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PostSubject: Disappointment    Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:48 pm

Apollo sighed as he gently rubbed circles over Knight's back, listening about the latest disappointment he had suffered at the hands of his father.  The man had evidently promised he would stay until Knight's birthday the next week, but instead he had shipped out over seas earlier this morning.  "Suck it up, come on."  Apollo stood, cautiously moving to sit himself in Knight's lap, his legs on either side of the mans waist.  They were to the point now he could do these things without further warning, but Apollo was still slow as not to put the man on edge.  "You text me and told me you wanted company.  I'll be your company baby but your not dragging me down.  Lets do something fun."  The last bit was purred, Apollo sitting back and smiling at Knight's scowl.  "And wipe that look of your face, its going to get stuck like that and then you couldn't play Gaston anymore."
Knight grunted in response, reaching to rub his cheeks as though that would relax his face and make sure it wouldn't stick.  "Your so comforting.  I'm trying to pour my heart out about my daddy issues and you still want sh*t from me."  
"I just want you to stop being so depressing,"  Apollo murmured, his lips falling onto the mans neck. "Is that such a bad thing?"
"Whatever! You probably want me to take you some place." Knight sat up a little straighter, pushing Apollo back.  "I know you."
"Then you know i'm not taking your shit."  The boy stood with grace, offering a hand down to Knight.  "What do you want to do, knight? We can do whatever you want.
Knight took the boys hand, but instead of getting up he pulled Apollo down. "I just want my dad..." He didn't have anyone else, so was it really asking too much just for a couple more days of the man being home?
"You see? That's where your messing yourself up!"  Apollo rolled his eyes, the diamond ring on his finger glistening as he moved his hand around while speaking. " You don't put your happiness in other peoples hands, they'll drop it every time."  He paused at the crest fallen look on Knight's face, reaching for his hands and speaking softer.  "They'll drop it every time."  
"What about you?"  
"What about me?"  Apollo cocked his head to the side, watching Knight as the man stared hard at him, as though he had told a lie.
"I call you when I need to be happy, right?  You always make me happy..."  Knight loved Apollo, in ways he wished he didn't.  The boy belonged to no one, and every one.  He would never stay with Knight, not if the man couldn't pay.  
"You do.  You call me, you buy me sh*t, and your happy when I suck your dick. That can make people happy, but you shouldn't depend on it to make you happy."  Apollo pulled his costly leather jacket tighter around him.  Knight knew he didn't buy it, he also knew Apollo hadn't.
"So what if I do depend on it? Don't tell me what to do, bitch." His voice was harsh, he was snapping ib response to rejection, only receiving an amused laugh from Apollo.  
"If you depend on it, just be prepared to be let down. Like tonight."  The boy pushed himself up, a smile still twisting his lips.  "Don't get mad because I don't want to settle with you. Calling me a b*tch is doing nothing for your case."  He liked to be free, only have himself to worry about.  
Knight let out a defeated sigh, clambering up from his place in the grass. "I just don't see whats so wrong with me."
"You have a girlfriend!"  Apollo look exasperated, pushing lightly at the mans chest.
"I can lose the girlfriend if it would gain me a boyfriend!  I'm sexy, im fine, and you can be all mine."  Knight wiggled his eyebrows, patting his front pocket where he kept his wallet.  "Plus i'll buy you stuff."
"You had me at hello."  Apollo linked arms with Knight, allowing the man to lead him off to the motorcycle parked a short walk away.
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