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 Justin & Jason.

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PostSubject: Justin & Jason.   Wed May 07, 2014 12:42 am

Justin was fifteen when he first laid eyes on her.
It was his and his brother’s fifteenth birthday. They were out at a restaurant, just the two of them and some of their friends. It was a good night, the kind Justin enjoyed. Nothing special, nothing he would remember twenty years from now, or so he thought. But it was good. As he looked around to call the waiter over, he set eyes on a young woman, alone at a booth. She was looking at him too so he smiled.
He didn’t think much of it but as the night went on, he thought about her more and more… He found that he kept looking at her and each time she would catch his gaze and smile that dazzling smile back at him.
By the end of the night, he knew he had to speak to her. It was driving him crazy. So when his friends and Jason went out to the car, he said he had to use the bathroom first and he moved himself over to her empty booth.
“Can I buy you anything? You don’t look like you’ve gotten anything.” He smiled lightly.
She smiled up at him, pushing a curtain of bouncy blonde curls over her shoulder.
“I’m good, but I would like your name.” She grinned.
“I’m Justin.”
“I’m Scarlet. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She extended a hand and he shook it, grinning fondly.
“Listen, I really have to get going but is there any way I could get your number?”
Without another word, she placed a piece of paper in his palm as if she’d already had it written, just waiting for him to ask.
“Oh… thanks.” He nodded. “I’ll call you.”
“I know.” She wore a tiny smile, the kind someone had when they knew something you didn’t. Under normal circumstances, it was the smile that would have made him uneasy. But he’d just gotten a beautiful girl’s phone number on his birthday, and that was enough to make him overlook it.
“Bye, Scarlet.”
She waved and he turned to walk out.
“Oh, Justin. One more thing!” She called out and he turned to face her. “Happy birthday.” She grinned.

As promised, he called her the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that. And many days after those. There didn’t seem to be a time when they weren’t talking. He invited her on date after date and he learned things about her, told her things about himself. It was a nice first romance. She was eighteen, while he was only fifteen, a freshman in high school and he was the envy of all his friends when she would show up in her Porsche after school to drive him around. She was beautiful, after all.
Jason seemed hesitant of Justin’s new love.
“I just don’t think she’s… right.” Jason said one night.
“What are you talking about?” Justin sighed.
“I don’t know, that’s the thing. I just… don’t feel right around her.”
“You don’t have to be jealous you know.” Justin shook his head. “Just because I’ve got her and you’re still single, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to be like that.”
“Are you serious? You think that’s what this is about? You think I’m jealous of you having her? I don’t want her! She creeps me out!”
“Well I’m going out with her tonight. You can stay home and enjoy not being jealous.” Justin muttered as he grabbed his jacket and headed out to his car.

As his and Scarlet’s relationship progressed, Justin saw his brother less and less. He was constantly with Scarlet, whether it was in the back of his car, in an abandoned area, or in the woods, he couldn’t get enough of her. However, every time they were about to get intimate, she stopped it.
“I’m not ready.” She’d say. And of course, Justin respected her too much to push the subject. But he couldn’t help but get impatient. He couldn’t help but feel like there was something more to it, something she wasn’t telling him. She didn’t seem like she was just nervous.
But at this point, he was too deeply in love with her. He loved her far too much to question anything. And so he waited.
He waited until one day they were in the back of his car, his hands on her waist, toying with the fabric of her dress between his fingertips. His lips were on her neck, gently sucking on the skin, doing everything in his power to make her feel good, hoping that maybe tonight would be the night.
However, everything went exactly the opposite of his plans.
She seemed to be getting into it, slipping her dress of over her head to allow him to trail kisses down her bare flesh, hands now playing with the fabric of her undergarments instead.
And then, just as soon as their relationship had started, it was over.
“I can’t do this anymore.” She blurted out, her delicate hands shoving into his chest, pushing him back. “I have to break up with you.”
“Whoa, what are you talking about? Scarlet? Are you okay? Was it because I was pushing you? I’m so sorry. Let’s just talk about this!”
“It’s not that, idiot.” She sighed, sitting upright and running a hand through her hair. “I’ve wanted to have sex with you from the day I saw you. I’m not a virgin, it’s not that I’m not ready.” She glanced away from him, out the window.
“Then… why?” He furrowed his brow, leaning into her, his hand on her shoulder.
“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you. You’d think I was crazy.” She shook her head, scooting away.
“I’d never say that. I promise I’ll believe you, no matter what it is.” He reassured her.
“I’m…” She paused, sighing softly. “I’m a werewolf.” And now, as she turned to face him, she bore fangs and her eyes, they glowed a bright shade of… well, scarlet.
Justin’s eyes widened, his jaw dropping.
