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 A werewolfs possession

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PostSubject: A werewolfs possession   Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:12 pm

Roman crooned softly as Zach moved against him, dancing along to the beating of the song blaring through the club. The boy was highlighted by the neon flashes that streamed down from the ceiling. Purple in his hair, pink across his face, and his chest covered in blue. Roman had always thought Zach was beautiful, but now as he was moving, swinging his hips with the lights on him, Roman couldn't think he had ever seen anything like it. "Are you having fun?" Roman's hands were large, resting on Zach's hips as the boy paused to breath. The music had stopped for a moment, the DJ talking on the microphone.
"Yeah! Im having a great time!" Zach panted, straightening himself up with a smile. He loved dancing with Roman, loved having the mans hands on him and seeing that almost hungry look in his eyes.
Roman noted his mates breathing, picking his head up and glancing around. He spotted a place where they were selling drinks, glancing back down to his lover. "Are you thirsty? Can I get you something to drink?" It was pure instinct to care for his mate, in every way possible.
"Uh, yeah. You could get me some water or something." Zach was still surprised when Roman did things like this, small but sweet. No one had ever treated him like Roman.
The man nodded, cupping Zach's face in his hand and leaving him with a kiss to his cheek. "Ill be right back." Roman gave one last smile before disappearing into the cluster of dancing bodies. Normally he wouldn't have taken so long but there had been a line. It wasn't until fifteen minutes later that he was making his way back to Zach, the bottle of water in his hand being crushed as he set eyes on his mate. Another man was there, hands against Zach's hips like Roman's had been. He growled viciously, fangs already snapping. It only took him two steps to get in reach of the man, one of his clawed hands closing on the strangers throat. "Get the f*ck off!" The man was dangling a few feet off the ground, crashing into the wall of the club when Roman threw him. The man had shifted completely, his eyes glinting blue in the lights. He was going for the man again, ready to kill when his mates voice pierced his mind. Zach had him by his arm, yanking him back and urging him to calm down. Roman couldn't help himself though, seeing another man handling his mate had out raged his wolf.
"Roman! Come on! Lets just go okay? Please?" Zach had the mans arm in a vice grip, leading him to the exit of the club. Even once they were outside Roman was not shifting back, still growling profanities and snarling.
Zach managed to get Roman back to his truck, hoping to get them home where Roman wouldn't kill anyone, or make a scene, but instead he found himself yelping as Romans large body pinned him to the side of the vehicle.
"He touched you." Roman presses his face into the crook of the boys neck, inhaling deeply only to let out an angry howl at smelling the stranger on his mate. "Your mine." The mans teeth clanked together as he snapped. "No one else should have their hands on you." He kneeled down, pushing clothes around so he could get to any skin the man had been in contact with. His lips would cover the spot, tongue lapping at the skin to erase any evidence the man had ever been there.
"Roman, what are you doing?" Zach stayed pressed against the truck, blinking down at the man sucking on his skin. Roman only repeated that Zach was his again, moving up to cover the boys lips with his own.
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A werewolfs possession
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