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 Bane Jardine.

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Xavier Malone


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PostSubject: Bane Jardine.   Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:44 am

This is kind of just an intro for Bane, but they're all Bane/Danny fics hehe. I had no idea of Danny's character of course, so none of this is set in stone. He also doesn't have to have a cane, I just based him off of Deucalion for the time being bwaha ><

Bane took a deep breath as he laid back in the grass of his backyard, glancing up to the stars. A small smile graced his lips as he let himself relax. It’d been a while since he let himself just relax like this. He’d forgotten how nice it felt. He let his eyes slip shut, wondering if maybe he could risk a nap when he heard a twig snap nearby. His eyes snapped open immediately.
He stood up and looked towards the source of the noise, hand immediately slipping into his jacket pocket to wrap around the silver blade he kept on him at all times. Even though it was probably something harmless, he was always prepared on the off chance it was something worse.
“Who’s there?” He called out, his voice gruff and slightly on edge. There was no response. He was about to head inside when he heard leaves shuffling again and then he saw two circles of blue light from the nearest bushes. He let out a heavy sigh, immediately on edge. He knew what those meant. “Get the fuck out here.” He took a step forward, watching as the tall figure emerged from the trees, large blue eyes shining brightly. Bane knew that this meant it was a werewolf standing in front of him, but the fangs and claws were away for the moment.  
“I’m sorry for intruding.” The man spoke, smiling softly. “I… I don’t really have anywhere to go tonight. I didn’t realize I was on someone’s property.”
“That’s alright.” Bane nodded, offering a small smile of his own, although he wasn’t happy, not in the least. He didn’t know why this creature was here trying to harm him, but he didn’t like it.
“Would you mind if I came in?” The man raised an eyebrow, his eyes then flickering down to what Bane thought was his chest. He was probably listening to his heartbeat, seeing if he was onto him. So Bane kept himself calm.
“Sure, you can come in for a while at least.” Bane nodded, leading the man back into his home. He led him to the living room, taking a seat on the edge of the couch and allowing the other boy to sit beside him. He kept quiet but was tense, prepared. “So what’s your name?”
“Danny.” He spoke, nodding. Bane caught Danny’s eyes on his chest again. He caught himself before his heartbeat got too much faster, but he was still on edge, feeling that this werewolf would attack him at any time now. There was something off about the eyes though, like they weren’t really focused on anything…
“It’s nice to meet you, Danny.” Bane forced a smile, fist still tight around the blade in his pocket. “So how exactly did you end up here, tonight?”
“Well it’s a pretty long story… I, um… I kind of heard this noise and I just ended up following it and then I was here.” Danny reached a hand towards Bane’s face and Bane didn’t know what he was going to do but he didn’t hesitate long enough to find out. He lunged and grabbed the wolf’s wrist in one hand, his other hand bringing the blade out to press against his throat.
“I know what you are, what the hell do you want with me?” He barked.
Danny’s blue eyes widened as his fangs and claws protruded now as well.
“Don’t you werewolves know how to spot a hunter when you see one?” Bane snapped.
“A hunter?” Danny cursed as he looked down at the blade. “And first of all, I didn’t see anything.” He muttered.
“Yes, a hunter. It’s a silver blade.” Bane paused, catching the last part of his sentence. “What do you mean?”
“I’m blind.”
Bane frowned, though keeping the blade pressed against Danny’s throat.
“Tell me, why are you really here tonight? If you didn’t know I was a hunter… why?”
“I… I don’t know.” He sighed heavily.
“You know, I don’t have to have super senses like you to tell that you’re lying through your teeth.” Bane frowned. “Why are you here?!” He snapped, letting the blade slice against the flesh of Danny’s neck.
“You’re my mate!” Danny howled softly in pain as blood dripped down his neck. “I heard your heartbeat and I got excited so I went to see who my mate was. I didn’t think it would be a hunter.”
“That’s bullshit.” Bane snapped. There was no way, no way in hell that he could be this wolf’s mate.
“It’s not!” Danny shook his head. “I swear.”
Bane removed the blade and pressed his fingers to Danny’s throat instead.
“Say it again. Tell me I’m your mate.” He commanded, feeling the boy’s pulse against his fingertips.
“Hold on, let me calm down. You just fucking attacked me.” Danny panted.
“You have ten seconds.”
Danny nodded, taking several deep breaths as he calmed himself. Bane felt the heartbeat slow back down to normal, also watching the wound he’d made on Danny’s throat heal.
“Okay, now. Say it again.”
“You’re my mate. I heard your heartbeat tonight and followed it. It led me here.” Danny spoke calmly now and Bane felt for any spike in the beats of his heart but none came. The boy was telling the truth.
“Well I don’t care what you think I am, I’m not being some dog’s play toy.”
“It’s… not really a choice.”
“Excuse me? I don’t have a choice in whether or not I’m going to be your mate? Fuck that. Get out of my house.”