“Wh-wha… Scarlet, are you fucking with me?”
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me!” She growled softly.
“No! I… I guess I don’t really have any choice but to believe you considering you’re right there.” Justin shook his head. “It’s just… crazy.” He blinked several times, staring intently at her.
“That’s not my full form either. I won’t show you that, but I can shift a bit more.” She paused and claws shot out from her fingertips, patches of hair appearing on her face.
“O-oh!” Justin scooted back several inches.
“Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.” She murmured, taking his hand and squeezing gently.
“Of course you won’t.” Justin took a deep breath, leaning in to kiss her gently.
“During sex, I shift most of the time… I didn’t want to do that and have you traumatized.” She sighed.
“Well thank you for telling me before that.” Justin chuckled. “Does that mean we can… you know?” He grinned.
“Do you still want to?”
“Of course!”
“Then yes.” She kissed him deeply.
That night when Justin got home, he practically tackled his brother to the ground.
“Dude! Guess who got laid?” He sang.
Jason simply smirked, shaking his head.
“And I found out why you had a weird feeling about her.” Justin nodded. “But you have to promise to believe me if I tell you!”
“What is it?” Jason sighed.
“She’s a werewolf!”
“Alright, now you’re just being stupid… stupider than usual.”
“I’m serious!” Justin slipped out of his shirt. “Look at these marks on my back and tell me those were made by human nails instead of claws.” He showed Jason his back which was indeed covered in long angry red lines.
“If you’re trying to make me jealous that you got laid and I didn’t, it’s not going to work.” Jason sighed, lying down in his bed and rolling his eyes.
“Dude I’m telling you, she is a werewolf!”
“Go to bed, Justin!”
“Fine. But you know, for someone who’s supposed to be my best friend, you’re being kind of a dick lately.” Justin snapped, laying in his own bed, facing away from his brother.

“Look at you.” Scarlet sighed as she ran her finger down Justin’s back which was covered in nasty scabs and scars from her many scratches on him.
“It’s no big deal, really.” Justin waved it off.
“But it is.” She frowned. “I keep scarring you.”
“I don’t mind.”
“What if there was a way to make them go away?” She smiled slyly.
“What do you have in mind?”
“Well… what if you were a wolf with me? We could be together all the time… I wouldn’t hurt you…”
“Wow…” Justin blinked. “I mean, I’d have to think about it… it sounds cool but it’s a big decision. Um…”
“Of course! Take your time!” She nodded, smiling softly. “And your brother… I could turn him too if he wanted. I need wolves for my pack. I don’t have one at the moment.”
Okay im skipping a bit now because im trying to rush to get this fic done for you >< so what happens is Justin gets Jason to believe him that Scarlet is a wolf, he shows him a video of her transforming. He tells Jason how much he is in love with her and he wants to do this for her but he’s terrified so Jason agrees to do it with him and Scarlet turns them both. She teaches them everything and Justin realizes she’s acting different, more like his Alpha than his girlfriend.
I’m skipping a lot now but I’m lazy and I want to get done with this. >< They’ve been wolves for a while now, like a year maybe and Scarlet talks Justin into trying to go find new pack members with her. Long story short, things go wrong and Scarlet ends up making him kill someone. That’s where this is picking up.
Justin watched as the boy crumpled to the ground, blood spurting from the slash marks from Justin’s claws on his neck.
Justin’s jaw trembled as he backed away slowly, looking back to Scarlet who appeared uncaring, even bored.
“S-scar I didn’t… I… I killed him.”
“Yes, good job. Now come on, let’s go home.” She sighed.
Justin followed her in silence on the run back to her house.
“I-I think I’m going to go back to my place and see Jason.”
“Whatever you want.” She gave him an eye roll. “Just be back here tomorrow.” As he kissed her out front of her door, he couldn’t help but notice the color of his eyes in the reflection in one of her windows.
“My eyes…” He blinked, looking closer. “They’re… blue.”
“That’s what happens when you kill someone. It turns your eyes from gold to an icy blue…”
“Oh… I don’t like them.” Justin grimaced.
“Blue is my favorite color.” Scarlet purred, kissing him softly once more before heading inside.
Justin wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going, all his thoughts flashing back to the moment when he had ended that boy’s life. But his feet took him home anyway. His parents were asleep, but he hoped his brother was not. He made his way up to their bedroom, happy to find Jason awake sitting on his bed.
“J-Jason.” He hadn’t realized he was crying until he spoke, his voice shaking.
“Are you okay?” Jason questioned, immediately up to hug his double.
“No… God no, Jason. I’m not okay.” Justin shook his head, resting it on his brother’s shoulder. “I… I killed someone. I took someone’s life away…”
“Did she… did Scarlet have something to do with it?” Jason sighed. He still just did not trust the woman… and with good reason.
