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 On A Night Like This.

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Bane Jardine


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PostSubject: On A Night Like This.   Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:11 pm

Chandler hummed as he sat on the arm of the couch, watching Bane pack his bags.
“Where are you all going anyways?” He questioned.
“Can’t you hear it in my head?” Bane muttered. Chandler made him uneasy but they got along usually, anyways.
“True.” Chandler paused a moment before nodding.
The pack was going out for a hunt tonight, or at least that’s what Bane thought. They had told him there were killings in a town several hours away and they thought it was a werewolf doing them.
However, Chandler knew better, being he knew everyone else’s thoughts. He knew what they really had planned. Everyone knew but Bane, really.
“You know, you’re all not really going on a hunt, right?”
“What are you talking about?” Bane sighed.
“That’s just what they’ve told you.” Chandler smirked. He was always one for stirring the pot, causing conflicts. His ability made him perfect for that.
“Shut up, Chandler.” Bane sighed.
“I’m not lying to you. Here, come feel my heartbeat.”
Bane frowned but did step over and press his hands against the boy’s chest, feeling the steady beat of his heart.
“Then where are we really going?” Bane kept his hand on the boy’s pulse.
“Well it’s going to seem like you’re hunting. But something is going to happen and Danny and you will end up alone. He has plans for your first time arranged.” Chandler smirked.
Bane’s eyes went wide for a moment, but he tried to keep calm even though Chandler could see inside his head and know he was panicking already.
“Goddamnit.” Bane cursed when he realized the boy wasn’t lying either. Their first time? Was he ready? He was pretty sure he wasn’t? Damnit, why did it have to be tonight?
Bane grabbed his bag and left the room, not wanting Chandler digging in his head while he panicked.
He made his way up to the guestroom in Jesse’s house where he slept while he was there. He locked the door before allowing himself to commence the panicking. He punched the wall, running a hand through his dirty blonde hair.
Apollo had taught him everything he needed to know but still… was he ready? Obviously not, if the thought of it made his face pale, his heart race, and his skin clammy. He’d never felt like such a child.
He sat on the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands, thinking it through.
If Danny asked and he said no, they’d all hear about it. They’d know he wasn’t ready, they’d all think he was some scared child. He couldn’t allow that.
But what if he said yes and he was terrible? They’d all find out about that too.
Goddamn this pack.
After several minutes there was a knock on the door.
“Bane?” Called Apollo. “Chandler said you freaked out and ran up here. What’s up, babe?”
Bane opened the door to let Apollo in before locking it again behind him.
“Chandler said Danny is going to try to have our first time tonight. I’m scared I’m not ready.”
“So tell him that. Danny loves you, Bane. He’s not an asshole, he’ll respect your boundaries. Trust me.”
“But… I don’t want him to think I’m scared.” Bane sighed.
“But aren’t you?” Apollo smiled gently. “There’s nothing wrong with not being ready. Some people are born ready, like me. But some people take a while. And it’s okay.”
“You’re sure.” Bane frowned.
“I’m positive. And if anyone will be willing to accept waiting for you, it’s Danny. It’s almost pathetic how in love with you he is.”
Bane couldn’t help but smile softly.
“Thank you, Apollo. Really. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d like you at first, but… I’m glad I have a friend now.”
“AWWW!” Apollo cooed, leaning in to hug him.
“Oh shut up! Get off of me!” Bane groaned. “I’m never being nice to you again.”
“That’s okay. I know how you really feel about me now and that’s good enough.” Apollo winked. “Now let’s go on that hunt. Strap me up with some of those weapons ya got.” He wiggled his brows and Bane simply laughed.
Nearly two hours later, the pack was leaving the house. Jesse led the way, flanked by Roman and Justin. Behind them were Danny with Bane and the other humans. Bane had his usual hunting gear and he had armed Zach, Apollo, and Ajax as well. When the humans found their way to the pack, the first thing they had done was figure out which weapon they could use best. The wolves vowed to protect their mates but they wanted them to be able to defend themselves, just in case. Bane already knew his way around every weapon imaginable but he preferred a pistol, full of wolfsbane bullets. Zach of course, also was pretty handy with various weapons but he had chosen a small blade Bane had given him, made of silver. Apollo after his week of training had found he was pretty good with a bow and arrow, silver arrowheads of course. And Ajax had picked up a large samurai sword almost freakishly quickly. Holding up the rear was Jason and Sterling, fingers intertwined tightly.
