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PostSubject: Wolfsbane.   Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:47 pm

Here's the fic I mentioned about Roman getting shot with a wolfsbane bullettt. My new hunter person, Bane is in it for a bit, I know you don't know anything about him yet so this is just a little heheh. I used Danny as a filler name for your wolf person for him, it can be anything you want I just didn't know what to use. This is kind of dumb but I hope you like it anyways <3

Zach sang softly along with the radio as he prepared dinner for Roman and himself. He wore a large smile as he cooked, not sure why he was so happy. This was simply a good night. Roman was going to come home, Zach was going to give him his favorite meal and then if he was lucky they’d make love and fall asleep in each other’s arms. It wasn’t simply a good night, it was a great night, the kind he had longed for for years before finding a lover. And he grinned with pride as he finished the meal, realizing he hadn’t even ruined anything this time. He set plates around the table, going as far to light a candle in the center. He couldn’t wait to see the surprise on Roman’s face followed by the tiny grin.
His train of thought was interrupted by a loud thud at the front door, followed by it creaking open.
“Roman?” He called out, jogging into the living room and gasping as he was met with the sight of his lover slumped against the doorway, eyes shut, chest heaving with labored breaths. “What happened?” His heart nearly pounded out of his chest as he raced to his lover’s side, supporting the man’s weight and helping him over to the couch, kicking the door shut swiftly with his foot. He’d never seen Roman so weak and it startled him.
“Wolfsbane.” Roman’s voice came out as a growl as he looked up to meet Zach’s gaze. His eyes were the bright blue they always turned when he shifted. The beginnings of his fangs were just barely protruding from his mouth. He extended his wrist, pulling his sleeve back to reveal a nasty bullet wound in his forearm, though Zach noticed the bullet was still lodged in it. “It’s a wolfsbane bullet.” He explained.
Zach nodded, taking in the sickly look of his lover’s face. It pained him to look at.
“Could I just pull it out? I can do that…” He reassured.
“You can try but it won’t help.” Roman swallowed, shaking his head.
“Well then what can I do?” Zach scanned his mind for remedies for bullet wounds, anything he could think of. But he didn’t have much knowledge on werewolf wounds, Roman was his only experience and he’d never tested wolfsbane on the man, not wanting to really hurt him.
“Nothing.” Roman breathed, hanging his head.
“Screw that, there’s always something.” Zach frowned. “I can help you, trust me. I can-“
“Zach, there’s NOTHING!” Roman barked harshly, shoulders heaving up and down before he calmed himself. “Zach… I’m dying. Really, you can’t help it.”
“Who shot you? I’ll go talk to them and figure out how to stop it.”
“I only have hours, Zach.” Roman slipped out of his shirt, causing Zach to gasp as he noticed the nasty black in Roman’s veins, leading up his bicep. “If those reach my heart, I’m done.”
“Then I have to hurry then, don’t I?” Zach smiled reassuringly. “Who was it?”
“Who?” Zach repeated firmly.
“A hunter. That fucking Bane kid.” Roman sighed, grimacing as the pain spread throughout his arm.
“The one with Danny.” Zach arched an eyebrow.
“Yeah, him.” Roman growled. “Jesse is in one of his moods so I was trying to catch some sort of animal for him to eat and he shot me.”
“I’ll be back soon.” Zach kissed Roman lips gently before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door. He ran for Bane’s home, allowing his panic to take over on the way there. He had been trying to stay calm for Roman but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was a wreck by the time he burst into Bane’s home. “Bane!” He shouted.
“What the fuck are you doing?” Bane snapped, immediately scrambling for a gun from his spot on the couch in his boxers. Zach realized now that he should have thought to bring a weapon too, but it was a bit too late for that.
“What did you shoot Roman with?” Zach trembled with panic at the thought of his lover slowly dying at home.
“That was Roman?”
“Yes! So give me whatever I need to save him!”
“You would need another one of the bullets to burn and rub in the wound, but I’m not about to waste one of my good bullets on him. He’s a monster, Zach. You’ll be better off.” Bane shrugged, making his way out of the room to the kitchen for a beer.
“Bane!” Zach exclaimed, following him. “Give me the fucking bullet.” He snapped.
“No.” Bane hummed simply.
“Please, Bane! He’s shown me more compassion than any human ever has. He’s all I have, all I want, let me save him.” Zach begged softly.
“Zach, my rule on werewolves is I’ll save the ones whose eyes are still yellow, the ones who haven’t taken a human life. And we both know what color Roman’s eyes turn.” Bane spoke softly as he took a gulp of his beer. With one swift movement, Zach grabbed the beer bottle and smashed it against the nearest wall, shattering it into thousands of jagged pieces.
