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 And you let him go.

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PostSubject: And you let him go.   Mon Mar 03, 2014 12:57 am

"You needed to talk to me?" Roman followed Trever into the kitchen, leaning against the door frame as Trever turned to face him.
Trever's eyebrows were furrowed, his arms crossed over his chest. "Yeah. Zach came to talk to me a few hours ago." Zach had come to him for advice on how to bring sex up to Roman, and while Trever had told Zach it was fine, he intended to make sure it didn't happen. Of course not out of spite, only because he worried Roman would hurt Zach, and Trever couldn't risk that.
"About what? Is he okay?" Roman's voice raised slightly, his body tensing at the thought his mate may have come to Trever because something was wrong.
Trever watched Roman closely, catching how the man relaxed when he assured that Zach was in good health. "He's fine. He wants to talk to you about having sex. He asked me how he should do it, if it was a good idea." It was obvious Roman had Zach's well being in mind, so maybe this wouldn't be an issue.
"Did he?" A smile formed on Roman's face, his voice pleasant with delight. "What did you tell him?" Ever since laying eyes on Zach he had been attracted to the boy, with his doe brown eyes and tousled dreads, but ever since Zach had become his mate his wolf had been clawing at him for intimacy.
"I told him to talk to you about it. Encouraged it." Trever waited a moment, his jaw tight at the happiness that lit in Roman's eyes. "But that's why I called you here. When he brings it up, you have to tell him no, Roman."
The smile fell from Roman's face, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "Why in the hell would you want me to do that?" His voice already had a slight edge, defensive knowing it would hurt Zach to tell him no. How could Trever want that?
"What do you mean why? He is human! Your a f*cking werewolf! You'll hurt him!" Trever was astounded Roman hadn't already thought about this hurting Zach.
Roman's fangs were elongated before Trever finished speaking, making his snarl all the more vicious. "I wouldn't hurt him! He's my mate! I could never hurt him!" He was shifting still, his claws digging into his hands as anger coursed through him."Who the hell are you to tell me how to handle my mate!?" Roman was possessive when provoked, disliking that Trever was trying to dictate his and Zach's sex life.
"Tsk. Could never hurt him? Im sorry but didn't he come over here with bruises on his neck because of you or was that a dream?" Trever's words were sharp, gutting Roman and leaving him out of breath for a moment as he remember causing his mate harm. It sent chills down his spine, and he whimpered as he realized Trever may be right. What if he did hurt Zach?
"Don't act like your any better than me. You kicked him out and left him for dead." Roman bit back, refusing to let Trever be right on this. Zach was his mate, and he would protect him no matter what. Trever was no saint, he had hurt Zach too, and while that didn't make it okay, it made it where Trever had no right to talk.
Trever gaped at him for a long moment, blinking stupidly before he exploded. "You mother f*cker!" He was in Roman's face immediately, snatching a fistful of the front of the mans shirt. "You don't know what your talking about! I had to!" Trever's blue eyes were clouded as the sky would be during a storm. "Toni made me choose!"
"And you chose Toni!" Roman shoved Trever off of him, the accusation in his voice thundering through the other man.
"No! No damnit! You don't understand and Zach never did either." Trever's voice cracked on the boys name. "Its not that I love Toni more, or that I wanted him more. It wasn't me just choosing him! " He was breathing hard as though he had run a race. "If I would have told Toni no, I would have lost him." Trever took a breath to steady himself. "He would die without me Roman, he is strong but not like Zach! He couldn't survive without me....But Zach..." A fondness seeped into the mans tone. "I knew he would be able to go on. He is so strong...And I love him so much..." Letting Zach go had been as hard as handling Killian's death, harder than when Barry had left him.
"But you still let him go! You hurt him, and he is mine now and you need to mind your own damn business." Roman was in full werewolf form, his eyes a piercing neon blue.
Trever shook his head, straightening himself up so he would be ready if Roman attacked. "You know I can't do that. Mine or not, i'll die before I let someone hurt Zach."
"Im not going to hurt him. That's all you need to know." Roman spat in a growl, the door slamming as the werewolf exited the home, leaving Trever to regret making the worst decision of his life: letting Zach go.
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And you let him go.
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