They began the walk towards their destination, occasionally the wolves allowing their mates to climb on their backs so they could run to get there sooner.
It was one of these times, as Bane rode on Danny’s back, slightly nervous that the boy could possibly run into something.
Danny was doing quite well, keeping up with his pack until an unanticipated rock caused him to trip. He spilled head over heels and this, of course, took Bane down with him. If it was anyone else, Bane would have been pissed. But how could you get pissed at a blind boy for tripping? Plus, he was unharmed.
The first thing Danny did when he fell was practically lunge towards his mate.
“Oh god, are you okay? Oh, wow, I didn’t mean to do that! I’m sorry!”
“I’m fine.” Bane chuckled softly, stroking the boy’s hair as he pulled him into a hug. “Are you okay?”
“If you’re okay, I’m fine.” Danny nodded. “Wow, sorry I’m so clumsy.”
“It’s okay.” Bane laughed gently. “It wouldn’t be you if you didn’t fall at least once.”
Danny laughed as well and they just sat there for a moment, laughing softly together.
It wasn’t until a couple minutes later when the laughter had stopped and they just sat beside each other, that Bane realized how completely in love with Danny he was. It was an odd feeling.
But at that moment he realized he wanted to spend every waking moment with Danny. Danny was who he wanted when he was sad, when he was happy, all the time, he craved the boy’s company. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Danny. And he realized he was ready to make love to him tonight.
“Your heart is beating really fast.” Danny frowned.
“Yes.” Bane simply nodded in agreement.
“Because I’m scared.”
“Why are you scared?” Danny blinked, panicked. If Bane was scared he had to fix it.
“Because I love you.” Bane whispered gently and Danny’s entire face lit up like a child on Christmas morning.
“I love you too.” He nodded as Bane leaned in to kiss him. “Wow.”
They got to their feet a moment later and Danny whined softly in pain.
“Ow, wow, I think I hurt my ankle.” He grimaced and sneezed and Bane couldn’t help but smirk, the boy was such a terrible liar. He knew this was just part of the pack’s plan to get the two of them alone like Chandler had told him.
“Oh yeah?” Bane played along now, moving to wrap his arm around Danny so he could support the boy’s weight. “It’s not healing?”
“Uh, no, wow, that’s weird.” Danny lied once more, sneezing softly again. “Guys!” He called out to the pack, who returned immediately. “Jesse, I think I hurt my ankle. It’s not healing.”
Jesse frowned and knelt in front of his beta as Bane sat Danny gently on the ground. At least Jesse was better at lying.
“Looks pretty bad, kid.” Jesse shook his head although there was clearly nothing wrong with the ankle.
Bane almost laughed. They were werewolves for God’s sake, couldn’t they come up with something better than this?
“Well we don’t have time to make it heal right now. Let’s see….” Jesse hummed. “One of us can carry you the next few miles where there’s a hotel. You and Bane can rest there and we’ll continue on the hunt and be back for you by morning to fix it. Okay?”
“Yeah, that’ll work. You can go though if you want, Bane.” Danny looked up to his lover.
“No, of course I’ll stay with you.” Bane shook his head and Danny gave a soft smile.
“So who’s carrying him the next few miles? I can do it if no one else wants to.” Jesse nodded.
“No, I’ve got it.” Bane kneeled to scoop Danny up bridal style.
“Wow, are you sure?” Danny frowned.
“Positive.” Bane nodded. “Let’s go.” He spoke to everyone else.
The walk to the hotel was achingly slow, Bane’s stomach fluttering with butterflies.
When they finally arrived, Jesse checked them in and carried Danny up to the room while Apollo pulled Bane off to the side.
“Remember, it’s okay to say no.” Apollo reminded. “Just tell him you’re not quite ready.”
“Actually… I think I’m going to say yes.” Bane smirked softly.
“Oh!” Apollo grinned slyly. “In that case, have fun.” He wiggled his brows. “You go get it, daddy.”
Bane laughed softly.
“Shit… is there anything you have to do to prepare?” Bane frowned. “I feel like I should have taken extra time to clean it up down there… should I shave? All the videos you showed me, they were shaved.” He blurted out questions fast and Apollo only chuckled.
“Relax. When’s the last time you got a shower?”
“This morning.”
