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 Jesse Luno

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PostSubject: Jesse Luno   Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:22 pm

“Get over here.” Jesse murmured, a hand gesturing to Roman tiredly.
“What do you want?” Roman groaned, lethargically rolling over so his body was strewn atop of Jesse’s.
“What does it look like I want?” The man grunted and Roman’s eyes widened the slightest bit as Jesse’s arm wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer. That was unusual.
They’d just screwed and like normal, they hadn’t bothered to move afterwards. Even though it was afternoon, they had just laid around in bed like always. But Jesse never wanted to hold Roman after sex. It was weird. Roman didn’t know if he liked it.
Roman moved so he was lying on his side, his head on Jesse’s chest, listening to his heartbeat.
“You know… I kind of like this.” Roman admitted.
“Oh shut up.” Jesse sighed and Roman scooted away, just an inch. He should have known. Jesse was never affectionate for long with him, after all.
Their relationship was a strange one. Roman knew they definitely weren’t dating, but he didn’t think they were just fuck buddies either. Sometimes they fucked and it was rough, emotionless, just to get off. And other times… well, it almost felt like making love. Roman didn’t know what to make of it.
Jesse was quite a bit older than Roman, and although Roman had been born a werewolf and Jesse had been bitten, Jesse always seemed to be more experienced, know what he was doing and how to control himself. Jesse had found Roman, right after the fire that had destroyed his home and everything he loved. Apparently, the man had used his sense of smell to sniff out all the werewolves in the area, desperate for company. And when he had smelled that one of them was distraught, well, he’d come to the rescue. Jesse was twenty at the time, Roman only thirteen. Roman had needed someone and Jesse was there. He had taken Roman in, helped him in a time of need, and for that Roman was eternally grateful, even if the man was an ass most of the time.
Roman had learned most of who he was from his family, but he was still growing, and of course there were many things his family had not been around to teach him. Jesse had been bitten when he was fifteen, and while he only had five years of experience compared to Roman’s thirteen, he knew what he was doing. He taught Roman what he had taught himself and Roman even helped him out with things he didn’t know about wolves, like the concept of finding a mate. Everything Jesse knew, he’d taught himself. When he’d been bitten, he had to figure out himself what in the hell was happening to him. He had no way of learning things about werewolves in general, things that Roman had been taught by his parents when he was young. They both had what the other needed.
Roman felt a kiss on the top of his head and glanced up to see Jesse already laid back on his pillow, staring up at the ceiling. Roman simply shook his head, reaching out a finger to trace over the tattoo on the man’s pubic area.
“What are you doing?” Jesse muttered, rolling onto his side to face Roman.
Roman simply shrugged and Jesse stared at him curiously. They laid in silence for a moment before Jesse kissed the other man softly. Roman responded. It was simple, soft and sweet but it made Roman smile even when they pulled apart.
“You know we’re not going to end up together, right?” Jesse murmured as they pulled apart, rolling back over to face the wall.
“Yeah.” Roman spoke quietly. Of course they weren’t. He had trained himself to hear Jesse’s heartbeat almost as loud as his own but even he could tell, the man wasn’t his mate.
“Have you heard your mate yet?” The man questioned and Roman sighed.
“No. Have you?”
“No. I’d have told you if I had.” Jesse said simply.
“So until one of us hears ours, why don’t we not worry about it and… enjoy what we have right now?”
“Because, Roman. That’s not how it works.” Jesse sighed, abruptly getting out of the bed.
“Why not?”
“Because.” Jesse snapped.
“But why?” Roman groaned, getting quite irritated.
“Because I’m not going to get attached to you when we’re not going to be together in the end!” Jesse growled, his fangs shooting out before he could stop them as he looked down at Roman. His temper had a tendency to flare up like that, suddenly, without any warning. “That’s setting us both up for needless pain. How fucking stupid is that?”
Roman stared at him silently, although he could feel the anger coursing through him. He just wanted Jesse, in every sense of the word. He cursed himself, wondering why they had to have mates in the first place.
(I don’t know where I was going with that, it was dumb bwahaha. The first part was just a little backstory for them Razz)

