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Azazel Blair


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PostSubject: Withdrawal.    Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:50 am

“Izzy…” Elvis spoke up as he appeared in the doorway to the bedroom.
“You’re craving?” Izzy arched an eyebrow, able to tell just by the look on the boy’s face, a light sheen of sweat covering his visible skin.
“I don’t feel so hot, yeah.” Elvis sighed.
“Come here.” Izzy nodded, standing to lead the boy to the bed, gesturing for him to lay down as he ran quickly to get what he needed.
Minutes later, he returned with a towel, several bottles of water, a bowl, a thermometer, a blanket,and some fruit. He sat on the bed beside Elvis and pulled the boy towards him so his head was in his lap. He carded his fingers through the red locks as he grabbed the thermometer.
“Open up.” He tapped the tip of the object against Elvis’s lips and the boy parted his lips slightly, just far enough for Izzy to shove it underneath his tongue. He waited a few minutes until it beeped. “102. Fever.” Izzy sighed, grabbing the blanket and wrapping the boy up in it until he could not move. “We’re going to detox again, are you ready?”
“Yeah…” Elvis nodded. Not like he had much of a choice. But really, he thought he was ready this time. He had Izzy. Detoxing was a bitch, the hardest part of getting over the addiction. If he got through this, he could do it. He knew he could this time. He was shivering already, even under the blanket as his body broke out in cold sweats. It felt like he was dying, but he knew he wasn’t… even though he kind of wished he was. “Thank you Izzy… really.”
“Shh.” Izzy spoke gently. “Don’t worry about it.”
Elvis couldn’t worry about much of anything as he trembled violently with his fever. The sweat seemed to pour from him, soaking his clothes, the blanket, and even Izzy. Just as suddenly as the fever had started, it broke and he was hot, so very hot. The sweat was even worse now, no longer a cold sweat.
He wasn’t quite hallucinating but he couldn’t really concentrate, everything was a fuzzy blur. All he could see was Izzy’s face, hovering over him.
He didn’t even realize that he was moaning loudly in pain the whole time.
“Hooooot!” He groaned, unable to find the energy to even take the blanket off of himself. “HOT.” He repeated, his voice a low drawn out moan of aching.
“Shhh, okay darling.” Izzy cooed softly, unwrapping the boy and folding the damp blanket up behind them. “I need you to drink, okay baby?” He uncapped one of the bottles of water, holding it to Elvis’s lips and tilting it slightly so the water trickled in a slow stream down Elvis’s throat. Izzy knew the boy had to keep hydrated with the way he was losing fluids by sweating.
Elvis obediently drank, it was one of the things he could manage. He drank two entire bottles before he groaned softly as he felt it sloshing around in his now bloated stomach.
“And now bite this.” Izzy spoke, his voice calm and soothing as he held the apple up to the boy’s mouth. Elvis bit down without question, finding it difficult to chew and swallow. But he managed, taking several more bites before Izzy put the apple down, picking up a towel and wiping at his forehead.
It was only moments before Izzy felt his stomach stirring. He opened his mouth and it was only seconds before he felt vomit rushing up his throat. He tried to hold it back, not wanting to make a mess for Izzy, but he was far too weak and it came bursting out. However, somehow, Izzy was too quick for it. He sat the bowl in front of Elvis’s mouth just as his projectile vomiting began.
Elvis couldn’t have been more thankful to Izzy for all of this, but he was so out of it at the moment, his body aching in so many ways, that he barely registered what the man was doing.
As soon as he would finish one round of barfing, Izzy had another fruit in his face. Mostly apples, with the occasional banana or peach. Elvis would bite them and then throw it right back up. Finally, he groaned when Izzy offered him a ripe peach and shook his head.
“You have to eat.” Izzy sighed. “I know it will make you puke again, but if you don’t keep eating you’ll throw up all the nutrients in there.”
Elvis simply whined, loud and low. But he opened his mouth anyways and took a bite. Strangely enough, he didn’t puke. But minutes later, his stomach made an awful mixing noise. Even dazed, he knew what the feeling in his stomach was signaling.
“B-ba…” He trailed off, trying to get out the word he desperately needed.