“But I-“
“You’re lucky I haven’t killed you yet. Now get out.” Bane pointed towards the door before realizing Danny wouldn’t see this. “I’ll show you to the door.” He smirked.
“Really? Blind jokes now?” Danny sighed. “I can still sense my way around better than you can, I’m sure.”
“I wouldn’t bet on that. Now come on, get out of here.” Bane rolled his eyes, tugging Danny to his feet and gently nudging him towards the door.
“Regardless of what you want, you’re still my mate. I’m going to be around. And I’m going to be there for you.”
“Shut up and leave.” Bane groaned.
“Can I at least know your name?” Danny turned around as he stepped out of the doorway.
“Bane, as in wolfsbane.” Bane spoke simply before slamming the door in the wolf’s face.
Bane loaded his gun, blades stuffed in the tool belt around his waist as he prepared to go hunting. He’d heard howling earlier and there had been several dead bodies around town lately. He had to figure out who it was and then kill the bastard. He’d called his older brother, Dylan, to see if the man would accompany him, but it seemed that Dylan was always busy with work of his own these days. So he was going out alone. He exited his home, groaning to see Danny at the end of his driveway.
“What in the hell are you doing out here? What did I tell you about staying out of my yard?”
“I believe you said I couldn’t be on your property! I’m not, I’m on the street!” Danny grinned brightly.
Bane chuckled softly, shaking his head as he glanced at the man. He had his cane tonight, trailing it along the ground in front of him. Bane couldn’t deny, Danny was handsome, even if he wasn’t his type. Although, Bane didn’t have much of a type. He was more attracted to more feminine guys, or women, but he was still a virgin, after all. But Danny was definitely not feminine, with his muscular arms and stubbled face.
“I’m off hunting now, so you won’t have much to see around here.”
“That’s why I’m coming with you.”
“Like hell you are.” Bane scoffed.
“Now let’s go, what are we hunting?”
Bane groaned as he began to walk, Danny following closely behind.
“A werewolf.”
Danny frowned.
“Anyone I would know?”
“I don’t know who it is yet. Just that they’re killing people and I have to stop it.”
“By yourself? Doesn’t anyone help you?”
“My brother usually does but he’s not here right now.”
“What about any parents? Are they hunters too?”
“My parents are dead.” Bane spoke simply.
“Oh… I’m sorry.” Danny frowned. “How did they die… if you don’t mind me asking?”
“A werewolf slaughtered them.”
“I… oh.” Danny quieted now and they walked the next ten minutes in silence.
“Where are we going?” Danny spoke up after a while.
“The scene of the most recent killing.”
They were silent again.
“So… do you know who it was? The wolf that killed them?”
“I do.”
“Did you kill them?”
“We haven’t managed to yet… He almost killed my brother once when we tried.”
“What’s his name?”
“Jesse Luno.”
Danny blinked and quieted immediately.
“Do you know him?” Bane questioned.
“I do. He’s a friend.” Danny admitted.
“Yeah, oh…” Danny sighed softly as they continued their walk. “I don’t like the silence.” He admitted.
“I do.”
“Well… we should talk.”
“About what?” Bane sighed, exhausted.
“Tell me about you… how did you get started hunting? What else do you like to do? Tell me about your first love, your first everything.”
“I was four when my parents were killed, my older brother was fifteen. He had seen them killed and he knew it wasn’t a human who did it so he researched and found out. He found out about other creatures and how to kill them. He raised me to know it all too. I don’t have time for much else. And I’ve never been in love, next question.”
“What do you mean, never been in love? You’re almost a grown man.”
“Like I said, I don’t have time for much else. That includes love.”
And they were silent once more.
Bane grunted softly as he leaned into Danny’s chest, his tongue exploring the other man’s mouth. He felt Danny’s hands gripping his waist tightly, pulling him closer and he honestly didn’t mind. But he couldn’t let Danny know that. So he pulled back, nudging the man’s hands off of him.
“Hands above the waist, mutt.”
“You like it.” Danny smirked.
“I don’t like your filthy hands anywhere on me.”
“But my tongue is okay?” Danny teased, letting his tongue trail over Bane’s lower lip.
Bane parted his lips in response, stealing a quick kiss.
“Yes.” He nodded as he pulled back.
Danny laughed and Bane’s heartbeat jumped a bit in response. Danny was… adorable sometimes. There was truly no other word for it.
“I knew you’d fall for me.” Danny murmured, reaching out a hand to press over where Bane’s heart was.
“Shut up.” Bane groaned softly.
“No.” Danny shook his head. “You don’t know how good it feels to-“ Danny was cut off by Bane’s lips on his.
“I said, shut the hell up.” Bane smirked softly before leaning back in to the kiss. Danny’s hands moved up to grip his face, thumb gently caressing his features.
“You’re beautiful.” Danny murmured.
“God, can’t you just be quiet and let me kiss you?” Bane groaned. “And you know, calling me beautiful doesn’t really mean much considering you’ve never seen me.”
“But I know you are… I can tell what people around you feel. People look at you, you’re handsome apparently.” Danny smirked.