“And did you wash down there at all?”
“Yeah, but don’t I have to do anything special, like-“
“You’ll be fine.” Apollo reassured. “And as far as shaving, it’s only a matter of preference. Guys only shave so it doesn’t look gross. And I don’t mean to be rude, but you don’t really have to worry about looking nice for Danny, if you get what I’m saying.”
“True.” Bane let out a sigh of relief. “Alright… And there’s nothing else I have to do?”
“I can’t think of anything babe. The only thing I can think of is maybe you could have stretched yourself a bit earlier, but it’s not that big of a deal. Just make sure Danny preps you plenty.” He nodded. “He should have lube already up there but just in case….” Apollo pulled out his wallet, rummaging through it until pulling out a small packet of lubricant. “It’s flavored too if you’re getting freaky.” He winked.
Bane smirked, shaking his head as he took it.
“Thank you.” He nodded.
“Oh, and in case he was really dumb while planning this, take this too.” He handed the boy a lubricated condom. “It’s XL, Jesse’s size, so it might be too big but if it works, you can use it.”
“I did not need to know the size of Jesse’s dick but alright, thanks again.” Bane smiled. “I guess I should get up there.” He glanced over to Jesse as the man emerged from the hotel.
“He’s up in the room waiting for you, here’s the key.” Jesse smiled and held out the room key which Bane took.
“Thanks.” The boy nodded, ready to head off before Apollo pulled him back for a hug.
“Good luck, darling.” Apollo whispered, smiling. “And if anything goes wrong, we’re not actually leaving. We’ll just be in another room. Room 112, babe. Come and get me if you need me.”
“Thank you.” Bane breathed out before heading off towards the room. His heart pounded in his chest as he felt the condom and the lubricant in his pocket.
He was about to lose his virginity. It was kind of crazy.
He found the room and took a deep breath before turning the key in the lock and opening the door.
He almost gasped when he got a look inside. Danny stood a few feet away, holding a bouquet of flowers.
“Surprise.” He grinned shyly.
The room was beautiful. It must have been some sort of couple’s special. The bed was shaped like a heart, there were flowers everywhere along with candles that gave the room that dimly lit feeling.
“Wow…” Bane knew he sounded like Danny, but he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t been expecting this.
The thing he liked most about the room wasn’t all of the romantic stuff, it was the large window on one wall. It was raining softly outside and rain was something Bane always enjoyed, the sound of rain soothed him, made him feel safe.
“My ankle, um, it’s not really hurt.” Danny admitted, shy look on his face.
“I know.” Bane smirked, stepping forward to place his arms around the boy’s neck.
“Wh-what? You know?” Danny blinked.
“Yes, I know. You sneezed.” Bane chuckled.
“Oh.” Danny blushed. “I’m sorry, wow. I just… I had planned tonight for a while. I wanted to make it perfect because I had something to ask you…”
“Go ahead.” Bane smiled, taking the flowers and sitting them aside on the coffee table.
“I wanted to know if… are you ready to make love with me?” Danny asked, his voice soft and tentative, gentle.
“I’m ready.” Bane responded gently, taking his mate’s hands in his own.
“Wow! Really?” Danny grinned and Bane couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Really.” He didn’t have to think about it any longer, he was ready…
He made the first move, pulling Danny in and kissing him deeply. Danny was surprised by the move but he didn’t hesitate. He placed his hands on Bane’s waist, pressing the boy closer to him as they kissed.
The kiss was deep, passionate, it was loving. Neither of them wanted to let go. They slowly moved towards the bed as their tongues mingled together. Danny felt the buttons of his shirt being tugged open until his chest was bared. He moved his hands just long enough to slip out of the shirt before they were back on Bane’s waist, one traveling lower as the other slid upwards, under the boy’s shirt, stroking his bare skin. Nothing had ever felt more right than this moment.
Bane’s hands moved to his own belt, slipping it off and tossing it across the room. Danny heard this and began to do the same. Their lips never parted as they both slid out of their pants and undergarments.
Bane’s heart sped up as the cool air hit his forming erection. He’d never let anyone see him nude before. And he knew that technically no one had still seen him nude, but it was unnerving anyway. They finally had to pull apart to catch their breath and in order to remove Bane’s shirt.
“I don’t really know what to do now.” Bane admitted.