“What is it, darling?” Izzy questioned.
Elvis was trying to get out the word bathroom but it felt like something was sitting atop his chest, preventing him from speaking, preventing him from breathing.
His bowels didn’t appear to be interested in patiently waiting for him to get to the bathroom. His heart stopped as what he would later know as the most embarrassing moment of his life happened.
“Oh!” Izzy exclaimed, obviously shocked as he realized what the boy had needed.
Elvis could cry he was so embarrassed. Tell him this was not happening. Oh lord, please tell him he had not just shit his pants on top of the man he was so hopelessly in love with. Oh fuck, please. He would rather have done anything than that.
“Shh, it’s okay.” Izzy reassured, lifting Elvis gingerly, careful not to touch near where the… accident had occurred as he headed towards the bathroom.
Elvis’s body was useless right now, though his mind was perfectly fine. All he could think was how pathetic this was as he felt the substance dripping down his thighs. The smell reached his nostrils and he nearly gagged. He knew Izzy had to smell it too. He knew the man was probably disgusted with him.
Izzy would never want him now, never love him… all because of these fucking drugs and the fact that he had just shit all over himself.
He felt limp as he was undressed and set on the toilet.
“Lean forward for me a little darling.” Elvis heard Izzy’s gentle voice in his ear and he lethargically did as told.
His mind reeled as once again, he pleaded with himself.
Oh god he was so pathetic. Izzy, the love of his life, was cleaning up his shit. What in the hell had he done to deserve this? Oh yeah, this was his punishment for using fucking drugs in the first place.
He leaned forward from the toilet for he didn’t know how long, head rested limply against the wall until Izzy picked him back up and pulled his pants up for him, carrying him back to the bed.
“Alright now that that’s over.” Izzy smiled down at the other boy reassuringly. “Let’s tuck you in again, alright?” Izzy wrapped him up tight in the blanket once more despite the fact that he was sweating and gave him another bottle of water and an entire banana. “Looks like the worst is over, darling.” The man nodded. “Why don’t you try getting some sleep? You look so tired, beautiful.”
Elvis didn’t have to be told twice. He was out within minutes. He didn’t know however that Izzy stayed up the entire night watching over him.
When he awoke, Izzy was still in the same spot, arm around his shoulders. Elvis felt quite a bit better, like the drugs were out of his system.
“You’re up.” Izzy smiled sweetly when he noticed the boy.
“Yeah…” Elvis nodded, averting his gaze.
“How are you?”
“I think I’m good now… it’s out of my system.”
“Then it should all be down hill from here.” Izzy beamed. “This time we can do it, alright darling? You’re going to be done for good now…”
“I sure as hell hope so.” Elvis gave a weak smile, still refusing to meet the man’s eyes.
“What is it? Something is wrong.” Izzy frowned deeply.
“It’s nothing…”
“Elvis. It’s something.”
“Talk to me.” Izzy insisted.
“I just… it was embarrassing, alright? I appreciate what you did more than you know, but I… God, I couldn’t do anything.”
“Well that’s the last night you ever have to go through that.” Izzy said simply, reassuring the boy.
“It’s not as simple as that. I… I just don’t want you to laugh at me or anything, you know?”
“Elvis, I would never laugh at something like that... like you said, you couldn’t do anything. You were sick, darling. I’d never laugh at anything wrong with you. I’d hope you’d do the same for me if the situation was reversed.”
“Well of course, but…”
“But nothing. Let’s go downstairs.” Izzy stood from the bed, kissing the boy’s cheek gently. “I have a breakfast prepared for us. Not to mention the champagne to toast a drug free beginning for you.”
Elvis could only blink before he was tugged to his feet and down the stairs.

(This might have mistakes, I'm so damn tired >< But I was looking at withdrawal symptoms and what happens when you go through detox and a lot of stuff says losing control of your bowels and diarrhea and everything and i realized, even when we write sick people, they never have diarrhea cause i always find that uncomfortable to write for some reason bwahaa. so i apologize to elvis muse for the tramatizing experience, that was just one of the symptoms that kept coming up heheh><)
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