“Yeah but Jason… Jason my eyes…”
“What’s wrong with your eyes?”
“Oh god… I hate them.” Justin shook his head. “I hate them so much.” He couldn’t help but sob softly. And Jason was extremely worried. He’d never seen his brother like this.
“Show me your eyes, Justin…”
Justin glanced up, tears in his eyes as he shifted, the once golden irises turning a cool shade of blue. He could only cry harder at the look on Jason’s face.
Skipping moree. Scarlet gets them new pack members, not many, just two or three but she kills them. She tells Justin and Jason it’s because they tried to overthrow her but truthfully it’s because if you couldn’t tell already, she’s like one of the alpha pack on the show, she kills all of her pack members in order to gain their power.
“You’re not a killer, Scarlet!” Justin shook his head. “I know you’re not! You’ve got to stop.” He took both of her hands, pulling her close to him.
“But you’re wrong, Justin. I am a killer. It’s what I am. You never wondered why I didn’t have a pack when I met you? You never wondered how I became an Alpha? I’m a killer, Justin.” She shook her head, glancing from Justin to his double who stood just a few feet away. “Did you two know that when an Alpha kills one of their own they obtain all of their power? All their special skills? I’ve had dozens of packs, Justin, and I’ve killed each and every one of them.”
Justin shook his head, backing away. He couldn’t believe it. Jason had been right all along when he had that feeling about her. And now they were going to die, all because Justin never learned to listen to his brother.
“Don’t get scared now, I’m not going to kill you two. We can be Alphas together, the three of us. The original plan was just you, Justin, but I’m a reasonable woman. We can go out, find you some alphas to kill. You’ll be Alphas with me and together, we’d be unstoppable.”
“I don’t want to be like you, Scarlet. I don’t want to kill…” Justin shook his head. “You’re good, I know you are. You can stop this.”
“I know, I can stop it. But the thing is, Justin. I don’t want to.” She smiled. “So you can either take my offer or… well I don’t think you want to know the other option.”
“No.” Justin said simply.
“Then goodbye, Justin, Jason. You’ll be seeing me again, soon.” She kissed Justin softly and then was gone.
Skippinggg the part where she kills their family as revenge and Justin finds her to try and kill herr.
“How could you do this to me?!” Justin cried out. “Didn’t we have something?”
“Of course we did.” Scarlet nodded. “But that was because I thought you were up to be my righthand man. Which you’re obviously not.” She shrugged.
“Well it’s over now. You’re done killing people.”
“Oh am I?” Scarlet laughed softly.
Justin lunged forward, slashing her across the chest.
Her expression darkened and she shook her head.
“Do you really think you can win? Honestly darling, why are you fighting against a cause that created you?” And with that, she shifted, glaring over at him. “Remember how I told you you hadn’t seen my full form? Well, here it is.” She continued changing and Justin watched with horror as she changed from a dainty, beautiful young woman into a full wolf, standing on two legs as she towered over him.
He fought her with all he had, but even he knew it was hopeless. He was going to die tonight, he just hoped she would leave Jason alone.
But as he lay on the ground, bleeding out and she hovered over him, growling, something happened. All of a sudden, a blade stabbed right through Scarlet’s middle. It was enough to shock her back into her normal wolf form and it was long enough for Danny to scramble to his feet to see his brother behind her, a sword in his hand.
As Scarlet fell to the ground, Justin ran to his brother, hugging him close.
“You saved me.”
“Yeah, I did.” Jason admitted, giving a small smile. “I’m pretty sure she’s dead but on the safe side, let’s get out of here, alright?”
“And by out of here, I hope you mean like out of the state.”
“I mean as far away as possible. Somewhere we can start over… and hopefully find a new pack, a real one.”
Yayyy, the end. Now since I think you fell asleep like ten minutes before I finished this, ima add a little fic onto it with the pack finding the twins heheh.
I set this like maybe several months to a year after the twins arrive in the area. They like got settled and learned about the area before trying to find a pack.
“I love you.” Zach purred, trailing his finger along Roman’s jawline.
“But I love you more.” Roman smirked softly.
“No, I-“ Zach’s response was cut off by a groan.
“Jesus, you two. It’s bad enough I have to sit in here with a bunch of mutts. But I’d rather them be slaughtering people than listen to one more minute of you two being disgusting.” Bane rolled his eyes from his spot beside Danny.
“Danny, pick a less annoying mate next time.” Zach grumbled.
“I would if I could.” Danny teased, which earned him a punch in the arm at which he whined softly.
Jesse and Apollo were also in the room although they weren’t paying much attention, too busy sucking face to care.