“You let me make you feel good, okay?” Danny smiled and Bane nodded as Danny slipped his shirt off.
Now, they were both bared completely to each other and Bane let himself look Danny over.
“God, I wish I could see you.” Danny sighed.
“I’m nothing special, promise.” Bane smiled gently, leaning in to lean his head on the boy’s shoulder. “You, on the other hand… Wow.” He let out, shaking his head. Danny… turned him on. Just seeing the man naked, he was gorgeous.
“Oh, wow, really?” Danny grinned proudly.
“Really.” Bane murmured.
Danny slowly picked him up and laid him down on the bed, trying to imagine how Bane could look right now…
“I’m going to feel how big you are, don’t panic.” Danny warned, not wanting to go too far for his mate. He kneeled on the bed in front of Bane and reached out a hand until he found Bane’s erection. He wrapped his fist around it, slowly trailing it to the base, back up the staff until he reached the tip. Bane had to hold back his moan. It was just a simple touch but it was the first touch he’d ever experienced. “Oh wow.” Danny murmured. “I think you’re as big as me.”
“Can I… see?” Bane questioned softly.
“Oh, yeah! Sorry, of course…” Danny sat back on his knees, allowing Bane to see all of him, touch if he wanted.
Bane reached out slowly, gripping his lover’s erection gently, running his thumb over the head which began to leak.
Danny moaned softly and Bane found he liked pleasuring his lover. He couldn’t wait to do it even more.
“Hey, I said I would make you feel good now.” Danny smiled lightly as he nudged Bane back. “Now lay down and relax.”
Bane did as he was told, not even questioning Danny anymore. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the heat radiating from his groin. He needed someone to touch it now and if he did as Danny asked, the boy would do just that.
A moment passed, and then he felt something completely different than Danny’s hand on his erection. It was lips. Two plump lips were wrapped around the tip of his dick and he could have came right then.
“Oh!” He cried out, reaching down to grab Danny’s shoulders to brace himself. Danny chuckled softly and Bane felt the vibrations around his member. Danny slid further down on Bane’s erection and Bane let out a loud noise that sounded a lot like a whine as he felt the tip of his shaft touch the back of Danny’s throat. “Danny.” He groaned, clenching his eyes shut tightly. This was amazing but he needed more, he needed some release from this immense pleasure. Danny began to bob his head slowly back and forth obediently, only focused on pleasuring Bane.
Bane was trying his hardest to keep quiet but it simply wasn’t working, he couldn’t handle the pleasure Danny was bringing him.
The only person Danny had ever done this for before Bane was Jesse. And Jesse was a very sex-oriented person who could last for hours, through several different positions. So when Danny pulled back, he did not realize that Bane had been just about to go over the edge.
Bane growled softly as Danny pulled back, leaning forward to kiss him roughly.
“Wow…” Danny panted when they pulled apart. “Do you think, maybe you could, uh, do the same thing I just did for me? If you don’t want to, it’s okay, I just… wow…”
Bane shushed him before he could finish his rambling, figuring it was only fair for him to do the same thing for Danny in return. He gently shoved his boyfriend’s chest so he was laying back and he leaned down, staring at the boy’s erection. He didn’t know how to go about this… what if he was horrible at it?
He took a deep breath, thinking of Apollo’s words on this subject and figuring he would just go for it. Danny wouldn’t laugh at him…
He leaned in and pressed his lips to the tip of Danny’s member, watching the boy’s facial expression closely.
Danny let out a groan that was quite loud.
“Wow, maybe we should… prep you first? I mean… I’m afraid I might, uh, get too close if we do this first…”
“Whatever you say.” Bane spoke and he meant it. “If you don’t have any, I have lube and a condom in my jeans pocket over there.”
“Oh?” Danny blinked.
“Yeah… Apollo gave it to me.” He admitted.
“Well… I have some.” Danny smiled awkwardly. “Okay… can you maybe… lay down and just spread your legs a little bit?” He was extremely nervous. Jesse had taught him to do this once but Jesse was… well, Jesse. And he was a werewolf. This was a human. And not just any human. His mate, his Bane…
Bane did as Danny asked, laying flat on his back and parting his legs not so wide it was uncomfortable, but wide enough that his hole was clearly visible to his lover.
Danny fumbled with the drawer next to the bed until he got a bottle of lubricant. He tried to get ready to squirt it into his palm, but he could never be too sure it would really land where he wanted it to.
