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Bane Jardine


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PostSubject: Cold-Blooded   Wed May 07, 2014 6:40 pm

Moments later, the two were back and Zach opened the door to allow Bane in.
“No bullets, only arrows.” He warned, not wanting any of the pack to die tonight.
Bane reluctantly nodded, stringing one of his arrows in the bow and glancing to the fights going on.
“Who do I hit?”
“Danny or Jesse. Roman and Sterling are under control.”
Bane aimed and shot an arrow directly at Jesse, hitting the man in the shoulder and just barely missing Roman.
“Watch it!” Zach snapped.
“I know what I’m doing.” Bane grunted, shooting another in the same area. Jesse growled in pain and Roman took a step backward, giving Bane better access as he shot another, this time hitting Jesse in the thigh. Jesse snarled, breaking the arrow as he tried to get it out of his flesh. Bane only kept shooting however until finally Jesse fell to his knees and Roman held him down, waiting for the man to calm.
“Goddamnit!” Jesse cursed as he returned to human form, only his eyes staying their deep red color. He glared at Bane.
“Just doing what they told me to.” Bane smiled. “With pleasure, of course.” He turned now to Danny, pulling the string of his bow back, ready to fire. He hesitated for only a second at the thought of injuring his lover before he fired. But that second was enough for Danny’s keen reflexes to notice and just before the arrow was about to hit its target, he snatched it out of the air. Bane quickly strung his bow again but before he could, Danny threw Sterling aside and lunged at Bane. He pressed the boy against the wall and Bane dropped his bow, pulling the gun out of his pocket. He aimed it with a trembling hand as Danny pinned him down, a clawed hand wrapping around Bane’s throat, claws digging into the flesh.
“I’ll fucking shoot you.” Bane spoke, voice shaking. But whatever had taken over his lover didn’t seem to care. It only growled, tightening its grip. Bane clutched his gun tighter but it was then that he realized something. He couldn’t shoot. He couldn’t make himself do it. No matter how cold-blooded he was, no matter how much this… monster in front of him disgusted and terrified him, he couldn’t put a bullet through the damn thing’s head.
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