“At least they’re quiet about it.” Bane muttered.
It was a struggle for him to be in the same room as Jesse, the man who’d slaughtered his family, but he did it because it was the only way he could be around Danny without the danger of his brother finding them.
“Oh shut up.” Zach rolled his eyes.
“Wow, be nice, guys.” Danny pouted. “Come on.”
“Yeah, stop bitching, Bane. Or I’ll shift.” Roman smirked and as promised, he changed into his wolf form, nuzzling Zach’s neck with his fangs, prominent patches of hair on his face.
“That’s gross.” Bane grimaced and Danny visibly tensed up, uncomfortable at this. He could sense the boy’s disgust. He knew Bane hated what he was but because of it, he was always on edge, making sure he didn’t shift. And he didn’t know what he’d do when they got intimate…
At this time, all of the wolves immediately pulled away from their lovers, their ears perking up.
“Did you hear that?” Jesse questioned, standing up abruptly, causing Apollo to whine.
“I did.” Roman spoke and Danny nodded as well.
“I hate you guys, I want in on the loop. What did you hear?” Zach questioned.
“Howling.” Their answers were simultaneous.
“From a werewolf?” Zach arched an eyebrow.
“Yes, from a werewolf. Sounds like they’re looking for a pack.” Jesse stood. “You coming, Roman? Danny?”
“Wow, yeah!” Danny grinned brightly.
“What if it’s a trap?” Roman warned.
“Bane should come if it’s his brother setting us up.”
“No, my brother can’t see me with you dogs.” Bane sighed.
“Then we’re going. There’s three of us, we’ll be fine.” Jesse nodded. The three wolves gave goodbye kisses to their lovers and they were off.
They had been gone for fifteen minutes when Zach got slightly worried.
“Do you think they’re alright?” Zach frowned.
“Hold on, let me check.” Bane hummed.
“How will you check?”
“I have a tracking device on Danny.”
“Tracking device?”
“Yes. You don’t think I let him go off on his own without a way to keep an eye on him, do you? Have you seen him? He can’t go ten feet without tripping over his own feet.”
Zach couldn’t help but smile at realizing Bane did seem to care about Danny.
A moment later, Bane held out his phone for Zach to see. There was a large dot in the center, surrounded by several smaller ones.
“The big one is Danny. I’d guess the ones on either side of him are Roman and Jesse. But those two…” He pointed to two dots standing next to each other across from the three wolves. “I don’t know about them. But they’re just standing there, doesn’t look like they’re fighting which is a good sign.”
The two of them watched for several minutes before all the dots began to walk, side by side, back towards the house.
“Looks like they’re coming.”
“Not more wolves.” Bane groaned softly. “Do you know how much restraint it takes not to kill you all?”
“Oh, new pack members!” Zach grinned, quite pleased. He liked his position right now as sort of a pack mother and hoped these new wolves would like him or at least treat him nicely. He knew he’d probably have to heal them sometime as he always ended up taking care of wounds for the pack, at least the ones that didn’t heal.
Several minutes later and the front door opened, revealing Roman, Jesse, and Danny.
“New pack members, guys.” Roman smiled lightly as he entered the home.
Behind the three wolves were two more men. They stood side by side, identical in every way, from the tousle of their chestnut brown hair, to their handsome smiles.
“Guys, meet Jason and Justin.”
“Twins…” Zach murmured. You could not find a more devoted lover than Zach, but even he had to take a second glance at these twins.
The wolves in the room could hear the simultaneous rise in their mate’s heartbeats at seeing the new additions to the pack and it was expected. After all, they were gorgeous.
“Nice to meet you.” One of the twins smirked and it was clear by the pleased looks on their faces that they too felt the immediate attraction in the room.
Jesse moved to stand in the center of the room, looking at the two twins.
“I don’t know if either of you have mates with you, but if you do, they’re welcome to stay with the pack as well. That is Roman’s mate, Zach.” Zach nodded at the newcomers with a soft smile. “He’s a human, but he’s taken me down pretty easily, so I wouldn’t try anything. He’s also somewhat of a psychopath.”
“Thanks for the sweet introduction.” Zach rolled his eyes.
Jesse ignored him and continued.
“That is Danny’s mate, Ba-“
“Bane Jardine?” One of the twins arched an eyebrow. “A Jardine dating a werewolf?”
“We were all surprised too… and wish he’d leave.” Jesse snickered to which he got a middle finger from the hunter himself. “And this is my mate, Apollo.” He pulled the boy to his side. “He-“
“Pretty much just sits around and does nothing.” Danny finished with a nod. Apollo only glared.
“We’re kind of a family… a dysfunctional one.” Zach nodded.
“Sounds perfect.” Justin grinned.
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Justin & Jason.
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