“Here, let me.” Bane smiled gently and took the bottle from his love. “Hold out your hand.”
Danny shyly did this and Bane squirted some of the substance onto his fingertips.
“Okay, we’ll start out with just one. You’ll be okay.” Danny reassured. “It’ll feel weird.”
Bane smiled gently, nodding to show he understood. He took Danny’s hand and gently placed it against his hole and Danny quietly thanked him for helping out.
Bane took a deep breath once more as Danny smeared more lubricant around his tight pucker, slowly slipping one thick finger inside his entrance.
“Are you okay?” Danny questioned immediately.
“I’m good.” Bane nodded. “Relax.”
It was Danny who took a relaxing breath now, thinking of his lover beneath of him. He gently crooked his finger inside of the boy, stroking at his inner walls. He poked around a bit, attempting to stretch him but there wasn’t much to be done with only a finger. Next, he gently added a second. Bane let out a soft noise that Danny couldn’t place and Danny panicked only to reassure himself that it would be okay, he just had to go slower. He moved the two fingers around, caressing inside of his mate.
Bane was stiff as a board, not daring to move in fear of the chance he could mess up, make Danny hurt him while he was up in there.
“Doesn’t feel good yet, huh?” Danny frowned.
“No… it doesn’t hurt though, either.” Bane smiled gently.
“I’d hoped it would feel nice by now.” Danny sighed, watching the boy’s erection which was slowly going down.
“It’s okay.” Bane reassured.
Danny slid his fingers a bit deeper, crooking them in certain ways to see if they could hit anything special.
Eventually, just the rubbing had Bane’s erection back up, his hips rolling in anticipation.
“O-Oh, it’s feeling better.” Bane nodded, slipping his eyes shut.
“And I haven’t even hit the good spot yet.” Danny grinned.
“This isn’t the good spot?” Bane smiled gently, letting out a soft whine as he reached a hand down to pump his own erection.
“No, still searching for that.” Danny smirked. Finally, he found it, caressing it gently only to have Bane call out loudly.
“I-I think you found it!” Bane gasped, his toes curling and his back arching off of the bed. “Oh please, touch it again?”
Danny did as asked, this time jabbing it to earn a soft shriek. It was beautiful to Danny, knowing he was pleasing his lover.
“Ohh.” Bane cursed, eyelids falling closed. “C-can you… faster please?”
“Of course, baby.” Danny nodded, eager to please his mate. It was nice having Bane feel so happy and relaxed for once. There was none of the stress right now that the boy always carried around.
He began to speed up his movements, even adding a third finger but Bane didn’t seem to notice. He was too consumed with pleasure.
“Oh, Danny.” He groaned, his back arched off of the mattress. “Oh, God…” Bane’s moans were music to Danny’s ears.
Finally, Danny slowed down.
“I’m sorry, I don’t want you to cum so early… it’ll be hard to get back into it, especially your first time.”
“I-I know…” Bane panted as the waves of his sexual high crashed down around him.
“Now do you think we can try that thing again from earlier?”
“Oh yeah!” Bane nodded lightly. “We can do that.”
“Thank you.” Danny sighed in relief, standing up beside the bed. Bane crawled to his knees on the edge of the mattress, letting his lips brush against Danny’s aching erection.
“Oh…” Danny grunted, tilting his head back as Bane began to work.
Bane let the pleasure talk, he had new confidence now as the ecstasy surged through his body. This would be wonderful…
He awkwardly began, letting his tongue trail over Danny’s balls before teasing up the underside of the man’s shaft. He then let his lips slip around the head, trying to take as much in of Danny as possible. He swallowed around the member and felt Danny let out a light shout of pleasure.
“Bane, Bane, oh wow… You’re good at this.” Danny stammered on his words as he gently grabbed some of Bane’s hair in his fist. “Maybe you should stop.” He clenched his eyes shut. He could already feel his wolf raging inside him, begging for intimacy with Bane. He had to slow down.
“Alright.” Bane pulled back, wiping a mixture of drool and precum from his chin with the back of his hand.
“Let’s try this now.” Danny smiled nervously as Bane laid back on the bed once more and Danny climbed down to get on top of him.
Before his erection went anywhere near Bane, he wanted to kiss him. He wanted Bane to know this wasn’t just sex.
