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PostSubject: Keys   Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:08 pm

Trever's arm tightened around Zach's waist as he pressed himself closer, keeping Zach's body cupped against his.  He shouldn't be here, holding Zach and watching the stars fade from the window of the boys bedroom while Toni slept alone under their sheets.  This was the reason Toni had wanted Zach out in the first place, the reason he had made Zach leave, but here he was anyways.
"Why don't you go your ass to bed?"
A smile tugged on the corners of Trevers mouth as Zach's voice reached him.
"Oh I don't know, maybe because your dreads are smelling up the place."  As he spoke his fingers caught a lock of the boys hair.  One of his favorite features on Zach was his hair, the dreads fit him somehow.
"Shut the hell up."  Zach looked over his shoulder at Trever, amused to have the man hide in his dreads.
A silence fell over them, and Zach had almost fallen back asleep when he felt something cold and jagged being pressed into his hand.  Immediately his eyes snapped open, and in an instant his fingers curled around Trever's wrist.
"What the hell?"  He squinted down at his hand, a ring of keys sitting in his palm. Trever's arm relaxed in Zach's grip, and soon they were holding hands while Zach examined the keys.
"There is a key to every door in my house." Zach was staring at him as if he were stupid, eyes falling back to the keys.
"But you kicked me out..."
Trever took a deep breath, reaching to cup the boys face in his hand.
"I did, and you have this nice little place of your own. You don't have to depend on me. These keys are just in case you ever need me, or a place to go. If your in trouble and need my work room you got it." Even if Trever wasn't there Zach could take care of himself, use the house and whatever in it he needed.
"Trever, I can't take these."  Zach offered them back, only to have Trever press the keys back into his hand, closing his fingers on them and kissing his knuckles.
"Just take them. I want you to have them." A pause as he leaned closer, lips brushing Zach's.   "I love you."
There were no more arguments to be made, Zach was the only person now besides Trever with keys to the mans home.

Chandler slipped quietly through Zach and Roman's bedroom door, creeping over to the closet where he reached to the shelf above the clothes rack.  He had been working under Zach for almost three years now, and over the time he had grown to care about him, so much that he almost felt guilty when his fingers brushed over the cold metal he had been looking for.  Chandler gripped the keys tightly, biting his lip as he contemplated this. Zach would be hurt of course. Even more so if he found out Chandler had read his mind to find the keys. But Zach didn't really need Trever anymore, he had Roman now. And Zach has said so to himself before, even though he had been angry at the time, he told himself he didn't need Trever anymore.
Chandler tucked the keys away in his pocket, mind made up he crept from the room and back out to the living room. Zach was outside waiting for him to use the bathroom before they went for a day of training.
Chandler went through the day as though it were normal, and his mind wasn't occupied with his brother. Years ago, before Chandler had ever met Zach, his older brother had gone home from a bar with a man by the name of Trever Murdock. A week later his mutilated  corpse was found thrown out at a local dump.
After becoming Zach 's apprentice, of course he was going to meet Trever, and when he did the man immediately recognized him. Trever hadn't known Chandler could hear his thoughts, listen and almost see what he had done to the boys brother.
Trever had to pay.

After the day was finished and  Zach had dropped him off, Chandler made his way through town, finding himself at a bar on the other end.  It wasn't hard to find people who had scores to settle with Trever, but Chandler wanted the very best because taking down a man like Trever Murdock was not easy.
The keys clanged together as they dropped onto the bar in front of Perry Toretto, drawing the mans attention instantly.
"What the f*ck kid? This your way of asking me to come home with you ?" Perry scowled at the keys, pushing them onto the floor.
"No. Just the keys to Trever Murdock's place."
Perry looked down, reaching for the keys only to have Chandler's boot fall on them.
"What the f*ck!?" Perry glowered, teeth bared as Chandler looked down at him.
"Don't get your panties in a bunch. You can have them. But I want Trever dead. By tomorrow.  Think you can handle that?"
Perry was tempted to swing on the kid, knock his teeth in for talking like he was f*cking bad. But in a way he respected it. The kid was smart this way, getting someone to do his dirty work for him.
"F*ck off brat. I got this." Perry grabbed the boys leg, fingers digging so hard he would leave bruises. He lifted Chandler's foot, swiping the keys up only to finish his drink and disappear from the bar.

Chandler walked back home, settling in as though he had not just decided Trever's fate. All was well in the world for him. Trever would get what he deserved and his brothers life would be avenged, in a way at least. Nothing could ever make it right again, not after what his family went through.

The next day Zach found himself in need of a special serum that Trever usually made for him, it was because of this that Zach was pulling up into Trever's drive way.
Immediately he knew something was wrong. The door had been left ajar.
Trever never left his door open. He couldn't afford to.
"Here, ill go in first."  Roman had come with him, and was already out and nearing the door.
Something was wrong.
Zach could hear it in Roman's voice. He followed close behind his lover, breath catching in his throat as he noticed the keys still in the door.
His keys.
"Oh no....T-Trever!?" Zach felt his insides caving in, fear clawing at his ribs. He pushed past Roman, blanching as the metallic smell of blood met him head on. He could hear small whimpers coming from Trever and Toni's bed room, his movement stopping as he took in the claw marks trailing down the wall, someones nails broken off and stuck into the wood. Bloodied finger prints stood stark against the door panel of their room, as though someone had tried to stop themselves from being taken in there.
Zach blinked as Roman passed him, hesitantly peeking into the bedroom.
"Oh Toni..." Roman's voice was only a whisper.
"I-Is Trever in there?"  Zach back up, fear of finding the entire family dead rushing up to him.
"No...its just Toni."  Roman moved further into the room, whining softly when tiny wails met him. Toni was partially under the bed, struggling to move himself further under the only bit of shelter he had.
Zach had backed himself into the hall way, afraid of what he would see if he went into the bedroom. His feet met a wetness of the floor, and moments late he was crashing down into the mess. "O-Oh..." He clasped a hand over his mouth to block the scream. He was sitting in blood, someone's blood. Zach scrambled to get up, slipping every time he tried to catch his footing. The blood trailed down the hall way, turning into Trever's torture room.
Zach took a deep breath, his shoulders shuddering as he steadied himself. He pushed up, standing on wobbly knees and following the blood.
"Trever?"  His voice was trembling with fear, heart pounding in his ears as he stepped into the doorway of the room.
"Oh God no! Trever !" Zach hit his knees then and there, knees unable to hold him.  Trever was crumpled on the floor, leaned against one of his shelfs and surrounded in his blood. The mans head was down, his shoulders slumped so badly he was close to falling over and he was so damn still.
"Oh please..."  Zach crawled over to what used to be he lover, hands slick with blood rushing up to cradle Trever's face.
"Open your eyes...please Trever."  Zach couldn't take this. "Please? Don't be gone...d-don't..." Trever's body was limp, moving only when Zach moved him.
And Zach would never forget that, how Trever felt the very last time he was in Zach's arms.
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