Years later, Jesse was just arriving home, parking his motorcycle inside the garage. He just rested there for a moment, sighing as he listened to the sounds around him for any sign of his mate. Maybe it would be today that he’d hear them.
But only the sounds of the trees rustling around him could be heard. He groaned, tossing his helmet to the garage floor angrily as he stood, making his way inside. The phone rang when he entered and he reluctantly answered.
“Roman?” The man was the only person who would be calling him so late at night.
“Jess, man, I hear it.” Roman answered eagerly.
“Hear what?”
“You know, IT! My mate, I hear them.”
Jesse nearly dropped the phone at hearing this.
“Are you deaf, Jesse? I can hear their heartbeat!”
“Great for you.” Jesse muttered softly.
They’d always wondered together about when they would hear their mate. And they had agreed to tell the other when they did. They’d promised to be excited for each other.
But that was before Roman heard his first. It wasn’t fair. The boy was seven years younger than him. Seven years! Why did he get to find them first? Jesse knew he sounded like a toddler throwing a tantrum but… it wasn’t fair!
“Are you mad?”
“No, of course not.” The man sighed. “Well what are you waiting for? Go find them.”
“Well… I’m with Barry, you remember him?”
“Of course I do. The guy’s a cunt. And if you’re not going to end up with him anyway, what’s the point?”
“I love him, Jess.”
“You’re so stupid.” Jesse sighed. He would never understand Roman, having pointless relationships. It would all end in pain. He thought them having mates was a blessing. They didn’t have to suffer through all the failed relationships and heartbreak. But Roman chose to do so anyway.
“But my mate… he smells happy. He’s in love. He wouldn’t let me have him anyway.”
“So make him.”
“Jess, that’s not okay.” Roman chuckled although Jesse wasn’t joking.
“He’s yours. Tell him.”
“I’d rather wait… I’ll wait until he needs me.”
“Well that’s stupid.” Jesse groaned. When he found his mate… he was going to have them, no matter what. “At least look for them. Find what they look like.”
“I’d rather meet them naturally, you know?”
“No, I don’t know.” Jesse rolled his eyes.
“Whatever.” Roman sighed. “Bye.”
“Yeah, bye.”

“So this is your mate?” Jesse arched an eyebrow as he circled the dreadlocked boy, looking him over.
Zach looked back at him, grimacing uncomfortably. Jesse was… sniffing him and it was quite strange. He glanced over to Roman who smiled at him apologetically.
“He’s cute, I guess.” Jesse nodded slowly as he moved back.
“He’s beautiful.” Roman agreed.
“He smells crazy… like psychotic.”
“That would be because I am.” Zach narrowed his eyes at the man. “So stop smelling me.”
“He smells angry at me now.” Jesse laughed softly. “Doesn’t like people invading his privacy, huh?”
“Not really.”
“The dreadlocks are kind of gross.” Jesse hummed, continuing to examine Zach.
“Excuse me?” Zach growled softly.
“Jesse.” Roman snapped, tugging the man towards him. “I didn’t call you here to judge him. I just wanted you two to meet each other. I wanted you to meet my mate…”
“I was just giving my opinion on him.” Jesse shrugged.
“Yeah well my opinion is you don’t look so hot either, fleabag.” Zach snarled softly, folding his arms across his chest stubbornly.
“Relax babe.” Roman smiled gently at him. “Be nice, Jess.”
Jesse however, was looking at Zach after the comment the boy had made.
“You see these rings on my wrist?” Jesse arched an eyebrow, stepping towards Zach and showing the boy his wrists. Each of them had two thick black bands tattooed around them. Zach glanced down and noticed the man had one on each of his ankles as well. “I get one of those for every person I’ve killed. I’d think about that before messing with me.” Of course, most of these deaths had been accidental or when he’d lost control while he’d been in his wolf form. But he didn’t need to tell the boy that.
Before Roman could interject, Zach burst into peals of laughter.
“Come with me a second.” Zach smiled, still giggling as he led Jesse across the room to a small closet. He kept several random things around the house in here but it also had a trap door in the floor that led to his special room in the basement. On one of the walls was a tally mark. It wasn’t clear what it was for, but Zach knew. “This is how many people I’ve killed. And I can add another mark very easily if you continue to insult me.” The wall was nearly covered in them. Jesse of course didn’t have time to count but he could tell there were obviously hundreds.
“What kind of freak have you got yourself, Roman?” Jesse muttered, though he wasn’t quite as confident as before.
“He’s my mate and I love him.” Roman spoke simply. Zach leaned over to kiss him gently.
Jesse watched and his stomach raged with jealousy. Not because he wanted Zach or Roman, but because he wanted that. He wanted someone who belonged to him. The way they kissed, it was like nothing he’d ever seen before or experienced. They were meant for each other and it showed. He wanted his mate.
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Jesse Luno
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