“You really can’t be quiet can you?” Bane sighed. “I’m trying to make out with you and you insist on talking.”
“I can tell for myself too… Let me feel your face.”
“Feel my face?”
“Yes.” Danny nodded. “I want to feel what you look like.”
“Well… go ahead.” Bane smiled softly as Danny reached out his hands, letting his fingertips trace over Bane’s defined features.
“You’re smiling.” Danny began to smile himself. He moved his fingers around, his smile staying put. “You have a very square jawline… big, plump lips… huge dimples that are most likely adorable…”
Bane found that he continued to smile as well as Danny described him.
“So what do you say, am I as beautiful as you thought?”
“Hmm…” Danny sat back, thinking this over before speaking. “Absolutely gorgeous.” He murmured, leaning in and capturing Bane’s lips once more.
Bane let an arm wrap around Danny’s neck, pressing the man close to him as they kissed.
“You’ve never done this before, have you?” Danny questioned softly, murmuring against Bane’s lips.
Bane immediately tensed and Danny could smell the quick wave of embarrassment wash over his mate, quickly covered by anger.
“No, you’re not bad at it!” Danny exclaimed quickly, realizing what Bane must have thought. “You just… feel nervous, I’m sorry.”
“I haven’t. But I’m not nervous.” He shook his head lightly.
“Just… loosen up.” Danny smiled softly, caressing Bane’s cheek.
Bane nodded and kissed Danny deeply, leaning into him. He appeared to take Danny’s advice, loosening up as their tongues mingled. Danny could smell him getting aroused and he couldn’t help but grin. Bane was craving his touch, Bane wanted him… It felt wonderful. Bane moved, crawling so he was atop of Danny’s lap, pressing closer to him. He allowed Danny’s hands to sink lower than his waist, grasping his rear. Danny finally felt it all coming together.
And then, they heard the sound of the front door opening.
Bane was off of him in a second.
“Shit!” Bane cursed, eyes wide as he jumped up. “Goddamn shit! Fuck!” He hissed in a whisper. “You have to get out of here!”
“Wha-? Where do I go?” Danny stood, grabbing his cane off of the floor beside the bed and getting to his feet.
“Bane?” Bane heard his brother’s voice call from downstairs.
“Shit!” The boy cursed. “Just a second!” He called. “We don’t have time.” Bane shook his head, glancing to Danny. “Get in the closet!”
“Get in the damn closet!” Bane repeated, taking Danny by the shoulders and shoving him over into the small closet of his bedroom.
“Bane!” Danny protested but didn’t have much choice as Bane slammed the closet door shut just as his bedroom door opened, Dylan stepping inside.
“You talking to someone?” Dylan arched an eyebrow, smiling lightly as he entered.
“Nah… just me.” Bane nodded, a nervous smile on his face as he tried to discreetly fix his clothing which was still in disarray. “So, uh… how’d the hunt go last night?”
“Alright.” Dylan shrugged. “Bastard got away of course but I got a good shot or two in on him and his friend.”
“You didn’t get the human, right? The kid with Roman?”
“Of course not, do you think I’m an amateur?” Dylan smirked softly, ruffling his younger brother’s hair. “Of course, it is only a matter of time before they bite him too. I probably could have shot him, would have saved us a lot of trouble.” He thought this over. “And if he ends up carrying a little baby one of those demons…” Dylan simply shuddered.
“Relax. He’s still human. Leave him alone.”
“I was just throwing that out there.” Dylan rolled his eyes. “I’ll leave him go… for now, at least.”
“Good.” Bane nodded lightly.
“You’re acting weird… you alright?”
“Perfectly fine…”
“You find what you were looking for on that hunt the other night?”
“Oh yeah… just a new beta… I took care of her.”
“Killed her?”
“Nice!” Dylan grinned, patting his brother on the shoulder. “You’re turning out to be a pretty good hunter, you know that?”
Bane’s smile was wide and his heart swelled with pride. From his spot in the closet, Danny could feel the pride practically radiating off of his mate. Bane’s brother meant a lot to him… What would Dylan say if he found out about the two of them?
“Well, even if my hunt didn’t go so well, we’re celebrating because yours did. Come on, let’s go out and get some drinks, yeah?” Dylan grinned.
“Yeah. Just go downstairs, I’ll get dressed and be right there.” Bane smiled. Dylan nodded and then was gone.
The second he left, Bane opened the closet door, smiling softly at Danny.
“Sorry about that.”
Danny’s face was pale and his eyes were wide and glossy, though they were always glassed over like that.
“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost… shit, didn’t mean that to be a blind joke, obviously you haven’t seen-“
“Nothing’s wrong.” Danny swallowed hard, shaking his head. “Forget about it.”
“Danny are you-“
“I’m sure. I’m fine.”
“You’re lying. What is it?”
“Danny!” Bane snapped.
“Fine! It’s your brother… He’s… he’s the hunter who blinded me.”
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Bane Jardine.
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