Zach groaned as he felt his erection brushing the inside of Finn’s thigh. He was so painfully aroused, he needed this. He needed Finn.
He tugged one of Finn’s nipples in between his teeth, his heart pounding in his chest as he heard Finn hiss in pleasure. He loved sex. With Trever, with corpses, he loved the passion. He loved being connected to something. He loved the power that came with giving someone else pleasure. But most of all he loved that during sex, for those blissful moments, he wasn’t so crazy anymore. He was just getting pleasured. He reached down to let his finger press against Finn’s tight pucker only to have the boy push it away.
“Don’t try and fucking prep me. Do I look like a pussy to you?” Finn snorted. “Fuck me.” He groaned. “Now.” The last word came out as a hiss. It was a demand, and Zach didn’t question it. He pressed his forehead against Finn’s, their noses brushing as his hand came down to grip his own erection, pressing it against Finn’s entrance. He entered the boy in a swift thrust, hearing Finn curse in pain. He tried to pause, give the boy time to relax but all that earned him was a growl and a command to keep going.
So Zach did. He let Finn’s wrists go, placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders, pressing down on them roughly as he began to thrust in and out of the other boy’s tight heat. Finn was a virgin which was why he was almost unbearably tight, but Zach did not know this.
“Oh god, Finn.” Zach moaned loudly, burying his member deep inside the boy’s ass and pausing, feeling the tight walls around him. “You feel so good.” He let out a sigh. “I need to taste you.” He groaned loudly, rolling his hips slowly.
“So taste me.” Finn responded immediately, shifting his chest upwards to allow Zach access.
Zach leaned down, his nose trailing from the base of Finn’s chin, down his neck, to his center chest where he didn’t hesitate in ripping off a hunk of the boy’s flesh in his teeth..
He swallowed it quickly, blood dripping from his mouth as he moaned sinfully. And then, he resumed fucking his friend, even rougher than before, his teeth clamped tightly onto the boy’s shoulder as he picked up the pace, his balls tapping loudly against Finn’s pert cheeks.
“Goddamnit!” Finn growled, tilting his head back as he put aside the pain of his virginity being taken and focusing on the amazing pleasure Zach was bringing him. He was in immense pleasure, his back arching and hips bucking in every direction. This was bliss, in every meaning of the word.
Zach kissed the boy gently while they screwed, pressing their faces together tightly. He nearly giggled when he realized where Finn’s hands were; his ass. The boy was gripping his ass tightly, his nails on both hands digging deeply into the skin, drawing blood in their path.
“Finish.” Zach moaned. “Finn I need you to finish…” He nodded furiously, his member aching as he tried to get off, moving quicker in and out of his friend.
“Fuck!” Finn growled as his stomach tightened with his release approaching. He allowed Zach to bring him release, feeling the boy’s hand clamping around his member and pumping him over the edge, sticky white cum spurting up onto the other boy’s chest.
It was only another moment before Zach was crying out, his member erupting deep in Finn’s passage.
He didn’t want to pull out and so he pressed closer to Finn, laying beside him and hugging him tightly as they panted together on the table.
It wasn’t until Zach looked back that he noticed Trever in the doorway.
“About goddamn time.” The man shook his head simply before disappearing before Finn or Zach could murder him.
“So…” Zach murmured.
“Yeah?” Finn asked, glancing at the wound on his chest and thinking.
“Am I good?”
“It was… really fucking good.” He nodded.
“Good.” Zach grinned lightly.
“You’re such a fucking dork sometimes, you know that?” Finn rolled his eyes although he couldn’t deny it. It was kind of endearing. Zach was crazy and adorable at the same time, how the hell did he do that?

I told you it sucked ><
Ps: the whole Zach saying he was dominant on top thing would be why he would never agree to ride Elvis in bed. He didn't want to hurt him hehe
I hope you liked this even though it's terrible. I might try and rewrite it sweeter sometime, i don't know ><
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Fix Me.
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