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Azazel Blair


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PostSubject: Love   Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:47 am

This is another one of those 100 thingss, I figured I'd post it Smile

64. Love

Izzy hovered over top of Elvis, kissing him gently before laying down beside him.
Elvis’s eyes were shut as he panted softly, trying to savor this moment. After all this time, he couldn’t believe he had really given in and slept with the man. He just knew Izzy would drop him now, that was how it always went, didn’t it?
“Elvis.” Izzy spoke up after a moment and Elvis forced his eyes open, only because the man had spoken his real name instead of calling him Lively, like usual. He didn’t think he’d ever heard Izzy call him by his first name and he found that he loved the sound of it. He turned to face Izzy and saw the man smiling brightly at him, brown hair pooling on the pillow beneath his head. And then, he couldn’t help himself from saying what he said next.
“I love you.” He blurted out. He regretted it immediately, but he couldn’t say that it wasn’t true. He was so helplessly in love with Azazel Blair…
Izzy’s smile fell, but he didn’t look upset, just very serious as he spoke next.
“You know, Elvis, most people mistake something about me and I want to make it clear to you… A lot of people ask me why I don’t want to be in love. But it is not that, it’s not that at all. I want love to be real so badly. I want to wake up next to someone each day, hold them tight and never let them go. People think I’m just trying to say it isn’t real so I don’t have to commit to anyone. But that’s not the case. I wish for nothing more than to find love. But it simply wasn’t real.”
Elvis’s own face fell. Of course he had known this was coming but some foolish part of him had hoped…
Then Izzy continued.
“But I think I might have gotten something wrong.”
“What do you mean?” Elvis questioned.
“I mean…” Izzy leaned in close, his eyes staring directly into Elvis’s. “After all these years, I think love might have found me after all.”
Elvis blinked, and then, Izzy’s lips were against his own like before, but this time it felt a thousand times better. It was gentle and sweet and full of… love.
“You’re serious?” Elvis asked when they pulled apart.
“I love you, Elvis Lively.” Izzy nodded his head, eyes showing his sincerity. “I didn’t think it possible but there’s no denying it. I’m so utterly and completely in love with you.”
Elvis found his eyes were watering and cursed himself for being such a girl. But he couldn’t help it. Because for once, things were finally right.
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