“And you know who else has blue eyes? Your precious boyfriend, Danny. But I guess that’s alright, huh? Because he’s YOUR boyfriend. Mine doesn’t mean shit, but yours sure as hell does.”
“Wha-“ Bane’s eyes went wide for only a moment at these words.
“You don’t think Roman knows? You don’t think Danny’s told him?”
“He’s not my boyfriend and it doesn’t matter if he was, it’s none of your fucking business!” Bane snapped.
“He’s not your boyfriend? So you’re just casually fucking a werewolf? That doesn’t seem much better to me but whatever helps you sleep at night. Tsk, tsk, Bane. What would your big brother say?” Zach’s voice was laced with malice, spitting the words like they were acidic. He wasn’t one to play low cards like this, to try and mess with a person but he couldn’t help it tonight. Tonight, saving Roman was all that mattered, his morals be damned.
Bane’s mouth formed an O as Zach spoke, though when the boy finished, he got a fist across the face.
“How about you go and fuck yourself, Dahmer!” Bane barked. “You’re not getting any fucking bullets from me, get out of my house!”
But Zach lunged now, pinning Bane to the ground. And then, his sanity vanished, his vision blurring red with his anger. Or maybe it was Bane’s blood that soon splattered everywhere as Zach repeatedly bashed his head against the wooden floor, smashing it open like a watermelon.
Bane was a hunter but Zach was simply a serial killer. He had no hesitation when it came to maiming someone for his own needs. This was how he got the advantage. And he didn’t lose his advantage until Bane was bleeding out on the kitchen floor. He smiled and stood up, covered in blood from head to toe as he looked around for somewhere where Bane would keep his bullets.
Meanwhile at Zach’s home, Roman was keeping an ear on Zach’s heartbeat, trying to tell if he was okay. When he heard the immediate spike in the beats, he forced himself over to the phone, calling Trever.
“Trever!” He barked before the man could respond. “I need you to get to that Bane kid’s house, fast. Zach is over there, I think he might be in trouble.”
“Are you okay? Why can’t you get there?”
“That’s not important, just go!” Roman exclaimed and hung up the phone. And then he waited.
Nearly twenty minutes later, he received a call from Trever. The man was frantic.
“Roman, Zach’s not here but Bane is on the floor and I think he might be dead and there’s blood everywhere and clumps of Zach’s hair is on the ground but he’s not here!”
“What do you mean he’s not there!” Roman growled, his heart speeding up as he looked to the blackness spreading up his arm, now just passed his shoulder. It was going to end soon…
But before Trever could respond, the door was shoved open.
Roman heaved a sigh of relief as Zach entered the home, covered in what he now knew was Bane’s blood. Zach looked unharmed and in his hand he clutched a long golden bullet.
“I got it.” Zach’s smile was wide as Roman forgot completely about the phone in his hand, embracing Zach tightly. “Hey, let go of me. I have to burn this.” He chuckled softly, pulling back from Roman and heading into the kitchen. He returned a moment later with a hand full of ashes. He extended Roman’s arm, grimacing at the look of the wound. “This looks like it’ll hurt.” He warned, before taking a pinch of the ashes in between two fingers and pressing them deep into Roman’s wound.
Roman let out a soft howl, but let Zach work, rubbing the ashes around inside of the bullet wound. He watched slowly as the black disappeared and slowly the hole mended itself.
Zach sighed in relief and leaned in, kissing his lover deeply.
“You’re okay…” He murmured, resting their foreheads together.
“Thanks to you.” Roman nodded, grinning at his mate.
“That should repay you for the hundreds of times you’ve saved me.” Zach chuckled softly, running his fingers through the soft black hair, pressing kisses to the man’s cheeks.
“I smell food in the kitchen… did you order out?”
“Oh… uh, no. I actually cooked and didn’t ruin it for once. But it’s probably cold.” He shrugged. “I thought we’d have a nice night. Eat, cuddle, make love, cuddle some more. But the plans changed.” He chuckled.
“You cooked and we didn’t get to eat together?” Roman’s face fell. “I’m so sorry.” He cooed softly, pulling Zach close to his chest.
“Hey, it’s okay. You can still eat it, it’ll just be cold.” He smiled. “I’d eat with you but I need to wash off.” He glanced down at the blood on him.
“Tell you what. Let’s go shower together, then we’ll eat your cold food and then we’ll have that nice night you were talking about.” Roman grinned, pressing a kiss to the top of Zach’s head.
“That sounds amazing.” Zach smiled.
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