He kissed Bane deeply and it turned into the same type of kiss it had been earlier, passionate, lusting, and neither of them were able to break it.
But Danny was now full of so many raging hormones and so much ecstasy that it was only mere minutes of this passionate groping before he had shifted. One moment he was there, straddling Bane, tongue down his throat and the next minute, he was still doing this, only with his body covered in fur, glowing golden eyes, fangs getting in the way of their kiss, and claws scraping against Bane’s flesh.
Bane let out a bloodcurdling scream when he opened his eyes and saw it. His immediate reaction was panicking, shoving the creature away from him, as fast as he could.
“DON’T TOUCH ME!” He screamed as his eyes filled with tears. Danny had caught him at his most innocent, his most vulnerable. Then, fear had filled him at the creature he saw all over him. And when he rationalized it and realized it was only Danny, only shame filled him. Shame for being so scared, shame for crying, and most of all, shame and disgust for being in bed with this creature in the first place.
Danny had scrambled backwards when he was pushed until he was on the floor, staring up towards his lover. Although he saw nothing, he could smell the fear, the disgust, the shame. He could hear the screaming, the heartbeat, the tears hitting the mattress.
“I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed, trying to shift but it was proving difficult.
Bane had turned away, his heart thudding in his chest as he cursed himself for crying. Why, why the hell did he have to cry? He was pretty sure this was the first time he’d cried since he was about ten. Dylan never let him cry. Dylan said crying was for the weak and Bane was definitely not weak.
Bane leaned his head against the cool window as he heard Danny scrambling to get dressed behind him. The peaceful rain from earlier now turned into a raging thunderstorm and Bane didn’t mind, it fit his emotions all the better.
“I’m sorry.” He heard Danny whisper once more before rushing out the front door to their room, shutting it behind him.
Tonight, for the first time, he had given himself to Danny completely. He had thrown away the fears and the hatred and the disgust he constantly carried with him only to have them thrown back in his face. It was the first time he’d allowed Danny to see him vulnerable and he should have known it couldn’t lead to anything good…
He sat down on the bed once more and let himself cry instead of trying to hold it in. He let himself sob and weep because it was the first time in almost ten years he’d done so and it felt good. It felt good to not have to be so tough, to not have to hold up that icy cold exterior. It felt fucking great.

Meanwhile, Danny ran through the hallways of the hotel, occasionally stumbling as he tried to determine which room held the rest of the pack. As he couldn’t see, he had to sniff them out.
Finally, he burst in the door to a round of applause.
“Hey! Danny, how’d it go?” Jesse was grinning brightly until he noticed the tears leaking from the boy’s dead eyes. The applause stopped abruptly and no one seemed to want to ask.
Luckily, Apollo did it for them. He stood up, glaring at Danny.
“What in the fuck did you do to him, mutt?” He snapped, his teeth bared.
“I…” Danny opened his mouth to speak but before he could find the words, Apollo simply shoved passed him, running up to Bane’s room.
“What happened, kid?” Jesse frowned, pulling Danny to the couch beside him. The rest of the pack was gathered around as well, some sitting on the bed, some on the floor.
“I… I shifted.” Danny clenched his teeth.
“I told you you’d do that!” Jesse sighed. “I told you to warn him beforehand…”
“I know!” Danny put his head in his hands. “I know, but I thought I could control it for him…”
“Danny, not even Roman can control it and he’s had years of practice. What in the hell were you thinking?” Jesse groaned.
“I was thinking I wanted to be with him so bad.” Danny sighed. “And wow, I just thought I could do it for him… I feel like I can do anything for him…”
Jesse couldn’t scold the boy anymore, only pulling him into a hug.
“He screamed… I made him cry, Jesse.” Danny clenched his teeth as tears soaked through his Alpha’s shirt.
“Oh Danny.” Jesse sighed and several of the other pack members moved comfort him as well. Zach was the first, running his hand gently over the boy’s back.
“He might never talk to me again. I might lose him.” Danny whimpered softly.
“Oh baby.” Zach sighed, resting his head against the boy’s shoulder.
“I can’t look at him again. Not while he’s scared of me… I can’t go back to him, not until I fix it.” Danny shook his head. “I’ve got to control it.”
“Babe, none of us can. I don’t know if it’s possible. Roman’s got the most self control of all of us and he can’t.”
“Well I’m going to.” Danny spoke simply.
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On A Night Like This.
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