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 His Hero(Sorry Babe)

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PostSubject: His Hero(Sorry Babe)   Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:13 pm

Truthfully I don't really see that argument last night as being anyone's fault but I am sorry.
Not for the argument.
But for having it on the night before you had to go to school.
I know how bothersome it is to have to go the whole day thinking about some fight.
But then again, hopefully you forgot about it.
Either way I made you this picture and this little fic to simply say I love you.
And I missed you.
Zac sniffled, looking down at the fresh cuts on his wrists, his eyes deep with regret.
What would Quincy say....
It had been YEARS since he had cut last but today had been horrible...
He had been pregnant...he had only told Quincy a week ago and now...
The baby was gone...
Zac jumped, cursing softly as he heard his lover coming up the stairs to check on him. Quincy had taken the news hard...Everyone had, even his other babies.
The small boy hurried to cover his wrist, anything to make it invisible...
He had forgotten to lock the bathroom door...
"Precious?" Quincy peeked his head in, his eyes growing wide at the site.
"Zac what are you doing?"
He boy wore that deer trapped in head lights look, hiding his now cut up wrist behind his back.
"I-I was...puking....."
Quincy's eyes narrowed slightly. "Didn't sound like it."
"yeah well..." Zac nodded, averting his gaze. He could not look his lover in the eye and lie to him...
"Precious...What did you do?" Quincy had a suspicion but he didnt want to believe it...but the feeling of dread in his belly told him he had to face it.
"Gimme your Zac..."
"N-No..." The boy stuttered, stepping back. He couldnt let Quincy see. Even if he always knew...just...the look on the mans face...
"Zac...Look at me...I know...but I wont think any differently about you. " Quincy's voice was soft...deep...soothing...
"B-But..." Zac pressed back more, trying to get away.
"Don't hide from me Precious." Quincy reached out, lightly taking Zac's upper arm and tugging him to his chest, holding him close."You cut yourself...." It was not a question.
"Im sorry." Came the guilty response.
All was quiet, Quincy simply holding Zac close and stroking his hair.
"Its okay Zac....you never have to hide from me....just...you cant do it again...You CAN NOT, you know how I feel about it..."
"O-Okay...So what do I when I-I need to cut though?" Zac looked up at him with tear strained cheeks.
"You come to me...and you let me hold you...let me kiss away the pain..."
And with that last word, Zac pressed close to his lover, sobbing pitifully into his chest.
"O-Our babies GONE!!!"
And just as Quincy said....
By midnight Zac was sleeping comfortable atop his chest, warm and cozy...no pain...
Zac was only now realizing...He did not need to cut to feel better...he needed Quincy...
His hero.

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His Hero(Sorry Babe)
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